Weight loss specialist and controversial author slams the diet industry for creating an “addiction” to buy into their products

The author of Rebel Diet, the controversial diet book which was recently released has today said that the diet industry must be capped in some way.

Emma James said “there is so much hype and mystery created by the diet industry in order to keep people buying into their products. Even Paul McKenna has jumped on the band wagon with no idea about diet and weight management. There must be some kind of regulation put on misleading and marketing pitches to hook people into the diet vortex”.

Speak out about the situation she also stated that entire ploy was to ensure people never got all the information to allow them to learn what works for their own body and therefore free themselves from the dependence on diet meals and systems. She said “even people with comfort eating problems and real disorders are getting dragged into this “creating a need” philosophy of selling instead of outlining how to solve the problems themselves”.

The author flies to Las Vegas next week to speak at the Building Bridges seminar on the 8th February at the Tuscany Suites Conference Centre and to speak out about the role of the therapist in the diet industry and about her book which claims to give “missing link” to the reader and free themselves from the Diet Hell.

She also plans to launch webinars for people wishing to opt out of the diet chains later in the year and provide practical information for the user to take over their own weight management and address eating related problems.


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Competition that gives 5 UK citizens an unique opportunity to win FREE all-inclusive cosmetic surgery has been launched

“We believe that beyond beauty enhancement, cosmetic plastic surgery can change one’s life in a much more important way – on the inner, emotional, side. Therefore we have decided to launch a competition for people with an interesting life story and strong motivation to undergo plastic surgery which will enhance the quality of their life,” says Pavel Hilbert, CEO of Cosmetic-plastic-surgery.info.

Five winners will receive FREE all-inclusive cosmetic plastic surgery treatment carried out by leading Czech plastic surgeons: M.D. Tomas Dolezal, M.D. Roman Kufa, M.D. Josef Kulhanek, MBA, M.D. Libor Kment and M.D. Karel Urban.

“Excellent aesthetic plastic surgery results can be never achieved without a client/patient who has a strong motivation for the procedure, realistic expectations, readiness to make a deliberate decision and be well-disciplined in the recovery from the procedure. It is always a pleasure and great satisfaction for me, as a plastic surgeon, when a natural looking aesthetic result improves the patient’s life, not only his visual appearance but above all her/his self-confidence,” points out M.D. Josef Kulhanek, MBA

Competition is open to all UK citizens with no age or gender limitation who send their contest application untill 28.02.2009.

Winners will receive a 1st prize package consisting of one cosmetic plastic surgery treatment performed by a Czech board certified plastic surgeon, consultation and pre-operative medical examination, post-operative care, all-inclusive in the clinic as well as hotel accommodation, return air ticket and airport transport.

Additionally, the winners will be expected to be interviewed in print and internet media and their stories published with photos (with no territorial restriction).

Competition details – http://www.cosmetic-plastic-surgery.info/cosmetic-surgery-competition/

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Following the disastrous weight loss surgery experience of TV personality Anne Diamond in Europe, SurgiCare has urged anyone seeking a similar procedure to stay in the UK

SurgiCare, the cosmetic surgery specialist, has warned people seeking weight loss surgery to stay in the UK to undergo the procedure, instead of going overseas, following the terrible experience of TV’s Anne Diamond.

Ms. Diamond travelled to Belgium for the weight loss surgery that would fit her with a gastric band after unsuccessfully trying to lose weight by traditional methods, such as dieting. Unable to question the nurses regarding the operation due to the language barrier, Ms. Diamond blindly underwent the procedure.

The operation, which limits the stomach’s capacity for food by tightening a silicone loop three quarters of the way up the stomach, brought very little change to Ms. Diamond’s weight however and upon researching the procedure, Ms. Diamond returned to Belgium to have a ‘fill’, where the surgeon injects some saline into the port of the band to inflate it and increase the restiction. This also made no difference to Ms. Diamond’s weight.

