Prescription Drug-Impaired Drivers Difficult To Identify, Prosecute

Lawmakers, prosecuting attorneys and law enforcement officials have all noted that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to not only prosecute individuals impaired by prescription drug use, but also difficult to identify such individuals.

Law enforcement officials, in particular, are taxed with the burden of discretion in judgment when approaching an individual who appears to be impaired in some fashion. When police officers suspect that an individual may be under the influence due to erratic behavior, the tough call is, ‘what substance has caused the impairment?’

In the case of alcohol or illegal drugs, such as cocaine and marijuana, it’s an easy call to make. The difficulty comes when a legally prescribed medication is causing the impairment.

“Drunken driving is easy to discern – officials have tests at their disposal which check for not only the use of alcohol but also the degree of alcohol within the bloodstream,” begins a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center in Canaan , CT. “The problem arises with medications that are prescribed for an individual which cause impairment; such medications include painkillers, muscle relaxers or anti-anxiety medications. Clearly, the proper use of prescribed medications isn’t illegal, but their effects can cause mental and cognitive impairments that can become detrimental while driving. The challenge is that there really is no effective way to measure what amounts, specifically, cause impairments, particularly with those who have been on those types of medications for an extended period of time. Individuals who have been on a prescribed medication for a long period of time tend to build up a tolerance, requiring a higher dosage to get the same therapeutic effect as someone who has just begun taking the particular medication.”

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Global Health Progress Epitomizes Clinton, Gates’ Call for ‘Efficiency Savings’ In Regards to HIV/AIDS Prevention Treatments, Services

During a recent international conference in Vienna for 20,000 AIDS scientists, health workers and activists, former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Microsoft founder Bill Gates urged AIDS activists to try to generate the most value possible out of funds set aside for HIV/AIDS prevention services and treatments, including securing access to drugs. Reuters Health and Science Correspondent Kate Kelland highlighted the leaders’ remarks in a recent article:

“The world is awash in troubles. It is easy to rail at a government and say … give us more money. But we also have to change the way we do what we do,” Clinton told the conference. “If we’re going to make this case, they (donor governments) have to believe that we are doing our job faster, better and cheaper. Then we have the moral standing to go ask people to give us more money.” Gates, a philanthropist whose Gates Foundation spends a large portion of its $34 billion fund on fighting AIDS, said efficiency was vital to be able to scale up access to AIDS drugs for the 15 million people who need them, “We can’t keep spending AIDS resources in exactly the same way we do today,” he said. “As we … advocate for more funding, we also need to make sure we’re getting the most benefit from each dollar of AIDS funding and every ounce of effort.”

In keeping with this message, Global Health Progress’ recent 3rd Annual African Health Delegation let African officials share experiences, expertise and insights about how they efficiently employ available resources when battling diseases in Africa. These conferences are just one way GHP helps advocacy groups meet Clinton and Gates’ plea for activists to employ “efficiency saving” tactics when delivering treatments and securing access to drugs for countries “hardest hit and at highest risk” by HIV/AIDs and other diseases.

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Global Health Progress Highlights ViiV Healthcare’s Announcement of New Initiatives

Global Health Progress highlights ViiV Healthcare’s announcement of a new series of initiatives, including improving access to medicines, to support people living with HIV/AIDS in the poorest and most vulnerable countries.

To address the evolving treatment needs in these countries, ViiV Healthcare will now allow people living with HIV/AIDS to access the whole portfolio of ViiV Healthcare antiretroviral medicines, produced by generic companies. Additionally, ViiV Healthcare is implementing the groundbreaking step of making all patents available to generic manufacturers in these countries for all future pipeline developments, such as the novel integrase inhibitor jointly under development Shionogi – ViiVHealthcare, LLC.

ViiV Healthcare is also expanding the number of countries eligible for this expanded access to medicines to include all least developed countries, all low income countries and all of sub-Saharan Africa – that is 80% of all people currently living with HIV. “At ViiV Healthcare we wanted to go one step further in addressing the HIV/AIDS crisis and supporting access for people living with HIV in the worst affected countries. As a company totally focused and dedicated to tackling this epidemic we are passionately committed to thinking and acting differently and taking new steps to expand access,” said Dr Dominique Limet, CEO of ViiV Healthcare, “At present the numbers of people in the least developed countries moving onto second line therapy is very low compared to the developed world. However as more people have access to treatment, there is an increased need for second and third line treatment options once initial treatment failure occurs.”

