Innovators in Health Care Meeting at HealthCamp Florida on July 30, 2011

The inaugural meeting of HealthCamp Florida will be held in Tampa, Florida on July 30, 2011. It will be held on Saturday, July 30 at Kforce in Tampa (1001 E. Palm Ave., Tampa, FL 33605). This is the inaugural event for HealthCamp Florida and the theme is ‘The remarkable innovations that are transforming healthcare.’ The focus will be on technology, policy and process areas and it is expected that these three areas will help to cross-pollinate thoughts, speakers and attendees and inform the discussions.

HealthCamps have been held in a number of other cities, including Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco and other locations. HealthCamp will be similar to a BarCamp type of unconference but the attendees and speakers will represent a wide variety of people, industries and advocates focused around health care topics. These events have become popular because they involve interesting, high-energy people talking about interesting things.

One of the goals of HealthCamp Florida is to raise awareness of the remarkable innovators and innovations available right here in Florida. The event will bring together interesting people who might otherwise not meet at their own individual industry meetings. This will allow them to share, collaborate, learn and inspire. Some of the extraordinary innovators who are on the cutting edge of health care innovation have committed to attending the event and speaking. They will cover topics ranging from a new non-invasive medical device that provides more accurate predictions of heart risk, to iPhone and iPad apps for health care, to a neural communications device to help the brain communicate with prosthetic limbs, and to a new way to manage patient data and more. The website is

About HealthCamp Florida: HealthCamp Florida is part of the HealthCamp group of events and is designed to look at innovations in HealthCare in general and, focus on people, companies and innovations in Florida.

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The Harley Medical Group Reports A New Trend This Spring – Laser Hair Removal On The Feet

The Harley Medical Group, the UK’s leading cosmetic provider, has reported a 23% rise year-on-year in laser hair removal, as well as the normal pre-summer rush for silky smooth legs there has been an interesting new trend – a surge in bookings to ‘de-fuzz’ feet and toes in time for summer.

With an average person shaving 11,540 times in their lifetime, and a typical hair growth cycle of two days, women are turning their backs on their hairy areas, favoured by celebrities like Julia Roberts, and instead preferring the long lasting results of laser hair removal. Although the bikini, legs and underarms continue to be top of the laser list, the feet are becoming a popular area for women to have treated. This is often combined with treatments to the lower legs, and the Group revealed that 350 women booked foot treatments in the last two weeks of April alone.

Chantelle O’Leary, laser hair specialist at The Harley Medical Group, said: “Women are so much more comfortable in discussing their body hair. Five years ago women rarely would approach us for laser hair on more unusual areas, whereas now, females are embracing the options out there for them.”

Laser hair is a clinically proven treatment for the removal of unwanted facial and body hair. The treatment results in 60-95% of targeted hair being permanently eliminated, offering patients a long-lasting and effective method of hair removal. The laser is passed over the skin which is absorbed by the hair pigment, targeting and destroying the follicle, reducing further growth.

Chantelle continues: “Treatment takes around 15 minutes on each foot, making it easy for busy career women or mums to fit into their daily routine. We recommend a course of 4-6 treatments, depending on the hair growth, with a rest period of four weeks between each booking. April and May are the ideal times to start a course to ensure smooth skin in time for summer.”

Case study quote: “I was always embarrassed about my feet – I had hair on my toes and tops of my feet. Summer was a nightmare; I was self-conscious in sandals, and avoided having any foot treatment like pedicures because I was worried someone would notice. Laser hair removal has made life so much easier; I feel much more confident in summer shoes, and no longer have to make time for lengthy hair removal processes.”

The Harley Medical Group’s Laser Hair Hotspots
1. Bikini Line
2. Lower Leg
3. Underarm
4. Upper Lip
5. Chin

For further information please visit

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New Online Resource for Insulin Dependent Diabetics

Insulin dependent diabetics now have a new online resource designed specifically for them. The resource, the blog, scours the web for news and views of interest to both type 1 and type 2 diabetics to provide them with a “one stop-shop” for advice, entertainment and information.

“People are busy,” says the new blog’s editor, Lynn Woods, “They don’t have time to surf the web after work to see what’s interesting or important in the world of diabetes research, so we do it for them. Some of our blog posts are entertaining, most are educational, and many contain valuable up-to-the-minute information on diabetes.”