It was only after consultation with a private medical company in the UK that Ms. Diamond was told that the gastric band was in the wrong place, a problem that could have been avoided if the procedure had been done under X-ray as it is at many clinics in the UK. After undergoing the operation once again, this time in the UK with nurses and surgeons she could communicate with, she managed to lose three stone before her weight reached a plateau.

Ms. Diamond’s experience isn’t a rare occurance with many surgeons in the UK admitting to having to repair gastric bypass operations that have been done in other European locations.

Caroline Deakin, weight loss manager at SurgiCare, said: “Surgery in the UK offers you peace of mind that you will be cared for in UK regulated hospitals, be able to communicate with all practitioners you have contact with and should you run into complications help is at hand 24 hours a day in a location not to too far from home.

“We would urge people not to go abroad; we have had several enquiries from distraught people who have opted for a cheaper option and who have been left high and dry; with very little or no aftercare at all and because of this they have not been able to utlise their procedure to its full potential resulting in little or no weight loss as well as suffering avoidable complications.”

Aftercare following gastric band surgery can last indefinitely, following an initial two year period with annual appointments.

Anne Diamond also commented on her successful UK operation, telling the BBC: “I was confident that it would work, because now I knew several people for whom it had been successful.

“And this time, I wasn’t so frightened about the operation itself. I understood the procedure, was able to talk it through, ask lots of questions.

“Weight loss surgery is certainly not the first step – and for many people it would never be an option. But it can help many people reverse their slide into ill health and possibly very serious conditions.”

About SurgiCare
SurgiCare is one of the largest and most respected cosmetic surgery networks in the UK. SurgiCare was established more than 16 years ago by a leading professor of surgery, now its medical director, who also chairs its in-house Medical Advisory Committee.

As one of the leading UK specialists in cosmetic treatments, SurgiCare has the experience, latest therapies and the caring, professional staff to enhance a patients self-confidence by improving appearances. SurgiCare prides itself on providing an unrivalled aftercare service with all surgeons registered on the General Medical Council Specialist Register, to ensure every patient receives the best possible standard in care and results.

SurgiCare has helped more than 20,000 patients fulfil their dreams of looking and feeling their best. SurgiCare also specialise in weight loss surgery with a unique 24 month support programme and lifetime aftercare.

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The Harley Medical Group has released its figures for 2008 while also revealing the cosmetic surgery trends that are expected in 2009

The Harley Medical Group, the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery provider, has reported that the “city boy bonus” cosmetic surgery, which is usually buoyant early in the year, has been replaced with what’s been dubbed “city severance surgery” where city bankers are using their redundancy packages to rejuvenate their appearances for the challenges they face when trying to secure a new job.

Harley Medical also reports that the last three months and into January 2009 has seen a “softening” of 2008’s strong Breast Augmentation market which was popular with 20-something women in particular, whilst the “silver surgery” market has seen an increase. Overall, 2008 was a bumper year for the Harley Medical Group, with surgical business up 26% year on year.

Liz Dale, Director at the Harley Medical Group commented: “The market is moving almost on a weekly basis in 2009, with our City and Marlow clinics seeing a decline on “city boy bonus surgery” but almost pound for pound this market has been replaced by the “city severance surgery” with City patients using redundancy money to fund cosmetic surgery procedures. This has been reported by our City, Chelmsford and Marlow clinics in particular, with over 230 patients coming through the doors of our 25 clinics over the last three months citing redundancy money as their funding source.”

Lorraine Midwinter took voluntary redundancy from Lloyds TSB after 31 years service. Just one month after being made redundant, she booked into the Harley Medical Group’s Bristol clinic and opted for liposuction to her chin and abdomen. She said: “I’d thought about having surgery for some time but losing my job helped me make up my mind to go ahead with the procedure. Having the procedure has given me a huge confidence boost. I managed to secure an excellent new job two months after my severance surgery.”

While the breast augmentation market has slowed down over the past three months, facial surgery has enjoyed an uplift of 9% over the last quarter, which is in part due to “city severance surgery” patients opting for facial procedures. Experts also claim that the uplift in facial surgery could be down to a desire amongst people to increase their employability by improving their “fresh faced appeal”. Rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty and face lifts have seen the strongest three month growth.

