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Breast Enlargement UK YouTube Video Nears 60,000 Views in Under 6 Months

Aurora Clinics Released their Breast Enlargement UK & Breast Enlargement London and Birmingham Video on YouTube in December 2012 and it is Already Nearing 60,000 Views. Almost 30,000 people have seen snapshots of Aurora Clinics’ Buckinghamshire clinic and have heard all about their breast enlargement UK procedure’s 3 point plan from the Surgical Director, Adrian Richards.

As the video explains, every patient who comes through their doors for breast enlargement surgery is entitled to as many free consultation appointments as necessary. This forms the first point of their three point plan, “We have developed a network of the best and most experienced surgeons throughout the UK” explains Aurora’s spokesperson. This means that all of their potential patients, new patients and current patients have access to a specialist surgeon in a location that’s convenient for them. “In their very first appointment, the patient will meet the surgeon who will ultimately carry out their procedure.” says the spokesperson. “This allows the patient to ask all the questions that they want to and make sure they are certain that they want to proceed with surgery.”

At one of their free consultation appointments, patients will undergo a ‘sizing appointment’. “This is second step of our plan. In this sizing appointment, we invite breast enlargement UK patients to bring in different items of their clothing. Their surgeon will then try a variety of shapes, sizes and makes of implant to identify the best way forward. This lets the patient get a realistic idea of how they will look after their procedure and make sure that the end result will be as they imagined.” explains their spokesperson.

Aurora Clinics’ comprehensive After Care Policy completes their three point plan. Their After Care Policy includes a 24 hour hotline that all patients are given access to and encouraged to use. Their spokesperson adds, “We also invite our patients back to their local clinic for free annual appointments so their surgeon can check and make sure that they’re fully healed and everything is as it should be post surgery.”

Many patients first come to Aurora with a clear goal of what they want to achieve in their mind. Aurora’s expert surgeons are then able to advise patients on the most appropriate treatment or procedure to achieve their ideal outcome. “During their consultation appointments, our surgeons will discuss with their patient all of the treatment options in full. We offer a number of breast surgeries; breast uplift, breast reduction inverted nipple correction, and of course breast enlargement UK. Our highly skilled surgeons will advise our patients which procedure would be the most appropriate for them and what will achieve their desired results.” says the Aurora spokesperson.

Aurora Clinics now have an extensive video library within their YouTube channel, ClinicsAurora. With 525 videos in their channel, Aurora hopes that they can help people by answering the most frequently asked questions about breast surgeries so they can make an informed decision about taking the first step.

To watch Aurora’s Breast Enlargement & Breast Enlargement London and Birmingham video follow this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfNg2GveXzI or visit their website at http://www.aurora-clinics.co.uk/treatments_chest_breast_enlargement.html.

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NHS Criteria Crisis? Will The Change In VAT Finally Move The NHS To Review Their Qualification Of Candidates For Cosmetic Procedures?

There have been several reports in the media in recent months suggesting that the government is to add VAT to cosmetic surgery procedures. If this is true patients will be charged an extra 20% on the procedures that they undergo. However, the picture is even more worrying for the NHS which, under certain circumstances, offers cosmetic surgery for free. If the VAT rumours are true then the NHS will find itself under financial pressure at a time when it can ill afford to be so. In this article we will look in depth at the government proposals on taxing cosmetic procedures and their effect on the NHS. We will then decipher whether the NHS will ultimately be forced to review their qualification for candidates undergoing cosmetic surgery.

HM Revenues and Customs
In autumn 2011 HM Revenues and Customs stated that they wanted to clarify the existing legislation on which types of cosmetic surgery attract VAT. They claim that any cosmetic surgery carried out for medical reasons is not taxable. However, surgery simply carried out to improve appearance should be taxed. The department said this had always been the case and new legislation had not actually been introduced. Cosmetic surgeries disagreed arguing that this tax had never been enforced so if it was now suddenly going to be enforced law it was, in effect, a new law. However, the boundaries between cosmetic surgery for medical and aesthetic reasons are not always as easy to define as, say the difference between rhinoplasty surgery to help alleviate problems with breathing and liposuction to tackle a pesky “muffin top”.

A surgeon could argue that a female requesting breast enlargement surgery needs it to combat depression, a medical condition. Breast enlargement would traditionally be seen as an aesthetical procedure but in this instance it may be passed as medical. Indeed, HM Revenues and Customs admit that each case needs to be judged on its individual merits.

So where does this leave the NHS?
Under current guideless the NHS only offers cosmetic surgery when it is deemed medically necessary. Therefore, the new legislation on VAT has no impact on the NHS. The health service will not have to foot additional bills whilst they continue to offer medical cosmetic procedures. It seems the NHS will have no reason to review their qualification of candidates for cosmetic procedures. In fact there are less likely to do so as any review may lead to non-medical procedures being carried out which would result in the service incurring the VAT charge.

