Memory Training Centers of America Expands Its Services to Assisted Living Communities in Fort Lauderdale

Memory Training Centers of America (MTCA, previously referred to as ATMTC) has been providing evaluation, treatment, education and support to individuals suffering from memory impairment and caregivers since 2001. MTCA is the largest provider of cognitive evaluations and memory training services at Assisted Living residences in the Northeast, with more than 20 Centers in assisted living and independent senior retirement communities, as well as nursing care and hospital-based programs. All treatment services are paid for by Medicare.

For almost ten years, Dr. Bruce Brotter and his associates at the Memory Training Center in Forest Hills have been helping seniors and families meet the challenges of memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Brotter is very enthusiastic about his upcoming visits to several Luxury Assisted Living Communities in the Fort Lauderdale area in March. “MTCA has been wanting to bring its programs that have been so successful in the Northeast to Floridians for some time now. We are very excited to finally be able to offer our services in Florida and to start this new growth in Broward County.” says Dr. Brotter.

Scientific Brain Training PRO is the pioneer of scientifically-proven brain fitness computer programs designed to maximize the brain’s capacity to learn, adapt to new information, enable sharpness and minimize the natural effects of aging. All programs are supervised by a cognitive therapy professional and individuals are supportively guided through state-of-the art computer exercises. The “Memory Gym” and Activity Center offers healthy individuals memory exercise and activities to strengthen existing cognitive function and build a reserve of prevention to guard against future memory loss. Memory Gyms provide memory and other cognitive strengthening exercises through the utilization of cutting-edge computer software. Memory Gyms have already been placed at the Atria Tanglewood in Lynbrook, the Atria Woodlands in Ardsley, Oyster Bay Manor in Oyster Bay and are in development at the Atria Darien, in Darien, Connecticut. Learn more about Scientific Brain Training PRO technology at

MTCA works together with family members and health-care providers to ensure implementation of the most comprehensive and helpful treatment plan possible. “We have seen over time how education and support helps the coping strengths of individuals and families, as well as augmenting the treatment process through building understanding and confidence,” says Brotter.

A range of interactive and problem-solving interventions are provided to also strengthen short-term memory functioning and enhance independent living skills and quality of life. While an active lifestyle, both physically and mentally, helps individuals to maintain good overall cognitive health, memory training is an essential ingredient to ensure healthy memory functioning. MTCA is proud of its service to thousands of seniors each year and looks forward to being able to provide its much needed services to thousands more in Fort Lauderdale!

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NHS Struggles To Cope With Rising Levels of Obesity

Rising levels of obesity could see a substantial rise in the number of people applying for health insurance, money saving website has revealed.

NHS Struggles To Cope With Rising Levels of Obesity

With 20% of the population now classed as clinically obese and more people dying from weight related diseases than ever before, the UK’s obesity crisis is adding a heavyweight strain to the NHS that’s impossible to ignore.

At £2.6billion a year, the cost of obesity related NHS bills is asking tax payers to dig deeper and deeper into their pockets in order to cover the cost.

Causing most concern however is the effect that obesity is having on NHS resources and – in particular – waiting times which have begun to rocket as obesity related illnesses add even more patients to already crowded lists.

The fear of long waiting lists will be the main driver towards private medical insurance claims “With rising levels of obesity adding months, if not years, to already overcrowded waiting lists it’s no wonder that more consumers will begin turning their attention to private health cover in order to guarantee prompt and professional medical treatment.

Waiting lists can be especially frustrating for those who have strived to live a healthy lifestyle but could still find themselves at the end of a very long queue. Health insurance removes the unknown by guaranteeing peace of mind and first class medical care in equal measure.”

While Government and health organisations have strived to pepper the airwaves, internet and billboards with healthy eating campaigns such as 5-a-day and Milk Moustache, Britain’s obesity crisis shows little sign of letting up.