In 2009 The Harley Medical Group predicts that while surgical procedures, without enjoying the big patient increases that have been common in recent years, will continue to make up the majority of the bookings, non-surgical treatments will continue to grow significantly in 2009.

The Harley Medical Group’s programme of 2009 non-surgical product launches has begun with the introduction of the Obagi Blue Chemical Peel. Following an 86% growth in skin treatments year-on-year for 2008, the highly effective Obagi Blue has been dubbed by doctors as the “Recessionista’s Facelift”, thanks to its striking results and relatively low cost.

Amongst the other new treatments due to be released in 2009 exclusively through The Harley Medical Group is the first and only Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved treatment for successfully reducing and removing stretch marks, a problem that afflicts nearly 90% of all women over the age of 25 and a new liposuction for removal of unwanted fat that is faster, less traumatic and far more effective that the current treatments available in the UK or Ireland.

About The Harley Medical Group:
The Harley Medical Group is the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery provider, performing more procedures and with more clinics than any other cosmetic surgery provider. It has been established for over 25 years and is one of the most highly-regarded Cosmetic Surgery Groups operating in the UK. It has conducted over 450,000 procedures to date.

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PruHealth reports millions of Brits are intend to walk more to improve their health but three quarters have no idea how much they actually need to do

According to the latest research by PruHealth, Britons will be tightening their shoe laces as well as their purse strings in 2009 as 20.5 million* intend to take up walking to get healthy and shed unwanted pounds.

PruHealth, the health insurance provider that rewards people for engaging in healthy behaviour, found that nearly two thirds of Brits (61%) planned to begin a new diet, health or fitness regime in the New Year. Of those, almost three quarters (70%) said they plan to walk regularly as part of their healthy start to 2009. However, the majority of those who want to exercise by walking (15.3 million – 75%) are far off the mark when it comes to knowing exactly how much they will need to do each day to benefit.

Currently the average Brit walks for 43 minutes a day (approximately 2.9 miles**), but acknowledges they need to do more and believes stepping this up to 57 minutes (or 3.8 miles) will provide the physical benefit they need. In reality health advice recommends everyone should in fact be taking 10,000 steps a day***, equating to nearer 5 miles or 75 minutes of walking. Encouragingly, 17% of Brits say they already walk around 10,000 steps a day, but a quarter (26%) feel they would need to dramatically change their lifestyle in order to achieve this.

PruHealth’s chief executive officer, Shaun Matisonn commented: “Walking is a great form of exercise so it’s very encouraging to see so many people wanting to incorporate it into their daily lives.

“There does, however, seem to be a misconception as to how much walking one should ideally be doing each day and the answer that it’s 10,000 steps is sure to come as a big surprise to many. It would be hard for anyone to hit this target immediately, but small changes such as getting off the bus a stop early, shopping locally without taking the car, or taking the dog for a longer walk, are all ‘steps’ in the right direction.”

PruHealth knows that it has never been more important for people to lead healthy lifestyles and PruHealth’s Vitality Programme encourages people to do so. Vitality Index covers five areas – education, exercise, nutrition, screening and smoking cessation – and members could earn points by participating in healthy activities related to each area. By earning points, members can move up to different status levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) and earn lifestyle rewards, as well as potentially lowering the cost of their PMI premiums in the process.


* Research conducted by Opinium Research LLP 23rd – 30th December 2008,polling 2,233 British adults. Results have been weighted to nationally representative criteria (based on there being 48 million adults in the UK). 61 per cent of 48 million British adults intend to start a new diet, health or fitness regime = 29,280,000 adults. 70 per cent of these adults say regular walking will be part of this regime = 20,496,000 adults.
** The average respondent said they walked for 43 minutes per day. At an average of 4 miles per hour this equals 2.9 miles.
*** According to British Heart Foundation

About PruHealth
PruHealth was launched in October 2004 as a joint venture between Prudential and Discovery Holdings from South Africa. Since launch, PruHealth has grown quickly. It now provides medical insurance for more than 190,000 lives and in a sample of its individual customers, one third said they had changed their behaviour for the better because of its Vitality reward scheme which encourages policyholders to look after their health.

