Fort Lauderdale Cosmetic Dentist Offers Waterlase Laser Dentistry

Known for being on the cutting edge of dental technology, Miami dental center Smile South Florida is giving its patients more reasons to smile than ever. Using Waterlase dentistry, Miami cosmetic dentist Dr. Charles Nottingham and his certified staff of Waterlase dentists and hygienists, take the pain out of many of dentistry’s most feared treatments.

Waterlase dentistry combines the precision of surgical lasers and the elemental power of water to gently perform several procedures that keep Smile South Florida’s patients’ teeth healthy. This treatment method can be used to handle major dental work such as filling, bondings, cavity removal, decay removal, and many more procedures.

“Whether we’re caring for the patient’s teeth, bone, or gums, Waterlase technology is always our first choice for treatment,” says the Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentist. “The benefits are endless. From less anesthesia, to less bleeding, to fewer appointments, to improved efficiency and accuracy, we’re providing the absolute cutting edge in dentistry, and the best part is that our patients reap all the benefits.”

Whereas older procedures require cutting, scraping, and drilling, Waterlase laser dentistryuses water and laser energy with far greater accuracy than drills and scalpels. This eliminates vibrations and sounds of drilling.

“The more accurate the treatment, the more healthy tissue we preserve,” exclaims Dr. Nottingham, a Florida laser dentist. “Often with older methods healthy tooth and gum tissue is damaged during treatment. Obviously, the dental community’s job is to promote and preserve healthy teeth and gum tissue, and with the Waterlase, dentists can do just that.”

“Waterlase treatment not only removes damaged or decayed tissue more efficiently, it does so with less pain,” adds the Fort Lauderdale dentist. Because the laser essentially desensitizes nerves during treatment and pain is greatly reduced.

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Drug Treatments with the Largest Treatment Center Directory When it comes to discovering a need to differentiate among the various drug treatments, then is the solution. Not only do they have the largest selection of information about drug treatment centers, but they also have tips for addiction intervention, multiple diagnosis, and important questions to ask various facilities.

Performing an Addiction Intervention can be a difficult task. It requires serious thought and considerable planning in order to ensure that there is an optimal chance that the individual chooses to go into drug rehab. Visiting can be of great benefit so that the addiction intervention is well-planned and well-understood.

It is a good idea to research information about various drug treatments that are available prior to an addiction intervention. It may also be beneficial to speak with someone who can answer questions and provide assistance if additional help is sought. The individuals at are available to not only help find a drug treatment center, but they are also available to the public to help provide assistance and direction for a successful addiction intervention.

Drug treatments have come a long way in comparison with the traditional 12-step program. Although the 12-step program has proven successful for several individuals, there has been an increase in the number of alternative treatment centers. Many of the alternative drug treatment centers are able to create success when others fail.

The most idealistic scenario is that after a single addiction intervention the individual chooses to go into treatment and the treatment results in permanent sobriety. Oftentimes, addiction intervention requires significant persistence in order to convince an individual to check into a drug treatment center.

Additionally, there is no drug treatment center that can guarantee 100% success. Therefore, it may be necessary for an individual to go into drug rehab a number of different times.

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Glucosamine To Help Protect Cartilage Suggests

Recent research has shown that supplements including glucosamine do in fact protect and build cartilage tissue rather than purely acting as a pain killer designed specifically for joints.

Glucosamine To Help Protect Cartilage Suggests

Glucosamine is a compound that exists naturally within the body. Made up of glucose and glutamine the compound is needed within the body to aid the formation process of cartilage and other body tissues. As humans grow the production of glucosamine slows which weakens the cartilage that serves to protect our joints.

Glucosamine made from chitin, a chemical found within the shells of shrimp, crab, lobster etc, is extremely popular both in sulphate tablet form and in liquids such as sports drinks. Vegetarian glucosamine supplements are also available from many health stores, which may be suitable for individuals with allergies to shellfish. In recent years there have been many studies that questioned the potency of the supplement, which has become popular in many health stores across the world.

Doctors are now beginning to stand by glucosamine in supplement form after recent research has proven that easily accessible supplements do in fact protect and build cartilage rather than just combating pain symptoms. Rheumatologist Dr Rod Hughes, from St Peters Hospital, Surrey, explains that the recent breakthroughs in research conducted in Belgium have shown that previous studies concluding that Glucosamine is merely a placebo must indeed have been inaccurate.