QuoteBoffin is calling for consumers to take note of current health trends and prepare for the future:

“Obesity in the UK is projected to grow by 10% every decade for the foreseeable future. Today’s social climate should encourage people to prepare for the future and view health insurance as an essential not a luxury. and its competitors allow consumers to compare the cost of insurance packages from market leaders; meaning preparing for future has never been so simple or affordable.”

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New You Boot Camp Launches New Country Manor Boot Camp In Somerset

A-listers have been privy to the New You Boot Camp secret for a while, and now with the launch of New You Boot Camps – NEW Country Manor venue in Somerset, we can all join the elite to kick start our fitness and weight loss to drop a dress size in one week!

Join the likes of Hillary Swank, Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Streisand, Renee Zellweger, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cindy Crawford, Cat Deeley, Patsy Kensit and even curvy Catherine Zeta-Jones who are rumored to have enrolled in Boot Camp’s to get that A-list body.

If the words “Bootcamp” immediately conjure up images of uncomfortable bunk beds, communal showers, tiny portions of food and depressing bleak surroundings, then you are yet to experience a week at the New You Country Manor Boot Camp.

The NEW Country Manor Boot Camp in Somerset is based at a private, unique manor which boasts charming period features, a Tudor fireplace, charming suites, and many four poster beds – no bunk beds here! Which makes it the perfect location for our NEW – New You Boot Camp location.

Situated away from all the hustle and bustle of life and surrounded by idyllic settings, breathtaking uninterrupted views across the rolling Somerset countryside the new Somerset boot camp retreat captivates you into that tranquility that is hard to find in today’s busy world. Making it the perfect, private hideaway to discover your New You.

Each New You Boot Camp – Somerset bedroom has been individually decorated and furnished to provide a very comfortable, elegant and peaceful haven to relax after a New You Boot Camp day.

If you are looking for a week of fitness, health and well being in beautiful surroundings only two hours away from London then the New You Boot Camp Country Manor Somerset is perfect for you.

Days at the New You Boot Camp are broken up into hourly lessons and include sunrise runs, hiking, walking, boxing, bike riding, abseiling, water activities and relaxation sessions to name a few.

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Weight Loss – A Healthier Lifestyle from

Through learn the fundamentals of weight loss, through our dedicated programs of weight reduction. Obese and over weight individuals face numerous problems in life, which can be combated with knowledge of weight loss decreasing methods, in a healthy way. Contrary to common belief, the real causes of obesity include bad nutrition, stress, emotional issues and hormonal imbalance and of course lack of mobility. Obesity contributes to the risk of diabetes, paralysis, possible cardiac arrest and other fatal complications.

Weight Loss – A Healthier Lifestyle from

Despite all the attention this particular topic receives, obesity rates keep escalating due to fast food, unhealthy ready to make meals, fizzy drinks combined with reluctance to exercise. If an individual is serious about losing weight, this way of life has got to change. Making extreme changes by sudden diets and over exertion through rigorous exercise regimes is not the solution. Weight loss requires a change in diet paired with increased activity.

Cut back on calories by finding alternatives to your regular diet. Instead of frying, food can be cooked by grilling, boiling or steaming. Make sure you use a vegetable oil like olive, soya bean or canola. Increase the amount of vegetables and fruits, high in vitamins, in your healthy diet. Try leaner less fatty meat options like chicken, sea food and turkey. Lentils and beans are an excellent source of protein. Replace regular bread with brown or whole wheat. Eat less fast foods and packet foods, opting rather for healthier snacks like granola bars or nuts and dry fruit. Go easy on dessert, remember moderation is the key.

Say no to fizzy drinks, canned or bottled juices and energy drinks. Instead fresh fruit juices will provide healthier levels of glucose which are stored after hours (though the energy from fruit juices is usually used up before that occurs), unlike sugary juices which store in the body after 20-30 minutes of consumption. Drink lots of water to ensure the body receives an adequate amount of fluids, 16 glasses a day will do fine. Find weight loss centers in your city.

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Saline and Silicone Breast Enhancement: Which One Should Patients Choose?