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There’s a new diet game in town and it’s not a diet

There’s a new diet game in town and it’s not a diet. It’s called Diet Tuffy, an online system to help a woman succeed on any diet she chooses. Developed by a psychologist, Dr. Kenneth Schwarz, Diet Tuffy is based on the psychological principles of problem finding, breakthrough thinking, specific planning, and goal achievement.

Dieting remains at the forefront of most women’s minds. At any given time, 45% of women in the U.S. are on a diet, but here’s the raw fact: 62% of women ages 20 to74 are still overweight. The problem is, most women can’t stick to a diet. Through a series of fun-filled and confidence-building steps, Diet Tuffy helps a woman succeed where she has failed before. She can now successfully square off against lack of willpower, emotional eating, negative thinking, temptations, stress, and all the other dieting foes.

Dr. Schwarz who, with his wife Julie North Schwarz, founded MariasLastDiet.com, announced the release of Diet Tuffy today. Dr. Schwarz says, “Women who get stopped by the same old problems when they diet are going to like the totally fresh approach that Diet Tuffy gives them.”

To learn more, go to www.diettuffy.com.

More info can also be found over here: http://www.mariaslastdiet.com

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GlassesUSA announced a partnership with the Lions Club this week

GlassesUSA announced a partnership with the Lions Club this week. The partnership will consist of taking used eyeglasses and returned prescription eyeglasses and donating them to the Uniontown Lions Club.

The partnership is a new development for GlassesUSA as it hopes to change the way people view eyecare and eyeglasses. Vision care has long been a luxury in the United States as opposed to a necessity. Lions Clubs all over the United States have taken to the streets to find old and used eyeglasses in order to produce a wearable eyeglass frame with new lenses. The new eyeglasses are then given to those who need them most – people who cannot afford eyeglasses.

GlassesUSA is proud to be a part of such a union. Eyeglasses returned by customers will be sent to the Uniontown Lions Club for collection. The glasses will then be recycled and sent to a re-manufacturing plant. From there, new lenses are manufactured suited to fit the needs of the future wearer. The eyeglasses are then sent to the people who need them the most.

As part of the partnership, GlassesUSA will give customers who donate their used eyeglasses a 10% discount on future frames with the presentation of a receipt from the Lions Club. Those interested in sending in their frames should send them to:
Uniontown Lions Club
C/O Bob Kendall
81 Pontius RD.
Mogadore, OH 44260

Once customers have sent their glasses in along with their email address, a receipt will be given to them via email. In order to receive the discount, the customer must email the receipt to support@glassesusa.com to receive the coupon code.

For additional information, contact Hillary or visit GlassesUSA.com.

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An Ancient Chinese Practice Is Proving As Effective As Pre-Surgery Sedatives In Reducing Stress Levels In Child Patients Undergoing Anesthesia

During recent tests, doctors placed small plastic acupressure beads, encased in an adhesive pad, on the Extra-1 acupoint between the eyebrows of a test group of children prior to surgery. The effects were dramatic, lowering stress and allowing the patients to avoid the nausea and prolonged effects from anesthesia that the sedatives can cause.

The patients whose beads were placed on the Extra-1 point showed a significant decrease in stress levels as compared to no noticeable difference in a control group that had the beads placed on a spot above the left eyebrow, not known as an acupressure spot.

The successful use of the beads to reduce stress is in keeping with the kind of treatment that one anesthesiologist says can help to make recovery times shorter.

Dr. Armen Ketchedjian, author of the book Will it Hurt? A Parent’s Practical Guide to Children’s Surgery, says that pre-surgery anxiety has a negative effect on a child’s body and how it recovers from the stresses of surgery.