‘The results showed a statistically significant difference which could be measured in thickening of the cartilage,’ said Dr Hughes. ‘Glucosamine is one of the chemicals of which cartilage is made, feeding the chondrocytes which produce the strong healthy cartilage which is the shock absorber of the joints and it’s that which wears out in osteoarthritis.

Successful athletes, particularly those playing high impact sports that place joints and cartilage under huge pressure have often proclaimed the benefits of such supplements.

“Sports men and woman can now feel reassured in their choice to use supplements to strengthen their cartilage and protect their joints. It is never too early to think about looking after your body.” explains Tom Kalton owner of popular health blog

It is always important to understand however that supplements are not an alternative but merely a supportive measure to a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of a well rounded and nutritional diet, as well as sensible workouts that include proper stretching, warm ups and cool downs, are all equally as important and must not be forgotten.

As with any medical problem it is always advisable to conduct your doctor if you are experiencing joint issues. specialises in providing informative and insightful information related to supplements, vitamins, multivitamins and other new health products on the market. Established in 2009 the site has become a trusted and cited resource within the industry.

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Vistabay of California Announces their Vista Bay Drug Rehab 1000 Plus Graduate Awards

Vistabay drug rehab is a pioneer in the drug and alcohol rehab industry. The announcement of over one thousand graduate awards is a significant indeed. Vistabay measures their success by attaining a permanent state of sobriety for their clients. The result is a program that has a success rate of 76% compared to traditional 12 step programs, which can have success rates as low as 2%.

Their completely drug free and holistic program has provided successful drug and alcohol treatment for over 42 years. Philosophically, Vistabay rehab does not consider swapping one chemical dependency for a prescription drug as an effective means for treating addiction. The result is oftentimes an addiction to a different drug and by definition does not result in a state of sobriety.

For more information, there are a number of Vistabay videos available on the Internet, which provides more of an illustrative description of the Vistabay drug rehab program. As a non-profit organization, they are absolutely dedicated to helping people become liberated from drug and alcohol addiction.

As a brief description of the program, Vistabay rehab begins with a hot sauna detoxification process. This includes vitamin supplementation and fluid intake. The detoxification process helps to cleanse toxins and chemicals from the body naturally. The process helps to promote increased lucidity and clarity of thoughts.

After detoxification, there are a number of life skills courses that provide essential information regarding a wide-range of topics. The individuals then establish a discharge plan, which acts as a strategic plan for maintaining a life free from drug and alcohol addiction.

Some of the remarkable attributes of the Vistabay drug rehab structure include the open-ended stay duration. This means that every individual can take the amount of time that they require to ensure a drug free life. There are no additional fees for a longer stay, which reduces stress on the individual.

At Vistabay graduates that relapse while following their discharge plan may also return to the facility for up to 30 days at no additional charge. The Vistabay rehab program works. With over one thousand graduates and an exceptional success rate, Vistabay is redefining drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

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Vista Bay Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Facilities Go Green

Vista Bay Drug Rehab was perhaps ahead of its time. The holistic and drug free drug and alcohol treatment centers have been green for 42 years. Now it appears that the rest of the culture is catching up to this leading drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility.

Vista Bay rehab measures its success on the individuals that attain a state of permanent sobriety. They have been able to achieve a 76% rate of success toward this goal. While some may consider this number to be an average rating based on scholastic scores, it is really more like a AAA rating when compared to traditional 12-step programs that have success rates as low as 2%.

The Vista Bay holistic program begins with a detoxification process. A hot sauna, vitamin supplements, and fluid intake regime stimulates the body’s natural ability to cleanse itself. The result is a clean mind and purified body that is free from toxins and addictive substances.

With a clear mind the individuals in the Vista Bay drug rehab program are better able to understand and implement essential skills that are developed in the life skills courses. The life skills courses provide a foundation for improved decision making and coping mechanisms for the individuals upon graduation. There are several Vista Bay videos that help to further illustrate the program and may be found online.

With a solid foundation from the life skills courses a comprehensive discharge plan is established to assist individuals as they are integrated back into daily life. The discharge plan is tailored to the individual and provides a strategy for successful long-term sobriety.

As a complement to the holistic program of Vista Bay, they charge only a single fee for their treatment. The single fee includes an unspecified duration at the treatment facilities. This allows each individual to recover on their own time without the added concern of having to pay for an extended stay in the event that they are not ready.

Additionally, the Vista Bay drug rehab program has an option to return to the facility for up to 30 days in the event that an individual relapses while following their approved discharge plan. The non-profit organization definitely goes above and beyond in order to help people in their recovery.

