Common Misconceptions Regarding Underlying Medical Risks Associated With Substance Abuse And Alcoholism

Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center Mountainside announced has identified common misconceptions regarding underlying and peripheral medical risks associated with drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Despite the volumes of information on these matters, there is a seemingly large body of people unaware of the extent of the danger that active addiction or alcoholism poses.

Recent studies have shown that besides the immediate and obvious health risks of being addicted to alcohol or drugs, there are other medical problems that can arise as a direct or indirect result of a person’s substance abuse. It is common knowledge that an alcoholic is in danger of cirrhosis of the liver, heart disease and pancreatitis. These are the obvious ailments. There is also the risk for making poor decisions such as getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. This decision has the power to not only affect the substance abusers health but also endangers the lives of others. What is not as apparent are the risks associated with things that a person may do when drunk that they would never do while sober; such as being sexually promiscuous which can lead to conditions like HIV, AIDS as well as a list of other possibilities. It is by addressing these issues that the substance abuse treatment center helps the individual suffering from addiction to recover and become educated about the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process.

People who abuse illicit drugs are also at risk. For example, people who snort powder cocaine are at risk for hepatitis. The risk comes from sharing different pieces of paraphernalia associated with snorting, such as straws or rolled up paper money. There is also the heroin user who puts themselves at risk by sharing needles, cotton, water or “cooking” devices. There is also the risk for IV drug users for bacterial infections. Bacterial infections are responsible for a large portion of hospitalizations of IV drug users. The list of possibilities can go on and on. The point is that besides the apparent risks there are countless other possibilities that can change a person’s life and perspective on life.

Drug Rehab is the best chance that someone has at regaining control of their life and getting in control of their health. If you believe that someone you know is an alcoholic or may be addicted to drugs, the time is now to get them the help they need. Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center has been helping people recover and educating them on the dangers of addiction for over 12 years.

It’s licensed and credentialed counselors and clinical staff includes an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Psychiatric Services available by specialists in drug addiction and alcoholism treatment. The highly capable addiction treatment team is dedicated to providing compassionate and quality alcohol and drug treatment. In these hard economic times – Mountainside Drug Rehab is there to help. Please contact the below number or visit it’s Treatment Center website at Drug Rehab Center (

If you or someone you love is in need of treatment please contact us at: 800-762-5433.

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Comestic Surgery Boom In UK For 2008

The UK has seen a significant boom in the number of cosmetic surgery procedures being undertaken in 2008 and shows no sign of slowing down this year, despite the recession taking full hold.

The number of people opting for surgery has soared over the past five years by a staggering 320 per cent. According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), an unbelievable 34,100 procedures were performed in 2008.

Boosting self-confidence and the desire for the ultimate beach body are said to be the major reasons for people to undergo surgery.

The research findings also show cosmetic surgery is no longer dominated by women, male surgery has also seen a steady increase over recent years with the most popular procedure being rhinoplasty aka ‘the nose job’.

The most popular treatment for women in 2008 remains breast augmentation, seeing an increase of 30 per cent. However abdominoplasty, also known as the ‘tummy tuck’, came a close second with 3,300 women opting to go under the knife, all in the name of beauty.

The Hospital Group, one of the country’s leading cosmetic surgeries and weight loss providers, has also seen a considerable increase in the number of procedures being undertaken.

The Group saw a staggering 45 per cent increase in the number of women having breast enlargement. Formen, bilateral gynaecomastia, or ‘moob removal’, has seen a substantial rise in popularity with an increase of 20 per cent – proving men care as much about their appearance as women.

Since The Hospital Group was established in 1992, it has grown from a small pharmaceutical company to one of the UK’s foremost cosmetic surgery providers. The Group is committed to providing the very highest standards and all procedures are performed by an expert medical team in state-of-the-art facilities that are second to none.

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Expert Reveals Simple Secrets To Lifelong Weight Loss

You can finally lose weight and keep it off forever… just by thinking like a fit person. That’s the promise of a new book, Die Fat or Get Tough: The 101 Differences in Thinking Between Fat People and Fit People by Steve Siebold. It’s a new approach to helping two thirds of Americans who are overweight or obese.

“It’s about learning and using mental toughness to stick to a diet and exercise program,” says Siebold, an internationally recognized mental toughness expert who lives in North Georgia and South Florida. “It’s so simple that anyone can use mental toughness. This will be the last book you’ll ever need to read on weight loss.”

The author was recently a “fat tub of lard with a large pot belly.” The information in the book helped him lose 40 pounds in 12 weeks, and he hasn’t had a problem since.

Here is a question and answer session with Steve Siebold:

What is the book about?

“It’s not about the fact that diets don’t work or getting fat wasn’t your fault. Of course, it was your fault. Someone wasn’t stuffing pizzas and doughnuts down your throat. You did. It’s not all about diet or weight loss or exercise.

“It’s about learning and using mental toughness to stick to a diet or exercise program. It’s about thinking – consciousness. Mental toughness is about taking mental and emotion control of your life, and it begins with self-discovery. But mental toughness can get you thin and healthy.”

What do you mean by the title, Die Fat or Get Tough?

“Overweight people have only two options in life. Die fat or get tough! Two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, says the federal government, and the number is increasing rapidly. This is a giant health problem.”

So is mental toughness the secret to losing weight?

“Yes. Dieting is not easy, but it is simple. Just pick a world-class diet and exercise program and develop the mental toughness to stick to it. It’s the only effective way to shed unwanted pounds. You can develop mental toughness by understanding the 101 differences in thinking between fat and fit people explained in the book.”

What’s so different about this book?

“There’s a million diet books out there. But this book is a new approach to losing weight and getting fit that is so simple that anyone can use it. And it will be the last book you ever need to read on weight loss. You’ll think about being fat like you never have before. That’s why I believe my book is so unique and effective.