“It’s been shown that children that have lower stress levels prior to surgery have better outcomes,” says Dr. Ketch, as his patients call him. “It’s absolutely critical that parents contribute to this process by finding ways put their kids at ease.”

In his book, Dr. Ketch emphasizes the use of soothing words and honest communication as part of the overall effort to keep children calm. Efforts that can include acupressure beads or regular sedatives.

“One of the most important factors is the parent. If the parents are stressed, the child is going to mirror that,” says Dr. Ketch. “Parents can do their child a great service by learning what they can about the surgery so that their own fears are alleviated.”

Dr. Ketch hopes that his book will contribute to increased attempts by surgeons and other caretakers to reduce stress in pre-surgical patients. His advice includes:

¤ Accompany your child into the operating room if allowed
¤ Taking advantage of any specially designed waiting room that has a fish tank or toys for your child
¤ Making sure your child is well rested and has followed the surgeon’s pre-surgery instructions to the letter
¤ Bringing games or stuffed animals to the hospital to help your child feel more at home

“Children are better off the more relaxed they are. Anything that can be done to help them relax is a step in the right direction, and I encourage parents to ask their doctors about the day of the surgery and what can be done to provide for their child’s state of mind,” says Dr. Ketch.

Will it Hurt? helps educate parents about pediatric surgery. It is an easy-to-read resource that will give you, your child and your family the help and reassurance you need to make the surgical experience as stress-free as possible.

Listed in The Guide to America’s Top Anesthesiologists by the Consumer Research Council of America, Dr. Ketch trained at Cornell Medical Center, with a fellowship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and a pain management elective at Boston Children’s Hospital. He has also worked to help develop new techniques in ambulatory anesthesia, taught medical students and residents, and cared for more than 10,000 patients.

Dr. Ketch is also the author of the children’s book Golden Apples (winner of the 2008 Reviewer’s Choice Award), a beautifully illustrated book that aims to help educate children about the dangers of drug abuse.

For more information, contact the author directly at support@dr.ketch.com.

WARREN ENTERPRISES, LLC and author Dr. Armen G. Ketchedjian chose Arbor Books, Inc. (www.ArborBooks.com) to design and promote Will It Hurt? A Parent’s Practical Guide to Children’s Surgery. Arbor Books is an internationally renowned, full-service book design, ghostwriting and marketing firm.

(Will It Hurt? Parent’s Practical Guide to Children’s Surgery by Dr. Ketch; ISBN: 0-9815373-0-8; $14.95; 172 pages; 5½” x 8 ½”; soft cover book with illustrations; WARREN ENTERPRISES, LLC)

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The Harley Medical Group reveals UK tummy tucks and non-surgical procedures are still booming

Figures released by The Harley Medical Group, the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery provider, reveal the cosmetic surgery market is defying the global economic downturn with a 26% growth year-on-year.

Business has been booming throughout The Harley Medical Group‘s 23 UK cosmetic surgery clinics, as Brits continue to invest in themselves. Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck operations as they are commonly known, have seen the biggest rise in popularity, with a 54% increase year-on-year. A growing number of patients are opting for this surgery following significant weight loss, where they’re left with unsightly, excess skin flaps. The Harley Medical Group has conducted over 10,000 post-obesity surgical procedures over the last five years and with a quarter of all adults predicted to be clinically obese by 2010*, the Tummy Tuck boom looks set to continue.

Liz Dale, Director at The Harley Medical Group, commented: “What’s working for us is that we’re attracting two different types of customers. Non-surgical procedures are growing faster than ever this year – with skin treatments like Medical Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels up 86% year-on-year – because consumers are increasingly recognising them as inexpensive, highly-effective beauty solutions.”

She continued: “However, the surgical side of the business, which accounts for 70% of all procedures, is also continuing to grow. In addition to the explosion in Tummy Tucks, Rhinoplasty procedures are up 40% and Liposuction is up 27% year-on-year, so we’re still seeing evidence that people are prepared to spend money on their appearance, despite the economic downturn. Cosmetic surgery is something that our patients will have planned for and thought about for a long time. They see surgery as an investment and are unlikely to postpone; instead they’ll cut back in other non-essential areas like taking foreign holidays.”