Vista Bay videos are available online in order to help individuals obtain more information about the success of Vista Bay rehab.

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Components Of Effective Drug Rehabilitation

For years, Cliffside Malibu has distinguished itself by providing cutting-edge rehabilitation services in a private and luxurious facility. Today, the prestigious and effective drug rehabilitation center on the Malibu coast is pleased to announce a new initiative in helping clients stay sober over the long run.

The most effective drug rehabilitation facilities are ones that understand the importance of long-term healing. Addiction recovery doesn’t happen overnight, after all. On the contrary, drug rehabilitation patients need intensive support over the course of many months in order to get better. In the end, anything less is and can only be a recipe for failure.

It’s precisely those principles, in turn, which inform Cliffside Malibu’s ever-evolving approach to client evaluation and treatment.

Cliffside Malibu’s caregivers are generally regarded as among the best in the industry. No less importantly, Cliffside’s luxurious private estate provides residents with an ideal healing environment. That combination of expertise and elegance has led elite clients from all over the globe to seek the center’s effective drug rehabilitation services. With their new initiative, Cliffside’s administrators hope to make the best drug rehabilitation clinic even more exceptional.

“The point of inpatient drug rehabilitation facilities is to help patients get better forever,” said a representative from Cliffside Malibu’s clinical team. “A few months or even a few years of sobriety simply isn’t good enough. As an effective drug rehabilitation center, it’s our role to provide the best drug rehabilitation and to ensure that our clients get all the support they need for as long as they need it.”

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Vista Bay Drug Rehab Facilities Take Holistic Alcohol Treatment Programs To Recovery For Life Success Status

Vista Bay Drug Rehab offers an avant-garde approach to alcohol treatment that is taking the industry by storm. The holistic methodology used results in an extremely high rate of success. At 76% success rate for clients that have completed the program and remained drug and alcohol free for a year, Vista Bay is one of the leading programs in the nation. One of the most obvious reasons for this achievement is the fact that Vista Bay Rehab is based on the philosophy that the completion of the program ‘takes as long as it takes’. This philosophy combined with the holistic approach and the aftercare program results in extraordinary success rates.

The typical stay in the Vista Bay Drug Rehab program is 3 to 5 months but some clients may stay less than three months and others may stay six months or longer. The key is that each client begins the program with different skill sets and with varying degrees of needs. Because Vista Bay works diligently to insure that clients are ready to re-enter society before graduating, some will graduate sooner than others. This allows time to provide all clients with the tools needed that will help to provide a life of recovery.

A holistic approach is one that is extremely thorough and all inclusive. Each aspect of the person’s being is addressed. This comprehensive technique requires that the rehabilitation concentrates on physical needs as well as mental, emotional, social, and even spiritual. For more information about how the program works Vista Bay Drug Rehab videos are provided at the websites. These videos help explain the program and answer some of the frequently asked questions.

Vista Bay has one of the highest success rates in the industry. While the average success rate is 20% this program proudly boasts a success rate of 76%. The approach used by Vista Bay Rehab is unique because it is holistic in nature and it is not restricted to a specific timeframe. The program is founded on the philosophy that ‘it takes as long as it takes’. This distinctive approach toward alcohol and drug treatment is more thoroughly explained in the Vista bay drug rehab videos.

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Vistabay Rehab Facilities Bring The Highest Drug Addiction Recovery Success Rates To California

Vistabay Rehab provides treatment for both street drug addiction and prescription drug addiction. Success of such programs is measured according to the number of clients that complete the program and remain drug free for a period of time. Seventy-six percent of Vistabay clients are still drug-free after a full year following completion of the program. This far surpasses the average success rate of 20%. The innovative approach applied by the program is credited with this extraordinary success rate. Vistabay drug rehab is based on a thorough and comprehensive methodology that utilizes a holistic approach.

The holistic addresses each individual client as a whole being. This means that the body, mind, and spirit of the individual is considered. Thus the philosophy of Vistabay drug rehab is such that the clients are rehabilitated completely. This will include a focus on every aspect and the rehab is physical, mental, social and even spiritual in nature. Because Vistabay Rehab addresses each aspect of a client he or she is afforded a comprehensive recovery. This results in the client being better prepared to function in a healthy manner and re-enter society with the necessary tools to remain free from relapse.

This all-inclusive approach offers the best opportunity for a life free from drugs. It is the reason for the high success rate of Vistabay. The length of Vistabay drug rehab is dependent on the individual needs of each client. Some of the details are described in the Vistabay rehab videos that have been created for informational purposes.

