Laser Treatment For The Removal Of Scarring, Caused By Tattoo Removal, Proves Almost As Popular As Botox

TA-TA-TATTOO: Laser treatment for the removal of scarring, caused by tattoo removal, proves almost as popular as Botox at the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery provider, The Harley Medical Group.

With a high number of celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Peter Andre, Megan Fox, Kelly Osbourne and Eva Longoria, recently having tattoos removed, bookings for the removal of tattoo scars have risen by 30% at The Harley Medical Group, making the treatment almost as popular at Botox.*

The removal of tattoo scars is treated using the FDA approved laser treatment, exclusive to The Harley Medical Group, which is proven to reduce the appearance of scarring by up to 75%. With such a significant increase in bookings for tattoo scar removal, the treatment has been dubbed the ‘Ta-Ta- Tattoo’ by staff across the Group’s 31 clinics in the UK and Ireland.

Lisa Littlehales, Lead Nurse Counsellor at The Harley Medical Group, says: “The most common reasons for the removal of tattoos, is a new phase in life such as a change in relationship, or a new job, as seen with tattoo removal on celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox and Eva Longoria. The removal process can often result in scarring, leaving the memory of the tattoo visible and so defeating the point of the removal for the patient.
With a recommended course of four, the treatment uses fractional laser technology to break down scar tissue and generate new healthy tissue. The result permanently reduces the appearance of the scar, by producing smoother, more even skin that is lighter in colour.”

*Year-on-year bookings

1. Wrists
2. Back
3. Ankles
4. Feet
5. Arms

Says Jenny Taylor, patient at The Harley Medical Group: “I had a tattoo when I was younger that I loved, but 20 years later it just wasn’t ‘me’ anymore and I was really keen to get it removed. After having the tattoo removed, I was left with a scar which meant that I still had a mark on my body that I didn’t want. After having laser treatment at The Harley Medical Group, I’m really pleased with the results – the scarring has almost completely disappeared and I can now move on with a new phase in my life, without my tattoo, or any memory of it.”

The fractional laser treatment for the removal of scars, is exclusive to The Harley Medical Group and can also be used to remove stretchmarks.

Scar Removal Treatment cost:
The Harley Medical Group recommends a course of four treatments for the best results
+ £250 for one treatment
+ £950 for a recommended course of four

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Forza To Build New Factory In Kent

Forza has announced that plans have been drawn up for the building of a new factory in Kent.

The factory will be using the latest technology and machinery to ensure consistency within the manufacturing processes of Forza’s health supplement products, including slimming pills. All of the company’s ingredients are blended for over 24 hours to ensure that each and every capsule is identical. More of Forza’s products will have branded capsules so that the customer understands that from purchase to consumption, Forza is looking out for them.

Matt Morgan CEO, Forza Group Ltd, said: “Forza is delighted to announce that we will open a new cutting-edge facility in Kent. All of our products are made to GMP standards and our customers can continue to expect the very best weight loss and wellbeing products from Forza. As one of the fastest-growing health supplement companies in the UK, this news is further evidence of our continuing success.”

Kent was an obvious choice for the company when deciding on the location for the new factory due to it being a transport hub. Forza has a growing customer base in Germany and being close to the ports means that its deliveries can arrive faster than if they were dispatched from any other part of the country. In addition, Forza’s directors have been able to make much better use of the Eurostar and Le Shuttle services for meetings in northern Europe, allowing the brand to expand into new markets.

The factory is the latest investment Forza has made into its services and follows the opening of a new Fulfilment Centre in Ashford, Kent. The Centre operates solely to distribute Forza products to retail and trade customers in the UK and Europe. With this new facility the company is able to handle the growing number of packages that are being dispatched daily. From its old Fulfilment office, it could handle 350 packages a day but now that Forza sell trade packs and the retail demand has increased the company is committed to continuous reinvesting in its infrastructure.

