Anyware Group’s ROAM Helps Radiologists, Physicians And Managers Access Hospital Systems From Anywhere

With doctors spread across 4 rural counties, Memorial Medical Center of West Michigan has implemented AnyWare Group’s ROAM (Role Oriented Access Management) as the remote access platform to deliver their medical systems and applications, leading to more timely adherence to the hospital’s “sign-off” policy.

All hospitals depend on physicians and radiologists to promptly “sign-off” on patient records – but it is challenging to encourage and sustain compliance when physicians are spread out over a wide rural area like Western Michigan. With ROAM, healthcare providers can access internal hospital systems, check patient records and sign-off reports, from home or in a distant office, improving the effectiveness, and lifestyles, of physicians, administrators and IT staff – who might otherwise be forced to stay overtime in the hospital.

“A high level of complexity can discourage consistent adherence to the “sign-off” policy,” said Sue Luskin, IS Supervisor at MMCWM. “ROAM is so intuitive, it’s easy to use right away and our physicians and staff took to it immediately.”

Sue Luskin recently received an email sent by Lynn S. McCurdy, D.O., a radiologist. Dr. McCurdy wrote:

“I just used ROAM to sign 28 reports (which were not transcribed yet when I left the hospital at 7:30 last night). It worked beautifully; in fact, much more smoothly than when I was editing and signing reports in house (perhaps because both I and the transcriptionist were busily accessing the list). Next time I won’t stay late while the weather is deteriorating, knowing I can sign things from the safety of my home.”

Memorial Medical also chose ROAM because it is “clientless” – so specialists in distant cities can be provided with a secure personalized portal that restricts access to only the systems and information they need, based on role, within minutes. Rural hospitals often rely on larger urban hospitals for consultations from on-call specialists, especially in emergency situations. Remote access systems that take days to add a new user, or require a high level of technical support for end users, are not well suited for this situation.

“We recently heard from a consulting radiologist from a large urban hospital who had provided a diagnosis for one of our emergency patients,” said Sue Luskin. “He said that consulting to Memorial Medical was such a wonderful experience – that we could set him up with a new temporary user account immediately and, within minutes, he was reviewing images and dictating his diagnosis. He was very impressed with the ease with which ROAM had made records available.”

Prior to introducing ROAM, Memorial Medical provided access to their HIS through IPsec VPN, which required that IT staff either burn and mail out a CD or visit distant offices and homes to install a client on each of the personal computers belonging to authorized users on the network. It was very time consuming for IT staff and tends to act as a disincentive to granting remote access to new users.

“We at AnyWare Group are very excited to be working with Memorial Medical on this important initiative that truly highlights the unique capabilities of the ROAM Platform,” said Robert Lalonde, CEO of AnyWare Group Inc. “By providing authorized physicians, clinicians and managers with a single point of access to hospital systems and applications, ROAM is helping Memorial Medical improve the work life and efficiency of physicians and staff.”

About Memorial Medical Center of West Michigan
Headquartered in the town of Ludington, Michigan, an area known for its beautiful beaches, spectacular sunsets and numerous parks, Memorial Medical Center of West Michigan serves a community spread out over 4 rural counties, with over 500 employees, including those working in a satellite primary care facility in a neighboring county.

About AnyWare Group
AnyWare Group provides remote access solutions designed to meet the needs of hospitals and healthcare organizations. AnyWare Group’s award-winning ROAM Platform enables clientless remote access to all applications from any device (PCs and Macs) without requiring the management of users’ computers. Through the ROAM portal, organizations present all relevant applications to authorized users, when and where required.

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Addiction Treatment Can Change Your Life With The Right Treatment Facility

The current economical state of the country has been a stressful time for many individuals. A mounting pile of bills remains unpaid. Among that pile is a mortgage and a car payment with no end in sight for paying either. You can feel the financial pressure mounting on a daily basis. Just when you think it can not get worse, you receive notice at work that you are going to be laid off. All of these situations build up inside and are bound to create overwhelming feelings of never getting ahead or out f r o m under the financial strains in your world.