Patients interested in undergoing breast enhancement surgery will eventually make the choice between saline and silicone implants. There was some concern surrounding saline implants in the 1990s over health issues in women. However, after extensive research and testing, there was no connection established. Currently, doctors and patients still have a choice between the two materials, and while the physician may make a recommendation, patients still need to consider the pros and cons of each to make their decision.

Saline and Silicone Breast Enhancement: Which One Should Patients Choose?

Made of a silicone shell and filled with non-toxic silicone gel, the manufacturer fills silicone implants to a specific size and seals them. The outer shell is available in a number of different textures, sizes, shapes, colours, and thicknesses to help doctors produce results as close to natural tissue as possible. It’s important to note, however, that this style requires a large incision below the breast for installation, and once in place, are not adjustable.

Saline implants are made from the same shell as silicone breast implants, but are filled with saline solution (saltwater) instead of silicone gel. These may come prefilled by the manufacturer, or unfilled, which are installed using a small incision in the belly button, around the areola, under the arm, or under the breast. Once in place, the doctor fills them to the desired size and seals them. Adjustments can be made to the firmness and size afterward with a minor surgery.

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Health Analytics, LLC Announces new Contract with Medtronic

Health Analytics, LLC announces today that it has signed a agreement with Medtronic to provide a study for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The study will examine the effects of the Reposeâ„¢ System.

Health Analytics a healthcare intelligence firm that conducts and interprets scientific studies to improve healthcare outcomes, provide valuable business insights, and enhance business profitability. Health Analytics serves organizations large and small, from national managed care organizations to start-up medical technology, pharmaceutical manufacturers and biotech companies.

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Destroys Families No Further

“It took around 2000 hours to put this data base together,” commented Marcel Gemme, the Owner of Drug Rehab Services. The data base he is referring to is the first ever of its kind in Canada . Simply put, it is a one-stop-shop for your entire drug and alcohol treatment needs. “Our directory includes lists of outpatient, detox centers, medical detox locations, assessments, home detox information, residential treatment (free programs included), shelters, aftercare, AA meetings, and NA meetings. All of these services are listed, which you can find easily using the online locator,” said Marcel. He went on to say, “there are also specific categories to narrow down your search, such as youth treatment, treatment centers for woman, and centers for men.”

With this being one of the most extensive and easy to use data bases ever developed, it truly eliminates the problems of finding the right treatment. Many data bases that are created are sometimes difficult to use and may be incomplete, and in most cases you can’t even talk to a real counselor. “Canadians who are looking for the right help can search this directory for options in there own province and city, narrowing the search down to specifically what they need,” added Marcel. The internet can, unfortunately, not be user friendly, especially in a crisis situation looking for help. Drug Rehab Services found this to be one of the main problems Canadians were facing. And when it came down to locating help for drug or alcohol addiction, it sometimes was next to impossible to find the right treatment; this now has all changed.

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Biotivia Has Announced 15% Off Its Natural Supplement Range For US Armed Forces Personnel Serving In Afghanistan, Iraq And Korea

Biotivia has announced that it will be offering all US military personnel in Afghanistan, Iraq and Korea a 15% discount off their Resveratrol supplement range during 2010.

Biotivia Has Announced 15% Off Its Natural Supplement Range For US Armed Forces Personnel Serving In Afghanistan, Iraq And Korea

James Betz, founder and CEO of Biotivia, made this announcement to show his appreciation for the armed forces personnel who are serving abroad.

“I have served in the US Army myself and I understand the demands placed upon our armed forces. Not just to be in combat, but also to be away from friends and family in a hostile environment. All of this can have a negative effect on a person’s health, so if any of the Resveratrol enhanced natural herbal products we make can benefit serving personnel, I’m very happy to support them.”

As a former Captain in the 1st Special Forces Group, Betz knows first hand what these servicemen and women have to go through. He says, “Physical and mental well-being is high on each individual’s priorities, and Biotivia’s unique range of Resveratrol-based supplements were designed to help people from all walks of life perform at a high level.”