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Liberate Cosmetic Surgery Aims To Highlight Cosmetic Surgeryindustry Issues

Liberate Cosmetic Surgery hopes to raise awareness of some of the most important issues surrounding health, beauty and confidence within the cosmetic surgery industry through the launch of a series of new initiatives.

In addition to their on-going activity on the subject, such as question and answer sessions, conferences and reports on research, the company are launching some exciting new initiatives online, that it hopes people from all over the UK will take part in.

These include “Cosmetic Surgery Undercover” videos, which highlight the issues cosmetic surgery customers can face; a “Health vs. Beauty Questionnaire”, which aims to discover how the public really feel about cosmetic surgery for women; Video question and answer sessions with top UK surgeons, and spa and beauty themed prize draws.

The ‘Undercover Cosmetic Surgery’ videos will be available on YouTube, and the questionnaire will be available on the Liberate Cosmetic Surgery Facebook page. Visitors to the page who fill in the questionnaire will be in the running for the spa giveaway, closing date 7th November 2011.

Graham Offer of Liberate Cosmetic Surgery said: “Liberate are dedicated to better informing people about the risks and issues surrounding cosmetic surgery. We are delighted to be launching our Cosmetic Surgery Undercover videos to help open the public’s eyes to what’s really going on in the cosmetic surgery industry.

“Through our videos, surveys and social media activity we hope to start discussions and truly reach out to the public.”

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Stanley Security Solutions At Healthcare Estates Stand No. F28

Stanley Security Solutions will be exhibiting at this year Healthcare Estates Conference & Exhibition in Manchester Central 1st – 2nd November, for the first time.

Stanley has many years’ experience in supplying the healthcare sector, including hospitals, nursing homes, residential care, secure hospitals and the mental health sector, delivering on-site communication and integrated security solutions for improved patient care and enhanced staff protection. These have included Guys and St Thomas’ Hospitals in London, Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow, University Hospital Birmingham and Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust.

Stanley will be displaying a range of its emergency messaging products for the healthcare sector at the show. When it comes to equipment and personnel safety systems, Stanley has a range of options tried and tested in healthcare premises nationwide, from critical messaging through a choice of paging systems, to lone worker protection services through critical equipment monitoring which immediately alerts you if an important piece of equipment breaks down.

Specific systems being demonstrated by Stanley at the exhibition include Paging and Staff Protection; the new Stanley Pace Pro call confirmation pager which allows calls to be acknowledged and tracked; Stanley’s Pace Wi-Fi mobile providing messaging, alarms, voice and video in one compact handset; Acoustic Monitoring linked to emergency messaging; Nurse Call; and the Stanley DECT digital cordless technology for mobile personnel.

In addition to emergency messaging, Stanley will be promoting its sophisticated security and fire systems at Healthcare Estates Conference & Exhibition. As you would expect from one of the UK’s premier security integrators, Stanley’s security offering includes intruder alarms, audio detection using Sonitrol® Audio Impact technology, video surveillance and access control. Alarm monitoring of all systems is provided using Stanley’s own state-of-the-art ProtectionNet Customer Service Centre, staffed around the clock with trained security professionals ready to handle any emergency.

Fire safety forms a major part of Stanley’s offering, with its regulatory compliant, rapid and reliable fire alarm systems providing early notification to protect life and property.

Stanley is able to provide this comprehensive range of safety and security services in single premises and across multiple locations in a seamless manner. The company’s eDataManager allows easy access to all alarm data from your designated PC, for a completely transparent approach.

To discover more about Stanley Security Solutions’ safety and security services, please go to stand no. F28 or contact Stanley on 01793 692401, or via

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New Atlanta Med Spa Offers $100 Off Laser Hair Removal

Atlanta is being graced by the presence of a new med spa that offers innovative technology in laser hair removal and medical weight loss. This week, Look Young Atlanta is celebrating their Grand Opening in style with a red-carpet event complete with a one time only giveaway.