“It’s really hard-hitting. It will eliminate every excuse you’ve ever made for being fat. It will force you to see yourself as others see you. You will learn that getting fat is really your fault – completely your fault. And it will help you emerge victorious over your weight problem. You will begin to believe you can do anything – that you can live a long, healthy life, filled with boundless energy and super self confidence.”

Who is the book written for?

“If you are 10 or more pounds overweight and ready to get fit, this book can be the answer. It’s for anyone who really wants to lose weight, wants to get tough, do it and solve it for once so it never comes back. I’m not talking about some fad diet where you lose some weight and gain it back. I’m talking about wiping out all excuses and solving your weight problem once and for all.

“The people who really work hard at controlling their weight have a mindset – it’s mental toughness. And you can adapt this mindset and understand how fat people think versus how fit people think. If you catch yourself thinking like a fat person, you’ll know how to change it to a fit person’s thinking.

Why did you write this book?

“I wrote it to shock people out of the psychological delusion that keeps them fat, sick, and unhappy…and into reality about what it takes to get fit forever. People are suffering needlessly, getting sick and dying too young because they’re fat. This book has the power to change that, if the reader is tough enough to grow up and accept objective reality.”

How did you gather the information in the book?

“I did five years of research and interviewed hundreds of fat and fit people across the United States and dissected their core beliefs and philosophies around diet and exercise. What I found were fit people have completely different beliefs and philosophies in this area, and these beliefs and philosophies drove their eating and exercise habits. The differences in thinking are so extreme I decided to write a book about it.”

I understand that the book has been called “disturbing.”

“One of my colleagues called my book a disturbing masterpiece. This book will shock you. It will grab you by the throat and not let you go. I’ve had people tell me they get mad at the book, toss it aside for a while and then pick it back up. I’m known for being direct, but this book is borderline offensive. People all over the world say they are shocked with the approach or offended but couldn’t disagree with anything I wrote.”

What is your background?

“I am an internationally recognized expert in mental toughness, and I once was a fat slob! I train sales management teams of Fortune 500 companies, address some 60 live audiences a year and rank among the top 1% of income earners among professional speakers worldwide. I have written two books on mental toughness. The late Bill Gove, the father of public speaking, and I formed the Gove-Siebold Group, based in Boynton Beach, Florida. I co-starred in the movie “Beyond the Secret”, which is to be released June 23, 2009.

“I live in South Florida and in the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area with my wife Dawn, a dog and two sugar gliders.”

How can someone get this book and your other books?

You now can get five chapters of the eBook for free at The print soft cover edition of Die Fat or Get Tough is scheduled for release in mid-July 2009. You can order copies in advance at, starting about mid-June.

More at and, 

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WeInterpret.Net Signs With The University Of Maryland Medical System To Provide Sign Language Interpreting

WeInterpret.Net a Sign Language Interpreting agency in Maryland has a contract with the University of Maryland Medical System and is providing Interpreting services currently to the University of Maryland Medical Center and the University Specialty Hospital, both in Baltimore. This contract is for the provision of services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients when communicating with their medical providers. As one of the largest hospitals in the area, the contract for interpreting services is one of the largest outside of the federal government entities in the state of Maryland. This contract allows the hospital to be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

WeInterpret.Net has signed a contract with the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) and is currently providing signed language interpreting services to both the University of Maryland Medical Center and the University Specialty Hospital, both in Baltimore. As one of the largest hospital networks and related clinic services in Baltimore, hundreds of patients require interpreting services to communicate successfully with hospital staff and medical personnel. WeInterpret.Net, providing interpreting services throughout the state of Maryland and to many locations across the country, is pleased to have been chosen by the University Medical System to provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nationally Certified and Qualified Interpreters provided by WeInterpret.Net assure that the hospital is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 which requires equal access through appropriate methods of communication

Appropriate communication methods vary by individual and We Interpret.Net can provide interpreters skilled in American Sign Language, Signed English, The Rochester Method, Cued Speech and Oral Interpretation. In areas such as the Washington / Baltimore metro area, interpreters are in high demand and short supply. “Full-time staff interpreters along with managers who are also certified interpreters, allows the agency to respond to every request with qualified interpreters even on the busiest of days or during the overnight and weekend hours,” stated Tauna Faries, Vice President of Operations for WeInterpret.Net.

About WeInterpret.Net
Maryland Interpreting Services, a Maryland corporation doing business as WeInterpret.Net and WeInterpretLinked was established in 1996. Owner and President, David Stephenson is a nationally certified interpreter. Since its establishment, it has provided some 6 million hours of interpreting services to some 900 customers through offices in Utah, Virginia, Maryland and New Mexico. Staff Interpreters and Independent Sub-Contractors numbering over 1000 provide On-Site (www.WeInterpret.Net) and Video Remote Interpreting. (

About University of Maryland Medical System

The University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) was created in 1984 when the state-owned University Hospital became a private, nonprofit organization. It has evolved into a multi-hospital system with academic, community and specialty service missions reaching every part of the state and beyond. (

UMMS is a national and regional referral center for trauma, cancer care, neurocare, cardiac care, women’s and children’s health and physical rehabilitation. It also has one of the world’s largest kidney transplant programs, as well as scores of other programs that improve the physical and mental health of thousands of people daily.

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Women From The North Of Britain Are The Bustiest In The Country, But Nearly Half Of Those Blessed With A Larger Chest Aren’t Happy With Their Size

Women from the North of Britain are the bustiest in the country, but nearly half of those blessed with a larger chest aren’t happy with their size.

According to a recent survey, Yorkshire ladies top the chart, with 35 per cent needing a DD cup bra or larger. Newcastle girls also call for larger sizes, along with 30 per cent of those in Bristol and 29 per cent of Brummies.

At the other end of the scale, only 22 per cent of Mancs and 21 per cent of London lasses boast boobs above DD.

But the study revealed that four in ten of those questioned think their boobs made it harder for them to find a man, while two thirds found it harder to exercise.