Betz continues: “Soldiers are strong proponents of fitness and advanced nutrition. Resveratrol and our co-ingedients helps men and women to increase physical and mental energy, improve strength and endurance, and fight aging. These are important qualities for the modern soldier.

To qualify for the discount, orders need to be dispatched to an official Armed Forces AFO or APO address. Simply insert the code ‘AFPO’ into the discount panel shown on the shopping cart at

A copy of the coupon is on Biotivia’s Facebook page:

A copy of the coupon is on Biotivia’s website:

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Pharmacy Warns On Sex Infections Danger

One of the UK’s leading pharmacies has issued a stark warning to older women about the dangers of unprotected sex – hot on the heels of a major national campaign to raise awareness of unplanned pregnancies among women over 35.

The Co-operative Pharmacy, which has nearly 800 branches, has seized on the “Conceivable?” campaign, launched by the Family Planning Association (FPA) last week, to highlight the fact that unplanned pregnancies are not the only issue facing older women – sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the 45-64 age group are also showing a worrying increase, with Chlamydia up 119%.1

“Any woman who thinks that these problems are faced only by teenagers must think again,” said Wendy Lee, Clinical Governance Pharmacist at The Co-operative Pharmacy.

“As more adults begin new relationships later on in life, they are not always thinking about the consequences of unprotected sex.”

Research also shows that nearly a third (32%) of 45-54 year olds believe that it is unlikely or very unlikely that they would be at risk of getting an STI if they had unprotected sex with a new partner or someone other than their current partner.2

Lee explains: “Some STIs don’t cause any symptoms, especially in women and if these go undetected this can cause more widespread health problems later on.

“There are a number of contraceptive options available and these generally suit all age ranges. However, male condoms provide the most effective protection against STIs.

“All options should be discussed with a healthcare professional and they will be able to provide the relevant support and guidance, including advice on emergency contraception.”

All branches of The Co-operative Pharmacy offer advice on contraception and STIs as well as many other prescription services and hayfever treatments.

To find your nearest Co-operative Pharmacy and for further information visit:

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Courtney Love Isn’t Alone When It Comes To Rumors Of Drug Addiction

Courtney Love is facing a problem that many stars and public figures experience when they encounter problems – complete loss of privacy. Issues such as drug addiction and alcoholism recovery often rest on a principle of anonymity, for Love and many like her – their solution is different. Love’s public history with drug abuse has spanned over a decade and has affected many areas of her life, most recently rumored to be the cause for the loss of custody of her daughter. Courtney is under constant public scrutiny. The loss of anonymity that stars experience often complicates an individual’s recovery, however many do recover.

Love’s most recent online rants regarding her daughter have caused her fans to believe she has fallen back into the drug scene. Courtney maintains that she is sober and her life has changed since her 2006 house arrest for violating an order for a previous court-mandated drug addiction treatment program.

“We certainly hope that Ms. Love has gotten the appropriate drug addiction treatment and that she continues to maintain her sobriety”, a spokesperson for Mountainside Center states. “When you’re a star who is trying to stay in recovery and you are continually scrutinized for every move you make, the path to sobriety is often a challenging one. We understand those pressures and the pitfalls one can easily fall into, especially when they do not have the luxury of anonymity. No matter how much despair one feels, there really is hope—there really is a remedy. We all hope the best for Courtney and her daughter”.

For nearly two decades, Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center has led the way in offering individualized alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs. Pioneers in affordable drug addiction treatment, Mountainside combines cutting edge therapies with holistic treatment methods including inclusion of traditional 12-step therapies. As Mountainside’s licensed and certified counselors, social workers and treatment team serve, they strive to provide quality, compassionate care to each individual in a tranquil, peaceful environment conducive to optimal recovery.

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LighterLife Investigates Why February Has Become The New January For Dieting

LighterLife, weight loss and weight management specialists, investigates why February has become the new January when it comes to starting new diet plans and weight loss regimes.