You quickly look for an outlet for the stress. It is all too common for that outlet to be alcohol. At first there is not a problem. You are just having a drink to relax and forget about the financial stress of life. Then one drink becomes two and before you even realize what has happened, you are an alcoholic with a drinking problem. By this point you have damaged relationships, broken promises to loved ones and your life has fallen into utter chaos. You need to seek out an alcohol rehab program but just the mere thought of that has you reaching for another drink.

Take a deep breath and remember that you are not alone. You need a treatment center that feels like home. You need a place where you will be seen as a person and not another statistic. Look no further than Drug Rehab Sunset Malibu. This is a revolutionary treatment center destined to change the way you and others in need of help receive alcohol treatment.

Drug Rehab Sunset Malibu understands the point that has brought you to their front door. They are here to help and promise to be by your side every step of the way. Drug Rehab Sunset Malibu sees you as a whole body person in need of help. There is more to you than just the alcohol addiction issue. You are a living, breathing person in need of help. Your treatment begins with a one-on-one session with a trained counselor to determine the best course of treatment for you. It will be designed for you and address the individual needs you have and provide steps to get you on the right road towards recovery.

Treatment programs offered at Drug Rehab Sunset Malibu are a mixture of traditional and holistic programs. On the holistic approach you will undergo an acupuncture session or spend an afternoon in equine therapy. You will find relaxation and begin the healing process through massage therapy. On the traditional approach, you will undergo the pains of detoxification as your body cleanses itself of the toxins in your system. You will attend individual and group therapy counseling sessions and receive relapse prevention tools for when you are once again part of the outside world.

Separately a holistic and traditional approach to alcohol treatment does offer a certain degree of success. Drug Rehab Sunset Malibu understands this and that is why the rehabilitation center approaches alcohol treatment in a mixture approach of holistic and traditional programs.

Drug Rehab Sunset Malibu is tucked away in a secluded part of California and offers its residents a soothing environment to face the demons and put addiction behind them once and for all. You will have a variety of amenities available such as personal trainers, botanical gardens and world class chefs ready to prepare delicious meals for you around the clock. More importantly you will be forming a life long support system of friends, counselors and other staff members who will be there in those moments of weakness in the outside world.

About Drug Rehab Sunset Malibu:

Drug Rehab Sunset Malibu is an addiction treatment facility located just outside Los Angeles that specializes in whole body drug and alcohol treatment programs. Holistic programs like equine therapy are combined with the traditional therapy approach to help an addict make a new lease on life.

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Find Drug Treatment Assistance At A Facility That Sees Past Your Addiction

Drug addiction builds slowly over time. It is only in the moments when an addict has hit rock bottom that the realization forms that there is a serious problem in the lifestyle choice.

Regardless of how it starts, at some point every addict will come crashing down and be forced to face the reality of what is taking place. Lives have been destroyed. Family relationship ties have become severed, seemingly forever. You have turned against loved ones who tried to bring you face to face with your drug problem. It is not because you do not love them but because you can not stand to hear the truth. It is a truth that you have known for sometime. Your outlook on life has severely slipped to the dark side.

Understand that you are not alone. An estimated 15 million Americans struggle with drugs at any given point on any given day and are in desperate need of a drug rehab program. You need to reach out and find that place where you will be treated as a person. You need that place where you will be more than a number on a page or a statistic on the evening news. You need that place where you can seek help before you become further consumed into the dark and dangerous world of drugs.

Drugrehabsunset Malibu stands ready to be that drug treatment facility that can help you turn your life back around. You will be greeted by staff members who understand that you are a whole person and that there is more to you than just an addiction. Treatment begins with you receiving an individualized treatment program geared towards your needs and your addiction. You will be presented with traditional treatment options like therapy sessions and relapse prevention. In addition to this you will also receive holistic treatments such as equine therapy and acupuncture.

Part of the traditional approach will entail a drug detoxification process. This will not be an easy task. Rest assured you are not alone and that someone will be with you through every step of detoxification. You will slowly begin to build strength and trust in yourself and in those around you. A support system of lifelong friends will be found in the staff members and other residents at Drugrehabsunset Malibu. These individuals will become your support family that you can call on in the weak moments of rehabilitation and the outside world.