What type of give away, you ask? Look Young Atlanta will be giving away about 100 coupons worth $100 off any laser hair removal service. This Thursday, October 20, 2011from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., the staff at Look Young Atlanta invite you to stop by, check in, and have a blast.

Guests will have the chance to tour the new spa while sipping cocktails and tasting light bites. Musical stylings by DJ Travis will get the party hoppin’, and keep it hoppin’.

The coupons will go towards the purchase of any laser hair removal service or package. Look Young Atlanta offers over 10 different package options for any part of your body, from uni-brows to feet.

Look Young Atlanta uses the best laser in the industry to achieve unbeatable results: the Cutera® CoolGlide. The CoolGlide technology actually cools the skin as it works, resulting in less blistering and damage to your skin. This laser can be used on even the lightest and darkest skin types.

Look Young Atlanta’s on site doctor, Dr. Jim Lingle, has more than 15 years of experience in hair removal, skin care, medical weight loss and anti-aging methods. The professionals at Look Young Atlanta want to make sure clients get exactly what they want with friendly and affordable service.

Owners Jodi Bell and Nathan Woodard-Persily excitedly await the grand opening, saying: “We are extremely pleased to be opening in Midtown and believe we’ll make a great addition to the community.”

For more information, visit or call 404-239-3911 to schedule an appointment.

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The Baby Boom Generation In Ireland Opts For Top Of The Ops In Cosmetic Surgery For 2011

With the average age of new mums now in their early 30s, The Harley Medical Group reports that post-baby surgery accounted for the most popular procedures at its Dublin Clinic in 2011. Post-baby surgery now accounts for 80% of abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) operations. The second most popular procedure with mothers is the mastopexy (Breast Uplift), with post-baby surgery accounting for an estimated 70% of all Breast Uplifts.Liposuction is now the second most performed surgical procedure for women, which has moved from third place this time last year with a 12% growth year on year.

Speaking about this trend, Liz Dale, of The Harley Medical Group, said: “The increased birth rate in Ireland over the past few years, coupled with the fact that the mums tend to be older these days (and many have more disposable income) means that once they have had their children, they are keen to get a little help in getting back to pre-baby shape.

“In the region of 80% of all our top three procedures in these areas are for women who cite wanting to get back their figures once they have had their children. Despite the economic climate we still find that people are willing to spend money on themselves and their confidence.”

Findings from patient data and enquiries reveal increase in demand as follows over the past 12 months:

The Harley Medical Group’s Top Procedures for Women in 2011:
1. Breast Augmentation (from €6110)
2. Liposuction (from €3730)
3. Abdominoplasty (from €7740)

For more information on The Harley Medical Group and the treatments they offer, or to organise a consultation, please call 1850 24 24 42 or visit online at

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Nightingales Care Coordinator Named as Finalist in 2011 Care Awards

A senior team member at specialist Home Care Warrington-based Nightingales has been selected as a finalist in the Great North West Care Awards 2011.

Janet Scarisbrick, who works as a care co-ordinator at Nightingales, has been selected as one of five finalists in The Home Coordinator Award category. Janet attended a judging day earlier this year at the Barceló Imperial Hotel in Blackpool where she was interviewed by a panel of judges and will now attend the regional awards night on Friday, October 8.

The awards, now in their third year, are designed to promote social care and the importance of supporting old and vulnerable people in society. At the same time the event serves to celebrate the successes of those individuals, teams and businesses which work so hard to make a positive impact in communities across the UK.

Janet said: “I was honoured to have been selected in the first place and now to have made it through to the final five is just amazing. I’m really looking forward to the awards ceremony – it will be a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded people and share ideas.”

Janet will join the other North West finalists for a champagne reception at Blackpool Tower this Saturday night. Guests will then enjoy a gourmet dinner before Coronation Street actress Sally Lindsay takes to the stage to present the evening’s winners with their awards.

Neil Fitzpatrick, business development and operations manager at Nightingales, added: “I am delighted for Janet that she has been shortlisted for this award, having dedicated her life to caring for others.”