To look into why February has been such a busy month for those starting diets, Lighter Life sent podcast presenter, Susan Spence to meet LighterLife Counsellor, Mary McLean and her clients, for the latest edition of the ‘Inside LighterLife’ podcast.

‘Inside LighterLife’ is a monthly podcast that gives clients and prospective clients the opportunity to find out a little more about the LighterLife Programme and the people involved. The podcast features real stories from real people that have lived and breathed the quick weight loss programme. Feedback on the podcasts is always encouraged and this month there is a set of BergHoff UK Castline pans, worth £175, up for grabs for whichever comment or quote is chosen by the LighterLife team as the month’s most inspiring.

Sara Jamison, LighterLife CEO, kicked off the podcast on how popular the month of February has been for LighterLife. Although January is normally the month of choice to begin a new healthy lifestyle, February has been an exciting one at LighterLife with the launch of the ‘Little Book of not being Big’.

Commenting on the Little Green Book of Not Being Big, which went out in the Mail on Sunday’s You Magazine, Sara said: “It’s a great little book that gets across some very serious messages that I think anyone who in their life has been on any kind of diet will be able to identify.” Anyone interested in knowing more can log on to the LighterLife website where they can download a copy or visit their local LighterLife Counsellor to request one.

Sara also provided some top tips and advice on starting a LighterLife Lite Programme that should help to keep dieters focused and achieve their weight loss goals and lose weight fast.

The January’s increase may be mainly due to all the snow at the beginning of the year that interfered with people’s diet and weight loss plans but for those who believe that now is the perfect time to start a diet, the LighterLife podcast is determined to help.

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How To Recover From Eating Disorders

any recovery centers treating eating disorders offer treatment programs to their clients. But few of them devote adequate resources to the eating disorder recovery process. In fact, many of the most “exclusive” facilities treating eating disorders in Los Angeles provide patients with grossly inferior eating disorder treatment services. As should go without saying, you can’t afford to trust your health to one of these institutions.

How To Recover From Eating Disorders

Anorexia and bulimia ruin lives. Eating disorders treatment can help to solve the problem, but only if it’s administered by people who know exactly what they’re doing. Those facilities treating eating disorders which employ inexperienced or unqualified eating disorder therapists do an enormous disservice to patients and their families. Here’s hoping you won’t have to learn that truth the hard way.

The most successful facility treating eating disorders in Malibu is also one of California’s most distinguished eating disorder treatment clinics. The reason is simple: The center’s eating disorders treatment specialists are leading figures in their respective fields. Their expertise has helped countless clients achieve meaningful and lasting recovery. Don’t wait any longer to include yourself among the lucky few.

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Optical Express Cameron Toll Unveils Following Major Refit

Optical Express in Edinburgh’s Cameron Toll has been unveiled following a major refit, and is now poised to serve customers even better.

Optical Express Cameron Toll Unveils Following Major Refit

“The shop looks amazing,” said Clare Elliot, the location’s General Manager. “It’s been transformed, and looks very sophisticated. It’s created a great buzz.”

The location has been updated to be more consistent with other Optical Express locations, with a white, modern look, and tiled flooring to replace the older, tartan carpets. The result is a brighter, and more professional looking clinic, with less visual elements detracting from the wide range of frames on display. A number of new glasses and sunglasses are now available, including frames from Dior and Givenchy.

According to Elliot, the entire team is enthused about the location’s big makeover.

“The whole team is very excited about the refit,” Elliot said. “We’ve always known that we have great products, and can offer a great shopping experience, and now the store looks brilliant as well.”

The clinic is located by the south entrance of the Cameron Toll Shopping Centre, a mile and a half outside of the Edinburgh city centre. Throughout the entire refitting process, the clinic remained open.

“We really wanted to minimise any inconvenience to our customers,” Elliot said. “We underwent the refit so we can provide a better experience for our customers, but at the same time, we didn’t want to close down the store in the process and put anyone out. We structured our refit as to have as little impact on our day-to-day operations as possible.”