Drugrehabsunset Malibu offers holistic and traditional treatment options in a calming environment that aids in addiction treatment. You will be treated to many of the comforts of home. Personal chefs are available in the kitchen to create culinary delights for you every day. You can stroll through the botanical garden or sit and listen to the ocean waves roll into shore. Take in an afternoon massage or workout session with a personal trainer.

Make no mistake about drug treatment at DrugrehabsunsetMalibu. While the accommodations and amenities may mirror that of a luxury hotel, the work is real and it is perhaps the hardest thing you will ever do in life. You will gain a personal sense of strength and endurance that you did not know existed before treatment. Your life will change. It will be hard at times but it will be rewarding. You will build skills and tools need to successfully face the outside world once again.

About DrugrehabsunsetMalibu:

DrugrehabsunsetMalibu drug treatment centers is located just outside Los Angeles ant specializes in whole body drug and alcohol treatment programs. Holistic programs like equine therapy are combined with the traditional therapy approach to help an addict make a new lease on life.

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Toronto Weight Loss Surgery Gives Patients A New Lease On Life

Personal weight issues are usually private battles fought behind closed doors. Common feelings of shame, fear and low self esteem felt by individuals waging war against weight issues often keeps them from seeking assistance from friends, family and medical professionals. All it takes is one comforting hand to step into the picture and help put an individual at ease.

One Bariatric Surgery center is working hard to be that helping hand. Using a laparoscopic band, Slimband’s skilled surgical team creates a smaller gastric pouch by encircling the upper portion of the client’s stomach. The band is then adjusted by filling it with a saline solution to achieve the correct restriction. This creates the ability for the client to feel full faster and require less food while still feeling satisfied. Because less food is being consumed by the client they begin to successfully lose weight. On average, clients will see up to a 48% weight loss within the first year following the medical procedure.

Weight loss is the key motivator for gastric banding surgery; however it also results in additional benefits, with clients experiencing improved health, a positive feeling of self-worth and increased energy levels. All of these factors lead to a client leading an overall higher quality of life; becoming more socially engaged, physically active and with lower health risks.

Laparoscopic gastric banding is a simple and safe medical procedure resulting in a highly effective solution to weight issues and obesity-related health risks. There are a number of clients who seek this medical procedure as a way to treat Type 2 diabetes, as it has been proven to reduce symptoms and, in some cases, even cure the disease.

Once a client has attended the complimentary consultation and is qualified for the procedure, they get access to the extensive pre-op support the clinic provides in preparation for their surgery. During the minimally-invasive laparoscopic surgery a small gastric band is placed around the upper portion of the stomach. An access port is placed underneath the abdomen wall that will allow medical staff to administer the saline solution for band adjustments.

While weight loss surgery of this type has become common practice in recent years, potential clients are advised to thoroughly research the credentials of a medical facility before undergoing the surgical procedure. While many treatment centers perform this operation, the Slimband clinic provides an unrivaled follow-up program with the expertise of a multi-disciplinary staff.

When a client books their procedure they also have access to the extensive post-operative support. The Slimband Support Program is specifically tailored to address the various needs of people struggling with obesity and weight loss. Their support staff provides knowledge and guidance in the areas of proper nutrition, psychological counseling, physical fitness and medical assistance. Because each of these follow-up treatments is included in the original procedure payment, no additional charges are incurred by the client.

The support program is offered at the Toronto Slimband clinic and outpatient arrangements can be made for long distance clients that live out of the area. Slimband also offers financing options for the surgery through a reputable medical procedure creditor.

Post-surgery clients learn to make better lifestyle changes by learning proper nutrition and how to make healthy meal choices when at home or dining out. Counseling programs guide clients in identifying triggers, creating goals for their new life and how to achieve them. Fitness experts encourage clients to include physical activities in their schedules and create customized fitness regimens in order to regain their self-confidence. Finally, the medical staff provides follow-up care to monitor the client’s progress, track the band’s restriction and fill levels as well as discuss any medical issues a client may be experiencing. The inclusive post-surgery follow-up care extends across a four-year period.