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Great Ormond Street Hospital Supports Stem Cell Awareness Day

Great Ormond Street Hospital and its research partner, The Institute of Child Health at University College London (UCL), are supporting Stem Cell Awareness Day, with UCL promoting the event with the launch of a new YouTube video featuring Mr Paolo de Coppi and his colleagues.

Mr. de Coppi is Clinical Senior Lecturer in the Surgery Unit at The Institute of Child Health at UCL and carries out stem cell research at Great Ormond Street Hospital. It is hoped the research will result in stem cells being used to repair damaged organs. Mr de Coppi has looked for naturally occurring stem cells in amniotic fluid as a novel solution to some of the serious birth defects he sees. Around 40 per cent of patients at Great Ormond Street Hospital have some form of birth defect.

Mr de Coppi said: “As a surgeon I often see the devastating effects of multiple reconstructive operations aimed at replacing damaged organs. I have therefore focused my research interests on stem cells and tissue engineering, trying to find new ways to treat complex birth defects. I have identified stem cells in the amniotic fluid and found they have the ability to become many different types of cell. Our research aims to find ways of using these cells to repair and replace damaged tissues, so that babies are given the chance of a healthy life from the day they are born.

“The idea is we can create tissues in a test tube using a baby’s own cells, and then implant these at birth. We’re looking at repairing organs like intestines or windpipes. Grown from a child’s own cells, there should be no rejection of tissue.”

The video sees Mr. de Coppi discussing the work he and his colleagues carry out and offering insight into the latest developments relating to his stem cell research and the possibility of deriving cells from amniotic fluid. The full video can be viewed here:

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Reduction In Addiction Stigma Sought

The stigma attached to addiction is often a roadblock on the road to recovery for many addicted individuals. National Recovery Month, however, has worked to reduce this stigma through public awareness and education.

While there can be many factors that influence an individuals’ decision on whether or not to seek treatment for their addiction, one of the most prevalent deterring factors seems to be the stigma associated with being an addict and/or alcoholic.

“When most people think of addicts, the image of dirty crack houses may be the first image that comes to one’s mind,” begins a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center . “While the image can be an accurate one, for the most part, addicted individuals don’t fit that stereotype. Instead, they are ordinary people, just like us, with whom we come in contact on a regular basis. They are people who work at stores, office buildings and who have families. Unfortunately, the stereotype of the crack house addict has a tendency to further alienate an addicted individual from going into drug rehab thus perpetuating the cycle of drug and alcohol abuse. In order to reduce the social stigma of addiction, we have to be willing to confront the issue, educate the public on addiction as well as give individuals the additional tools necessary to combat the stigma of addiction. Until we can open up these avenues, the cycle of abuse will continue to rise.”

While addiction and substance abuse is a growing problem facing America, recovery is, indeed possible. If you or a loved one suspects that substance abuse or alcoholism is taking hold in your or their life, Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center can assist you in beginning the journey to recovery and living a life of sobriety.

Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center is a modern drug rehab facility that is skilled in serving a variety of clients with various addictions and in varying stages of addiction. The caring, compassionate team is made up of licensed and certified social workers and counselors who have extensive experience and specialty in the addiction treatment field. In addition, the staff includes a Nurse Practitioner, as well as a Registered Nurse, both of whom also have specializations and experience within the field of addiction treatment and alcohol rehab.

Mountainside also provides services for those individuals who come to them with dual diagnoses and require the services of a Psychiatrist to help conquer the unique challenges that dual diagnosis brings.

For the past 13 years, Mountainside has established itself as an innovator within the addiction treatment field, and the treatment modalities Mountainside utilizes are regarded as among the most cutting-edge approaches in helping individuals to get, and to remain, sober. As a result of their unique, innovative approaches to addiction treatment, Mountainside has become the model for the addiction treatment field.