Woods describes the new blog, which launched in January and focuses on users of long acting insulin, as “informal”. “We try to approach diabetes from a positive perspective. We believe that people can not only cope with diabetes, they can thrive with it.”

A quick look through the blog showcases its diversity: an article about diabetes-sniffing dogs that warn their owners when their blood sugar gets low, FAQs about insulin pumps, tips on giving insulin injections to your cat, a diabetic-friendly lemon cheesecake recipe, stories about celebrities with diabetes, a prescription coupon offering $10 savings on Lantus SoloSTAR long acting insulin, and a wealth of current information on diabetes research and diabetes medication.

Unexpectedly, the article Kudzu Used as Diabetes Medication in Chinese Medicine has attracted the most readers by far, says Woods. Other popular diabetes blog articles involve recent developments in non-invasive blood glucose monitors and super-long-acting insulin, and advice on giving insulin injections to cats.

Diabetes affects almost 26 million Americans, over 8% of the population. Of those 26 million, an estimated 7 million remain undiagnosed. Diabetes is an incurable and progressive disease with serious complications, and is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States.

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Bath Salts Abuse Tops Newest Designer Drug Trend

The use of bath salts among teens and young adults is fast becoming the drug of choice to obtain a “legal high” because of their relative low cost as well as their ease of acquisition.

“Designer drugs are simply legal substances that have been modified to produce a high,” begins a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center . “The concept of designer drugs isn’t new; in fact, it has been around for decades. Individuals discovered that they could obtain a high from ordinary chemicals such as paint thinners, glue and aerosol cans. The effects of the substances being manipulated are becoming increasingly dangerous compared to their predecessors. And, the abuse is growing at an alarming rate. Unless lawmakers enact laws banning bath salts, we’re going to have a new type of drug epidemic on our hands.”

Bath salts are commonly smoked, snorted and injected. Their effects have been compared to a hallucinogenic cocaine, with users experiencing much of the same devastating and dangerous side effects such as convulsions, high blood pressure, heart attacks and even death.

If you know or suspect that your teen or young adult is abusing bath salts or any other type of substance, Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center offers professional intervention services to assist you in getting them the help that they need to recover. For the past 13 years, Mountainside has established itself as an innovator within the addiction treatment field, and the treatment modalities Mountainside utilizes are regarded as among the most cutting-edge approaches in helping individuals to get, and to remain, sober.

The compassionate, caring treatment team at Mountainside is comprised of licensed and certified counselors and social workers as well as a Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Nurse, both of whom have specialization and extensive experience in drug addiction and alcohol treatment. For clients who may have psychiatric issues and/or a dual diagnosis, Mountainside provides the services of a Psychiatrist who also has specialization in addictions. As a result of their unique, innovative approaches to addiction treatment over the past 13 years, Mountainside has become the model for the addiction treatment field.

The program, along with its professional addiction treatment team, have earned national recognition and resulted in Mountainside being invited to Washington by the White House to meet with the White House Drug Czar, John P. Waters, for an in-depth meeting on what makes its program so successful. These accolades did not go unnoticed within the addiction treatment field and resulted in the adoption by many throughout the country of a more holistic approach to drug addiction treatment.

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Bupa Care Homes ‘Grow Their Own’ For Community Initiative

Bupa care homes’ residents have their watering cans at the ready as they prepare to ‘grow their own’ for ‘Community Crops’.

‘Community Crops’ is a Bupa care homes initiative which promotes the health benefits associated with gardening and growing your own fruit and veg.

The project is being supported by young people involved with The Prince’s Trust, who are linking up with Bupa homes, including nursing care homes, across the UK to help sow and grow the crops.

Residents have also been inviting local schools and community groups to lend a hand with planting and start their own vegetable plots.

Caroline Davy, Bupa’s community affairs assistant, said: “This is a great way for our residents to appreciate the fresh air, stay active and get a real sense of achievement by tending to the crops and watching them grow.

“For our residents who were keen gardeners before they joined us, ‘Community Crops’ offers a great opportunity to get back involved, but it also helps minds as well as bodies. Particularly for our residents receiving dementia care, sharing stories about ‘dig for victory’ and the tradition of growing your own are excellent memory triggers to aid connections with the past.”

Helen Thurston, from The Prince’s Trust added: “‘The Community Crops’ campaign is a fantastic project which provides our Prince’s Trust XL club members with the opportunity to get involved with their local community. It enables young people to engage in a positive way with a different generation and learn about the importance of healthy eating.”