About Slimband 

Slimband is one of the largest and most respected toronto weight loss surgery and treatment centers in Canada. Slimband specializes in reversible laparoscopic weight loss surgery with a unique 4-year aftercare program that includes nutritional counseling, coaching, and fitness programs and fills adjustments.Clients benefit not only from safe, fast weight loss but also experience increased energy levels and the control or elimination of weight-aggrieved conditions like heart disease, high cholesterol, and type II diabetes. Slimband has helped more than 2,000 patients fulfill their dreams of looking and feeling their best.

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More Healthcare press releases Offers Free Membership To Online Forum

The popular website provides free forum access to individuals searching for relevant steroid information. The forum makes it easy to connect with like-minded people, learn more about the proper use of anabolic steroids, and discuss personal experiences with the different steroid products available on the market.

The Steroid Sources forum lets visitors communicate with other members of the site and participate in discussions on a wide range of topics. It’s the best place to discuss how and where to buy steroids, as well as a variety of different issues related to the use and abuse of performance-enhancing drugs.

In addition, the forum contains a large amount of information pertaining to specific products, including dianabol, anadrol, deca-durabolin, winstrol-v, and sustanon. Forum topics even provide registered members with insider information on steroid scammers, bodybuilding tips, diet and nutrition, and female-specific issues. provides relevant and objective information on the safe use of steroids, and features extensive resources and articles for those with previous experience using anabolic steroids and related products. The website also helps visitors learn how to find anabolic steroids for sale and buy steroids online.

Steroid use is a topic that is still up for debate in most circles, especially as it relates to sports performance and athletes. Although controversial in the world of sport, most anabolic steroid products are prescribed to treat a variety of different medical disorders, such as asthma and cancer.

As far as steroid use pertains to professional sports, the experts have not yet reached a consensus. Because steroid use in the sporting industry continues to increase, the debate may one day reach a final conclusion.

Currently, it’s illegal to buy steroids without a prescription. However, individuals with a prescription from their doctor are permitted to buy anabolic steroids for personal use. The Internet has made it easy to purchase the drugs you need from the comfort of your own home.

For more information about anabolic steroids, contact Steroid Sources or visit

About is a popular website that offers visitors interesting and relevant information, resources, and news on the topic of anabolic steroid. Thesite also provides a forum where like-minded individuals can meet to discuss issues, obtain advice, and swap personal experiences and stories or buy steroids.

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New Website Not Afraid To Tackle Big Issues offers visitors the latest news and educational articles on the topic of steroids. The site is the premier online destination for anyone interested in learning about the legal use of steroids, health issues, steroid scandals, bodybuilding, anabolic steroid products, and more.

A comprehensive source of information, the website is one of the best places on the Internet to access up-to-date news headlines, videos, and books on steroids and related topics. also provides trustworthy, in-depth reviews of steroids for sale, and a forum that allows visitors to share information, experiences, and views on steroids online.

Steroids have been big news in recent years, but it can be difficult to sort through all the information available online. Whether you want to read about steroid use in baseball, football, bodybuilding, boxing, or the Olympics, Steroid Sources has plenty of resources available on its website for free. Visitors can peruse a wide variety of different news items and articles to become more informed about the many issues surrounding the use – and abuse – of anabolic steroids.

The news blog is updated daily with new content, and it’s easy to find information related to a whole host of performance-enhancing drugs, including dianabol, anadrol, deca-durabolin, winstrol-v, and sustanon. All information on the website is for educational purposes, and is meant to inform consumers about the variety of options available on the market.

Steroid Sources also provides information on HGH (human growth hormone) and where to buy anabolic steroids once a doctor’s prescription has been obtained. The website has everything the individual needs to make informed decisions regarding the proper use of steroid products, whether they are purchased online or elsewhere.