There remains much confusion over the proposal of adding VAT to cosmetic procedures. The government themselves claim that some procedures are, and also have been, taxable. They claim they have not changed their policy but are simply clarifying the existing rules. It is clear, however, that the majority of cosmetic surgeries have not been charging their clients VAT for any procedures and the law has not been enforced. The outcry in the cosmetic industry reflects the panic felt by surgeons who worry potential patients may desert the UK for cheaper surgery abroad. The NHS, however, remains unaffected by this change or clarification because all the procedures carried out by the health service are for medical purposes so they will never attract VAT. It remains to be seen whether the government enforces the VAT on some cosmetic procedures but it is clear that the NHS will not be affected and therefore is under no pressure to review its candidates for surgery.

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The Harley Medical Group Crown Their ‘Find The Face Of 2012′ Winners

In September, the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery and non-surgical solutions company, The Harley Medical Group, launched a social media campaign to “Find the Face” to front its 2012 advertising campaign. This is the first time ever that the Group has taken to Facebook and asked the British public to submit suggestions of why they should be chosen to feature in the new adverts.

The Harley Medical Group has 31 clinics across the UK and Ireland, and having treated over 500,000 patients in its 28 year history celebrates its patients’ new found confidence through a variety of marketing activities.

The Facebook campaign, which ended on 31st October announced the winners to be, Jamie-Lee Williams and Trevor Ventour. The winning pair have received a £1,000 cash prize each, as well as the opportunity to be featured in The Harley Medical Group’s TV and print adverts.

Louise Braham, Marketing Director at The Harley Medical Group, says: “The ‘Find the Face of’ competition is a fantastic way of finding real men and women who have discovered their inner confidence. Launching the competition on Facebook meant there could be a wider scope of people who could apply and join in. As Facebook connects 29.9 million people in the UK , it was a great way to ensure full visibility and inspire people to have the confidence to look and feel great.”

Winner, Jamie-Lee Williams aged 25 from Ostwestry in North Wales, previously underwent a Breast Englargement procedure. Jamie-Lee says, “I have travelled the world taking part in many beauty pageants. I have always naturally been an extrovert, but was always self-conscious of my breasts. After having my procedure I felt I was able to go on and actually win my beauty pageants.”

Northampton winner Trevor Ventour aged 26 has previously had Rhinoplasty – the medical term for nose reshaping surgery. Trevor says, “I suffered from low self-esteem due to the look and shape of my nose – it resulted in shying away from cameras and constantly feeling insecure. After surgery I feel infinitely more confident and have never looked back.”

You can now follow The Harley Medical Group on Facebook at:www.facebook.com/theharleymedicalgroup
And on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/harleymedicalgroup.

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Nutrition Experts Come Together For Roundtable At The Royal Society Of Medicine

Nutrition experts come together for roundtable at the Royal Society of Medicine.

AmeriSciences AS10, the first ever super-league multivitamin and nutritional formula developed from joint research with NASA and the Johnson Space Centre, will be available off the shelf in the UK from today. Key figures from the field of nutrition attended a roundtable at the Royal Society of Medicine, including the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and The Nutrition Society, to discuss how the AmeriSciences AS10 range of products will pave the way for the next generation of breakthrough technology in nutritional supplementation.

Six years of ground breaking research with NASA and the Johnson Space Centre has also indicated the potential of AmeriSciences AS10 formula to provide daily protection from low level radiation exposure. The findings, published in the Radiation Research Journal, reveal the potential of this multi-nutrient cocktail to combat the effects of stressors such as radiation, and prolong life in subjects exposed to those stressors.

Space Act Agreement 2005
In 2005, AmeriSciences and NASA and the Johnson Space Centre entered into a Space Act Agreement to develop nutritional supplements for astronauts to meet the needs of long-duration spaceflight as well as conditioning here on Earth. In 2009, the resulting AmeriSciences and NASA formulas were used and tested aboard the Space Shuttle and International Space Station with positive and exciting results.

Says Carlos Montesinos, AmeriSciences Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs,“The AmeriSciences AS10 product line poses a significant challenge to the current supplement market. Indeed, the strength of the antioxidant and multivitamin formulas have been so significant in testing that it will change the way nutritional supplementation is viewed in both the scientific community and general population.”

What is it?
AmeriSciences AS10 is a powerful antioxidant and anti-ageing liquid beverage, comprising a unique formulation of only 100% fruit and vegetable-derived ingredients, including the new ‘superfruits’ acai, cupuaçu and acerola sustainably sourced from the Brazilian rainforest. AmeriSciences AS10 is also part of a wider range of nutritional supplements including AS10 Life multivitamin; derived from the same joint research with NASA and the JSC for achieving optimum nutrition.

AmeriSciences AS10 product line provides a reassuring ‘safety net’ of vitamins and minerals essential for maintaining optimum health and one of the Government recommended ‘five-a-day’ portions of fruit and vegetables. The range includes an oral solution and tablet food supplements and the price reflects six years of research, with the solution retailing at £120 a month and the multivitamin tablets at £27.

