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Leading Veterinary Group with over 70 Vets in London Releases New YouTube Video

The Goddard Veterinary Group consists of over 70 vets in London, three dedicated veterinary hospitals and a wealth of other services to provide dedicated care for clients and their pets. Their new YouTube video showcases their practice and friendly staff. Goddard Veterinary Group started with just two practices in East London in 1952, fast forward 61 years to the release of their “Vets in London” YouTube video, they now boast 47 surgeries including three veterinary hospitals, as well as a pathology laboratory, a hydrotherapy unit, boarding kennels and cattery.

Regional Manager and Head Vet, Jeremy Stewart explains, “Here at the Goddard Veterinary Group, we’re very lucky. We’ve been a practice running for the last sixty years and we are a successful practice. That enables us to have the financial ability to reinvest and that is investing in the hospitals, in the branches, in the staff that we employ, enabling us to provide the best level of clinical care that we can for our patients.”

What started as a family run business in 1952 has expanded and grown over the years. The practice is still privately owned and is managed and staffed by a caring, hard-working and dedicated team. Julie Driscoll, the Head Receptionist at one of their practices says, “I like the fact that it’s a small family run business that although it’s grown as a whole, it still retains that individual feel.”

Their YouTube video showcases their Wanstead Veterinary Hospital, which was the first of three hospitals to be established by the Goddard Veterinary Group. Each hospital supports their local veterinary surgeries and they are open all year round, 24 hours a day. Jeremy Robinson, the Goddard Veterinary Group’s General Manager says, “Each surgery is fully equipped with surgical facilities and offers a personal, friendly yet professional service. Our network of branches is fully supported by our veterinary hospitals. These offer specialist referrals, as well as being open 24 hours a day.”

The referrals are available to all Goddard Veterinary Group practices and all other vets in London via a veterinary surgeon. They offer referrals in neurology, dermatology, ophthalmology and diagnostic imagining. Each of their referral disciplines have an RCVS or European Recognised Specialist. Tom Flynn, the Clinical Director says, “We have several Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons specialists and diplomats in a wide variety of disciplines and that gives us the ability to offer the highest level of expertise.” Goddard Veterinary Group also benefits from a veterinary physiotherapist, who is based at Stone Lion Hospital.

The Goddard Veterinary Group are dedicated to giving their clients and pets the highest level of care possible and so offer training courses to all of the vets that they employ. “As a vet at Goddard Veterinary Group, I feel it’s a great place to work. It gives me the opportunities to further my career. I’ve had numerous training courses and it means I can provide a high level of care to my clients and to my pets that I see.” says Ruth Gloster, a Branch Surgery Vet from their Putney practice.

Tom Flynn adds, “We recognise that each pet is a unique individual and a really important member of the family. Working with our vets in London, we can form the best plan possible to keep that pet as healthy as possible for as long as possible.”

To find out more information, watch their YouTube video here, or visit their website at

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Blue Water Spa, a Raleigh NC Spa and Laser Hair Removal Center Donates $107,000.00 to Boys and Girls Clubs of Wake County

Blue Water Spa, a Raleigh laser hair removal center, donates $108,000 to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wake County. Kile Law, president and founder of Blue Water Spa in Raleigh, NC attributes the donations to the loyalty and generosity of the clients and staff at Blue Water Spa.

“The Boys and Girls Clubs is an amazing organization. They need support of the community to continue their wonderful work,” says Kile Law. “We are a small business, but I know when we work together Blue Water Spa clients can do great things. The average donation was $37.11, but we all gave together to reach $100,000.00.” Blue Water Spa raised money by offering spa and laser hair removal in Raleigh at a redued price for people who donate to charity.