Ten per cent say they are too embarrassed to dance or chat to men. And a massive 22 per cent said that they had at least considered breast reduction surgery.

Women seeking to reduce their breast size can find solace at the UK’s leading cosmetic and weight loss surgery provider, The Hospital Group, which performed 1000s of breast surgery operations every year, including breast reduction procedures as well as uplift and enlargement/augmentation procedures.

Large breasts can be the cause of significant physical discomfort with constant backache or shoulder pain, and many patients talk of the effect that their large chest has on their self-confidence and even their personal relationships.

The Hospital Group perform an extensive range of cosmetic breast surgery procedures, ranging from breast reduction, nipple reduction, breast uplift and enlargement.

David Ross, Chief Executive of The Hospital Group said: “We see a large number of women who are affected by their large chest, so it is no surprise that this study has found so many unhappy with their ‘blessing’. “At The Hospital Group, people can be assured of a dedicated, professional service, with astounding success rates and a limited waiting time. Our surgeons have years of experience, and can advise you honestly on how The Hospital Group can help you achieve the size and shape breasts you want. For those with larger breasts, that means a reduction; whereas, for others, an uplift or enlargement is required. Everyone’s anatomy and requirements are different, but our staff will listen to the patient and provide honest advice about the best treatment and likely outcome.”

The Hospital Group is committed to providing the very highest standards and all procedures are performed by an expert medical team in state-of-the-art facilities that are second to none. Since The Hospital Group was established in 1992, it has grown from a small pharmaceutical company to one of the UK’s foremost cosmetic surgery providers.

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National Prescription Drug Abuse Is Up To Nearly 80% From The Year 2000 To Nearly 7 Million Americans As Of 2007

Drug Rehab and Alcoholism Treatment Center Mountainside after an analysis of its admissions states that there has been an acute increase in drug rehab admissions for prescription drug abuse. A growing number of these people who are abusing prescription drugs have used the internet to purchase them, this represents a historical shift from the primary source being a local doctor and a shift away from many identified controlled substances.

Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center Mountainside recently noted a study by the D.E.A. stating that nearly 7 million Americans are abusing prescription drugs. Mountainside has been treating people suffering from addiction to prescription drugs for as long as it has been open. Only now have prescription drugs gained the visibility of various agencies within the US. Prescription drug abuse accounts for nearly 25% of all drug related emergency room visits. Opioid pain killers cause more drug overdoses than cocaine and heroin combined.

Mountainside Drug rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center is well aware of the dangers of prescription drug abuse and works very hard to include treatment for this type of addiction in its treatment regimen. Mountainside also works very hard with the individual suffering from an addiction to prescription drugs helping them to understand that it can be just as dangerous as any other type of addiction. Often it is believed that because these drugs are prescribed that they are less dangerous than more illicit drugs. This can be a deadly mistake.

If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction to prescription drugs remember it is never too late. Get help now by calling Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment centers at 800-762-5433 or visit Mountainside on the web

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The Number Of Drug Rehab Admissions That Have Resulted From Professional Interventions Has Increased Thirty Eight Percent On A Year Over Year Basis At Mountainside Drug Rehab From 2008 To 2009 Respectively

The number of drug rehab admissions that have resulted from professional interventions has increased thirty eight percent on a year over year basis at Mountainside Drug Rehab from 2008 to 2009 respectively. Seventy three percent of these interventions came from more than 500 miles away from the Canaan Connecticut drug rehab facility, with the remaining twenty seven percent occurred within 500 miles.

drug rehab

This evidence is part of a national trend and is representative of how a growing number of people continue to go against the conventional wisdom of many drug rehabs and alcohol rehabs – that have long stated that an addict first needs to hit bottom before they will enter treatment. Professional intervention is the process of presenting reality to such individuals in a receivable way. It usually involves the participation of family and or loved ones, and is an invitation to the suffering addict or alcoholic to accept help. It is believed that interventions have a much higher success rate when done under the guidance and supervision of a professional Intervention Specialist and with the help of other people close to the individual needing the intervention.

It has been the experience of Mountainside Drug Rehab that a stumbling block for many alcoholics and drug addicts is the level of denial that prevents them from acknowledging that a problem beyond their control exists. Largely, and in a relatively recent period of time – before interventionists were practicing in the large numbers they currently practice – conventional wisdom of the drug rehab and alcohol rehab community stated that the only way a person could enter treatment is for they themselves to realize their situation, take action and seek help.

Commonly, active drug addicts and alcoholics are resistant to any approach that is made by family, friends and employers. Mountainside Drug Rehab has been working with numbers of professional interventionists across the country and continues to see the numbers of these practitioners increase. Mountainside Drug Rehab is advocating that a nationally recognized licensure be established to ensure that will ensure quality and professionalism in all said practitioners.

If you are in need of a professional intervention and treatment for you or your loved one please contact us at: 800-762-5433 or visit Mountainside on the web at:

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Let The Steroid Sales Professionals At Steroidsources.Com Provide You With The Safest And Legal Steroids For Purchase

Buying steroids does not have to be difficult. In fact, the long process of deciding which steroids to use, if you truly want to use them, researching how to properly use them and finding the proper place online to purchase them online should be the difficult part. Leave it to the steroid sales professionals at Steroid Sources to provide the safest and legal steroids for purchase!

Why trust Steroid Sources? With several years of experience and countless successful sales, the website is a number one retailer of anabolic steroids for sale. Buying steroids withSS is easy! Whether someone looking for medicinal help or for those looking for increased performance in sports (whether professional athlete or not), the safety involved with using steroids is the same. When buying steroids online, it’s important to read all descriptions of the product and health risks and usage and frequency information. If this information isn’t followed closely, great health risks occur.

Because of the many reactions that can occur with the use of steroids, a health care professional should always be consulted before using steroids. While Steroid Sources is a great source of information, they are not health care professionals nor certified or licensed to provide health information. They simply tell you general information and give you suggestions of what to do before purchasing and how to use them after buying steroids.