Who is AmeriSciences AS10 for and how is it taken?
AmeriSciences AS10 formula, which comes in a wine-bottle shaped container, is designed for anyone feeling run-down, with hectic lifestyles or susceptible to nutritional deficiencies. Recent case report studies conducted at independent sites have demonstrated positive effects on skin health, including significant reduction in wrinkles, age spots and UVA damage. The solution is taken twice daily in 60ml doses, equivalent to four tablespoons. AS10 life is a combination of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in a tablet form.

An industry leader in its research and self-imposed quality standards, AmeriSciences requires that its supplements maintain a minimum of 95% dissolution rate compared to a 50% estimated market average and 75% USP requirement. Carlos Montesinos adds,“AmeriSciences’ AS10 line is just another way in which AmeriSciences is pushing the technology of the industry forward for the benefit of the consumer.”

Where is it available?
AmeriSciences products are only sold through independent AmeriSciences distributors. The Harley Medical Group is one of the major UK stockist for AmeriSciences AS10 and the further range of nutritional supplementation products developed from joint research with NASA and the Johnson Space Centre. AmeriSciences AS10 is available through the Harley Medical Group online at www.harleymedical.co.uk and at any of their 31 clinics nationwide.

Industry response
Dr Duncan Gould, GP, Men’s Health Expert and consultant pharmaceutical physician, said: “As a doctor, I am excited by the joint research and results on AmeriSciences AS10 with NASA and the Johnson Space Centre. The outcomes to date are insightful and demonstrate a prevention of the negative effects of radiation in mice by improving mortality rates: I look forward to seeing any similar data that may emerge from studies in man. The translation of such data into the human setting may have the potential to impact upon the way oncology patients are treated in the future and
may have a positive impact upon individuals who have been affected by radiation contamination, and are at high risk in the future.”

Says Bernice Berry, Associate Director of Training and Personnel Development, The Harley Medical Group, major distributor of AmeriSciences AS10 in the UK, “Before patients have cosmetic surgery they need to be in peak physical condition – as with any surgical procedure – and the AmeriSciences AS10 products will be invaluable in supporting our patients’ pre-operative preparation and post-operative recovery. For our non-surgical patients optimum nutrition is paramount as this is reflected in their outward appearance; glowing skin, strong hair and nails and an energy boost are just some of the benefits seen by our patients following use of these products. Many are particularly excited about the anti-ageing properties of range, which compliments our non-surgical treatment options.

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Dare To Bare – Confidence Is The Number One Reason Irish Women Cite For Having Cosmetic Surgery

The Harley Medical Group can confirm that confidence is the number one reason people cite as the reason for having a surgical procedure. People want to wear and bare but confidence is the key internal emotion that manifests in our behaviour.

Speaking about this Liz Dale, director of The Harley Medical Group said: “We see a large number of clients every day when asked why the client wants to have a procedure done the number one reason cited is confidence.

“When we are not confident/happy about certain elements of our physical features (and women win hands down in this area), we tend to ‘cover up’ with make-up, clothing or we become hermits. When we are happy we let the whole world see!

“However there are lots of myths around cosmetic surgery. 95% of people only have one procedure that they have been thinking about for several years.”

The following are 8 common myths about cosmetic surgery:

MYTH: Having cosmetic surgery is like redecorating your house, once you’ve done one room, you move onto the next i.e. once you’ve had a nose job for example, you’ll have breast enlargement surgery next.

FACT: 95% of patients will only have one procedure that they’ve been thinking about for several years. It’s a confidence thing with many people.

MYTH: Women who have boob jobs want to look like Jordan.

FACT: Most women only go up by one or two cup sizes and the average size is a C cup. Women also now want a more natural look and so opt for a tear-drop shaped breast implant rather than the traditional round high contour.

MYTH: Cosmetic surgery is now so commonplace; most people view it as a beauty treatment and book it in for the next week.

FACT: Research shows that on average patients think about their surgery for two to three years.

MYTH: More men are now having cosmetic surgery than women!

FACT: There’s been a huge growth in men having surgery, but they still only make up 20% of patients, according to The Harley Medical Group.

MYTH: If you’re standing in the supermarket queue, chances are someone in that queue has had cosmetic surgery of some sort.

FACT: Only about 5% of the population has had surgery.*

MYTH: Most people go abroad for surgery because it’s cheaper.

FACT: Many people feel uncomfortable about travelling so far away from home when having a major operation and feel it’s more risky.

MYTH: You’ll only meet sales people when you go to a big cosmetic surgery provider.

FACT: Reputable providers only use medically trained staff. Patients should always meet with a medically trained professional nurse counsellor to discuss their procedure and will always meet their surgeon before the operation.

MYTH: The cosmetic surgery industry will be one of the first things to be hit by a credit crunch as it’s a vanity led industry and not essential.