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Serenity, Peace Of Mind Key For Successful Drug Addiction Treatment

One look at the breathtaking landscape of an innovative drug rehab on the East Coast and instantly a feeling of peace surrounds you and any cares that you may have, begin to melt away.

Within this private 30-acre tranquil setting, carved into the foothills of the Berkshires, you’ll find a drug addiction treatment facility like no other.

Long regarded as the pioneers in holistic drug rehab, Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center was founded on a core set of philosophies that center on the utilization of a variety of different treatment modalities to help get addicted individuals into recovery.

“We have always believed in treating the whole of an individual,” begins a spokesperson for Mountainside. “We know that the environment in which an individual starts their journey plays a crucial part in their recovery. An addicted individual’s life is completely chaotic prior to entering drug addiction treatment. The more chaotic an individuals’ life is, the less focus they have to deal with the underlying problems of their drug or alcohol abuse. Mountainside’s clients are assisted in developing a regime that works for them, according to their needs as well as their abilities at the time. A significant component of the program at Mountainside is our Mind Body Spirit Program that focuses on eliminating the chaos from one’s life through a variety of different methods such as Meditation, Yoga and Tai Chi, among others. Clients are assisted with developing a regime that works for them, according to their needs as well as the abilities that they possess at the time.”

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Medigap Plans Providing Prescription Drug Coverage Clarifications

The News Center reported making a clarification that many are confused due to the name Medigap. Many seniors think that one of the “gaps” these Medicare insurance plans cover in traditional Medicare is prescription drug coverage. But they do not – at least all of the Medigap plans since the revamping of the plans in 2006, and more recent overhaul in June 2010, do not.

According to the website, prior to 2006, there were Medigap plans, notably H, I, and J, that did provide prescription drug coverage. These represent 3 out of the 4 Medigap plans that were eliminated in June 2010, only adding to the confusion. As explained on the Medicareinformational website,, Medicare Part D was introduced in 2006 to replace standardized Medigap polices that covered prescription drugs and to breakout prescription drug coverage from Medigap coverage. At that timepeople who were enrolled in one of the Medicare supplemental plans that had drug coverage were offered the choice of keeping those plans, changing them, or dropping the prescription drug coverage from them, and opting for Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage.

Since all lettered Medigap plans sold after 2006 did not offer prescription drug coverage, Medicare Part D is now the only prescription drug coverageavailable for seniors with original government Medicare and a Medigap plan. When purchasing prescription drug coverage only, to add to original Medicare, you are purchasing what is also known as a PDP, or Prescription Drug Plan. You may, during the open enrollment period, decide to switch out of original Medicare and into a Medicare Advantage plan with prescription drug coverage, also called a MA-PD.

If you have a pre-2006 Medigap plan that does have prescription drug coverage you still have a few options. If you are happy with that coverage you may continue to keep it and pay the premiums, EVEN IF THE PLAN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.

You may also opt to switch to a Medigap plan that does not have prescription drug coverage, and then enroll in Part D. Many Medicare advisors believe this is advantageous, because the prescription drug benefits offered by Part D exceed those in the Pre-2006 Medigap plans, and you may actually be able to lower your monthly premiums, and improve your benefits by switching to one of the newly offered low-cost Medigap plans such as N or M, and then enrolling in Part D.

Also be advised that there are only certain enrollment periods for Medicare Part D; so do not drop any existing drug benefits until you are enrolled in Medicare D. For more information about Medicare, Medigap plans, and Medicare Part D, visit

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Help More Addicts With Your Drug Treatments Through Smart Internet Marketing

The alcohol and drug treatment center industry is a crowded one. In any given area, an addict has hundreds – if not thousands – of alcohol and drug treatments from which to choose. In most cases, the addict and/or his loved ones begin the search online, which makes Internet marketing a vital piece of an alcohol and drug treatment center’s advertising strategy. delivers a simple Internet marketing solution – created specifically for centers that provide alcohol and drug treatments and/or addiction intervention – that delivers important information about the center while boosting the search engine result rankings for the center’s website.