The program, along with its professional addiction treatment team, have earned national recognition and resulted in Mountainside being invited to Washington by the White House to meet with the White House Drug Czar, John P. Walters, for an in-depth meeting on what makes its program so successful. These accolades did not go unnoticed within the addiction treatment field and resulted in the adoption by many throughout the country of a more holistic approach to drug addiction treatment.

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Biggest “Waist” Loss Challenge To Benefit Children’s Advocacy Center

GoAlity Fitness Center – Eric Su; Owner and head trainer of Goality Fitness Club in Wood Dale, Illinois announces today the Biggest “Waist” Loss Challenge fundraiser for The Children’s Advocacy Center.

“Look great for the holidays! Slim and Trim in 6 weeks. While you donate to a great cause”, Says Su. “We all need to help were we can – and this way you can help yourself while you help the kids”.

The challenge is open to all ages and skill levels, and incorporates GoAlity’s S.M.A.R.T. Fitness System, and TRX training which makes you look forward to the next class time.

The club is encouraging people to enter and to decide to make a change to live a healthier lifestyle. Awards will be given to the top three losers. Plus a corporate challenge – the corporate team member’s who brings in the most dollars of donations for the children’s center will receive one month FREE virtual Coaching from Eric Su.

This 6-week Waist Loss Challenge can be done away from Goality, however if you visit, Eric Su and his certified trainers will teach the participant to Lose the weight and Keep It OFF For Good!

An age appropriate fitness and nutrition program for kids to seniors, designed to improve strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. With the unique TRX workout system featured at the Goality Fitness Club – members work out learning how to tone and shape all the muscles in the body. What FUN! The workout is a safe and enjoyable’ but challenging, transformation to health. Plus- members can opt in for the GoAlity Challenge Text Support 630.447.3446 Text us with any questions or comments, and receive encouragement along the way!

This is the perfect time to get into shape for the holidays – Challenge your family members and friends – challenge your work associates! Help the Kids!

Official information packet includes the data and entry form at; WaistLossPacket.pdf

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The Harley Medical Group Reveals The British Profession Most Likely To Have Cosmetic Treatments

British celebrities with various professions, including chef Gordon Ramsay, TV presenter Kay Burley and fashion designer Victoria Beckham, all openly admit to having cosmetic treatments.

Inspired to reveal the professionals most likely to have treatments, The Harley Medical Group has found that it is actually those in the military who are most likely to have cosmetic treatments.

The Group conducted a survey across its 31 clinics in the UK and Ireland which revealed the military made up over 8% of bookings in the last six months, with patients choosing non-surgical treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers and surgeries such as otoplasty and gynaecomastia.

Top Five Professions Most Likely to Have Cosmetic Surgery
1. Military
2. Teachers
3. Policeman
4. City Workers
5. Hairdressers & Beauticians

Says Lisa Littlehales, Lead Nurse Counsellor at The Harley Medical Group: “Often patients who are in very active professions such as the military, opt for treatments as they feel they begin to look older than they feel, as their faces age more obviously than their bodies. Patients in the military profession also comment that playful banter in the mess encourages them to look into surgical options.

“Active celebrities such as Maria Sharapova, Mike Tindall, Jermain Jenas and Shane Warne, have all had cosmetic treatments. This type of patient is a great candidate for surgery, as they take regular exercise, generally eat healthily, don’t drink to excess or smoke and are in excellent health.”

The Harley Medical Group Patient and Army Corporal Danielle Hagget, 23, comments on her reasons behind having otoplasty: “I always hated my ears but after joining the army I began to notice them more, as I always have to wear my hair up, drawing even more attention to my ears. Being in a male oriented environment, there is often playful banter within my unit, although this is always a bit of fun, it also gave me the push I needed to go ahead with surgery and I decided to take the opportunity to save for my procedure while I was in Afghanistan. My surgery has given me a massive confidence boost, which has really helped my career – it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

For more information on surgical or non-surgical procedures please visit or call: 0800 085 4984

You can now follow The Harley Medical Group on Facebook

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