Many people wrongly assume that buying steroids is not an easy task. Fortunately, there are many hassle-free ways to purchase anabolic steroids. With the right information and resources, it’s fairly simple to assess the different choices available to consumers and make appropriate decisions for your health goals.

For more information about anabolic steroids, contact Steroid Sources or visit

About is a popular website that offers visitors interesting and relevant information, resources, and news on the topic of buy anabolic steroids. The sitealso provides a forum where like-minded individuals can meet to discuss issues like buying steroids, obtain advice, andswap personal experiences and stories.

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Athletes Use Anabolic Steroids And Fall from Grace

Since the beginning of 2009 there have been athletes one after the other getting tested and busted for doping. The current trend in the use of anabolic steroids in sportsis continuing to be in the center of the spot light due to the media coverage surrounding it. Alex Rodriguez finally admitted to the use of steroids after months of speculation. Ken Shamrock of the UFC has been tested and found to have steroids in his system three times. Tony Mandarich, once touted as the best offensive lineman in the NFL comes clean after 20 years of denial. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson admitted recently that when he was younger that he used steroids.

Using anabolic steroids to get the competitive edge has been happening for over 50 years now. The recent onslaught of professional athletes being tested and showing steroid use is a testament to the need to continue to perform better than what is humanly possible. Sports figures are paid millions of dollars to make sure that they are always at the top of their game and are not given much leeway for any performance that is less than the best. The publicity that steroids are getting because of this is tremendous.

Although the publicity is negative, the message being sent to today’s youth is that using steroids is a must to achieve their dreams. While people will try to find steroids for sale through a “trusted source”, usinganabolic steroids without a prescription is illegal and can prove to be detrimental to the users’ health. is a website dedicated to educating people on the use of steroids; the information is unbiased, truthful and educates people about the positive and negative side of steroid use.

Lawrence Kreger of SteroidSources is quoted as saying “Not just for bodybuilders or athletes, but for individuals that have an interest in events surrounding anabolic steroids, is the ultimate source of information and knowledge. More than ever, whether we like it or not, anabolic steroids are now part of our culture.” Since Barry Bonds was questioned, to today, this statement is proving to be true. is an informational website that features forums for candid talk and questions, a blog that keeps you informed of steroids in the news and articles written about the use of steroids, the risks of trying to buy steroids online, books, videos, anda comprehensive list of known steroids with their uses, the forms they come in, and why someone may use them.

For questions or comments please refer to the contact page at

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Got Questions Regarding Anabolic Steroids – Has The Answers has launched a website to help consumers discern the good from the bad, and truths from the lies. With so many professional athletes coming under fire the last few years for steroid use, questions about anabolic steroids are getting asked and many are finding they do not have access to a trustworthy source. has news, blogs, forums, articles and also offers book and videos on the subject of steroid use and its users. wants to bring the body building community together to discuss the latest trends in fitness, health, and steroids. is a website dedicated to news and information about steroids. Updated with important breaking news regarding steroids and athletes who take them, medical uses for steroids, the benefit of steroid use in body-building, and the health hazards to using steroids as a performance enhancer, is the online information guide to steroids. has a forum for individuals with questions or information that can be posted to get the answers that are needed. Blogs for updated information in the body building community that lets each other know what is going on in regards to supplements, testing, and new performance enhancers. There are also top selling books and videos about on the subject of steroids and fitness. Searching the internet for information regarding legal steroids can lead to websites that have less than honorable intentions. is a safe website to discuss steroids and the pros and cons. focuses on news and trends in the body building community and sporting arena, serving its purpose in letting people find fair, accurate information regarding steroids, their use, and their side effects. is not where to go if the purpose is to buy steroids. SteroidSources.comhopes to build a strong community amongst fitness enthusiasts, body builders, and athletes alike. wants to showcase the ups and downs of fitness training, the use of anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

Recently founded offers forums, blogs, news, and other media to keep you up to date in current trends in fitness, health, and body building.

For questions or comments please refer to the contact page at

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Huge Rise In Number Of Breast Surgery Enquiries Reports Surgicare

SurgiCare has revealed a large rise in the number of enquiries from patients in relation to breast surgery procedures, as well as an increase in the number of breast surgery consultations that have been carried out.