The location carries over a thousand designer frames and sunglasses, including Ray-Ban, Marc Jacobs and Gucci. The location also offers an array of contact lenses. A convenient 1-hour service is available for making glasses, so customers can have their glasses ready by the time they are finished their shopping.

Optical Express is also Europe’s number one provider of laser eye surgery, with over 100 clinics across the UK and Europe, including Edinburgh, providing pre and post-operative care.

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Hollywood Drug Addiction Increases Number of Drug Rehabs

The bright lights and big city of Hollywood attracts young people in throngs with promises of fulfilled dreams and a charmed life. While the draw and the excitement initially seems like everything they could have hoped for, nowadays there’s a darker side—a side that is becoming synonymous with something other than fame.

“Hollywood is a hot bed of drug addiction”, a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center states. “With money and power, comes responsibility—responsibility that many find themselves unable to deal with. When arriving in Hollywood, they just can’t imagine a life other than what they had dreamed—a life of glamour, of fame, of fortune. They don’t realize the pressure that surrounds all of those things. When they finally realize their dreams, that unexpected pressure can cause an implosion and, instead of dealing with it in a healthy, productive way, many choose the easy way out—a way to numb themselves, a way to temporarily escape. And, often times that temporary escape becomes a permanent way of life until either they get into serious legal trouble or until someone who is genuinely concerned intervenes and gives them a wake-up call. They soon discover that their money can buy just about anything—except the one thing that truly eludes them: happiness.”

“California’s drug rehab centers are growing at an unprecedented rate and the catalyst for this growth is unrelenting.” Until there is a fundamental change in the Hollywood | Los Angeles party mentality, the only answer to its ever-increasing problem is effective drug rehab centers.

For nearly two decades, Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center has led the way in offering individualized alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs. Pioneers in affordable drug rehab, Mountainside combines cutting edge therapies with holistic treatment methods including inclusion of traditional 12-step therapies. As Mountainside’s licensed and certified counselors, social workers and treatment team serve, they strive to provide quality, compassionate care to each individual in a tranquil, peaceful environment conducive to optimal recovery.

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HART Health Launches Franchise Growth Strategy

HART Health, a home-based medical supply franchise, offers industrial first aid kits and immediate care medical supplies to business with 50 employees or more. Since HART Health manufactures most of the products and cuts out the middleman, customers are offered superb quality at exceptional pricing.

Top 10 Reasons Salesmen Become HART Health Franchisees

HART Health Launches Franchise Growth Strategy 1. Recession-resilient. Businesses are required by law to maintain inventory levels of first aid products.

2. Easy to sell. In a bad economy business customers are likely to want to review all costs and accept competitive bids. It is easier than ever to get in front of decision makers.

3. Low accounts receivables and almost no bad debt.

4. High product margins.

5. Build equity. Unlike consulting businesses or other owner-operated businesses, HART Health’s franchisees have repeat customers and recurring revenue, making the business attractive to sell when it is time to exit.

6. Local business. No hotels. No airplanes. Be home for dinner. Get involved in your local community.

7. Soft-sell approach. We provide top quality products and excellent service at highly competitive prices. Our value proposition is easy to communicate and easy to understand.

8. Easy business to learn. Grows quickly.

9. Home-based. Spend more time with your family and keep your costs down.

10. No employees to start. No management hassles.

HART Health is currently awarding franchises to candidates who fit the corporate culture, the profile of a successful franchisee and stand a high probability of success with the business model. “Because of the recession-resilient nature of this business and a total initial investment under $50K, we expect highly skilled entrepreneurs, managers, and executives to join our company. Since businesses are required by law to carry first aid products, our business is recession-proof,” said HART Health CEO Larry Shaw.

