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Heavenly Spa Set to Follow Up the Success of their ‘Colonic Irrigation’ YouTube Video with a New Video Promoting their London Spa

Having already found success with their ‘Colonic Irrigation London & Colonic Irrigation Information’ YouTube Video, Heavenly Spa are Soon to Launch a New Video Showing the Many Other Treatments that their Central London Spa Offers.

Nine months after their colonic irrigation video’s release on YouTube and over 8,000 views later, Heavenly Spa are in the later stages of production for a new video that showcases their spa and the many treatments that they offer. Their idyllic spa is located just a short two minute walk from Paddington Underground Station in London, tucked away in a quiet, discreet mews.

“We offer our clients the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.” says Heavenly Spa owner Marlin Armstrong. “We are in such a great location what with Paddington being just two minutes away, but the lovely mews that we’re in allows our clients to be transported away from the hustle and bustle of London and into our calming retreat – we even have a dedicated relaxation room to allow our clients to unwind before and after their treatments.”

The spa and its fully trained beauty therapists are the leaders in colonic irrigation. “The spa is built on the ethos of “beauty starts from within” and our colonic treatment promotes complete well-being from the inside out” explains Marlin. Their treatment comes recommended by Elle Magazine who said their colonic hydrotherapy treatment was “A whole lot easier than previous experiences.”

Priding themselves on providing the client with the most discreet, unobtrusive and comfortable colonic irrigation possible, Heavenly Spa uses the most advanced and medically approved colonics system. “Once clients understand the process, they are able to relax and enjoy their colonic.” says Marlin.

Colonic hydrotherapy works by using warm, filtered water to loosen faecal matter and stimulate its release. “This process allows the bowel to hydrate, cleanse, detoxify and tone internally.” explains Marlin. “A colonic irrigation can result in reduced bloating and a stronger immune system. It can also be highly beneficial for those suffering with constipation and irritable bowel syndrome – though we do recommend a course of treatment if this is case.”

Their clients can either opt for a one off treatment, a course of treatments or colonic irrigation can form part of a bespoke well-being package, specifically designed to achieve clear, long lasting results for the client.

Heavenly Spa has many relaxation therapies and facilities, such as an exercise pool and gym, an infra red deep-heat absorption sauna and massage treatments. “Upon speaking with our clients and gauging what results they want, we can design a tailor-made treatment plan to get them to their goal and achieve long lasting results.” says Marlin.

With a new online video in the pipeline, Marlin hopes that viewers will be able to get a sense of their blissful spa. “Heavenly Spa is specially designed to amplify natural daylight and it is filled with purified air. Our colonic irrigation video does show our spa and its natural architecture and relaxing vibe. It has been such a success so we wanted to release another video that goes into more depth about the other treatments and therapies we offer here.”

To see their colonic irrigation video, follow this link or visit their website at

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Top Government Hospital for Stem Cell Treatments and Research Located in Beijing Launches English Website

The Stem Cell Transplantation Department at the General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces has launched an English version of its website for its ever-growing international patients seeking Stem cell treatments. The new user-friendly site reflects the department’s vision of readily available, authentic, and relevant information and aims to supply its online visitors with up-to-date information on the department’s current stem cell therapies and research programs.

The Stem Cell Transplantation Department Director Dr. Yihua An, PhD, says “Access to relevant, quality information is becoming more important for international patients, their physicians, and families. We have met the ever-increasing need for English language updates on our current research direction and practices and have developed a modern English website especially designed for a Western audience.”

The department is located at the General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces in Beijing – a top Level 3A military institution that integrates healthcare services, scientific research, and medical education.

The Stem cell department is active in the field of stem cell treatments and research. The department primary focus is on Stem cell treatment for Spinal Cord Injury and Brain Injury apart from central nervous system -related diseases like Cerebral palsy and Stroke.

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Makewell Meditour Helps Nigerian Family Find a Facility to Perform Rare Separation Surgery for Conjoined Twins

Makewell Meditour Ltd., a pioneer in India’s medical tourism industry lived up to its tagline – “Connecting you to good health” when it successfully organised the surgery that gave a new life to eight month old, co-joined Nigerian twins.

Makewell Meditour Helps Nigerian Family Find a Facility to Perform Rare Separation Surgery for Conjoined Twins

The eight-month-old twins shared a common gut from the duodenum to the end of the small intestine; along with having interconnected large intestines and blood vessels, the twin girls also shared a common liver and gall bladder. Understandably, the surgery to separate them was going to be an extremely complex one and to a large extent beyond the reach of their father, Emmanuel Adugbe who works in an ice cream factory and mother, Comfort Adugbe-, a housewife.

With the ratio of such occurrences being one in every 1, 00,000, the rarity and complexity of the surgery was not in their favour and the parents approached Makewell – an ISO certified company, in November 2009 to enquire about the medical facilities available in India. The team from Makewell realised that the success rate of such operations is only 30% and conducted a due diligence on what the best route would be while ensuring the comfort and peace of mind of the family with the progress they were making with their research.