Internet marketing expert and recovering addict Bernie Grohsman created, a website and comprehensive directory that features informational listings for more than 11,000 alcohol and drug treatment centers and professionals. It also offers online assessments and 24-hour live phone assistance, not only for the addict but also for loved ones seeking addiction intervention assistance. A basic listing on costs nothing, and use of the website and its services – including participation in its recently launched community forums and chat rooms – also is free.

A basic listing helps a drug treatment center reach more than 125,000 unique visitors a month. Those visitors are looking specifically for alcohol and drug treatments and/or addiction intervention, which results in increased referrals to the alcohol and drug treatment center and improved search engine result rankings.

Advertising on has an even greater impact in these areas. When an alcohol and drug treatment center purchases a featured listing on the website, it runs at the top of the center’s state category. It also runs in rotation on more than 11,000 other pages on the website, which can push an alcohol and drug treatment center’s website to the first page of results for specific searches.

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Get Matched With The Right Drug And Alcohol Treatment At

For a drug or alcohol treatment to work, it must be the right treatment for the client. Many addicts struggle to find a drug and alcohol treatment center that fits them, though, which makes the service provides not only valuable but also vital to an addict’s long-term sobriety. The website and comprehensive directory include informational listings for more than 11,000 drug and alcohol treatment centers and professionals, plus confidential assessments and 24-hour live phone assistance to help the addict navigate the many treatment options in his area. does not charge the person seeking drug and/or alcohol treatment during any step of the referral process, and it also offers a robust community area on the website in which addicts can participate in forums and chats with others in similar situations.

When it comes to matching addicts with a drug and alcohol treatment center, leads by example. Recovering addict Bernie Grohsman created the directory to help others like him find the drug and alcohol treatment they need to battle addiction and regain control of their lives. The directory contains more than 11,000 listings for drug and alcohol treatment centers and professionals, and the website offers live phone assistance from addiction specialists trained to assist the addict during the assessment process and match him with the right drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. surpasses all other referral services in terms of comprehensiveness of listings and access to qualified professionals.

The addict begins the referral process by filling out the confidential assessment form at It asks for basic, personal information and a drug and medical history. An addict also can call for help filling out the assessment. If the addict does fill out the assessment online, he will provide a contact phone number and an addiction specialist will call him at a designated time to discuss drug and alcohol treatment options. A loved one also can fill out the assessment and have the initial conversation with an addiction specialist. The addiction specialist will then help the addict or his loved one determine which drug and alcohol rehabilitation center will work best for him.

For those addicts not quite ready to take the important first step of asking for help, has a thriving community area in which they can talk with other addicts about their struggles and successes with drug and alcohol treatment. Addicts discuss their own experiences with specific drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in the forums and chats, and this interaction often gives the addict the final push he needs to request a drug and alcohol treatment center referral for him. The community area also features a blog that includes addiction news, inspirational quotes and stories, and videos on a variety of addiction-related topics.

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Astral Pharmaceutical Industries Will Enter United States Market Very Soon

Astral Pharmaceutical Industries, a state of the art, manufacturing facility for Sterile Antibiotic powder injectables, at Vadodara, India is a specialized and dedicated site, having independent manufacturing infrastructure for Cephalosporin and Penicillin Range of powder Injectable Drug Products.

The company headed by President & CEO Dr. Dushyant R. Patel has highly successful track record of more than a decade ,catering to the domestic, LATAM, SEA and CIS markets for the powder injectable drug products. Astral is a leading player in this segment and has been associated with MNC’s and large Indian Pharma companies. Both the manufacturing lines, one for Cephalosporin Injectable Drug Products and other for Penicillin range of injectable Drug Products have been recently granted approval by US FDA. Prior to the facility approval from USFDA Astral has received several Regulatory accreditation such as HPFBI-Canada, TGA-Australia, MCC-South Africa, ANVISA-Brazil over and above accreditation from several Semi regulated countries.

Astral will soon be entering the US market in strategic alliance with Chicago based Sagent Pharmaceutical Inc. with whom more than 15 ANDAs have been filed.

While the development projects for more ANDA’s are in pipeline, Astral is actively working on consolidating its strong regulatory profile for entry into EU markets apart from fast tracking its filings for Canada, Australia and New Zealand markets.

Continuous technology up gradation and focused development in the core competency area of sterile manufacturing operations has been the strategy of growth. Astral is poised to expand its operations in the field of specialized and niche sterile dosage forms for critical care segments and hospital products.