New data from SurgiCare has revealed that enquiries regarding breast augmentation have risen from 485 in March 2008 to 624 in March of this year. Moreover, the number of breast surgery consultations carried out by SurgiCare has also increased by 28% over the
past year.

These new breast surgery figures from SurgiCare support the trends reported by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, who found that breast augmentation procedures rose by 30% from 6487 in 2007 to 8439 last year.

SurgiCare carried out 105 breast augmentations through its clinics across the UK in January but has already performed 183 procedures so far in April.

One of the main reasons cited for the rise in breast enlargement and augmentation procedures is women wanting to look their best on their wedding day. 60% of patients questioned said they were undergoing the procedure specifically to look good for their forthcoming wedding during the summer. Mark Bury, Chief Executive at SurgiCare, commented that the company had to turn away frantic women who had not left enough time to fully recover from the operation ahead of their wedding, with it taking close to six weeks to fully recover from breast surgery and about three months to see the best results. Macrolane treatments have proved to be a popular option for women who have this dilemma, as it is an injectable filler that increase the size of the breasts, making them softer and fuller instantly, at a significantly lower cost that other cosmetic surgeries.

About SurgiCare
SurgiCare is one of the largest and most respected cosmetic surgery networks in the UK. SurgiCare was established more than 16 years ago by a leading professor of surgery, now its medical director, who also chairs its in-house Medical Advisory Committee.

As one of the leading UK specialists in cosmetic treatments, SurgiCare has the experience, latest therapies and the caring, professional staff to enhance a patients self-confidence by improving appearances. SurgiCare prides itself on providing an unrivalled aftercare service with all surgeons registered on the General Medical Council Specialist Register, to ensure every patient receives the best possible standard in care and results.

SurgiCare has helped more than 20,000 patients fulfil their dreams of looking and feeling their best. SurgiCare also specialise in Weight Loss Surgery with a unique 24 month support programme and lifetime aftercare.

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4th Annual Parental Alienation Awareness Day

Nearly everyone knows a couple who has divorced and used a child against the other parent. But not many people know there’s a name for such behavior–and fewer still know it is a particularly damaging form of child abuse.

The 4th Annual Parental Alienation Awareness Day on April 25, 2009 is set as a day for families around the Globe to help raise awareness about this rampant global issue. Many countries, states, provinces, and cities have already proclaimed April 25 to be Parental Alienation Awareness Day, and many educational and family events are set to take place in cities in North America, Europe, South America, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Parental Alienation is defined as a set of behaviors exhibited by a parent or an adult the child trusts, that puts the child in a very damaging loyalty bind between the people they love. These behaviors can be as mild as the occasional badmouthing of a parent, but in extreme cases may lead to parental Abductions and even Parental Homicide.

Research shows that children exposed to Parental Alienation may suffer a lifetime of low self esteem, and depression as well as substance abuse, anxiety, and difficulty trusting anyone or forming lasting relationships.

“A pattern of alienation usually begins without any malicious or conscious intent to harm the relationship between the other parent and the children,” explained Sarvy Emo, Founder of Parental Alienation Awareness Day. “Parents are often unaware of how subtle behaviors and comments can put children in a loyalty bind that is not only harmful to their emotional and mental health, but may affect their relationship with the targeted parent.”

“… the hurt, the anger, the shame and the pain would never go away. I could numb it and put it in the back of my mind but it never went away. It comes out in how I am as a mother, a spouse, a friend. In the decisions I’ve made, in almost everything I do.” Says an adult who experienced Parental Alienation as a child.

Parental Alienation Awareness Organization urges family members, and the people that surround a child’s life to watch for the children perceiving one parent as causing the other parent’s financial problems, showing a sudden negative change in attitude around one parent or being uncharacteristically belligerent around a parent or other authority figure.