Through the company’s networking with the best medical practices, leading healthcare institutions and doctors, most of whom have received overseas medical training and are widely acclaimed for their medical acumen; they ensured complete care of family’s medical procedures at a fraction of what it would cost anywhere.

After months of dedicated search, Makewell presented this case to the Narayana Hrudayalaya Woman and Child Institute, which agreed to conduct the complex surgery. Many surgeons who were part of this had operated on Lakshmi Tatma in 2007, born with her partially formed parasitic twin and had eight limbs. A team of 24 doctors operated on co-joined Nigerian twins, Peace and Patience Adugbe, and successfully separated them despite their complex internal anatomy.

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Winners Of The Cosmetic Surgery Competition Reveal Their Experiences With Their Cosmetic Surgery Treatments In Prague

Five UK ladies, winners of the UK Cosmetic Surgery Competition run by, underwent their chosen surgical treatments in Prague, Czech Republic.

Charlotte, Helen, Kathryn, Vicky and Clare shared a dream: that cosmetic plastic surgery would change their life for the better. Each of them had a different problem, impeding either their private life or their career opportunities.

Helen, 27, from Shelf Halifax said: “For me, the surgery was not necessarily just so that I could look pretty in clothes, but to close a chapter of my life that was very hard to deal with. At 14 years old, I was scouted by a model agency but put on four stone within the next year, so my hopes were dashed. I found being overweight to be very depressing and hard to deal with, and my saggy stomach was a constant reminder of those days. I felt like I was carrying a piece of someone else around with me and found it so frustrating that I couldn’t do anything to get rid of it after I had worked so hard to lose the weight.”

Life changed for Helen and her co-winners during May – June 2009 when they all underwent their chosen cosmetic surgeries. Tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, breast remodelling and breast enlargement were performed by leading Czech plastic surgeons: Tomas Dolezal M.D., Josef Kulhanek M.D., Karel Urban M.D., Roman Kufa M.D. and Libor Kment M.D.

“I really enjoyed the whole experience and I would recommend to anyone who is considering surgery to go for it. It really has changed my mind and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. The staff of the Esthe clinic was really helpful and I felt really looked after. Again „Thank you!“ for this fantastic opportunity and you have truly changed my life forever!” said Charlotte (22), a young mother from London. She had had two children at a very young age, which had completely ruined her breasts. The resultant loss of shape and too much of excess skin destroyed her confidence as a woman. In the end, it ruined her relationship with the father of her children and caused a deep depression and feelings of insecurity in starting a new relationship.

Pavel Hilbert, Chief Executive of said: “Breast enlargement surgery restored Charlotte‘s self-confidence. She is once again the happy young lady she used to be, enjoying life, her kids and a new relationship.” She is only one of the thousands of satisfied patients who have placed themselves into the skilled hands of Czech plastic surgeons. The Czech Republic, a centre of modern plastic surgery, numbers among countries with a low rate of MRSA infections compared to Great Britain, Ireland, USA or Japan, for example. Czech plastic surgeons are highly educated, trained, skilled and qualified. “We are happy we have helped five ladies achieve their dreams, allowing them to take advantage of the high-quality care and dedicated professional service of Czech plastic surgeons.” adds Hilbert

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Comparing Prices Of Breast Augmentation Abroad Online offers online tool to compare prices of breast augmentation abroad. The website is dedicated to offering comprehensive information on cosmetic plastic surgery. For one of the most popular procedures, breast enhancement, the website provides online list of price comparisons from 46 surgeons and more than 20 clinics, the chance to see average procedure prices from clinics in Breast Augmentation - Breast Implantsthree countries and more.

“Prices are the main reason why people go abroad for breast augmentation surgery,” says Pavel Hilbert, managing partner of “In this current economic crisis; we think more people will go abroad in order to see their cosmetic surgery dreams realized.”

“Our prices are averaged from the middle costs and don’t include the highest and lowest prices,” explains Hilbert. “This makes for a more accurate view and the visitor can see exactly what is included for each price.”

For example, on the portal you can learn that the prices for breast augmentation in the Czech Republic (average price around 1200 EUR) are about 30% lower than in Poland (average price around 2500 EUR); while in Croatia (average price around 3200 EUR) they are more than twice as high as in the Czech Republic. The same goes for Germany where prices are also approximately twice as high. But Hilbert cautions not to make your decision based on price alone. He says the most expensive doesn’t mean the best; while the cheapest doesn’t mean the worst; it all depends on the surgeon.

“Prices are affected by the type of implant used and doctors vary in which brands they prefer,” says Dr. Libor Kment from Esthé plastická chirurgie, a.s. “Costs can also vary due to the surgeon’s fee; number of days in hospital; the type of anesthesia used plus the consultation fee.”