For further information visit or contact Dr. Dushyant Patel at

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Global Health Progress Releases New Report that Features Innovative Solutions to Improve Access to Healthcare in India

Global Health Progress’ recently released report, Innovative Solutions to Improving Health in India, summarizes how the organization is committed to building sustainable, innovative solutions to secure access to healthcare for all Indian communities.

The report notes that access to healthcare remains problematic in parts of India, especially in rural areas. For instance, forty percent of the country’s primary healthcare centers are understaffed and fewer than one in five have a telephone connection. Nearly one million Indians die every year due to inadequate healthcare facilities and lack of access to healthcare. Without qualified health care professionals and fully equipped health facilities, programs to assist patients with medicines (both patented and unpatented) are of little use.

Additionally, chronic diseases are on the rise in India and infectious diseases continue to afflict Indian patients. India has the highest prevalence of tuberculosis (TB) in the world, 60 percent of the world’s heart disease, and malaria has staged a comeback after its near eradication in the 1960s. An estimated 40.9 million Indian patients suffer from diabetes, the highest number in the world, and 30 million people are infected with Hepatitis B Virus (HBV).

Global Health Progress recognizes this serious situation and calls on joint action among local leaders and diverse global stakeholders to implement sustainable, innovative solutions. Fortunately, Indian communities have successful and long-standing collaborations with biopharmaceutical companies and other international partners.

The full report, which features examples of India’s successful and long-standing collaborations with international partners, is available here:…

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The Harley Medical Group Sees Speedo Sag Explosion

The Harley Medical Group, the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery group, has reported that with the male physique under the spotlight more than ever, it is seeing increasing numbers of men looking to go under the scalpel to banish the ‘Speedo sag’. With celebrities such as David Beckham, Hugh Jackman and Justin Timberlake championing the less-is-more beach look, men across the country are likewise taking pride in their physique.

As a result, The Harley Medical Group has seen 24% more men bookings for abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) operations to get rid of their ‘Speedo sag’ over the last month compared to the same period last year.

Liz Dale, Director at The Harley Medical Group, commented, “The more traditional, baggy board shorts hid a multitude of sins. We’ve heard from our nurses anecdotally that one of the principle drivers for male tummy tuck ops in the lead up to the summer season is the impending beach reveal.

“Many of the men that come to us for ‘Speedo sag’ surgery have lost weight or been on a fitness drive and are looking for surgery to remove stubborn pockets of fat or unsightly, loose flaps of skin on their paunch. It’s the final step in their journey to achieving a body they actually want to show off – in Speedos or otherwise.”

Mr Frati, consultant cosmetic surgeon at The Harley Medical Group commented, “An abdominoplasty to remove ‘Speedo sag’ involves an incision just above the pubic area. This surgery removes excess skin and fat and tightens the muscular and fascia parts of the stomach, leaving it flatter and more taute. As well as seeing more men having this surgical procedure, liposuction to the upper thigh area, or the flanks, is increasingly popular.”

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UIC Master of Science in Health Informatics: First in the Nation to Receive Prestigious CAHIIM Accreditation

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is pleased to announce that the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM) has accredited its online Master of Science degree in Health Informatics. The UIC program is the first master level degree program to receive CAHIIM accreditation. Prior to receiving accreditation, UIC was one of only six master programs to be approved by CAHIIM.

“We are thrilled to receive CAHIIM accreditation for our online Master of Science in Health Informatics program,” says Department Head Dr. Larry Pawola. “The CAHIIM accreditation process requires our program to meet a very high educational standard; our accreditation status reflects both the overall quality of our online master’s program, and our ability to deliver valuable advanced education in an online format. We are pleased UIC is recognized as being the leader in health informatics education”

Students in the UIC online Master of Science in Health Informatics program (non-research track) can graduate after earning as few as 45 credits delivered through 14 courses. Since the master’s program started in fall 1999, student enrollment has grown to over 250 active students.

The online program is designed to appeal to working professionals. It offers a unique combination of academics, practical education and technology leadership skills that enables the effective utilization of information technologies to support the delivery of exceptional patient care.