Michelle Gudgeon, 43 from Durham, a patient at The Harley Medical Group who’s recently had an Abdominoplasty said: “I’m cutting back in other areas because my bills have increased and I’m concerned about what might happen next year, but there was no way I was going to put off my surgery. This is something I’ve saved up and wanted for ages. Before I had the operation I’d thought about it for years. Having the procedure has given me a huge confidence boost – it’s a long time investment with a lifetime benefit.”

These latest figures also show men now make up significant patient numbers at theHarley Medical Group, accounting for 17.5% of all patients.

Lisa Littllehales, Harley Street Clinic Manager commented: “Non surgical procedures are particularly popular with men, boosting treatments of PPx Aesthera, which is used to treat acne and sun-damage. We’re increasingly offering more male-friendly treatments such as Laser Hair Removal to remove back, chest and facial hair and Botox to treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). We’re definitely seeing ever more male traffic in terms of both patient enquiries and people treated.”

The Harley Medical Group has been established for 25 years and has performed over 400,000 treatments.

*Department of Health’s “Forecasting Obesity to 2010” report

The Harley Medical Group is the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery provider, performing more procedures and with more clinics than any other cosmetic surgery provider. It has been established for over 25 years and is one of the most highly-regarded Cosmetic Surgery Groups operating in the UK. It has conducted over 400,000 procedures to date.

The Harley Medical Group is renowned for introducing and pioneering most new surgical and non surgical techniques to the UK and Irish markets, such as Aesthera PPx, Laser Hair Removal, Cool Touch Laser, Silk Touch Laser, Collagen for lines and wrinkles, Laser for snoring, Tumescent Liposuction, LPG cellulite treatment etc.

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Free Virtual Smile Makeover and Analysis online

A Smile Makeover is a complete transformation of your smile. Dull, discolored teeth can be whitened. Crooked, gapped or overlapping teeth can be corrected by veneers. Missing teeth can be replaced. Chipped teeth can be repaired. Protruding gums can be recontoured. If you have any outdated metal fillings, they can be removed and replaced with natural looking porcelain or composite resin. The results are dramatic and can usually be accomplished in two visits. 

Your smile is an important part of making your best first impression. Missing, crooked, chipped, or stained teeth can distract from an otherwise pleasing look. Besides theirflaws in appearance, missing or chipped teeth can lead to a misaligned bite, problems with speaking or chewing, and jaw joint or TMJ disorders. If you have been looking for a cosmetic dentist who specializes in extreme smile makeovers, look no further. Dr. Nelly Silva believes that improving ones smile leads to a change of overall appearance and self confidence. The difference can be life changing. They take pride in their ability to transform average smiles into dazzling smiles and take a comprehensive approach to smile makeover procedures at Advanced Dentistry of Collegeville , their Collegeville, Trappe, Phoenixville area practice. When making a decision about how to proceed with cosmetic dental treatment, it is important to know not all dental offices are the same. Anyone can claim to be a cosmetic dentist, even a doctor with no training or experience. Dr. Nelly Silva’s professional affiliations include the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, DOCS (Sedation), American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, International College of Craniomandibular Orthopaedics and membership in the Cosmetic Consortium in Philadelphia. In addition to this Dr. Silva has extensive training from the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, the country’s premier post-graduate training center for Cosmetic and TMJ Dentistry. Schedule a complimentary smile evaluation and see the difference for yourself!

Virtual Smile Makeover Online: 
Potential patients are encouraged to visit us online at www.Cosmetic-Dentist-PA.comto request their virtual smile makeover and analysis kit. After submitting their contact information they will be able to undergo a virtual smile makeover in which they will be instructed on how to submit a photo and request to our system. The potential patient will then receive a custom virtual smile makeover that will include a before and after photo of how they could enhance their smile cosmetically along with some information from Dr. Nelly Silva that will be specific to their needs.