To learn more about PA and Parental Alienation Awareness Day, visit

To learn more about Parental Alienation and Hostile Aggressive Parenting, visit

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Breast Augmentation Surgery Is Still Top Of The Ops

The Harley Medical Group has reported a rise in breast augmentation surgery, with a growth of 27% year on year. This increase has been driven by a boom in post baby surgery, with mothers now accounting for 60% of breast augmentation patients, making it the third most common type of post-natal procedure.

Angela Fry, 38, from Maidenhead had a breast augmentation after she had her fourth child. She comments: “After each birth my shape changed dramatically and my breasts sagged and lost their shape completely. For me, having a Breast Augmentation wasn’t about getting bigger breasts but getting them back to the shape and size that was right for my figure. Having the surgery has made me feel more feminine and given me much more confidence in myself.”

Breast augmentation surgery was first performed in 1895 and is today the most popular surgical cosmetic procedure for women. During the procedure an incision is made in the crease of the underside of the breast and the implant is inserted into a pocket created by the surgeon. The result is fuller and more evenly shaped breasts. The treatment takes around one hour to perform and a general anaesthetic will be administered to the patient.

Breast augmentation surgery at The Harley Medical Group costs from £4,275. For more information visit the


About The Harley Medical Group:
The Harley Medical Group is the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery provider, performing more procedures and with more clinics than any other cosmetic surgery provider. It has been established for over 25 years and is one of the most highly-regarded Cosmetic Surgery Groups operating in the UK. It has treated over 435,000 patients to date.

The Harley Medical Group works tirelessly to maintain the highest standards in the industry for the benefits all cosmetic surgery and non surgical patients. We are currently at the forefront of the campaign to ensure that the Government continues to regulate the use of certain laser types used in cosmetic surgery and non surgical treatments so that patients are protected from rogue practitioners.

All of The Harley Medical Group’s clinics are registered with the Healthcare Commission and there are now 26 clinics in the UK and Ireland: London (Harley Street, Wimbledon, The City, Chiswick, Finchley & Watford), Marlow, Birmingham, Leeds, Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle, Chester, Nottingham, Southampton, Cardiff, Chelmsford, Dublin, Northampton, Cambridge, Maidstone, Belfast, Reading, Sheffield and Liverpool.

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Lloydspharmacy Chief Urges Weight Loss Pills Must Be Sold With Care

Lloydspharmacy has warned customers that the weight loss treatment alli, which can now be sold in pharmacies without a prescription must be supplied only after a proper consultation, fearing that people may take it even though it’s not clinically appropriate for them to do so.

Andy Murdock, Pharmacy Relations and Governance Director of Lloydspharmacy, said: “It’s important that all sectors of the pharmacy profession uphold the very highest clinical standards when providing this treatment,” he said. “A number of GPs have said they are worried that alli weight loss treatment may be sold to people for whom it is clinically inappropriate.

“I am calling on all colleagues to maintain the very highest standards when the service begins tomorrow and not to let the desire to please the customer override clinical considerations.”

Lloydspharmacy has trained more than 3,000 pharmacists and healthcare assistants to sell the treatment.

alli can help people who are overweight to boost their weight loss by up to 50 per cent. So, for every 2lbs of weight lost through their own efforts, alli can help shed a further 1lb.

However, it is only appropriate for people who have a BMI of 28 or over and should only be sold to people who are happy to lose weight gradually, are ready to adopt a reduced calorie, lower-fat diet and eat smaller portions.

People who are on certain medications* should be referred to their GP and there are some important contra-indications**.

Dr Chris Steele, who is famous for helping a ‘This Morning’ viewer lose 30 stones, said: “alli is a proven weight loss treatment and I am pleased that it’s now available over the counter in pharmacies. It’s good to see that responsible pharmacy groups like Lloydspharmacy have trained their staff thoroughly so that the treatment is only sold to people for whom it’s appropriate.”

alli contains Orlistat, which has been available on prescription marketed as Xenical at 120mg for over 10 years. It helps to prevent the absorption of fat and allows excess fat from food consumed to pass naturally through the body.