The Impact of Health Reform Industry

The News Center reported that under the rules and stipulations outlined in the new health reform law, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will be tasked with not only revamping current health coverage policies and procedures, but also restricting costs for health plans and ensuring that health insurance for individuals as well as for families is easily attainable. As our lawmakers begin this overwhelming task of streamlining health plans, it is critical for them to keep in mind the overall impact their actions will have on the health industry, children and e-health and patient care.

Health Reform Industry Impact

With all the changes and red tape surrounding the new laws, one might wonder if the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries will be affected during the transition. In the early 90’s, the pharmaceutical industry displayed some stiff resistance to restructuring and reforming America’s health plans and health insurance for individuals. However, in modern times, the sector has embraced and even encouraged the widespread reshaping of health coverage in this country. While motivating these changes, the industry also exercised a little self-preservation by outlining the terms of a deal for protection during the reform.

The medical technologies sector will experience a hybrid of new opportunities as well as never before experienced difficulties throughout the revamping of the current policies. In order for future medical progress to remain current and relevant, new payment methods and procedures must be implemented to streamline the process.

Children and Insurance Coverage

Results from recent studies really solidify the need for policy restructuring in an effort to best protect minors through Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and Medicaid. These efforts must be in place as soon as possible to ensure a more seamless transition as we prepare to extend health insurance to individuals that have previously been uninsured.

Children currently covered under a private policy will often lose benefits within 90 days of a parent losing a job. This number is 6.5% higher than children who have parents that continue to stay employed. To eliminate this dilemma, Gerry L. Fairbrother of the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, maintains local and federal officials need to eliminate waiting periods and eligibility restrictions to these children when their parents lose their jobs.

Also, despite being eligible for Medicaid or CHIP, approximately two million children enrolled in these programs still lost coverage in 2008. Benjamin D. Sommers of Harvard University noted this trend in his analysis spanning 2002 through 2008. He also made note that while retention rates for children in publicly offered plans have gone up, new matriculation has gone down.

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Changing The Face Of Drug Addiction Treatment

Not only is the pain and emotional burden of substance abuse difficult to bear, but the public stigma surrounding the drug culture creates a barrier to treatment for many drug users.

Substance abusers have, historically, have been viewed as lacking self-control, living on the streets, shooting up illicit drugs in some dark alley of a big city. What most people fail to realize is that seedy picture of drug abuse represents a small sector of substance abusers.

The face of drug use has changed, worldwide. What was originally seen as an act afflicting poverty-stricken neighborhoods, has turned into an epidemic spanning all socio-economic backgrounds. And, as such, the face of drug rehabs must evolve.

“It’s unfortunate that the addiction treatment field must market itself in the first place,” begins a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center . “What’s more disturbing is that the demographic that we are marketing to is becoming more widespread and affecting younger individuals more now, than ever before. One of the factors that contribute to an individual seeking help is the stigma attached to such treatment. At Mountainside, we try and remove the public stigma that’s attached to the addiction so that we can get to the core of the issue- helping the individual suffering from the addiction without attaching any labels to the person receiving treatment. This level of care and compassion is crucial for long-term recovery from drug addiction. The feedback that we have received from those who are intimately familiar with our program has been that we our program is extraordinarily caring, compassionate and understanding to those who are seeking drug addiction treatment. That’s always been our main focus- caring, compassionate treatment plans in a safe environment that is conducive to getting well and we have succeeded.”

For more than 12 years, Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center has led the way in offering an individualized alcohol and drug addiction treatment program.

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More Healthcare press releases Welcomes New Research on the Prevention and Treatment of Alzheimer’s

A study published in The Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology has suggested that the eating habits of those suffering from Alzheimer’s may have an effect on their cognitive abilities.

The research involved two groups of mice being fed two different diets over the course of 5 months. A precious study had shown that foods rich in methionine – an amino acid – were able to increase the symptoms of dementia within mice, and as a result scientists deduced that it may be effective in the increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

The most recent study sought then to determine if the methionine induced effects could be counteracted and even reversed. For 3 months one group of mice was fed a methionine filled diet, whilst the other group ate a healthy, balanced diet. The mice on the methionine diet were then introduced to a healthy menu, and the results were analysed after another 2 months.

The scientists found that the negative effects suffered following the 3 month period eating the amino acid had been reversed. The discovery demonstrated the capability of the brain to counteract the damaging effects it has endured. However, the study is far from conclusive, not least due to the fact that the test subjects were mice.