Online comparison of breast augmentation prices at makes it possible for consumers to do their research online before making any major decision regarding breast enhancement. provides information about cosmetic plastic surgery abroad and presents it to the general public in Czech, English, German, Russian and more languages.

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Almost 1000 Breast Augmentation Before/After Photos Online, which provides information about cosmetic plastic surgery abroad, believes before/after photos are an important tool when making a decision on which surgeon to trust for your breast augmentation procedure. The website currently provides one of the largest breast augmentation before/after photo banks on the web. Almost 1000 before and after breast augmentation pictures from many doctors can be found at

Pavel Hilbert, managing partner of, an information portal about cosmetic Breast Augmentation - Breast Implantsplastic surgery abroad, says some doctors prefer not to put photos of their work online in order to avoid promoting plastic surgery to youth. In some places, like Germany, it is illegal to show before/after photos until you have been contacted by a potential client.

“Most patients want to see photos and base their decision to contact a particular surgeon on their photo results,” says Hilbert. “Many doctors however think it’s more of a marketing tool and not exactly representative of a surgeon’s work as, of course, they’ll only publish their best samples.”

And what about the unrealistic expectations that so many cosmetic plastic surgeons have to contend with? The results of breast augmentation depend a lot on a body type; and wanting to replicate the look in a beautiful photo may not always be possible.

The purpose of the breast augmentation before/after photos at is to offer visitors another tool for their research. Use it, but don’t forget to take all potential surgery issues under consideration. provides information about cosmetic plastic surgery abroad and presents it to the general public in Czech, English, German, Russian and more languages.

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More Parents Travelling For Child Surgery

Traveling out of state or country for medical treatment, commonly referred to as medical tourism, is now catching on with parents seeking specialized surgeries for their children. 

In the last few years, parents f r o m around the world have flocked to the United States for specialized pediatric surgeries. And American parents have sought help in countries with nationalized healthcare or more affordable surgeries, such as India. But as with all surgical procedures and practices, experts are advising caution. 

Dr. Armen Ketchedjian, author of the book Will It Hurt? A Parent’s Practical Guide to Children’s Surgery, says that any parent looking for the best care for their child should place quality first, and that any decision made about surgery should be done with the advice and counsel of the child’s pediatrician. 

“Selecting a surgeon for a child can be a difficult process for parents,” says Dr. Ketch, as the author is known to his patients. “It’s a frightening thing to be told that your child needs surgery, and parents are sometimes slow to trust doctors to operate. So caution is a natural and advisable strategy.”

Hospitals like Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan, have adapted to the trend and deal with families f r o m around the world—200 f r o m Italy alone—who travel there to take advantage of the hospital’s specialized surgeries to restore vision in premature babies. 

For American parents, the journey often leads them to areas with American-trained doctors working for lower wages. “Unfortunately, the healthcare companies sometimes insist on very strict criteria for approving a surgery,” says Dr. Ketch. “It has changed the way pediatric surgeons practice medicine.”

Dr. Ketch hopes that his book will contribute to better parent education about pediatric surgery in general and recommends that parents who are considering traveling to see specialists keep the following guidelines in mind:

* Look for a surgeon who has training in the kind of surgery your child needs

* Find out in advance what type of facility your child will have to be in for the procedure

* If you have a choice between a medical center that specializes in pediatrics and one that does not, choose the one that specializes in pediatrics

* Look for a surgeon who has extensive experience

These tips and more are part of Dr. Ketch’s efforts to give parents some insight into the world of pediatric surgery. He says hopes that more parents will take advantage of resources like his to learn about their options before making a final decision about where to take their child for surgery. 

Will It Hurt? helps educate parents about pediatric surgery. It is an easy-to-read resource that will give parents, children and families the help and reassurance they need to make surgical experiences as stress-free as possible.

Listed in The Guide to America’s Top Anesthesiologists by the Consumer Research Council of America, Dr. Ketch trained at Cornell Medical Center, with a fellowship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and a pain management elective at Boston Children’s Hospital. He has also worked to help develop new techniques in ambulatory anesthesia, taught medical students and residents, and cared for more than 10,000 patients.

Dr. Ketch is also the author of the children’s book Golden Apples (winner of the 2008 Reviewer’s Choice Award), a beautifully illustrated book that aims to help educate children about the dangers of drug abuse. 

For more information, contact the author directly at

WARREN ENTERPRISES, LLC and author Dr. Armen G. Ketchedjian chose Arbor Books, Inc. ( to design and promote Will It Hurt? A Parent’s Practical Guide to Children’s Surgery. Arbor Books is an internationally renowned, full-service book design, ghostwriting and marketing firm. 

(Will It Hurt? A Parent’s Practical Guide to Children’s Surgery by Dr. Ketch; ISBN: 0-9815373-0-8; $14.95; 172 pages; 5½” x 8 ½”; softcover with illustrations; WARREN ENTERPRISES, LLC).

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