Blue Water Spa has been voted best medical spa in America for three consecutive years by American Spa Magazine. Raleigh Spa Specials at Blue Water Spa provide an opportunity for people who serve the community and/or donate time or funds to charity to receive luxury spa treatments at reduced prices. Blue Water Spa is the top provider of Botox and Juvederm in the Raleigh area and was recently designated an Allergan Black Diamond Provider. In 2011 Blue Water Spa supported over 120 local charities and non-profits. Blue Water Spa has donated more than 150,000 pounds of food to the Interfaith Food Shuttle of NC.

The North Raleigh spa provides luxury spa services in a beautiful lush atmosphere. Blue Water Spa laser center provides laser hair removal, laser skin tightening and laser vein therapy.

Kile Law is president and founder of Blue Water Spa, Kile has been recognized as Humanitarian of the Year in the Aesthetics industry by Aesthetics International. Under Kile Law’s leadership, Blue Water Spa has been voted best place to work in the Triangle by the Triangle Business Journal. Kile Law leads the spa’s philanthropic endeavors. In 2010 she was recognized by the Interfaith Food Shuttle of NC for a gift of 100,000 pounds of food to the Interfaith Food Shuttle.

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Housing Market Crash and Rising Medical Costs, Is There A Connection?

As millions of American homeowners know, the housing market crash was fueled by inflated home values and bank loans that were high above the equity or actual value of “underwater” homes. According to Trisha Lotzer, JD., health-care attorney and CEO of Physis, Inc., a similar threat for banks, borrowers and owners of many of the nation’s medical, dental, optometry and veterinary practices must be averted.

Like residential real estate, medical practices may be marketed and sold by brokers. Brokers in the business of selling medical practices commonly charge 7-12% commission. The commission alone can add $80,000 to $2,000,000 to the purchase price, depending on the size of the facility–and drive up the bank note accordingly.

Like real estate agents, the job of the practice broker is to get the seller the highest selling price possible. Unlike real estate agents, however, brokers are often the only ones who value the practices they have for sale–giving them a built in incentive to inflate the value of practices and increase their commission. Ross Landreth, MBA, explains that the problem occurs when a practice is arbitrarily valued, purchased and financed at $1,500,000, but only has an actual fair market value (per USPAP approved valuation standards) of $850,000. This could mean that the practice does not cash-flow at $1,500,00 and that the new purchasers would have to raise the price of services in order to maintain profitability and pay back the bank note. This increase in the cost of health care does not increase the earnings of the practice owners or physicians but is passed along to patients and insurance providers.

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More Healthcare press releases Creates New Social Genre With Best Of Expert Pet Advice And Networking

Not only are there social networking websites for humans, but now allows pet owners use networks for discussing their pets, post pictures as well as bits of information on favorite pet quirks and behavior. For news related to pet health, healthy pet lifestyles, and places to find other pets that may want to set up play dates, has everything for one to spend hours of reading and browsing their articles and pictures of other pets set up for pet social networking.

Assembling advice from some of the industry’s most knowledgeable experts, the website features many articles that revolve around keeping pets healthy in both physical being, as well as emotion. A healthy pet leads to one of the most rewarding relationships between him and the owner, and shares many different tips and opinions on ways to achieve this quality lifestyle. While there may be a need for canine teeth cleaning tips or recipes for healthy pet food, the website gives its readers the most up to date and informative articles possible.

More interestingly, offers a pet symptoms checker for many breeds. Those with dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, rodents, reptiles, and birds can quickly check using the tool to help narrow down what the problem may be. This can become a lifesaving tool, allowing the owner to make a quick decision regarding their pets care.

If a pet owner has a question that has not been covered in the extensive article directory, ask advice from “expert pet trainer” tool helps get a quick answer related to pet behavior, pet health, or care. The questioner can choose to be notified by email when an expert has answered the question.

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Pet Owners Save a Trip to the Animal Clinic and Find Pet Meds Online

Pet owners find themselves as contented as their cats and dogs with more time in their afternoon as they save a trip to the vet. As more and more consumers turn to the online community to find what they need, pet lovers find all their petmeds needs on the web. No longer do they have to make an extra trip to the pet clinic or pet store to find Frontline, Heartgard, Sentinel or any other pet need because they can get it just as easily on the Internet, never leaving their house or the company of their pet. All pet medications are USDA/EPA approved and exactly what they’d expect to find in a vet’s office or pet store.