Some important information that should be provided before buying steroids includes:

The law regarding the purchase of steroids for those 18 and over ONLY. The potential for abuse and how to protect one’s self from becoming addicted to steroids. Information on various laws that exist when purchasing steroids, whether anabolic steroids) or not, online.

When looking for anabolic steroids for sale, Steroid Sources has several options to choose from. With comprehensive information and descriptions throughout the website, SS guides you through the decision-making process of choosing which steroids to buy.

Steroid Sources is one of the number one trusted websites to find anabolic steroids for sale. Whatmakes them different is their dedication to informing their customers on the risks involved with steroid use. Steroid Sources provides a 100% guarantee to all customers looking to buy steroids from them. What are you waiting for? Try Steroid Sources today!

For more information on Steroid Sources and buying steroids, visittheir official website at Their anabolic steroids for sale and steroids online pages will both give you helpful information on how to safely purchase steroids online and other FAQ’s. Visit Steroid Sources today for trusted steroid options on the web!

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Trusted Website To Buy Anabolic Steroids Online

Finding steroids online does not have to be a daunting task. Finding steroids online should include extensive research on the type of steroid one may want to use, how to properly and safely use them and where to buy them from. Steroids Sources is an experienced and trusted website where one can buy anabolic steroids from.

Looking to buy steroids online is easywith Steroid Sources! While Steroid Sources is a great resource to buy anabolic steroids, it’s important to consult a health care professional before choosing to use steroids. Because of various reactions to steroids as well as a large number of diseases or ailments a user may have, it’s important that a doctor is consulted. While Steroid Sources provides comprehensive information, they neither are not health care professional nor certified to give health advice.

Steroid Sources professionals can be asked other non health-related questions however. In order to make the best decision for someone’s particular lifestyle or health situation, great care should be taken before looking to buy steroids online. Another important decision regarding the process is choosing which steroids to use and buy.

Anabolic steroids are also available. When looking to buy anabolic steroids, careful research of specific products and their ingredients should be carefully read. It’s important to also remember and follow the proper drug amount, frequency and duration of steroids to help to deter possible side effects.

It’s also important to realize other potential hazards when looking to buy anabolic steroids:

Word of caution regarding laws that may exist when purchasing anabolic steroids online. The restriction of purchasing for adults over the age of 18. The potential for abuse and how to ensure that this does not occur when using anabolic steroids.

Ultimately, the individuals that choose to purchase anabolic steroids online needs to make sure the website they choose, Steroids Sources, takes pride in their products and protecting their customers. Whatever the type of steroid one chooses to purchase, whether natural or synthetic (manmade), good quality steroids are a must when choosing to use them.

Whether using them for medicinal purposes or for athletic performance reasons, all steroids have a potential to damage one’s health if not used properly. A health care professional can answer more health-related questions regarding steroids. Steroid Sources is more of a source of general steroid information and where to buy steroids online safely.

For more information on Steroid Sources, visit their official website at Their legal steroids and buy anabolic steroids pagewill give comprehensive information on how to safely purchase steroids online. Visit them today!

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Healthcare press releases – A Reliable Source For Steroids Online

When looking for a source for steroids online, it’s important to find a trusted company to purchase steroids from. When deciding to choose legal steroids, various components go into the decision of what to purchase, from who and when. If someone who is interested in steroids is uncertain of what legal steroids are available, websites such as Steroid Sources have professionals who can provide consumer’s answers that they need to make the best decision for their particular health situation or lifestyle.

Steroids and legal steroids fall in several categories. Some steroids available on the market are: Corticosteroids, these natural-occurring steroids include prednisone and cortisone Anabolic Steroids, these synthetic hormones are similar to the natural male hormone testosterone and are commonly used for those active in sports or professional or semi-professional athletes. Natural steroids such as testosterone and estrogen.

While steroids such as an anabolic steroid aregenerally used for curing various ailments and illness, they also are used to build muscle mass. This muscle mass increases strength as well as weight to increase performance in athletic situations. While professional athletes are one of the most popular individuals in society to use steroids, a variety of common folk also are looking for steroids for sale.

Whether someone uses natural or synthetic (manmade), it’s important that steroids are used safely. The proper usage and dosage should be determined before beginning to use a steroid whether anabolic steroid or not. Legal steroids always include comprehensive information on how to keep an individual safe while using steroids.

For additional information on legal steroids and steroids for sale, Steroid Sources can provide helpful facts that will help make your decision easier. Steroids for sale on Steroid Sources are available, however it is always suggested that your doctor or a healthcare professional has been consulted before the onset of steroid use begins.

Legal steroids are available on trusted websites such as Steroid Sources. Whether choosing legal steroids such as natural or manmade variations, the website has comprehensive information that will help someone looking for steroids for sale to choose the best option for them. It’s always important to follow usage instructions carefully when using legal steroids. Theimproper use of steroids such as an anabolic steroid can cause serious health problems for steroid users.

For more information on legal steroid, visit Steroid Sources’ official website at For information on steroids for sale, visit the buy-steroids page on the website. For additional information, use the contact page, whether through email or the phone, to get other important questions you have regarding anabolic steroids answered!

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Night Sweats A Memory Of The Past For Many Menopausal Women And Hot Sleepers With Bedfan

It’s a new product that is designed to stop night sweats before they start. As we sleep — or try to — our body generates heat that is absorbed into the sheets and mattress. When a night time hot flash occurs, our body is seeing excessive skin level heat. That heat will lead to sweating (night sweats) unless you are able to cool yourself down fast. The Bedfan Personal Cooling System will keep your body cool, remove the built-up heat and cool your bed at the same time. This is accomplished by delivering a soft breeze that flows along your body. The Bedfan is a simple system that is hidden at the foot of your bed to deliver a gentle flowing air between your sheets. This gentle breeze keeps the body and bed cool enough to stop night sweats. No more nighttime tossing and turning, or changing clothes and sheets due to sweating. Menopausal women rejoice night sweats are over, the Bedfan is here. (How Bedfan works: )

The Bedfan is capable of moving up to 100 Cubic Feet of air each minute but can be dialed down to create an incredibly gentle breeze as well. The unit comes with a compact “Speed Controller” that can be placed under the pillow or on a bedside table giving you full control of the airflow. The Bedfan is a breeze to use and install, and is designed for an extremely long service life.