Altogether, the Community Crops campaign has taken root in gardens and greenhouses in over 300 care homes across the UK.

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Bupa Care Home Residents Set To ‘Get Into Reading’ With Special Reading Aloud Groups

Bupa has joined forces with charity The Reader Organisation to encourage its care home residents to ‘get into reading’ with special reading aloud groups.

The ‘Get into Reading’ groups will be piloted in eight Bupa care homes for six months from April 2011. Get into Reading aims to bring the benefits of reading aloud and of social interaction to people in health and care environments, such as residential homes or homes offering nursing care.

Each group will enjoy shared reading led by a project worker from The Reader Organisation for an hour each week. Members will discuss what’s being read as they go along, and relatives, staff and members of the local community will be welcome to join in as well. Studies show that literature can have a healing or therapeutic effect on readers, helping them to identify with characters and situations in books or to be ‘taken out of themselves’ by the story.

The Reader Organisation’s experience has shown that short stories and poetry have proved most beneficial for people with dementia. The project will ensure that Bupa care home staff members will be trained to deliver read-aloud groups themselves. Following assessment of the pilot, Bupa plans to offer groups to its 305 homes nationally as part of its industry-leading Activities programme.

Siobhan Drane, Bupa Care Services community manager said: “We are really pleased to be working with The Reader Organisation to deliver ‘Get into Reading’. We hope that these reading aloud groups will reignite a passion for literature in our residents, spark a new interest or offer an opportunity for reminiscence. We believe our residents will benefit from the positive effect literature can have on wellbeing.”

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Bupa Care Homes Hold Communi-tea Week Celebrations

Bupa has held Communi-tea Week events in its care homes to help tackle loneliness in older people.

Residents of Bupa care homes throughout the UK have brewed up some community spirit by inviting older people to join them for a friendly cup of tea.

Altogether, over 300 care homes, including residential care and nursing care homes, hosted special afternoon tea parties to mark Communi-tea Week, a nationwide campaign which aimed to use tea-related social activities to help tackle the problems of isolation and loneliness in older people.

Worrying statistics demonstrate the size of the isolation problem in the UK, with over 1 million (11%) of people aged 65 or over saying they are always or often feel lonely. Nearly half of all older people believe that the television is their main form of company and 17% of older people have less than weekly contact with family, friends and neighbours*.

Siobhan Drane, Bupa’s community affairs manager, deemed the week a great success:
“Communi-tea Week is a great way of highlighting the support networks that are available in local communities, as well as raising awareness of the serious issues facing older people today. Everyone put on the kettle and contacted someone they thought may need their spirits lifting – a cup of tea is the perfect way to reach out and make a difference.”

As well as organising tea-related social events, from tea-tasting sessions to tea dances, Bupa care homes urged others to help by inviting older people living on their own to join them for a cuppa, whether it be a neighbour or friend.

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Medelita Professional Organization Embroidery Logo List Continues to Grow Weekly

Medelita ®, breakthrough performance maker in lab coats and medical scrubs for both men and women, is honored to have a continuously growing list of logo requests received from a variety of professional organizations as well as existing customers.

Logos embroidered on lab coats and medical tops demonstrate pride and accomplishment to colleagues and patients alike. Medelita often refers to embroidery as, “the closest thing to wearing a diploma”. It is because of this significance of wearing both name & title embroidery and the respective logo of a medical or dental specialty, that Medelita has made a commitment to provide the finest quality and craftsmanship as evidenced in every stitch that goes onto a Medelita garment.

Medelita continues to focus on their customer base. As per request by existing customers, the company has added several professional logos to their existing list which include: the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS), the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), the American Association of Endodontists (AAE), the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), the American College of Mohs Surgery (ACMS), the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA), the American College of Physicians (ACP), the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), Dental Caduceus, Veterinary Caduceus, American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA), the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), the society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (SDPA), and Texas Nurse Practitioners (TNP).

Many of the above professional organizations contacted Medelita directly to submit their logos. The organizations recognize a synergy with the quality and professional image that Medelita put forth, and thus selected the company as their preferred vendor for lab coats and scrubs. Medelita is honored to provide such services as well to offer a vast number of professional organization embroidery options.

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Medelita Offers a Professional Organization Logo Embroidery Option for Customers

Medelita®, a performance lab coat manufacturer for both men and women, is pleased to provide customers with the option of adding an embroidered Professional Organization Logo when purchasing lab coats and medical scrubs.