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Medelita Adds Medical Clogs to Collection of Performance Lab Coats and Scrubs

Medelita®, maker of breakthrough performance lab coats, doctors lab coat and medical apparel, today announced the addition of Sanita Medical clogs to its product offerings, which are available to purchase on the company’s web site. The “original” name in Danish clogs, Sanita provides quality, handcrafted footwear. As a reseller of Sanita clogs, Medelita helps clinicians project a professional appearance through their wardrobes, while providing maximum fit and functionality to clinicians who are on their feet and on the go all day.

Medelita Adds Medical Clogs to Collection of Performance Lab Coats and Scrubs

“Sanita medical clogs are designed for fit and functionality and are known in the industry for quality and craftsmanship,” said Lara Manchik, founder, Medelita.“We’re proud to be able to offer these clogs along side our medical apparel, to help healthcare professionals put their best appearance forward while enjoying the quality, comfort and value these performance products provide. Clinicians wear their uniforms and shoes, on average, 2,000 hours a year and we want them to look and feel great in both.”

As a trusted name in quality footwear, Sanita clogs are handcrafted with lasting quality and its wearer’s health in mind. Sanita’s patented shock absorbing flexible sole and anatomically shaped footbed cradles the foot, providing maximum quality, durability and comfort. The absorbent insole and stabilizing heel insert transfers motion f r o m heel to toe, reducing stress on the back and legs. With a roomy toebox for increased comfort, Sanita clogs are ideal for anyone who stands for long periods of time. Available for men and women, in a variety of colors and styles to complement most outfits, Sanita clogs are constructed of quality leather and fabric uppers.

In addition to Sanita clogs, Medelita sells its full line of women’s and men’s lab coats, scrubs and products and resources for cleaning and caring for medical garments and shoes.

Medelita was created to re-invent the way clinicians present their professional image and appearance. F r o m crisp, authoritative lab coats to comfortably tailored scrubs, Medelita is an alternative to the poorly constructed unisex lab coats and scrubs once thought of as the only viable option in healthcare. Made of 100 percent high denier cotton and performance enhancing fabric treatments, Medelita lab coats for men and women boast designer touches: elegant tailoring and French inside seams, inner pockets and come in a wide range of sizes, including petite and tall – all constructed in the U.S.

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Plastic Surgeons Treating More Patients With Disfigurement Caused by Cheap Online Botox

An alarming number of patients are injecting themselves with Botox injections they buy online to eliminate wrinkles and dark circles. They’re saving money, but many of them are ending up disfigured.

•  Botulinum Toxin-A proteins, a toxic biological weapon better known as Botox, are injected into facial muscles to treat wrinkles and fine lines.

•  Many people purchase this substance over the Internet for a fraction of the price of in-clinic treatments.

•  The inability to identify the substance, its purity, and the dangers of injecting the substance have lead to numerous facial deformities, unintentional paralysis, breathing problems, and even death in addition to other side effects.

Botulinum Toxin-A proteins or Botox are one of the world’s most toxic substances, CosmeticSurgeryGuru can report that even this hasn’t stopped thousands of patients f r o m purchasing it online and injecting it under their skin.

Commonly known as Botox, this substance is considered safe when used by professionals to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. The protein goes directly into the muscle where it causes prolonged paralysis, and therefore, prevents the muscle f r o m contracting and forming the line on the outside of the skin.

CosmeticSurgeryGuru notes that in untrained hands, however, the treatment carries an extremely high risk of incorrect placement combined with an increased risk of disfigurement. In fact, plastic surgeons who have performed these procedures for years won’t inject themselves because of the danger. Currently cosmetic surgeries such as Transform the largest cosmetic surgery group in the UK state that “ Transform’s qualified and highly experienced practitioners will ensure that there are no side effects aside f r o m occasional bruising that may occur” taken f r o m their Botox page Surely the extra money is worth the peace of mind.

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The Harley Medical Group Reports Rise In Laser Hair Removal

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, The Harley Medical Group has seen an increase in bookings for laser hair removal on the bikini line. The Harley Medical Group, has identified an annual spike in enquires around this time of year as women prepare for the romantic night. The treatment usually requires six to eight courses of laser treatments.