Most fans, like a ceiling fan, simply circulate air around the room. Up to now, many people used oscillating fans or rigged-up clip-on fans to combat the heat problem. But the Bedfan is the only fan specifically designed to deliver a gentle breeze between your sheets, right where it is needed to end night sweats. If a couple finds that one sleeps hotter than the other, the hotter sleeper can use a Bedfan to keep himself or herself cooler without interrupting the partner’s sleep.

“I had seen the options available for hot sleepers to end night sweats and found that there was truly a need. In the case of Menopausal women there were very few options other than drugs methods to absorb sweat while they tried to sleep.” Says the Bedfan inventor, Kurt Tompkins. “The Bedfan is able to stop night sweats from ever starting this is accomplished by keeping the body and the bed cool.” Not only are people sleeping cooler at night but they are actually saving hundreds of dollars a year on their electric bills. “I knew it was working when my mother in-law, started sleeping throughout the night without waking. Something that menopause had not allowed her to do for the last three years.

The Bedfan sells for $89.95 and is available online at:

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Dr. Hans Westenburg, A Senior Scientist At Catalent Pharma Solutions, Will Present At The TIDES 2009 Conference

Dr. Hans Westenburg, a senior scientist of structural characterization and analysis at Catalent Pharma Solutions, will present this month at the TIDES 2009 Conference to be held in Las Vegas, NV, May 17-20, 2009. The conference agenda was put together by leaders in oligonucleotide and peptide development and manufacturing, and features a program full of novel, in-depth scientific presentations related to oligonucleotide and peptide drug development and manufacturing. The TIDES conference is produced by IBC Life Sciences.

Dr-Hans-WestenburgDr. Westenburg’s poster presentation is titled “Teriparatide Degradation Products Identified by Accurate Measured Mass LCMS.” Presentation abstract: The human parathyroid hormone (PTH) contains 84 amino acids. The biologically active region is 34 N-terminal amino acids (teriparatide) from the recombinant human PTH. Teriparatide is the first FDA approved agent for the treatment of osteoporosis that stimulates new bone formation. The safety of the drug product is dependent not only on the toxicological properties of the active drug substance, but also on the impurities that it contains. Therefore, identification of impurities in the drug product is an important part of drug development and regulatory assessment. Accurate measured mass liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LCMS) is a rapid technique to identify impurities at levels as low as 0.02% in the drug product. LCMS enabled the identification of fifteen low level impurities in teriparatide.

Based in Catalent’s Trade Place facility in San Diego, CA, part of the organization’s Respiratory, Analytical and Biotechnology group, Dr. Westenburg works to structurally identify impurities for virtual, generic, small-, and mid-size pharmaceutical companies. In his current capacity, he has been able to identify impurities belonging to a large number of structural classes. The identification of these impurities supports the client to enable greater reporting thresholds or, in some instances, identify an impurity causing discoloration of a drug substance or product. During the past two years, Dr. Westenburg has routinely monitored low level genotoxic impurities by QTOF LCMS in a drug product. Overall, the majority of his work is impurity identification for companies concerning impurities in drug substances [Q3A(R2)] and impurities in drug products [Q3B(R2)], in compliance with the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) guidelines.

About Catalent
Headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, Catalent Pharma Solutions is a leading provider of advanced dose form and packaging technologies, and development, manufacturing and packaging services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and consumer healthcare companies in nearly 100 countries. Catalent applies catalentits local market expertise and technical creativity to advance treatments, change markets and enhance patient outcomes. Catalent employs approximately 9,100 at more than 30 facilities worldwide and in fiscal 2008 generated more than $1.8 billion of annual revenue. For more information, visit

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Following National Nurses’ Day, The Harley Medical Group Has Announced That It Will Be Helping To Reward The Valuable Work Done By Nurses In The UK

The Harley Medical Group has launched a special discount on all non-surgical and surgical treatments for all registered nurses. The 10% non-surgical discount and a £250 reduction on all surgical procedures will be available across The Harley Medical Group’s 26 clinics and can be taken up by nurses throughout the summer.

Liz Dale, Director at The Harley Medical Group said, “Nurses are the backbone of our sector and we wanted to show our appreciation by giving a little something back. Hard working nurses can take advantage of the offer and treat themselves to a Medical Microdermabrasion for example, which helps bring back a healthy glow to the face and rejuvenate the skin.”

She continued, “It’s thanks to our nurses that we’re a trusted cosmetic surgery provider, as shown by our continued growth. Our patients are met on their very first appointment by a qualified nurse who will give them full, impartial advice on what course of action they should take and guide them through any chosen programme of treatment.”

National Nurses’ Day is celebrated on 12th May each year, as a tribute to the work of Florence Nightingale who was born on the day in 1820.

All patients considering cosmetic surgery should ensure that their surgeon is trained and registered in the GMC Specialist Register as a Plastic Surgeon and ensure that their first consultation is carried out by a medical professional. All consultations at The Harley Medical Group are carried out by a fully qualified Cosmetic Surgery Nurse Counsellor.


About The Harley Medical Group 
The Harley Medical Group is the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery provider, with 26 clinics nationwide, performing more procedures and with more clinics than any other cosmetic surgery provider. It has been established for over 25 years and is one of the most highly-regarded Cosmetic Surgery Groups operating in the UK. It has treated over 435,000 patients to date.