Medelita, a leader in online scrubs and lab coats, is honored to have affiliations with numerous professional organizations within the medical and dental industries, including the American Medical Women’s Association and the American Academy of Physician Assistants. Receiving approval to embroider such prestigious logos is indicative of the exceptional quality in craftsmanship and tremendous attention to detail, by Medelita.

Medelita founder, Lara Manchik, PA-C says, “We spend a tremendous amount of time and energy ensuring that every single inch of fabric, trim and finishing detail is perfect. But truly, when a new customer receives their first Medelita lab coat (or clinician scrubs), the very first thing they see is the embroidery. It is their mark of achievement, their symbol of dedication and professionalism that must be displayed with the utmost quality and attention to detail. That is our commitment to our customers and colleagues. We are excited to provide this additional service to our prestigious customer base.”

The embroidered logos are digitized in-house by the expert embroidery team at Medelita, and are stitched directly to the medical uniforms rather than being applied as a typical patch logo. For both custom logos and Professional Organization logos, Medelita embroidery exudes the very highest level of quality and professionalism while making a bold statement to patients and colleagues alike. Medelita often refers to their embroidery services as “the icing on the cake”, allowing medical professionals to display their titles and affiliations with pride and sophistication.

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New Report on Fighting Chronic Disease Examines the Importance of Non-Communicable Diseases in Global Health Care

In the first of a series of new reports, a coalition of pharmaceutical industry trade organizations outlines the serious burden that chronic diseases place on patients and global health care systems.“Fighting Chronic Disease: Importance of Non-communicable Diseases” is the first of four reports that look at this growing issue for patients and health care systems around the world.

The report was compiled by the European Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations, the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations, the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, and the Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers Association. Together, these organizations highlight the powerful role that public-private partnerships can play in mitigating the burden of chronic disease. Non-communicable diseases like stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and cancers can often strain global health care resources, and targeting the main risk factors of these conditions can significantly reduce the burden of these diseases worldwide.

Most NCDs are preventable because they are caused by modifiable risk factors, which include poor diet, lack of physical activity and tobacco use. Every year, more than 5 million people die because of direct tobacco use and 2.8 million die from being overweight or obese. High cholesterol accounts for 2.6 million deaths and 7.5 million die because of elevated blood pressure. Individually, chronic disease lowers quality of life for those affected, causes premature deaths and negatively impacts the economic solvency of families, communities and nations. Interventions that focus on better diet, increased physical activity and access to vaccines have been proven to decrease the incidence of chronic disease and improve quality of life.

The pharmaceutical industry has long recognized the economic and social burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and has been working with governments, health care providers, patients groups and other stakeholders as an active solution partner in lessening this burden. The industry promotes and supports health prevention and promotion strategies and patient-centered approaches to managing chronic conditions and their risk factors. At the same time the global biopharmaceutical industry leads the search for new cures and the research and development of new medicines to treat or prevent non-communicable diseases. There are currently thousands of medicines either in clinical trials or awaiting approval to treat NCDs. The great challenge in preventing and controlling NCDs on a global scale is finding patient-centered solutions that reduce the burden on global health care services by promoting individual healthy lifestyles.

The R&D-based pharmaceutical industry works to improve the health and quality of life of all patients, and is committed to continuing partnerships that tackle these complex issues including extensive investment in R&D programs dedicated to the development of new NCD preventative and treatment products. Both prevention and treatment play an important role in addressing the problem of non-communicable diseases.

The full report is available at…

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Will the Catholic Church & the U.S. Courts Embrace Advanced Cell Technologies “Embryo-Safe” Technique Using Embryonic Stem Cells?

Advanced Cell Technology with laboratory facilities in Marlborough Massachusetts has pioneered a solution to the ethical, moral & legal debate raging in regards to protection of a human embryo. ACT has developed the “single-blastomere” technique. Patent Number 7,893,315 a non-destructive alternative for deriving human embryonic stem cell (hESC) lines.

This achievement in Regenerative medicine is a ground breaking feat for both Catholic and U.S. law.
• The 1995 encyclical The Gospel of Life, of which Pope John Paul II wrote: “Human embryos obtained in vitro are human beings and are subjects with rights; their dignity and right to life must be respected from the first moment of their existence. It is immoral to produce human embryos destined to be exploited as disposable ‘biological material'” (1,5 )
• The Dickey Amendment (also known as the Dickey-Wicker Amendment) is the name of an appropriation bill rider attached to a bill passed by United States Congress in 1995, and signed by former President Bill Clinton, which prohibits the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) from using appropriated funds for the creation of human embryos for research purposes or for research in which human embryos are destroyed.