In developing the method Vistabay considered that not everyone will start the program at the same level. This simply means that some people will move through the program at a faster pace than others. Vistabay Rehab provides a compassionate approach in this regard also. Regardless of how long it takes a client to complete the program no additional fees are incurred.

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Physician Offers Own Brand Of Affordable Insurance Alternative

Cedar Park family medicine physician Melissa J. Urrea, M.D. believes taking care of your health shouldn’t be a difficult financial decision. And while the recently-signed Health Care Bill mandates that all individuals will be required to obtain health insurance by 2014, that still leaves several years of challenging options on how to best obtain quality medical care. That’s why she recently introduced through her practice, Trinity Family Medicine, a pre-paid package of medical services. Trinity HealthSpan â„¢ provides access to comprehensive health care to uninsured and underinsured individuals and families.

Nearly one in four Central Texas residents currently lives with inadequate or no health insurance — and that statistic is expected to rise as a result of the recession. Dr. Urrea’s plan helps to  bridge the gap between the need for and access to quality health care services.

For an annual fee of less than $800, Trinity HealthSpan â„¢ provides:

  • An annual examination (including prostate screening)
  • Lab work (including a complete metabolic panel, diabetes screening, kidney and liver function screening, electrolyte evaluation, complete blood count, anemia evaluation, thyroid function evaluation, cholesterol and lipid panel, urinalysis, urine protein evaluation)
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Tetanus vaccination
  • Influenza vaccination
  • Three routine office visits (including follow up for a particular disease/condition and sick visits)
  • Access to coordinated services (such as labs) at reduced rates

The concept for Trinity HealthSpan ™ originated when Dr. Urrea was challenged with managing the care of chronically ill individuals who had no or limited insurance or were self-employed. “For someone with a condition like diabetes, allergies or asthma, it is imperative to focus not only on disease management, but overall wellness,” said Dr. Urrea. “That involves multiple visits to a physician, along with moderate diagnostic testing to monitor the condition.”

As the recession affected more and more of her patients, Dr. Urrea consulted with her practice’s business manager to determine how they could assist their patients in maintaining regular access to care. The practice reached out to ancillary service providers like laboratories and negotiated reduced rates on behalf of patients who purchase the Trinity HealthSpan â„¢ package. Trinity HealthSpan â„¢ also connects patients with pharmacies offering low-cost, generic prescription plans. Local retailers like HEB and Target offer plans that provide medications for as little as $5 a month, which is actually less money than most insurance plan co-pays.

For an uninsured individual not participating in Trinity HealthSpan ™ , the cost of the pre-paid package of services would be $1,050. Similarly, if an insured patient paid an average of $400 per month (not including deductibles and co-pays) in insurance premiums, they could save more than $4,000 annually by enrolling in Trinity HealthSpan ™ . “Even if the patient needed X-rays or an MRI, it would still be less expensive than through their insurance plan,” said Dr. Urrea.

“As a physician and patient, I wanted to bring peace of mind to those individuals and families who can’t afford insurance but deserve state-of-the-art medical services,” added Dr. Urrea. Patients may also purchase “a la carte” customized care packages with fewer services or those related to a specific health condition. Plan financing options are also available.

Trinity Family Medicine provides care for the entire family, including pediatrics, women’s health, men’s health, general medicine, herbal medicine, sleep studies, and cosmetic medicine. House calls are also an option for established patients depending on location.

Dr. Urrea is a graduate of the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB). She is board-certified by the American Board of Family Medicine, a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, and serves as an associate clinical professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.

For more information or to sign up for Trinity HealthSpan ™, call Trinity Family Medicine at 512-258-1645 or visit

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PruHealth Pronounces 24th March as Death of the Diet Day 2010

According to research from PruHealth, the health insurer that rewards members for being health, 24th March is expected to have been the day most Brits fell off the New Year health wagon, making it the 2010 Death of the Diet Day.*

PruHealth Pronounces 24th March as Death of the Diet Day 2010

But while the average person may succumb to temptation by the 24 March, the intention to make long-term lifestyle changes rather than opt for short-term solutions is certainly there for many. 66% said the main reason for starting their new wellbeing regime is to lead a healthier lifestyle, and 43% are still sticking to their regime now, seeing it as an ongoing and permanent lifestyle change, rather than a celebrity-inspired, quick-fix fad diet such as the cabbage soup and baby food diets.