The Harley Medical Group is renowned for introducing and pioneering most new surgical and non surgical techniques to the UK and Irish markets, such as Aesthera PPx, Laser Hair Removal, Cool Touch Laser, Silk Touch Laser, Collagen for lines and wrinkles, Laser for snoring, Tumescent Liposuction, LPG cellulite treatment etc. All new treatments and techniques are first thoroughly researched and tested before they are submitted for approval by the Group’s Medical Advisory Committee, as being suitable for application by the Group’s fully trained and specialized Plastic Surgeons, Doctors and Treatment Nurses.

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PruHealth, The Health Insurance Company That Rewards Policyholders For Being Healthy, Found That People Expected Their January Health Kicks To Last For, On Average, 123 Days.

Research conducted by PruHealth, the private health insurance company that rewards policyholders for being healthy, found that people expected their January health kicks to last for, on average, 123 days. This therefore means that Monday 4 May was the day most people fell off the health wagon.-private health insurance company

Whether it’s down to stronger willpower, more pressure to have celebrity bodies, or simply cutting back on calorific treats in the credit crunch, the average Brit’s New Year health kick has lasted 45 days longer this year than in 2008, with dieters sticking to their diet and fitness regimes for over four months in 2009.*

Of those still sticking to their diets, the vast majority of dieters (55%)** plan to keep up their new healthy lifestyle forever, suggesting that ‘quick-fix’ fad diets such as Beyonce’s maple syrup diet are well and truly out of fashion.

Nearly two-thirds of Brits (61%) planned to embark on a new diet or fitness regime at the start of the year. PruHealth, private medical insurance company, also found that nearly half (48%) of these dieters saw it as an ongoing, permanent lifestyle change rather than an attempt to quickly lose those extra pounds.

However, by the end of April, 30% of dieters had already abandoned their diets, with over a quarter (26%) of people caving in after less than a month on the salads and gym classes.

When it comes to sticking to resolutions, resisting the lure of sugary snacks is the biggest challenge for sweet-toothed dieters, with 22% rating this as the hardest hurdle to overcome. A further 10% admitted giving up alcohol was their biggest health regime challenge.

Katie Roswell, Marketing Director, PruHealth, said: “The nation appears to be taking a step in the right direction and maintaining a healthy lifestyle on an ongoing basis, rather than opting for more dangerous crash diet or exercise plans. The key is finding a routine that incorporates a nutritionally balanced diet and regular exercise into your lifestyle, and not completely denying yourself the occasional treat for doing well, as this can help keep up the motivation.”

Worryingly, for 21% of dieters this year it took the shock of a health scare to inspire them to take action and embark on a new, healthier lifestyle. But messages about the health of the nation appear to be hitting home, as the majority of dieters (54%) simply wanted to follow a healthier lifestyle.

The information here is intended solely for journalists and should not be used by consumers to make financial decisions. Full consumer product information can be found at

Results have been weighted to nationally representative criteria.
* Opinium Research online poll of 2,233 British adults carried out 23rd – 30th December 2008.
** Opinium Research online poll of 2,200 British adults carried out 17th – 20th April 2009.

About PruHealth 
PruHealth health insurance was launched in October 2004 as a joint venture between Prudential and Discovery Holdings from South Africa. Since launch, PruHealth has grown quickly. It now covers over 190,000 lives and in a sample of its individual customers, one third said they had changed their behaviour for the better because of its Vitality reward scheme which encourages policyholders to look after their health.

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Healthcare press releases

Brace Yourself For Royal Heir’s New Secret

Prince William has given away the secret behind his royal smile. The 26-year-old heir to the throne is leading a trend for adults having invisible braces fitted. William gave away his secret as he laughed and joked with children at the headquarters of JCB in Rocester, Staffordshire.

The second in line to the thrown originally underwent treatment costing £3,000 when he was 14 which went unnoticed even by the spying paparazzi.

It was later confirmed that he received further treatment 10 years ago on the advice of an orthodontist. It is believed the prince had the work done privately costing around £2,000.

Clarence House said: “Prince William has used a permanent support for his bottom teeth for 10 years.”

In 2007 a total of 1,164 British adults had braces fitted which was an astonishing 345% increase on the previous year. Three out of four of which were women.

Britons spent £350million on cosmetic dentistry with many parents seeking treatment at the same time as their children. The Hospital Group, one of the UK’s leading cosmetic dentistry providers, perform a wide range of procedures in its specialist clinics located throughout the UK.

In 2008, The Hospital Group saw a 62% increase in the number of NuSmile Clear Braces fitted.

The NuSmile dentistry treatment centres at The Hospital Group perform over 200 procedures a year, including teeth whitening, pain-free veneers that require no drilling of your natural teeth, invisible braces, white fillings and porcelain crowns.

Since The Hospital Group was established in 1992, it has grown from a small pharmaceutical company to one of the UK’s foremost cosmetic surgery providers. The Group is committed to providing the very highest standards and all procedures are performed by an expert medical team in state-of-the-art facilities that are second to none.

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Healthcare press releases

Brits Have Biggest BMI In Europe As Revealed By LighterLife

LighterLife has revealed that British women are the most overweight in Europe and British men tip the scales as the third fattest, according to the average European body mass index (BMI).


In the lead up to BMI 4 Life, a campaign highlighting the life-and-death importance of BMI, an alarming survey published in the newsletter of the French National Institute of Demographic studies has shown that British women on average have a BMI of 26.2, which is considered overweight.

French women have a BMI of 23.2, the lowest in the EU, but tend to worry more about being fat than those in any other EU country. Typically, British woman are overweight but convinced they are slim, highlighting the fact that many people don’t know what BMI means and have no idea how it is measured.

Unsurprisingly, the survey suggests that men across the EU are less concerned about their weight than women, although out of the 15 member countries only French and Dutch men fall within the ideal weight range, with the rest being overweight.

The BMI 4 Life campaign, which is being championed by weight-management experts LighterLife, aims to highlight the very real dangers associated with excessive weight gain and the importance of reaching and maintaining a healthy BMI.