The single-blastomere technology uses a one-cell biopsy approach similar to pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), which is widely used in the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process and does not interfere with the embryo’s developmental potential. The stem cells generated using this approach are healthy, completely normal, and differentiate into all the cell types of the human The safety record for one-cell biopsy as part of PGD now has a 15-year track record, and is carried out routinely as part of IVF processes around the world. ACT’s technique of protecting the human embryo from harm can be expounded to the smallest blood transfusion in the world. As does a human being give millions of blood cells in a pint of blood so does ACT’s “single blastomere” process take but “one cell” from a 2 day old embryo. As the blood removed from a human donor “regenerate” the removed pint of blood so does the human embryo “regenerate” the one cell. Both of these procedures leave the human body & two day old embryo healthy. Both procedures are similar in that they both provide life saving material to those whom need them most to due to disease and other aliments of a medical nature.

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Global Health Progress Releases Non-Communicable Diseases Partnerships and Programs List

Global Health Progress compiled a list of non-communicable disease treatment programs from around the world, highlighting partnerships to address cancer treatment, diabetes care, epilepsy programs and more. The programs, sponsored by leading companies like Astra Zeneca, Abbott, Novo Nordisk, and Bayer Healthcare, aim to increase awareness of non-communicable diseases in the developing world.

“Our goal in creating this list is to bring awareness to these companies who work so hard at fighting diseases in developing countries,” explains Mark Grayson, Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs at PhRMA and key developer in the Global Health Progress initiative. “Non-communicable diseases are the leading killer in many of these countries, and without the help of these programs they would continue to increase.”

Global Health Progress works with partner groups to encourage and sustain funding for the research and development of healthcare in developing nations. Improving health care systems and access to medicines, especially in the developing world, requires multifaceted approaches and solutions. Research-based biopharmaceutical companies are active partners in some of the largest and boldest health initiatives that explore new and effective ways to provide treatment, care and education to millions of people in developing countries.

Read the full list of non-communicable disease treatment programs here:

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Side by side comparison of Advanced Cell Technology & Geron Corporation

Regenerative medicine is a highly complicated and vastly misunderstood science. Investor Stem Cell is dedicated to bringing investors and stakeholders together in thoughtful discussion to educate and publicize the incredible advancements unfolding in the regenerative medicine sector. A quantum leap in health care is upon the world. Will you profit from this emerging sector & help bring cures to millions? Find out now what the street thinks at

Side by side comparison of Advanced Cell Technology & Geron Corporation:

Geron Corporation (NASDAQ:GERN), Approved by the FDA to use human embryonic stem cell (hESC) treatments to treat spinal cord injuries. The research Goliath is a well-funded machine employing the top minds in the world working on everything from mid-stage oncology trials to promising (hESC) drugs for spinal cord injuries, heart disease & cancer.

Snap shot of Goliath: Geron Corpoartion-(NASDAQ:GERN)-
• Seven oncology Phase 2 trials currently underway, and has several big Pharma joint venture agreements in oncology animal and human trials
• Five hESC areas of investigation underway. GRNOPC1 is the lead candidate. Geron destroys the human embryo through its (hESC) R&D, of which the company uses the blastocyst embryo formation at day five after fertilization from IVF clinics
• Cash, restricted cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities: $221,274.000.00
• Total operating expenses in 2010: $114,730,000.00
• 175 employees; over 100 hold PhD or MD degrees
• Geron Corporation was founded in 1990 and is based in Menlo Park, California
• Trades on the NASDAQ providing liquidity & large institutional investors
• Corporate financial statements:

Advanced Cell Technology not too long ago was the predominant leader in the field of regenerative medicine. It fell from that distinction in part due to executive management hubris and ultimately the credit crisis in mid-2008. ACT was able to resurrect itself from near bankruptcy in June 2008 and now has the distinction of holding two out of the three FDA approved (hESC) trials. ACT is led by a competent executive management team and employs several of the most predominant regenerative researcher(s) in the world.