FACT: Most patients think about and plan for their surgery for many years they’re then unlikely to want to put it off and instead consider it an investment.

The Harley Medical Group is currently reporting a 35% increase in demand for cosmetic surgery, defying the credit crunch.

More Facts About Cosmetic Surgery:
All research and data comes from The Harley Medical Group unless otherwise stated.

The Harley Medical Group’s Top Procedures for Men & Women in 2010

Top Surgical Procedures for Women:
1. Breast Augmentation (costs from €6110)
2. Liposuction (Costs from €3730)
3. Rhinoplasty (costs from €5520- €7040)
4. Abdominoplasty (costs from €7740)

Top Surgical Procedures for Men:
1. Rhinoplasty (costs from €5520- €7040)
2. Liposuction (costs from €3730)
3. Gynaecomastia (costs from €6670))
4. Otoplasty (costs from €3760)

For more information on The Harley Medical Group and the treatments they offer, or to organise a consultation, please call 1850 24 24 42 or visit online atwww.theharleymedicalgroup.ie.

Become a fan of The Harley Medical Group’s Facebook page –facebook.com/theharleymedicalgroup and follow @HarleyMedical on Twitter to enjoy discount coupons, chances to win great prizes and much more.

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The Harley Medical Group Launches ‘Find The Face’ Of Facebook Campaign

The UK’s leading cosmetic surgery and treatments company, The Harley Medical Group, has this year launched a Facebook campaign to “Find the face of confidence” to front its 2012 advertising and marketing campaign. The UK-wide Group has treated over 500,000 patients in its 28 year history and celebrates its patients’ new found confidence through a variety of marketing activities.

Says Liz Dale, Marketing Director at The Harley Medical Group: “The winner receives£1,000 cash prize, as well as the opportunity to be the face of our TV and print adverts. We are looking for someone who exudes confidence to front our campaign, the winner may be a past patient, or a new one – but most importantly we want them to feel that empowerment and confidence is something they want to champion.”

Lee Russell, 23, and Sophie Jones, 22, who became the faces of The Harley Medical Group 2011, comment on their experience:

Lee Says: “I was always bigger than other children but when I got into my late teens I managed to shed the excess weight through exercise. Although I lost weight I still couldn’t shift the stubborn fat on my chest, which I was really conscious of.

“I decided to have a male chest reduction at The Harley Medial Group and it really changed my life. My confidence obviously shone through, as I was asked to be the face of 2011. The experience was amazing and gave me the opportunity to share my story with others.”

Sophie Says: “I decided to have a breast augmentation as I always felt self-conscious that I was out of proportion, so found it really difficult to buy clothes and hated wearing a bikini. My surgery gave me the confidence boost I needed and I was thrilled to be chosen to be the face of 2011, I felt like it completed my journey.”

The competition which will run until 30th September and will also give 10 runners up the chance to win the entire range of The Harley Medical Group’s new luxurious skin care products.

To enter, please visit The Harley Medical Group Facebook page.

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Liberate Reveals Almost Half Of Women Teased About Their Looks Consider Cosmetic Surgery

Liberate, the new cosmetic surgery group, has been completing some public research around some shocking topics, with the most notable revealing that almost half of the women consulted who were bullied at school have considered cosmetic surgery in order to ‘fix’ themselves.

The 3000 British women between 18 and 30 years-old who took part in the research were asked if they had ever been bullied, teased or targeted about their appearance, to which 47.45% answered yes and 52.57% answered no. Out of the women who answered yes to the first question, 43.5% of them said they would consider cosmetic surgery to fix the problem.

These results from the Liberate public research show that at some point around half of the women surveyed were bullied, and around half of these women would consider getting cosmetic surgery because they believe this would ‘fix’ the issue which was causing them to be bullied in the first place.

Liberate believes this is a shocking statistic, as people who are being bullied should be equipped with the proper tools to deal with it financially, physically and psychologically instead of opting for cosmetic surgery without making an informed and responsible choice.

The research was conducted by One Poll in February 2011 in order to record women’s feeling about their appearance and their attitudes towards to cosmetic surgery. Liberate wanted to explore issues young women face surrounding cosmetic surgery, look at current trends and find out what young women know and don’t know about surgery.

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Men Get Beach Buff For Summer With Cosmetic Treatments At The Harley Medical Group

With images of Simon Cowell’s styled hairy chest appearing on Britain’s Got Talent, The Harley Medical Group have reported that laser hair removal amongst men is as popular as ever, up 35 per cent year-on-year, but with a twist – to shape, rather than shed chest hair.

Following in the footsteps of the bikini line, for which women have coined traditional styles such as the ‘Hollywood’, ‘Brazilian’ and the ‘Playboy’, nurses across the Group’s 31 clinics have noticed that men have likewise developed three distinct styles for their chest hair. Most popular is the ‘Bond’, neatening up the edges of a full chest of hair; followed by the upside down triangle style dubbed the‘Cowell’; and the pecks-only look, named the ‘Superman’.