When it comes to sticking to resolutions, resisting the lure of sugary snacks is the biggest challenge for sweet-toothed dieters, with 43% rating this as the hardest hurdle to overcome. A further 34% struggle to find the motivation to go to the gym, and for 27% cutting back on alcohol intake is the real difficulty. This past winter being the coldest on record for 30 years has not helped either – 17% physically weren’t able to get to the gym or exercise outside, and instead found comfort in hearty winter meals at home.

Izabella Siemicka, Communications Manager, PruHealth, said: “The Death of the Diet day 2010 may be upon us, but really the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is finding a way of incorporating a nutritionally balanced diet and regular exercise into your everyday life on an ongoing basis.

“It’s really encouraging to see so many Brits are taking steps to change their health for the long-term. The cause for concern has always been when people take drastic, quick-fix measures that in the end can sometimes do more harm than good – physically and emotionally. We all need the occasional treat, and this can help keep up the motivation.”

Getting into shape and looking good on the beach was a big motivator for 29% of Brits who started a new health regime, and for 12% of women it was all about squeezing into a specific outfit for a special occasion.

Worryingly, it took the shock of a health scare to inspire 19% to take action and embark on a new, healthier standard of living. Meanwhile, 16% found getting fit and healthy has helped them through the tough recession.

Nearly one in five (18%) of 20-somethings admitted to ‘cracking’ within a fortnight, in contrast to 31% of 50-somethings who’ve managed to stick to their regime for the long-term. Regionally, for the second year in a row, Welsh dieters fell off the wagon first, with 18% throwing in the towel in the first week.

Twelve per cent of women intended to follow a new health regime, but never managed to kick start it into action, compared to just eight per cent of men.

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The Harley Medical Group Opens New Clinic in Glasgow

The Harley Medical Group has revealed that Scottish people are five times more likely to have cosmetic surgery than the average person. 5% of Scottish men and women say they would have, or have already had cosmetic surgery, while one in ten would opt for non-surgical solutions, such as Botox. The findings come as The Harley Medical Group adds a new Glasgow clinic – the fifth new clinic opening over the past year – to its UK and Ireland portfolio, bringing the total estate to 28 clinics, with Edinburgh and many other in the pipeline for 2010.

Following the announcement last year that craggy Scot, Gordon Ramsey, has fillers in his chin to soften deep lines, it’s perhaps less of a surprise that over 4% of Scottish men would have cosmetic surgical or non-surgical treatments. Scottish women are also looks conscious with 7% of them admitting they would have cosmetic procedures, and 17% would look to battle aging with non-surgical solutions.

Scottish men cite native sex symbol Gerard Butler as the person whose looks and physique they most covet. Meanwhile, women admire the way Helen Mirren has held back the years, despite being in her 60s. The actress, who says she would certainly consider having cosmetic surgery, was named by 15% of Scottish women, as the person they most aspire to look like.

The Harley Medical Groups Glasgow Clinic Manager Donna Ward stated, “We’ve had really positive feedback from prospective patients anticipating the clinic opening. Scottish patients, who have been travelling to Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester clinics now have a brand new facility on their doorstep.

“We’re already booked out to the middle of next month. Treatments for rosacea, which is redness of the skin, and laser treatments for sun damage have been proving very popular. The most enquired about surgical procedures to date has been breast reduction by men and for women it is breast augmentation and uplift, with Liposuction a close 2nd for both males and females…

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Optical Express Optometrist Completes 7th Vision Aid Overseas Project

Optical Express Optometrist Ed Baldwin has successfully completed his seventh Vision Aid Overseas project, a trip to Burkina Faso to distribute eyeglasses and screen patients for cataract surgery.

Baldwin went on his first project with Vision Aid in 2001, working with a team to provide eye tests and eyeglasses in Latvian prisons. Since then, his projects have included such locales as Ethiopia, Moldova, Bulgaria, and Ghana. He has also served as a team leader on more than one occasion. Baldwin’s most recent trip was unique, however, because of the cataract screening element.

“My most recent trip to Burkina Faso was a little different, since we were not only giving out glasses but also trying to find patients who needed cataract surgery,” he said. “We found about a hundred patients that needed intraocular lens treatment, and another team went out a few weeks after us with surgeons. It was great, because normally when you see patients with cataracts you can’t really do anything about it.”

Vision Aid Overseas (VAO) sends teams of volunteer Optometrists and dispensingopticians to developing nations to screen and outfit patients with appropriate spectacles. Nearing its 25th anniversary, VAO has provided 300,000 individuals with spectacles, and conducted 600,000 eye tests.