Snap shot of David: Advanced Cell Technology-(OTC:ACTC)-
• Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cell Program is their lead program-(HESC) trials for both SMD/AMD are expected to start in week(s) Jules Stein Eye Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA ) will conduct the 2 (hESC) trials for Stargardt’s Macular Dystrophy (SMD) and Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
• Filed a European Clinical Trial Application for Phase 1/2 study using (hESC) to treat macular degeneration
• Issued a broad patent for hESC-derived RPE cells in China
• Seeking funding & joint venture partner for Myoblast program for the treatment of cardiovascular disease Phase 2 approved by the FDA
• Joint ventured with Korean medical giant CHA to form “Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine International” (SCRMI). This partnership expected to file an investigational new drug application (IND) with the FDA in Q-4 of this year. CHA biotech is waiting for final approval from the Korea Food and Drug Administration for (hESC) trial for AMD
• Issued patent on its “single-blastomere” technique. Patent Number 7,893,315 broadly covers ACT’s proprietary single-blastomere technology that provides a non-destructive alternative for deriving hESC lines. This “Embryo-Safe” one-cell biopsy approach similar to pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), which is widely used in the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process and does not interfere with the embryo’s developmental potential
• 22 full-time employees, six hold PhD or MD degrees-Formed in 1994, HQ in Menlo Park, California with laboratory facilities in Marlborough, MA
• Total operating expenses in 2010: $22,044,701
• Cash, restricted cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities: $34,889,409
• Trades on the OTC:BB ACTC is a Sarbanes–Oxley Act SEC reporter
• Corporate financial statements:

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The Harley Medical Group reports rise in procedure dubbed ‘The Cameron’

Thinning lips are common problem amongst 40-something successful men, such as PM David Cameron, as aging and stress take their toll by reducing collagen production, which is responsible for keeping lips full and youthful. But British men are not happy with the “thin upper lip” look, and according to the UK’s leading cosmetic injectable company, The Harley Medical Group, are opting for dermal filler procedures to boost top and bottom lips. The Group reports male lip enhancing treatments are up 17% for the first quarter year on year – a procedure which has been dubbed by practioners at the Group’s Harley Street clinic The Cameron.

Says Lisa Littlehales, Specialist Nurse Councellor at The Harley Medical Group:“Whilst there is no doubt that the PM’s lips have thinned, his thinning lips are less noticeable in many ways, as he had incredibly slim line lips with minimal lip arches to begin with, but thinning lips are a common problem for men of his age group. A full lip line is central to presenting a youthful appearance and once ageing sets in, thinning lips can be very aging. We have seen more and more men opt for treatment, booking in for 30 minute sessions to have their upper and bottom lips boosted with non permanent fillers. ”

Dubbed ‘The Cameron’, the lip filler treatment costs from £350 at The Harley Medical Group and requires topping up every 3- 6months to help to restore a youthful plumpness to the lips. The filler is administered in a series of small injections on each side of the lips over a half hour treatment time, giving natural, immediate results. There is no downtime to the treatment, making this the perfect treatment for 40-something busy men.

Liz Dale, Director at The Harley Medical Group adds: “Cosmetic treatments for men, such as lip fillers to help combat the effects of ageing, is a trend which has become increasingly popular across our 31 clinics, with men feeling more comfortable to book in for treatments and the idea of cosmetic injectable treatments for men becoming more acceptable than it was five years ago”.

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Obesity Solutions International Retains Three New Bariatric Surgeons

Obesity Solutions International, LLC adds three new bariatric surgeons to boost bariatric surgery services in Tijuana, Mexico. Three new physicians, Dr. Pablo Romero, Dr. Fernando Garcia and Dr. Alejandro Lopez, will join the staff of Obesity Solutions International in Tijuana, Mexico.

“With the addition of three new surgeons, our surgeons grow from four to seven; and we expand from offering surgeries in Monterrey, Mexico, Guadalajara, Mexico and Mexicali, Mexico to include Tijuana, Mexico,” the manager of Obesity Solutions International says. The new physicians will receive warm welcomes from, Dr. Fronseca, Dr. Zapata, Dr. Martin Lopez, and Dr. Jaime Romos-Kelly, the physicians Obesity Solutions International currently works with:

“As our staff, and cities we operate continue to expand, we are out-competing with our competitors in services offered. Not many companies can provide the flexibility of multiple cities with multiple doctors. We are truly a patient-focused business. And we will always stay that way,” the director adds.