Says Stuart Hogben, laser hair removal patient at The Harley Medical Group: “I have a full chest of hair which is hard to maintain. I wanted to neaten it up, without getting rid of it all. After seeing pictures of Simon Cowell I decided to book in for laser hair removal at The Harley Medical Group, to achieve a similar look in time for my summer holiday. I’m thrilled with the results, it looks great and I’m looking forward to feeling confident on the beach.”

Says Lisa Littlehales, specialist nurse counsellor at The Harley Medical Group: “The lead up to summer is a popular time for men to book in for treatments. Like women, they are conscious of wanting to feel confident on the beach and are keen to eliminate any body issues. Laser Hair Removal is especially popular this year and in addition to those men that want to permanently remove all the body hair from their chests and backs, clinics have been surprised about the new requests to style the shape of the chest hair, in a similar way to the different styles of a bikini line.”

Other popular ‘beach buffing’ treatments for men in the build up to summer include: gynecomastia, up 28 per cent in the first five months of the year; liposuction, up 19 per cent; abdominoplasty, up 12 per cent; and laser treatment for stretch marks and scars, which is up 589 per cent year-on-year.

Littlehales continues: “Although stretch marks are often primarily associated with women, just as many men suffer from them. Men commonly get stretch marks on their lower backs, shoulders and arms, all areas that are on display on the beach. The laser is exclusive to The Harley Medical Group and is proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars by up to 75 per cent.”

The scars and stretch mark treatment at The Harley Medical Group is the first FDA approved treatment for scars and stretch marks and is available exclusively at The Harley Medical Group. A single treatment costs £250 and a recommended course of four is priced at £950.

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Brits Are Marking The Anniversary Of Their Boob Jobs With Birthday-Style Celebrations

Busty British women are finding another way to celebrate their body confidence by throwing ‘boobirthdays’ to mark the anniversary of their breast augmentation surgery, in a bid to demonstrate the positive effect it has had on their lives.

With specific blogs and sites dedicated to cosmetic surgery, such as boobjobsupportforum.forumotion.co.uk, being used by bloggers to celebrate boobirthdays, nurses at The Harley Medical Group, the UK’s biggest cosmetic surgery provider, have noticed that women are now taking this growing trend offline. Nurses across the Group’s 31 clinics have reported that women are having boob job birthdays in their homes with family and friends, with the common aim of wanting to share with other women and with each other, how great they feel.

Lisa Littlehales, specialist nurse counsellor at The Harley Medical Group, says: “Lots of our patients keep in touch with the nurses who cared for them during their surgery process and they have noticed a small but significant number of these women comment that they like to mark the date of their breast enlargement each year – with many of our nurses even being invited to the patient’s big day. For many women, this date marks a turning point in their lives from feeling under confident, to loving the skin they are in and they like to celebrate their new lives each year.”

Says Emma Parmenter, 41, who had a breast enlargement at The Harley Medical Group: “I had my breast enlargement when I was 31 as I had very small breasts which greatly affected my confidence. My surgery was the best thing I have ever done, it completely changed my life and my image confidence has been great ever since.”

Emma continues: “I’m 41 now and feel really lucky to still feel as confident about my breasts as I was ten years ago when I first had surgery. I was so close to the nurse who looked after me throughout the experience and during my aftercare, when I decided to throw a party in celebration of my breast augmentation anniversary, she was the first person I invited. I’m still thrilled with the results and more confident than ever – I can’t think of any better reason to celebrate!”

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Brits Turn to The Harley Medical Group for Pre-reunion Pampering

The UK’s biggest cosmetic surgery provider reports surge in women booking in for pre-reunion treatments.

The Harley Medical Group has announced a rise in non-surgical bookings for the first four months of the year, ahead of June, the most popular summer month for reunions in the UK*.

The UK’s largest cosmetic surgery group, which treated over 2,000 patients during April, has seen the biggest rise in non-surgical bookings amongst patients aged 25-35 years old. Bookings amongst men and women in this age group, are up 21% compared to the same time last year, with patients looking to refresh their skin and give themselves a “new you” feel.

Says Lisa Littlehales, specialist nurse counsellor at The Harley Medical Group:
“Many men and women are conscious of the effects that ageing has on their face and bodies. From 25 years old onwards we start losing, on average, 1.5% collagen from our skin every year. This is the age that fine lines begin to appear, pores become more visible and skin elasticity begins to decrease. Patients tend to book in for Botox, dermal fillers and other non-surgical treatments, to help prevent the ageing process, rejuvenate their skin and give them a fresher more youthful look.”

Littlehales continues: “We’ve have noticed that more patients are booking treatments in time for big events such as reunions, weddings and landmark birthdays – all events where they are likely to see people they haven’t seen for years. Many patients want to look and feel their best in front of people who may compare them to how they looked years ago.”