LighterLife is once again teaming up with The Stroke Association and is encouraging members of the public to get involved and show they care by visiting and posting a message on the LighterLife website, taking a quiz and passing it onto their friends to help LighterLife increase awareness and raise money for The Stroke Association.

Sara Jamison, CEO at LighterLife said: “We are excited about supporting The Stroke Association and are encouraging everyone to post their messages of support, take the quiz, learn more about the risks associated with stroke and pass the message onto their friends to raise thousands of pounds for this very worthwhile charity.”

Sara added: “More people than you realise are at risk of having a stroke and being overweight can increase this risk. Carrying extra weight around the waist is particularly dangerous as it increases the risk of stroke, heart disease and some cancers threefold.”

Andrea Lane, Media Manager for The Stroke Association, said: “Many people don’t realise that a stroke is a brain attack that happens when the blood supply to the brain is cut off and brain cells die. As the brain controls everything we do, think and feel the damage can be devastating. Being obese can increase your risk of stroke by over 30 per cent so it is vital we all maintain a healthy body weight and a good diet.”

About LighterLife:
LighterLife is a weight loss and weight-management programme for people who are one stone or more overweight and with a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or above. LighterLife has successfully helped over 100,000 people lose weight fast since 1996.

LighterLife offers programmes specific to the obese and the overweight, showing them how to lose weight with the use of weight loss aids including an online BMI calculator, nutritionally complete soups, shakes and bars combined with specialised counselling using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and transactional analysis (TA) techniques.

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Cites Environment Is A Key Factor In Treating People Suffering From Drug Addiction And Alcoholism

Mountainside, known for its unique and highly effective individual drug addiction and alcoholism treatment approach, has evidenced a direct link between the environment in which someone receives their treatment and successful outcomes.

Mountainside Drug Rehab, a leading alcohol and drug addiction treatment center located in Connecticut offers a secluded environment for people suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism. Nestled on 33 Acres at the base of a mountain in the foothills of the Berkshires, Mountainside Drug Rehab provides progressive therapies in an ideal setting for those seeking to recover from their drug addiction or alcoholism. What began 11 years ago as the thesis of accomplished professionals in the drug treatment field has developed into one of the most successful treatment centers – providing quality and effective treatment in an ideal environment for thousands of people.

Mountainside Drug Rehab is guided by its commitment to provide the highest quality care to the leagues of people suffering from addiction. It does this through its compassionate and fully integrated individualized drug addiction treatment program.

Located at the base of their own mountain in Canaan Connecticut, complete with mountain streams, hiking trails to the summit and multiple waterfalls – Mountainside Drug Rehab offers its clients an opportunity to connect with nature and be immersed in the serenity that the beautiful surroundings provide.

An invitation by the White House in 2005 brought this center into the national spotlight, as Drug Czar John Walters announced his curiosity as to how Mountainside Drug Rehab was capable of providing so much to so many. Mountainside cited that the compassionate and individualized approach which it applies to each client that enters its facilities for treatment is strongly complimented by its serene surroundings. By incorporating the natural and expansive surroundings into its daily treatment offerings, Mountainside Drug Rehab offers its clients new ways to relax, connect and focus on issues and teaches them to use treatment tools to build strong and long lasting recoveries.

This recent economic downturn has shown a renewed light on the addiction treatment services of Mountainside Drug Rehab. For more information on the acclaimed treatment program at Mountainside in CT or to schedule an admission, please call 800.762.5433.

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Men’s Careers Push Them Into Surgery

The Harley Medical Group has reported that UK men are becoming more preoccupied with their appearance, especially within four key career areas. The increase in awareness and anxiety amongst men that their bodies may not look their best, has been met with an explosion in the number of slang terms for unwanted areas of the male body, along with rise in the number of operations to remove them.

The cosmetic surgery operation to reduce male breast tissue, or ‘moobs’, is now relatively commonplace, but the removal of ‘Simon Cowells’ (modern day rhyming slang for jowls), and the removal of ‘mandles’ (male love handles) are also becoming more popular than ever.

The demand for male cosmetic surgery is in part being driven by long working hours and work stress, according to the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery provider, The Harley Medical Group. An audit of the most common career choices amongst the UK’s burgeoning male cosmetic surgery market revealed that some punishing careers appear to be taking their toll on British males, who are now seeking the help of the UK’s leading surgeons to turn back the clock.

The audit was carried out by The Harley Medical Group, which has carried out more than 55,000 procedures on British males and showed a recent 26% year-on-year increase in male surgery. The audit also revealed that male patients over the last 12 months are predominantly from four career areas:

Bankers and city workers
Civil Service
Politics, Public affairs and local councils
Professional Services – legal and accountancy

Mr Frati, Surgeon, The Harley Medical Group commented, “The bad diets, punishing hours and stress that often goes hand in hand with these types of professions make men prime candidates for premature aging. We’re not surprised to see a trend emerge for professions most likely to opt for surgery as the side-effects of a punishing job can cause the loss of skin elasticity and encourage build up of stubborn fat in key areas.”

Liposuction on ‘mandles’ and ‘moobs’, face lifts including mini-face lifts to improve the jowls, or ‘Simon Cowells’, are amongst the most popular male procedures in 2009. Rhinoplasty and Otoplasty are also proving popular; particularly amongst male cosmetic surgery patients aged 25-35, and ‘Boytox’ (Botox for men) – continues to be very popular, up 12% year-on-year.

Liz Dale, Director of The Harley Medical Group, commented, “There is no doubt that in some areas, men are feeling more under pressure to look the part as the work place becomes increasingly competitive.”

All patients considering cosmetic surgery should ensure that their surgeon is trained and registered in the GMC Specialist Register as a Plastic Surgeon and ensure that their first consultation is carried out by a medical professional. All consultations at The Harley Medical Group are carried out by a fully qualified Cosmetic Surgery Nurse Counsellor. The Harley Medical Group has been established for 25 years and has 26 clinics in the UK.