New Bariatric Physicians in Tijuana, Mexico:

Dr. Pablo Romero is a general surgeon with high levels of experience in bariatric surgery. He is a medical doctor whose done extensive training in bariatrics. He’s studied at a myriad of Universities including UNAM Mexico City and University of California, San Diego. He formerly worked under Dr. Ariel Ortiz, a renown bariatric surgeon seen on the Dr. Phil Show. Along with his two Masters Degrees Dr. Romero has the technical skills and experience to provide excellent patient care in Tijuana, Mexico.

Dr. Fernando Garcia is a physician that specializes in bariatric surgery. Dr. Garcia has a wealth of experience in patient-care, as he has worked in numerous hospitals in Tijuana, Mexico. Currently, he is working for, or on-call to, four hospitals in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Garcia has advanced education, including courses in gastric sleeve, lap-band, laparascopic surgery and more. Combining his compassion for patients and his academic drive, makes Dr. Garica a well-respected bariatric surgeon.

Dr. Alejandro Lopez is a general surgeon, who is committed to advancing medicine. He is a member to four medical associations including, the Mexico Association of Endoscopic Surgery and Mexico College of Obesity Surgery. When Dr. Lopez is not working, or continuing his education, he is researching medicine and getting published in index magazines. His profound admiration for medicine, education and academia will serve him well in helping people lose weight.

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Underage Drinking Continues To Plague America

It’s no secret that many of America’s youth are looking for the quickest fix or high. Often times, they turn to a readily available substance found in many Americans’ homes: alcohol.

Statistics show that by age 18, 70% of teens have had one drink. While it’s true that, when teens do drink, they drink less often than adults; however, when drinking they tend to drink more than adults: approximately 5 drinks on a single occasion.

In addition, research indicates that 40% of adults who started drinking before age 15 say that they have the signs of alcohol dependence, four times higher than for adults who delayed drinking until after 21 years old.

“Underage drinking is a continuing and growing problem in America and is one that is hard fought on many fronts,” begins a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center . “Programs such as DARE and other school-based education programs go a long way in getting the message out about the dangers of underage drinking. With continued effort, we believe that we can decrease the underage drinking statistics and give renewed hope for the future of America.”

Underage drinking is a major contributor to deaths among those under 21 years old. 5,000 people under 21 die as a result of underage drinking annually – approximately 2,000 from motor vehicle crashes, 1,600 from homicides, 300 from suicides and hundreds more from other injuries.

If you know or suspect that your teen or minor has a problem with alcohol, Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center offers professional intervention services to assist you in getting them the help that they need to recover. For the past 13 years, Mountainside has established itself as an innovator within the addiction treatment field, and the treatment modalities Mountainside utilizes are regarded as among the most cutting-edge approaches in helping individuals to get, and to remain, sober.

The compassionate, caring treatment team at Mountainside is comprised of licensed and certified counselors and social workers as well as a Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Nurse, both of whom have specialization and extensive experience in drug addiction and alcohol treatment. For clients who may have psychiatric issues and/or a dual diagnosis, Mountainside provides the services of a Psychiatrist who also has specialization in addictions. As a result of their unique, innovative approaches to addiction treatment over the past 13 years, Mountainside has become the model for the addiction treatment field.

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From Universal HIV Testing to HIV Cure

People involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS will gather in Marseille, France, May 23-25, 2012 for an international AIDS Conference under the theme: ‘From Universal HIV Testing to HIV Cure’.

The ISHEID (International Symposium on HIV & Emerging Infectious Diseases) is a major scientific event attracting doctors, biologists, researchers, patients’ representatives and policy makers from all around the world. Its next edition, to be held just more than one year ahead, will focus on recent developments against this pandemic.

Despite major advances in antiretroviral therapy, HIV still infects daily 2,000 new individuals and kills 2 millions each year. Current treatments are life-long with problems of compliance, resistance, toxicity, access, and cost.

‘There are advances both in the area of prevention, testing and potential cure’ told Alain Lafeuillade, a French Doctor involved in the organization of the conference. ‘Our driving force is to draw to the conference the best experts in the world for each program theme’. Antiretroviral treatment as prevention (or pre-exposure prophylaxis) will be debated with the pros and cons. Human rights and access to HIV care will be the focus of en entire session. Current issues in antiretroviral therapy management will be discussed during 2 sessions. Finally, the best American experts in the field of HIV reservoirs and eradication research will present their latest discoveries in the search for a cure.

The international Steering Committee will actively build a program the most exciting possible in the forthcoming months. Meanwhile, interviews of renowned experts are regularly published on the meeting website:

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