Smile Makeover Treatments and Procedures: 
We use the most advanced cosmetic dental technology and techniques to achieve the finest smile makeover results. We take pride in the countless beautiful smiles we have created through high-quality cosmetic and restorative dental procedures such as Invisalign®, porcelain veneers and crowns, Zoom!® Advanced Power™ teeth whitening, laser gum recontouring, bonding, and more. Our patients have been consistently pleased with the way their smile makeovers have dramatically altered their appearance, boosted their confidence, and changed their lives.

The Smile Makeover Consultation: 
During a smile makeover consultation, Dr. Nelly Silva will assess your teeth to determine which treatment options would best suit your unique dental needs. They will go to great lengths to ensure that you are completely comfortable and satisfied with your smile makeover. The result is an exquisite, natural-looking smile that you can be proud to show off. Get the smile you have always wanted, today.

To book a Smile Makeover Consultation appointment with Dr. Nelly Silva of Advanced Dentistry of Collegeville ( Collegeville , PA ) – Please visit us online at www.cosmetic-dentist-pa.com or call us at (610) 616-5646.

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The Harley Medical Group reveals UK employers are beginning to offer staff botox leave to prep for parties

Most people have heard of ‘duvet days’ and even Christmas shopping leave. Now some businesses are introducing ‘Botox leave’ in a bid to deter employees from taking sick leave for their pre-party beauty treatments.

Cosmetic surgery provider, The Harley Medical Group has reported that enquiries for Botox treatments have increased by 21% over the last six weeks, and has noted that a number of businesses have introduced ‘Botox leave’ to cope with increase demand from their staff looking to take time off for beauty sessions. Businesses have introduced two hours leave to ensure staff can make their annual appointment for the £210 jab with their Botox Doctor without taking unauthorized leave.

Recruitment company, Blue Skies, said; “Companies are right to be inventive with their incentives. Although ‘Botox leave’ is certainly quirky, if people are adopting this incentive there is obviously a call for it. In the current market, giving people time off for endeavours that suit their lifestyles can be a cost effective way of incentivising staff if budgets do not stretch to other more obvious benefits”.

Liz Dale, Director at The Harley Medical Group said; Enquiries for Botox increased rapidly in November and December as people want to look their best for the Christmas parties. We think ‘Botox leave’ is an interesting incentive to offer employees and have seen a number of patients particularly in our Chester, City and London clinics who have been granted time away from the office for their injections.”

Stephen Fox, Managing Director of Fox Kalomaski, the marketing and advertising agency, commented; “We noticed a demand amongst our staff for a day off in the run up to Christmas to not only pick up their Christmas gifts, but also to make appointments for their hairdressing, beauty and particularly Botox treatments. We now offer all staff a day’s leave in December and have unofficially called this day”Botox Leave” because we’ve heard rumours that this is what people do with this day – to make sure they’re looking their best for the Christmas party photos”.

About The Harley Medical Group:

The Harley Medical Group is the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery provider, performing more procedures and with more clinics than any other cosmetic surgery provider. It has been established for over 25 years and is one of the most highly-regarded Cosmetic Surgery Groups operating in the UK. It has conducted over 450,000 procedures to date.

All new treatments and techniques are first thoroughly researched and tested before they are submitted for approval by the Group’s Medical Advisory Committee, as being suitable for application by the Group’s fully trained and specialized Plastic Surgeons, Doctors and Treatment Nurses. Further information is available via The Harley Medical Group website or the cosmetic surgery blog.

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Washignton DC Cosmetic Dentists offer patients amazing smile makeovers with inaugurals doings next week

Contractors and political organizers are not the only workers spiffing up things around here for the big inaugural doings next week. It appears many people have been spiffing up their smiles for the new regime as well.