There is uncertainty regarding the applicability of such results to humans.

Rebecca Wood, chief executive of Alzheimer’s Research Trust commented on the findings, reminding us that:

“This research is on mice, but the Alzheimer’s Trust is supporting work looking at the effects of this type of diet on people. We look forward to the results but at the moment we don’t yet know if this type of diet could have beneficial effects for people with Alzheimer’s.”

Health insurance comparison site have given their backing to the research findings, insisting that:

“Any investigation into the causes and potential treatments for this disease are crucial, as research is the main tool we have in the battle against Alzheimer’s.”

Another piece of research carried out recently, revealed that people with larger craniums possess better cognitive abilities, including memory and thinking skills. 270 patients were recruited for the trials, the results of which were published in the Neurology journal.

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Life Insurance Comparison Site Is Calling For A Greater Emphasis On The Health Benefits Of Jogging

Following research by US scientists, it has been shown that running on a regular basis can slow the effects of ageing and even stave off premature death.

Runners aged 50-years-old and upwards were found to enjoy a healthier life and suffered fewer disabilities than those who did not exercise on a regular basis.

The research – which was conducted by the Stanford University Medical Centre – tracked 500 older runners for more than two decades in comparison to a similar group who did not exercise on a regular basis.

At the end of the study, 34% of the non-runners has died compared to 15% of the runners.

Life insurance comparison site is now calling for more older people to get fit and active as a means to living a longer, healthier life.

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Florida Vaginal Surgeon Offers Superior Liposuction: Vaser Lipo

If you’d like to get rid of stubborn fat, but aren’t crazy about liposuction, you’re not alone. Now there’s an alternative called Vaser Lipo. “This technique is minimally invasive and can very precisely remove body fat from just about anywhere on the body – even the delicate areas around the face and chin,” says Dr. Mark Scheinberg of the Center for Cosmetic Gynecology.

Traditional Lipo: Using a suction device to break up fatty deposits, conventional lipo also tears apart surrounding tissues, damaging nerves, blood vessels, and collagen structures. This results in pain, bruising, and a prolonged recovery period.

Vaser Lipo: The vaser probe is inserted in the body where it uses sound energy (similar to that used in cataract removal) and liquefies the targeted fatty tissue. A suction device then removes the liquefied fat, but preserves blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. “This minimizes pain and improves skin retraction following the procedure,” says Dr. Scheinberg. “Recovery time is also much shorter than with conventional lipo.”

Vaser Lipo procedures have been performed over 150,000 times worldwide, with excellent safety results. A recent randomized, single blind study presented at the Annual American Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting reported that Vaser Lipo showed a 53% improvement in skin retraction compared to standard liposuction. Vaser Lipo also resulted in 26% lower blood loss than traditional lipo.

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Denver Orthodontics Office is High Tech and High Care

“We strive to give our patients the best high tech treatments we can and provide them with the highest quality care possible,” explains Dr. Jonathan Weinbach, a Denver orthodontics provider.

The Treatment Zone: Getting the smile you want has never been easier. “Smile Zone Orthodontics was one of the first practices in Denver to offer Damon Braces,” notes Denver orthodontist, Dr. Weinbach. “Damon straightens teeth as much as 40% faster than traditional braces.”

The Comfort Zone: “You may arrive feeling like a patient, but you’ll leave feeling like family!” says Dr. Weinbach, a Denver Damon Braces System provider. The practice offers two convenient locations and the offices feature spacious reception areas, open-bay treatment rooms and upbeat, musical-themed décor. The Westminster office even has a disco ball! Kids and teens can enjoy Play Station video games, a flat screen TV, DVD movies, and a complimentary beverage and snack bar.

The Kid Zone: Denver invisible braces provider Dr Weinbach takes the time to get to know each child and putting them at ease. In addition, the practice keeps kids motivated throughout treatment with fun contests, cool prizes, and gift certificates.

For More Information For more information about Denver braces expert Dr. Jonathan Weinbach and Smile Zone Orthodontics, visit or call (303) 430-4200 for the Westminster CO office or (303) 604-0300 for the Louisville office.