Baldwin commented, “Volunteering is the most rewarding thing you can do,” Baldwin said. “It’s giving people sight where they would otherwise be blind. In a lot of places there are no provisions for eye care, so if you haven’t got a pair of glasses you can’t work and feed your family.

“When you test eyes back home in the UK, the general public have a huge choice of opticians. In parts of Africa, people will walk from miles around to see you. You’re really making a difference to people’s lives in a short space of time with something as simple as a pair of spectacles.”

Baldwin has worked for Optical Express since 2001, and is currently based in Cardiff, providing both laser eye surgery and intraocular lens treatment consultations to prospective patients.

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Storm Warning For Hay Fever Sufferers

Hay fever sufferers could be about to experience the “perfect storm” in 2010, thanks to the gathering forces of Mother Nature, a leading UK pharmacy has warned.

The unusual combination of birch pollen levels peaking again this year, as part of a biannual cycle coinciding with a late spring, could cause mayhem for those with hay fever, according to The Co-operative Pharmacy.

Lisa McCreesh, Clinical Governance Pharmacist, at The Co-operative Pharmacy, says:“We are urging people to make sure they get effective treatment if they are suffering from common hay fever symptoms including a blocked or runny nose, sneezing and headache, as these could easily be confused with colds at this time of year.

“Most people associate hay fever with the summer months of May and June when grass pollen levels are high. But hay fever is also caused by being allergic to high levels of birch tree pollen in the atmosphere and other types of pollen including weeds and flowers.

“There are number of simple ways to manage hay fever – managing allergic triggers, suppressing the symptoms, or altering the way your immune system responds to the pollen spores. Avoiding pollen allergens can be difficult though, as the tiny spores are windborne and travel for miles on air currents.

“Keeping windows closed can help, particularly in the early mornings when pollen is being released, and in the evening, when the air cools and pollen begins to fall to the ground, as can wearing wraparound sunglasses.

“A range of medication is available for hay fever sufferers including syrups – commonly used for children – tablets and nasal sprays which can help you breathe more easily and unblock your nose. Eye drops can also help to relieve itchy or watery eyes and certain eye drops should be used at least a couple of weeks before symptoms actually start, to minimise discomfort.

“There are a number of treatments available without a prescription and your local pharmacy will be able to advise you on an appropriate remedy,” adds Lisa.

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Drug Rehab Center Offers Affordable Drug Rehabilitation

Long before health care reform battles between lawmakers ensued, a highly regarded facility in Connecticut addressed one of the very problems that lies at the core of individuals getting the help they need to recover from drug addiction: treatment costs.

Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center began its quest to provide innovative, affordable addiction treatment over 12 years ago- and they have succeeded. Affordable costs and innovative treatment plans are why individuals from all over the world continue to seek treatment at this intimate facility. Situated on 39 sprawling acres at the base of a private mountain in the foothills of the Berkshires, Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center provides an ideal location for the recovery process to begin.

“The per diem costs at our facility are about one-third of the costs of other drug rehab facilities,” states a spokesperson for Mountainside. “Recognizing one of the biggest barriers to treatment is cost, we designed a program that is affordable for most people and their families. At just $360 daily, we offer comprehensive, innovative approaches to recovery, in a setting that is second-to-none.”

A drug addiction treatment program consists of an individual, comprehensive evaluation of the person entering rehab. By evaluating past behaviors and current attitudes towards treatment, the professional team at Mountainside creates a plan that addresses the needs of each particular person, increasing the chance of successful recovery. Drug addiction treatment at Mountainside begins with one-on-one counseling, coupled with evidence based, innovative and traditional 12-step therapies. Treatment plans are monitored for their effectiveness and are flexible, based on an individual’s needs.

For nearly two decades, Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center has led the way in offering individualized alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs. Mountainside’s licensed and certified counselors, social workers and treatment team strive to provide quality, compassionate care to each individual in a tranquil, peaceful environment conducive to optimal recovery.

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Medelita, Maker Of Innovative Medical Apparel To Donate Proceeds Of All CDA Member Purchases

Medelita®, maker of breakthrough performance women’s lab coats, doctor’s lab coats and medical apparel, announced that it is an official corporate supporter of the CDA Foundation. The CDA Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the California Dental Association, whose mission is to improve the oral health of Californians by supporting dental health professionals and their efforts to meet community needs.

“The CDA Foundation provides much needed community access to dental care while ensuring a sustainable dental health workforce in California — both of which are reflective of the CDA Foundation’s multifaceted approach to advancing the state’s dental health,” said Lara Manchik, PA-C and founder, Medelita. “Whenever a CDA member purchases Medelita lab coats, scrubs and medical apparel or accessories, we will donate a portion of the sale to the CDA Foundation.”