“Call it inaugural fever, but one patient who has been thinking about improving his smile for along time, was so excited about our new president coming to town that he decided now is the time to look his best for all the parties and celebrations he’s going to,” says Dr. Sherman H. Telis, of the Washington Center for Dentistry, who practices just a few blocks from The White House.

Here’s the rundown on the new smile:

• Our technician conducted a Britesmile whitening session to lighten all existing teeth.
• Our periodontist, Dr. Madjid Matin, reshaped the gum tissue around his front teeth to provide a graceful new smile line.
• Dr. Telis placed eight lustrous all-porcelain crowns to create an exquisite new smile.

“Now he’s happy to face the inauguration in 2009!,” says Dr. Telis.

And it appears inaugural fever reaches as far away as Moscow. From thousands of miles—but only a cyber-click away—our first new patient from that part of the world came here this week—for a complete smile makeover! She was certainly happy to be visiting during such a momentous time for our country.

“This beautiful young woman said she researched dentists all over the internet, and she felt instantly comfortable coming here to get the smile she always wanted,” says Dr. Daniel J. Deutsch, also of the Washington Center for Dentistry. “And being here this week is a bonus.”

Here is the rundown on her new smile:

• Our technician conducted a Britesmile whitening session to lighten the shade of the existing teeth.
• Dr. Rinaldi placed 10 beautiful all-porcelain veneers across the top of her smile.
• Dr. Deutsch placed 7 exquisite all-porcelain crowns and bridges to enhance and replace missing teeth on her lower arch.

The result: Two stunning new smiles that would befit any new administration.

Please visit www.dc-cosmetic-dentist.com to learn more and to schedule an appointment online or our main website at www.washdent.com

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Surgicare Reveals That Following Weight Loss Surgery, Most Patients Report A Big Improvement In Their Sex Lives

SurgiCare, one of the leading cosmetic and wieght loss surgery providers in the UK, recently conducted a survey of all their weight loss surgery patients about their lives following their procedure, with 71% reporting a big improvement in their sex life after dropping the pounds.

With nearly two thirds of men and more than half of women in the UK being overweight or obese and increasing pressure mounting to be slim and look good, more and more men and women are choosing weight loss surgery to achieve their ideal figure.

Mark Bury, chief executive at SurgiCare said: “Just a year on since surgery, our patients are reporting big improvements in their quality of life. 90% said that their mobility had increased, with 73% reporting increased levels of exercise. Our surgery also revealed that 71% of patients enjoyed a new found pleasure from their sex life, which is probably down to 86% reporting massively improved self esteem. We advise an increase in activity after surgery to maintain the weight loss, so our patients are definitely enjoying new and enjoyable ways to exercise.”

Mark was however keen to point out that weight loss surgery should not be taken lightly or be considered a quick fix. He commented, “Our weight loss surgery program is designed for patients who are obese and serious about losing the weight for health reasons as well as looking good. SurgiCare’s weight loss surgery includes a unique two year after care program designed to support patients and maintain the best wieght loss results in a healthy and safe way. We also offer lifetime aftercare through annual reviews at the end of the aftercare program itself. Whatever procedure patients undertake, it will not have the desired effect if the aftercare program is not followed. It is essential.”

With TV personalities like Fern Britton being open about having received surgery and providing a great example of the possible benefits following the fitting of a Gastic Band, more people are looking at how weight loss surgery can help them transform their life too.

SurgiCare offers Gastric Banding and Gastric Bypass surgery performed by some of the UK’s leading obesity consultant surgeons and ensures potential patients meet strict criteria before agreeing to go ahead

About SurgiCare
With over 15 years experience and 8 clinics, SurgiCare is one of the largest and most respected cosmetic surgery networks in the UK. SurgiCare specialises in weight loss surgery with a unique 24 month aftercare programme and prides itself on providing an unrivalled aftercare service.

As one of the leading UK specialists in cosmetic treatments, SurgiCare has the experience, latest therapies and the caring, professional staff to enhance their patients’ self-confidence by improving appearances.

SurgiCare has helped more than 20,000 patients fulfil their dreams of looking and feeling their best.

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