About The Harley Medical Group:
The Harley Medical Group is the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery provider, performing more procedures and with more clinics than any other cosmetic surgery provider. It has been established for over 25 years and is one of the most highly-regarded Cosmetic Surgery Groups operating in the UK. It has conducted over 435,000 procedures to date.

The Harley Medical Group is renowned for introducing and pioneering most new surgical and non surgical techniques to the UK and Irish markets. All new treatments and techniques are first thoroughly researched and tested before they are submitted for approval by the Group’s Medical Advisory Committee, as being suitable for application by the Group’s fully trained and specialized Plastic Surgeons, Doctors and Treatment Nurses.

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Addiva Network Sponsors First Virtual Retreat June 5 – 7, 2009 For Midlife ADHD Women Worldwide

The first virtual retreat for adult AD/HD women will be held via teleconference June 5-7, 2009. The online retreat is sponsored by the ADDiva (pronounced ay-dee-dee’-va) Network, which supports women 40-and-better who have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) and women who simply have “ADD-ish tendencies.”

The retreat encourages women from across the globe to share their experiences and learn more about midlife ADHD. Linda Roggli, PCC, will facilitate the three-day event, which kicks off on Friday night, continues through Saturday with closing sessions on Sunday afternoon.

With a surge in the number of women approaching age 50, there has been a parallel increase in diagnoses of midlife ADHD women, according to Ms. Roggli, a certified professional coach for ADHD women. “Wildly fluctuating hormones often unveil latent ADHD. Women diagnosed at age 40, 50 or even 60, realize they have been compensating for their ADHD without knowing the reason. Suddenly, it all makes sense; ADHD has played an enormous role in shaping the lives of these women.”

Ms. Roggli founded the ADDiva Network as a response to the need for midlife women to connect with each other. She has facilitated ADDiva retreats since 2006 at her retreat center in North Carolina. The response has been overwhelmingly favorable. Retreats differ from conferences or workshops.

“Conferences usually provide training or information. Retreats go a little deeper. ADDiva women’s retreats have educational components, but the emphasis is on self awareness, acknowledgment and positive support.” Ms. Roggli said the issues for midlife women who are adjusting to their ADHD are unique. ”There is a period of denial, grief, acceptance and finally a strong urge to make changes. There is a deep sense of urgency; time is running out, they want to live their long abandoned dreams before it’s too late.”

Ms. Roggli created the first Virtual ADDiva Retreat to make the work more accessible to women unable to visit GardenSpirit. “Now women from around the world can be part of an ADDiva retreat,” said Ms. Roggli. “The Virtual ADDiva Retreat retains the flavor of my on-site ADDiva retreats, but has the added benefit of no travel, food or lodging costs. That’s important in today’s economic climate.”

Ms. Roggli is an ADDiva in her own right, diagnosed at age 45. She founded the ADDiva Network in 2006 to support women with ADHD. Today, the ADDiva Network connects hundreds of women with ADHD across the globe via the whimsical ADDiva website (, the ADDiva Forum, monthly ADDiva Connection calls and a variety of classes and workshops.

“There is a vast reservoir of talent among ADHD midlife women that is being underutilized. With the right support, we can unlock that potential and allow ADD women to share their gifts with the world,” she said. “That’s what the 2009 Virtual ADDiva Retreat is all about.”

For more information about the ADDiva Virtual Retreat, women may contact Ms. Roggli at or visit the retreat website at:

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Deaf Individuals Are Now Provided With Cost Effective Interpreting Solution By WeInterpret.Net

WeInterpret.Net and We Interpret Linked open a Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) call center in Owings Mills, Maryland. This new call center, staffed with local, nationally certified Sign Language Interpreters, allows companies to obtain interpreting services for their deaf patients, clients and customers in rural areas nationwide. The costs of travel and last minute cancellations can now be minimized by taking advantage of state of the art technology while remaining compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

We Interpret Linked announces the opening of a call center in Owings Mills to provide access to communication during interactions between Deaf and Hearing individuals. Through state of the art Video Phone technology, hospitals, businesses, school districts and government organizations can obtain the services of an interpreter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act has mandated that communication access be provided by all private companies to allow for equal access to all citizens who use alternative means of communicating. The new call center allows a single location to employ up to 20 full time interpreters available to consumers across the country at the touch of a button.

Although the preferred method of communication varies depending on individual preferences, the most common communication support service is that of an interpreter. In areas such as the Washington / Baltimore metro area, interpreters are in high demand and short supply. Often interpreters are not available and the situation is magnified by the fact that interpreters can spend as much as half of their day traveling from job to job. Costs of travel time and mileage are often passed on to the company responsible for paying for this service. “Citizens and businesses in rural areas of the country have difficulty locating interpreters within a reasonable travel distance,” says David Stephenson, President of Maryland Interpreting Services. Even in the most remote locations, interpreters are now available and companies can benefit by availing their goods and services to a larger community of customers. According to Gallaudet University, there are over 10 Million Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals, potential customers currently underserved in America today.

About WeInterpret.Net
Maryland Interpreting Services, a Maryland corporation doing business as WeInterpret.Net and WeInterpretLinked.Com was established in 1996. Owner and President, David Stephenson is a nationally certified interpreter. Since its establishment, it has provided some 6 million hours of interpreting services to some 900 customers through offices in Utah, Virginia, Maryland and New Mexico. Staff Interpreters and Independent Sub-Contractors numbering over 1000 provide on-site interpreting and VRI operation since 2007.

About Video Remote Interpreting

IP based video and audio communication technology allows an interpreter in a call center to be seen and heard at a remote site wherever business interactions occur between Deaf and Hearing persons. A light weight, portable Video Phone is required at the business site and at the call center interpreter work station. High speed Internet service is required at both sites as well.

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