The CDA Foundation’s objectives are to promote the concept that oral health and general health are inseparable, provide grant opportunities to community-based organizations and individuals to reduce disparities in access to oral health care and assist in meeting the immediate needs of vulnerable populations. In addition, the Foundation promotes and supports a dynamic oral health workforce capable of meeting the oral health needs of Californians, while representing the philanthropic values of the dental profession.

Medelita will donate proceeds of all CDA member purchases to the CDA Foundation. CDA members will be able to purchase qualifying products at CDA events and exhibits and on a special web site for CDA members, which will be coming soon.

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The National Alliance on Mental Illness Launches Social Networking Site for Young Adults

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has launched, a new online community where young adults living with mental health concerns can provide mutual support in navigating unique challenges and opportunities during the critical transition years from ages 18 to 25.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness Launches Social Networking Site for Young Adults

Developed by young adults, is a user-driven social networking community where members can connect with peers, share personal stories, creativity and helpful resources by writing and responding to blog entries, engaging in discussion groups and sharing videos, photos and other news.

The site offers resources on issues important to young adults, including:

• Healthy relationships
• Family and friends
• Campus life
• Independent living
• Finances
• Employment
• Housing
• Mental health issues

“Young adulthood is an exciting challenge, but also a confusing and stressful time for anyone,” said Michael Fitzpatrick, NAMI executive director. “Life can throw things at you fast.”

“Mental illness affects everyone. is intended not just for young adults who have a mental illness, but for anyone entering adulthood that has a friend, parent or other family member facing a mental health problem.”

“Most of all, is an interactive, fun space where young adults can share experiences and other information to empower each other, build relationships and offer peer support.”

“ is about helping and inspiring each other,” said Alex M. White, age 23, a member of the advisory group of young adults who helped develop the Web site. “I would not be alive today if it had not been for the love, care and support I received from family, friends and loved ones.”.

About NAMI
NAMI is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness. NAMI has over 1100 state and local affiliates that engage in research, education, support and advocacy.

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Sensibill Returns From Texas Society Of Pathologists 89th Annual Meeting In Galveston

Sensibill travels to mutilpe Pathology Meetings each year. As a supporting vendor of The Texas Society of Pathologists, Sensibill is able to directly target pathologists practicing in Texas.

Sensibill Returns From Texas Society Of Pathologists 89th Annual Meeting In Galveston

“I am meeting Doctors all the time but these conferences allow my company to reach higher and interact multiple clients on a one on one basis,” says Sensibill President Barbara Graham.

The Texas Society of Pathologist has a deep history. It was founded in 1921 and is the oldest state pathology organization in the United States. Sensibill is currently one of the more than 790 members statewide.

President Graham adds, “It was a great opportunity for all of the pathologists in attendance to see the latest and greatest in technology for managing their practices. Sensibill showed the pathologists it technologically advanced ASP model (application service provider) advanced internet access functions, computerized coding software interfaces, document imaging and management, PQRI and state of the art reporting features.”

While at the conference, Dr. David Walker from UTMB in Galveston received the John J Andujar Citation of Merit. Congratulations to him!

About Sensibill:
Sensibill is a national medical billings and management company that specializes in providing technologically advanced services in automated coding, electronic claims filling, document imaging and storage, financial reporting, technical support, etc.

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Report Says Young Women Becoming More Sexually Active

According to new figures released by the sexual health team at Lloydspharmacy*, today’s women have three times more sexual partners by the time they reach 24 than women of their grandmothers’ generation had by the same age.

The sexual health team’s results show that young women today have an average of 5.65 different sexual partners by the time they are 24. By contrast women of their grandmothers’ generation had an average of 1.67 and women of their mothers’ generation had 3.72 sexual partners by the same age.

Looking back over the decades since the War and the end of rations, the research shows that young women in the supposedly ‘Swinging Sixties’ had the least number of different sexual partners whilst young women in the ‘Noughties’ had the most.

Cancer Research UK statistics show that incidence rates of cervical cancer in women under the age of 25 have not decreased despite better screening**. Lloydspharmacy believes the increase in the number of sexual partners could be one reason why.

The last ten years have seen significant decreases in cervical cancer cases in women in older age groups but worryingly, diagnoses of the infection in women under the age of 25 have not followed the same trend**.

The community pharmacy chain is urging women of all age groups to get themselves protected against the human papilloma virus (HPV), a sexually transmitted infection and one of the major causes of cervical cancer***.