Says Matt Bushby, head of Friends Reunited: “June is the most popular time of the summer for reunions, this is the start of the wedding season and with the boom in social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, it is easier for people to find each other and arrange a meeting.”

The most popular reunion treatments at The Harley Medical Group are Botox and dermal fillers which have seen an 11% rise in bookings for the first four months of 2011, followed by skin peels, medical microdermabrasion and laser treatments for stretch marks and hair removal. Adding to this, the non-surgical facelift has seen 30 bookings since its launch in April.

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The Harley Medical Group reports rise in procedure dubbed ‘The Cameron’

Thinning lips are common problem amongst 40-something successful men, such as PM David Cameron, as aging and stress take their toll by reducing collagen production, which is responsible for keeping lips full and youthful. But British men are not happy with the “thin upper lip” look, and according to the UK’s leading cosmetic injectable company, The Harley Medical Group, are opting for dermal filler procedures to boost top and bottom lips. The Group reports male lip enhancing treatments are up 17% for the first quarter year on year – a procedure which has been dubbed by practioners at the Group’s Harley Street clinic The Cameron.

Says Lisa Littlehales, Specialist Nurse Councellor at The Harley Medical Group:“Whilst there is no doubt that the PM’s lips have thinned, his thinning lips are less noticeable in many ways, as he had incredibly slim line lips with minimal lip arches to begin with, but thinning lips are a common problem for men of his age group. A full lip line is central to presenting a youthful appearance and once ageing sets in, thinning lips can be very aging. We have seen more and more men opt for treatment, booking in for 30 minute sessions to have their upper and bottom lips boosted with non permanent fillers. ”

Dubbed ‘The Cameron’, the lip filler treatment costs from £350 at The Harley Medical Group and requires topping up every 3- 6months to help to restore a youthful plumpness to the lips. The filler is administered in a series of small injections on each side of the lips over a half hour treatment time, giving natural, immediate results. There is no downtime to the treatment, making this the perfect treatment for 40-something busy men.

Liz Dale, Director at The Harley Medical Group adds: “Cosmetic treatments for men, such as lip fillers to help combat the effects of ageing, is a trend which has become increasingly popular across our 31 clinics, with men feeling more comfortable to book in for treatments and the idea of cosmetic injectable treatments for men becoming more acceptable than it was five years ago”.

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The Exercise Myths

There are still many popular misconceptions about how to lose weight or tone up stomachs, bottoms and thighs – with exercise routines left over from the days of ‘go for the burn’ aerobics and Jane Fonda-style videos.

Sit-ups have traditionally been thought of the best way to tone stomach muscles – but this might not be the case. Firstly, lots of sit-ups or crunches alone won’t tone a flabby belly – you need to combine any exercise with other exercises as well as eating a balanced diet. Sit-ups also target the most superficial ‘six-pack’ core muscles, but too many of these will cause the tummy to bulge out, leading to a pot belly.

Those trying to lose weight often believe that exercising for longer periods of time will lead to increased weight loss. But exercising hard for a long time will produce excessive amounts of stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, which begin to break down muscle tissue.

High-intensity exercise is good for heart health, but not effective for fat loss. Studies have shown the best way to burn fat is by carrying out moderate to light-intensity exercise, such as a brisk walk.

Those who are finding it hard to shift stubborn fat, should come for a consultation with an expert surgeon at The Hospital Group.

The Hospital Group offer a range of cosmetic procedures to help people achieve the perfect body, including tummy tucks and liposuction, as well as weight loss surgery, including gastric bypasses, balloons and bands.

David Ross, Chief executive of The Hospital Group, which has 19 clinics across the UK said: “People who come for a consultation have often been trying to beat the bulge through various diets and exercise regimes for years, but many do not have access to knowledge to make a lasting difference.

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Overweight Struggle With Weight Loss Because Of Heightened Sense Of Smell

New research has found that some overweight people have a greater sense of smell for food which may cause them to struggle with diets and weight loss.

Carried out by the University of Portsmouth , the study found that those who were overweight, or had a high BMI, had a far heightened sense of smell for food compared with slim people.

Volunteers took part in the study where they were asked to join in with a series of mini experiments that tested their smelling ability.

The results revealed that most people are better at detecting food odours just after they had eaten rather than when they were hungry with experts citing this as one of the reasons many people continue eating long after they are full up.

Scientists believe this new research could help explain why some people struggle to stay slim or stick to a strict diet.

Lead researcher Dr Stafford, said: “It could be speculated that for those with a propensity to gain weight, their higher sense of smell for food related odours might actually play a more active role in food intake.

“Hopefully this research will stimulate more work in this area with the potential to help those who struggle with their weight and those who treat people with weight problems.”

Those who are worried about being overweight should book a consultation with an expert bariatric surgeon at The Hospital Group.

The Hospital Group is the UK ‘s biggest provider of weight loss surgery, including gastric bands, gastric bypasses and gastric balloons.

David Ross, Chief Executive of The Hospital Group said: “Many overweight people struggle with their food intake and often find themselves in a vicious cycle of over eating.