About Dr. Jonathan Weinbach
Dr. Weinbach earned his D.D.S degree with distinction from the University of Missouri and completed his residency and master’s degree in orthodontics at Washington University. He has been in orthodontic practice for 23 years, with nine years’ prior experience in general dentistry. A retired United States Air Force officer, Dr. Weinbach volunteers with Dental Aid of Louisville. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Colorado Dental Association, the Denver Dental Society, the American Association of Orthodontists, the Rocky Mountain Society of Orthodontists and the World Federation of Orthodontists.

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More Healthcare press releases Urges Health Providers To Maintain Momentum In Light Of Improving Cancer Survival Rates

Survival rates for some cancers has doubled since the 1970s. Now health and life insurance comparison site,, is calling on health organisations to continue their good work.

Following research by leading organisation Cancer Research UK, it has emerged that survival rates for some cancers including bowel, breast and ovarian have doubled over the past four decades.

Comparisons between survival rates for those with cancer in the 1970s and people with the disease in the late noughties show vast improvements in the number of patients expected live more than ten years with the disease.

Breast and bowel cancer have seen remarkable improvements in survival rates with the number of people living at least ten after diagnosis years jumping from 40% to 77% and 23% to over 50% respectively.

Despite the improvements, health organisations and cancer charities are still calling for more work to be done to improve cancer patients chances of survival.

A spokesperson from joined the calls for further research, with cancer treating drugs high on the agenda:

“It’s encouraging to see such a stark improvement in cancer survival rates in such a short space of time.

“As technology improves so does our ability to detect and treat cancer earlier and earlier and this brings with it its own set of problems.

“No longer is cancer treatment about prolonging a patient’s life, it’s about completely curing the disease altogether so now we must put more and more money and time into crafting and fine tuning a range of drugs and treatments that can be applied to the disease at any stage.”

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New Findings on Obesity/Inactivity Link Welcomed by Health and Life Insurance Comparison Site

New research conducted by scientists based at the Peninsula Medical School in Plymouth have revealed that a lack of activity is not always the key factor in childhood obesity. Findings suggest that it is often the case that obesity leads to a lack of activity.

The study, published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, concluded that overweight youngsters are affected psychologically as well as physically, with many having a negative perception of their bodies. This leads to a decrease in confidence and participation in group exercise, especially within a school environment.

Child obesity levels have been on the rise for decades, so an in-depth investigation into the problem such as this can only be a beneficial addition to our general understanding of the issue according to health insurance comparison site

Rather than simply emphasising the increasing need for exercise amongst young children, it is apparent that a drastic reformation in general eating habits is required.

The EarlyBird Diabetes study followed a group of 200 city school children for an 11 year period. It discovered no indication that an increase in exercise had any effect on the weight of obese children. However, the study did demonstrate that children who put on weight were guilty of doing relatively less exercise.

This suggest that the problem lies in persuading children to both exercise and eat healthily, with the latter proving to be the main stumbling block.

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New Hope With Drug Rehab In New England

There are an estimated 17.6 million alcohol addicted individuals in the US today, and that number continues to grow rapidly, affecting individuals from all socio-economic backgrounds. Treatment for alcoholism can be difficult simply because of the social acceptance of the use of alcohol. With proper alcoholism treatment, however, an individual can live a sober-free life.

Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center has been equipping individuals with the skills and confidence necessary to overcome various types of addictions for over ten years. With their innovative treatment program they have helped thousands of individuals reclaim their lives that were previously ensnared by addictions.

“All of the professionals at Mountainside have not only extensive experience within various addiction treatment fields, but also a genuine deep-seated interest in helping individuals overcome their addictions,” begins a spokesperson for Mountainside. “Our drug rehab and alcoholism treatment program is among the best available. Alcohol addictions are very unique in nature simply because there’s no social implications or adverse reactions to utilizing alcohol on a recreational basis. As such, individuals struggling with alcohol addiction become quite adept at concealing their addiction from friends and family. That’s one reason that it’s imperative that families become active participants in the addicted individual’s recovery program. Our Family Wellness Program assists families in coping with their loved one’s addiction in a caring, considerate manner and being sensitive to everyone involved in the process. In addition, the location of our facility allows individuals and their families the privacy needed to begin their journey together towards recovery. Since our beginning our program offerings have been recognized by our peers within the addiction recovery treatment field as being innovative and first class, and our long-term sobriety success rates are second-to-none.”

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