“HPV infections are very common, especially in younger people”, said Clare Kerr, Lloydspharmacy’s head of sexual health. “If you are sexually active the cervical cancer vaccinations is one of the most effective ways to prevent infection with high risk forms of HPV.”

Women can receive cervical cancer vaccinations at 240 Lloydspharmacy branches throughout the UK. Other sexual health services available at Lloydpsharmacy branches or through the Online Doctor services on the website include genital Chlamydia and genital gonorrhea treatment.

Key research* insights for women between the ages of 18 and 24:
2000-2009 – women averaged over five different sexual partners, with 8% claiming to have had more than ten different partners
1990-1999 – women averaged under five different sexual partners
1980-1989 – 24% of women had three to five different sexual partners by the time they reached 24
1970-1979 – 24% of women had two to four different sexual partners by the age of 24
1960-1969 – almost 50 per cent had only one sexual partner by the age of 24

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Sensibill adds New Certification to Better Serve Clients

Sensibill adds New Certification to Better Serve Clients FORT WORTH – Sensibill is expanding each year and adding employees who are at the top of the medical billing field. Recently, Kim Brents, received her certified professional coder status. She has worked at Sensibill since May of 2001. Brents previous experience in the pathology medical billing field goes back to 1978. She also played a key role with a Pathologist associated with the Osteopathic Medical Center of Texas.

“I am excited to add my knowledge to the Sensibill team with this certification, says Kim Brents.

President Barbara Graham adds, “My company grows thanks to the help of my loyal employees who are constantly improving themselves. I only seek the best.”

Sensibill prides itself on technologically advanced revenue cycle management solutions and computerized coding.

President Graham says, “I know that I am providing my clients with the best possible coding expertise with Brents’ new certification.”

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Top British Hypnosis & NLP Trainer Jonathan Royle Exposes The Hypnotherapy Conmen

Hypnosis is both an increasingly lucrative and rapidly expanding form of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAMS) and also a hugely popular form of Stage Entertainment thanks to people like Paul McKenna.

Top British Hypnosis & NLP Trainer Jonathan Royle Exposes The Hypnotherapy Conmen

But shockingly what most Hypnotherapy Practitioners won’t tell you or dare to admit is that the so called healing and therapeutic power of Hypnosis is nothing more than an elaborate Placebo Effect combined with basis suggestion and classical psychological conditioning akin to Pavlov’s Dog.

What’s even more alarming is the fact that the majority of Comedy Stage Hypnotist’s don’t even realise that whilst what they are doing works due to nothing more than Social Compliance, Basic Human Psychology and Devious Manipulation of their volunteers combined with simple suggestion and the Placebo Effect, that in actual fact what they are doing is potentially dangerous to their subjects as they are messing with people’s Belief Systems and Expectations for the entertainment of others which can have potentially very damaging side effects.

Now for the first time ever British Hypnotist Jonathan Royle has decided to lift the lid on this “Snake Oil” industry and save people potentially thousands of pounds in wasted treatment fee’s or training course payments, whilst also helping them to avoid falling prey to the rapidly growing number of badly trained, illegal, unlicensed, uninsured and potentially dangerous amateur Street Hypnotists messing with peoples mind on a street corner near you!

After years of research and real world experimentation Royle, aged 34 of Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England is so confident of his findings and conclusions on how so called Hypnosis actually works and his statement that “There’s No Such Thing As Hypnosis” that he has become the first Hypnosis Trainer to offer a 100% One Year (365 Day) Money Back Guarantee on his Home Study DVD and Multimedia Diploma Training Package.

Today Royle said “Hypnotherapist’s and Stage/Street Hypnotists who study this new package are literally Guaranteed to become Safer, more knowledgeable and more successful in their work or else I will give them their money back!”

Royle wants to stop people getting conned out of thousands of pounds for long winded Hypnotherapy and NLP Courses which brainwash them to believe in something that actually does not even exist and that’s why he has just released a Free 80 Page PDF Report entitled “The Seven Biggest Secrets of The Famous Name Millionaire NLP’ers – Life Coaches & Hypnotists” at

Royle who is one of Britain’s Leading Hypnosis Expert’s as illustrated at explained that despite the fact that Hypnosis Does Not Exist and actually is nothing more than an illusion of truth combined with The Placebo effect, when this is fully understood by Alternative Practitioners and utilised to treat patients in the manner he teaches in his unique Home Study and Live Training Courses that dramatic changes can still occur!

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