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The Harley Medical Group Announces Rise In Breast Surgery Procedures In Ireland

The Harley Medical Group, Ireland’s leading cosmetic surgery provider, has revealed breast surgery is top of the ops for the 23rd year running and the fastest growing sector of cosmetic surgery. The Harley Medical Group has seen a positive increase on last year’s enquiries. While breast reductions are becoming more popular with an increasing number of Irish women reducing their breast size in order to achieve a more slender figure, breast augmentation continues to be the most popular procedure performed at THMG’s Dublin clinic.

Pauline Hughes, Dublin Clinic Manager for The Harley Medical Group commented: “There is a noticeable upward trend for post-breast feeding breast augmentation procedures. 31 % of breast implant procedures performed at the THMG clinic over the past 12 months have been for women that come into this bracket. In the previous 12 months, this figure was in the region of 24%.

“The age profile of women presenting for post-breast feeding breast augmentation is late 20s to mid 30s years. This suggests that women are waiting until their final child (typically after 2 or 3 children) before choosing to ‘replace what they once had’, rather than opting for unnatural looking enhancements with larger breast implants.”

Typically, 7 years ago, 46% of Breast Augmentation patients went up three cup sizes whereas over the last 12 months THMG’s most popular size increase was 2 cup sizes. Breast Surgery remains the most popular of all cosmetic surgery procedures, and it accounted for 48% of all procedures undertaken by The Harley Medical Group in the last 12 months. Irish attitudes have changed dramatically from 7 years ago, as women are now happy to show-off their surgery. Over 65% of Breast Augmentation patients are between 25-35 years old with the balance mostly post breast feeding.

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The Harley Medical Group Sees Steady Increase In Breast Reduction Procedures

The Harley Medical Group reports that it has seen a steady increase in breast reduction procedures in the UK. With breast surgery still top of the ops in the cosmetic surgery field, wanting to appear slimmer is an increasingly common motivator for women having breast reductions. A smaller looking frame helps towards the perception of an individual looking slimmer.

Lisa Littlehales, Specialist Nurse Councillor at The Harley Medical Group said: “We are seeing an increase in the current female generation opting for breast reductions. The average dress size for women these days is a 16 and many women have at least a size D bust. By decreasing chest size it helps women to look and feel thinner and also helps them in their quest to get fit and lose weight. Large breasts can cause back and neck troubles and also restricts women when trying to exercise – oversized and heavy breasts can be a huge inconvenience on women’s lives.”

Katherine Richards, breast reduction case study at The Harley Medical Group commented: “I suffered from terrible back and neck problems due to the sheer weight of my size H breasts. It was awful because a real passion of mine was running but I would have to wear two extra supportive sports bras and would often feel embarrassed when going to the gym. Since having surgery a weight has literally been lifted – I am now a manageable D-cup which makes running much more comfortable. I also have the confidence to wear a bikini on the beach which I could never ever do before.”

Breast reduction surgery usually takes three hours to complete, depending on the size of the breasts. The operation is carried out under general anaesthetic, and patients stay in hospital for one to two nights. Breast reduction patients are required to wear a supportive bra for up to three months following surgery to keep the breasts well supported whilst healing takes place and ensure the best possible results.

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The Harley Medical Group Report Surge In Liposuction Procedures

The Harley Medical Group has reported thousands of enquiries for liposuction over the last month as a wave of what is termed ‘beach envy’ – jealousy of other women’s bodies – hit holidaymakers.

The rise has been driven largely by 30-plus women, with clinic staff reporting patient feedback that suggests Victoria Beckham has the most coveted star stomach. Abdominoplasty surgery enquiries are also up 32% over the last two months with some patients even taking their summer holidays as ‘surgery breaks’, using the time off to recover before returning to work rejuvenated.

Liz Dale, Director of The Harley Medical Group said: “You can get liposuction on various areas of the body, not just the stomach area. It can be used to target problem areas such as the hips, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, knees and double chins.

“Many of our patients come back from a holiday with a resolution to make a change to their life. With pictures of celebrities soaking up the sun in bikinis hitting the newspapers every day, British women are being spurred into taking action.”

Liposuction is performed under a general anaesthetic and takes one to two hours. A very small incision is used to insert the cannula to extract the fat and sometimes this is closed with a stitch or dissolvable suture. Following the operation, patients are required to rest for 48 hours and avoid bending and heavy lifting. Patients must wear a support garment until advised otherwise by their consultant.

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The Harley Medical Group Reports Boom In Pre-Wedding Breast Enlargement

The Harley Medical Group has reported that, with the wedding season at its peak, there has also been a corresponding significant rise in breast augmentation surgery.

Determined to look perfect on their big day, brides are taking the plunge and booking in for a boob job for additional confidence on their big day. As a result, breast enlargement is top of the ops this summer across the Group’s 30 clinics in the UK and Ireland.