Laser hair removal is proven to permanently remove hair so, unlike with waxing, regrowth is not an issue.

Lisa Littlehales, clinic manager for The Harley Medical Group, said: £The real benefit with opting for laser hair removal is that you won’t have to worry about regrowth and unhygienic ingrown hairs, which can easily become infected as a result of shaving. To keep the female area smooth is a really low maintenance look, which is particularly good for time-limited women who don’t have hours to put into an intense grooming regime but who want a long-term solution to staying fuzz free.”

Laser hair removal, which has seen an increase of 15% year on year to date, is the most popular non-surgical procedure at The Harley Medical Group’s 27 UK clinics. The Harley Medical Group uses the Alexandrite (Class 4) laser designed to work on lighter skin, the YAG laser for darker skin and the Isolaz which can be used on all types of skin. All lasers penetrate deep into the dermis and as the heat builds up the hair follicles are disabled in the active growth phase, enabling effective hair removal.

All consultations at The Harley Medical Group are carried out by a fully qualified cosmetic surgery nurse counsellor followed shortly thereafter by a fully qualified and registered Plastic Surgeons. The Harley Medical Group has been established for more than 26 years and has 27 clinics in the UK and the Republic Ireland.

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Police Only To Respond To Lone Worker Alarms And Services That Operate In Compliance With The Alarm Response Policy

Following the recent publication of the new lone worker standard BS8484, the Association of Chief Police Officers for England, Wales and Northern Ireland (ACPO) have confirmed that the standard has been included within its recently amended Alarms Response Policy that restricts police response to only those service providers operating in compliance.

Police Only To Respond To Lone Worker Alarms And Services That Operate In Compliance With The Alarm Response Policy

ACPO will now begin a series of national police trials commencing on 1st February 2010 with a small number of lone worker service providers complying with the policy. Argyll, the UK’s leader in lone worker protection services, is pleased to announce that it will participate.

The trials are designed to enable police to assess the volume, quality and the impact of alarms raised through lone worker devices and services on national police resources. The trials will last for up to 12 months to enable ACPO to collect sufficient data and the results will inevitably test the effectiveness of the service provider and may help to shape the final version of BS8484 lone worker standard.

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Head Injuries, Boxing Linked To Parkinson’s Disease

People who have suffered head injuries are four times more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease (also known as “PD”) than those who have never had head trauma, according to Mayo Clinic researchers. This finding might have far-ranging implications for sports such as boxing and football.

Head Injuries, Boxing Linked To Parkinson's Disease

The Mayo Clinic research team focused on boxing as they sifted for clues. They knew that boxers who have repeated head injuries often get Parkinson’s-like symptoms. The most famous connection is professional boxing legend Muhammad Ali, who now suffers from advanced Parkinson’s disease.

“Parkinson’s is devastating,” says Kay Mixson Jenkins, author of the new children’s book Who Is Pee Dee? “The good news is that because of research like this, people might be able better protect themselves from the devastating, chronic disease.”

Ms. Jenkins was diagnosed with PD when she was just thirty-four. She decided to write her book to help her children understand the disease. The story follows a young boy named Colt as he tries to deal with his mother’s chronic illness.

Parkinson’s disease affects up to 1.5 million people in the US. The illness typically develops in later life and often impairs motor skills, speech and other functions.

While the causes of PD are still unidentified, many researchers believe that head traumas can raise the chances of getting the disease and suggest avoiding such injuries by:

• Wearing a helmet when biking, riding a motorcycle, or playing sports like football, ice hockey, skiing or snowboarding.
• Wearing a seatbelt while in a car.
• Buckling your child into a safety seat.
• Preventing falls.

“Boxing and football remain dangerous sports that can have serious effects on the health of their players,” says Ms. Jenkins. “The government must enact safety regulations for these sports in order to protect athletes from injuries and traumas.”

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