The Internet creates convenience for everyone, including owners of animals who may find it difficult to work their animal’s needs for pet meds in with their busy schedules. Why should pet owners have to travel to meet the health needs of their pets when the Internet provides every pet medication conveniently at the fingertips? Online pet stores are only as far away as the nearest computer. More and more pet owners realize that the convenience of online pet supply outlets can ease a schedule and provide more time in the day.

The health needs of pets can vary widely and get considerably expensive. With online petmeds, all forms of pet medicine and treatments are available in one location at prices that are considerably lower than a pet shop or vet clinic. The online store saves money by having less real estate and employee expenses to contend with. These savings can then be passed onto the pet owner through lower prices. Not only can pet lovers find everything they need for their pets easier, but the pet meds also tend to be less expensive.

Shipping costs have deterred some potential online shoppers, but many online stores get around this by offering reduced or free shipping. At Petmeds, for example, shipping on all orders over $39 is completely free, adding to the savings with reduced overhead.

About the Author:

Sam Sheppard is a long time pet owner and blogger who finds it hard to find time in his schedule to get all his pet meds for the animals he loves. With online petmeds, Sheppard finds more time not only for writing but for quality lap time for all his furry friends as well.

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An International Panel Of Physicians Reports About A Special Way Of Healing On The Spiritual Path

An extraordinary series of lectures will be held in Fairfax, VA (near Washington, DC) and Los Angeles, CA in May, 2009. Seven Medical specialists from four countries will report about a free special way of healing for everyone. Medical doctors, veterinarians and psychologists from Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa have formed the Medical Scientific Group of Specialists (MWF). The task of this group, which belongs to the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends, is to record and verify healings the spiritual way. A compilation of more than 200 concise healing reports can be found on our web site: under the link Healings.

The international panel of physicians includes:

G. Blaettner, M.D., Germany,Board Cert. ENT
M. Galante, M.D., USA
L. Colizoli, M.D., USA, Board Cert. Psych.
K. Winchester, M.D.,USA Board Cert., Opthal.
Prof. G. Beketova, M.D., Ph.D., Ukraine, Board Cert. Pediatrics, Prof.Univ. of Kiev
R. Friewald, M.D., D.V.M., Germany
F. Gringinger, M.D., D.O., Austria, Board Cert. Family Prac.
R. Leo, USA

They will speak about their experiences on the following dates.

Saturday, May 2, 2009 at 3 – 7 pm 
(incl. 30 min. break):

George Mason University, 
Fairfax Campus
Lecture Hall, Room 1
4400 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030
Contact: Mrs. Heidi Gewehr at 571-313-0267 or
*Sunday, May 3, 2009 ~ 3 -7 pm 
(incl. 30 min. break)*:

Anderson School of Management, UCLA 
(park in structure 4)
Korn Convocation Hall – C Building 
110 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Contact: Chris Runge at 323.394.4691 or

During these lectures, physicians will talk about persons who have experienced healing and freedom from long lasting, severe and chronic diseases in a miraculous way. Medical documents will be presented; the experts will explain the intricacies of a superior healing power that has been widely forgotten in modern medicine. The teachings of Bruno Groening (1906-1959), who became world famous due to extraordinary healings in the fifties, are taken as a basis for the lectures. Bruno Groening said time and again: “There is no incurable – God is the greatest physician”. He spoke about a higher power that he called the healing stream, life power or divine energy. This power is abundantly available for everyone. The knowledge about how to make use of this power is passed on free of charge in the worldwide non-profit, volunteer based organization of the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends.

The work of the MWF is supported by some well-known people in the United States, e.g. Dr. Christiane Northrup and Dr. Carl Simonton. Link to information online:

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