Liz Dale, Director, The Harley Medical Group, commented, “The big wedding is certainly in vogue in 2010, so pre-wedding procedures are right back on the agenda, with the lucky couples determined to have a picture perfect record of their special day.

“With the average wedding costing nearly £20,000, patients see cosmetic procedures as a long term investment, with the effects of plastic surgery lasting well beyond the big day itself. The average pre-nup nip budget is around £4,000 and is favoured by those plumping for long engagements – we recommend patients allow a good four to six months recovery time to ensure the best results on their wedding day.”

Lisa Littlehales, Nurse Counsellor and Clinic Manager at The Harley Medical Group commented, “The split of brides to grooms having pre-wedding surgery is around 75% to 25%. For women their figure is definitely the focus – it is all about the dress, after all. The men we see are frequently looking to correct a sporting injury, so things like having rhinoplasty on a broken nose.”

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The Harley Medical Group Sees Speedo Sag Explosion

The Harley Medical Group, the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery group, has reported that with the male physique under the spotlight more than ever, it is seeing increasing numbers of men looking to go under the scalpel to banish the ‘Speedo sag’. With celebrities such as David Beckham, Hugh Jackman and Justin Timberlake championing the less-is-more beach look, men across the country are likewise taking pride in their physique.

As a result, The Harley Medical Group has seen 24% more men bookings for abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) operations to get rid of their ‘Speedo sag’ over the last month compared to the same period last year.

Liz Dale, Director at The Harley Medical Group, commented, “The more traditional, baggy board shorts hid a multitude of sins. We’ve heard from our nurses anecdotally that one of the principle drivers for male tummy tuck ops in the lead up to the summer season is the impending beach reveal.

“Many of the men that come to us for ‘Speedo sag’ surgery have lost weight or been on a fitness drive and are looking for surgery to remove stubborn pockets of fat or unsightly, loose flaps of skin on their paunch. It’s the final step in their journey to achieving a body they actually want to show off – in Speedos or otherwise.”

Mr Frati, consultant cosmetic surgeon at The Harley Medical Group commented, “An abdominoplasty to remove ‘Speedo sag’ involves an incision just above the pubic area. This surgery removes excess skin and fat and tightens the muscular and fascia parts of the stomach, leaving it flatter and more taute. As well as seeing more men having this surgical procedure, liposuction to the upper thigh area, or the flanks, is increasingly popular.”

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Summer Holiday Pampering At Transform’s Leeds Clinic

On Tuesday 22 June, Transform Cosmetic Surgery in Moortown will be open to the public for a very special night of luxury to celebrate the start of the summer holiday season.

Summer Holiday Pampering At Transform's Leeds Clinic

All attendees will be entered into a prize draw to win £300 worth of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, just in time for some pre-holiday pampering. Other discounts, special offers and prizes available exclusively on the night will include a £70 voucher for laser hair removal and vouchers for 15% off the cost of non-surgical treatments.

In addition to these exclusive one-time-only offers, the Leeds clinic will also be hosting demonstrations of the latest, most effective techniques to refresh, plump and improve the skin. Practitioners from the clinic will demonstrate several skin treatments, including dermal fillers and popular anti-ageing injections. Other newly launched treatments include Laser Hair Removal and Dermaroller, designed to fade stretch marks and give you the confidence to hit the beach in style.

Former patients and the clinic’s expert practitioners, will be happy to answer questions in one-to-one chats and consultations, as well as sharing their personal opinions about whichever treatments are of interest.

Cheryl Flaherty, non-surgical patient co-ordinator at the clinic, summed up her feelings on the event: “We’re really looking forward to the open evening and are especially excited about the two new treatments our clinic will be offering. The summer season quite often means baring more flesh than usual, but not everyone feels comfortable and confident doing so. Our open event is a great opportunity for local ladies and gents to get professional tips and advice in a relaxed environment.”

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The Harley Medical Group Reports World Cup Widows Plump For Jabs

The Harley Medical Group is reporting that as the 2010 World Cup kicks off, many of its 29 UK clinics will be at ‘full capacity’ with non-surgical treatment bookings up 25% on the England match dates.

While many male footie fanatics have scheduled time off work to watch the first round of games in June, women across the country are making the most of the free time and booking rejuvenating peels and wrinkle relaxing injectables.

Keen to not to have any distractions this summer men are openly encouraging girlfriends and wives to spend more ‘me’ time, with pampering sessions and girls-only days out.

Liz Dale, Director, The Harley Medical Group, commented, “During the World Cup four years ago, we noticed a peak in female dominated treatments. This year the trend continues with enquiries for June up 48% compared to this time in 2006, which reflects the cumulative growth we’ve seen in non-surgical treatments overall. Women know they won’t be getting much attention from their husband or boyfriend while the football is on so this is the perfect feel-good factor treat.”

“Unsurprisingly we’re also expecting cosmetic surgery bookings for men to be down slightly – around 10% – in June for the first time in 20 months.”

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