“All customers who want to buy alli should have a proper private consultation with a pharmacy professional who has been trained to advise customers about the treatment,” added Murdock. “They should be given a record card with the first
purchase and present this each time they buy further courses.”

“It is not a miracle cure for obesity,” said Andy Murdock. “For people who are committed to losing weight and who are prepared to make the appropriate lifestyle changes, alli can provide a very significant additional benefit, but it’s not a magic bullet.”

* Amidorane, Acarbose, Fat soluble vitamins
** anti-coagulants, ciclosporin. Also, alli should not be sold to anyone under 18 or to pregnant or breast feeding women

About Lloydspharmacy
Lloydspharmacy has around 1700 pharmacies across the UK. These are based predominantly in community and health centre locations. The company employs over 16,000 staff and dispenses over 145 million prescription items annually.

Lloydspharmacy which is a community pharmacy has primary care at the heart of its business. This is why it has launched a range of products aimed at improving community health such as affordable blood pressure monitors and allergy relievers, as well as a suite of convenient professional health check services including free blood pressure and diabetes testing, and cholesterol and heart checks in the comfort of a private consultation room.

Lloydspharmacy is the trading name of Lloydspharmacy Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Celesio AG based in Stuttgart. Celesio is the leading pharmaceutical distribution company in Europe and is represented in 16 countries. With its three divisions, Celesio Wholesale, Celesio Pharmacies and Celesio Solutions, the group covers the entire scope of pharmaceutical trade and pharmaceutical-related services.

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Mesothelioma-Data.Com Gives Visitors Access To Information On Mesothelioma gives visitors access to free data and information on mesothelioma, symptoms of the disease, and treatment options. Although access to the site’s complete resources is available online at no cost, visitors can also sign up to receive a free information packet and DVD containing the full data and statistics in one convenient package. is one of the most comprehensive sources of mesothelioma information on the Internet. The site allows individuals to browse recent news items on mesothelioma, learn about the effects of asbestos on human health, peruse statistics on the disease, explore useful mesothelioma links, and make use of helpful resources pertaining to clinical trials, compensation, and veterans issues.

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer, which is caused by exposure to asbestos. Approximately 2,000 to 3,000 new cases of the disease are diagnosed each year in the United States.

Between 1970 and 1990, the incidence of mesothelioma cancers increased. Asbestos-related diseases stabilized after the 1990s, and now appear to be decreasing. In Europe and the rest of the world, mesothelioma rates are on the rise.

Mesothelioma is a serious disease that is difficult to treat. By the time a patient experiences symptoms and receives a diagnosis, the disease is usually already in advanced stages. However, advances in technology have helped improve prospects for patients that have been recently diagnosed.

Most cases of mesothelioma affect men aged 55 and over, and its incidence increases with age. 75% of people diagnosed with mesothelioma are over the age of 65. The disease affects men 5 times more often than women, and is most common in white Americans.

Mesothelioma affects the mesothelial cells that surround the lungs, heart, and stomach. Symptoms of the disease include dyspnea and pleuritic chest pain, malaise, and weight loss.

Mesothelioma is a difficult disease to treat. In most cases surgery is not possible because the tumor encases the lung in a large mass that invades the fissures and spreads to the diaphragm and chest wall. Chemotherapy and radiation have only proven helpful in rare cases. Fortunately, many patients have recovered because of new treatment options and earlier diagnosis.

For more information about mesothelioma, call 1-800-780-2686 or visit

About provides free resources and information to patients suffering with mesothelioma. The website has developed a free information packet and DVD that make it easy to become informed about the disease of mesothelioma, its symptoms, and treatment options.

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Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentists of Bedford Dental Group Launch New Website

The Bedford Dental Group in Beverly Hills, California, gives everyone in the Los Angeles area a chance to experience the very best in general and cosmetic dental services. Thoroughly trained and experienced in all dental areas, cosmetic dentists Daniel Naysan, D.D.S. and Mehdi Nayssan, D.D.S. perform everything from Zoom! teeth whitening and Invisalign to porcelain veneers and dental implants, using a variety of safe and relatively painless practices. They excel in making your smile bright and attractive, and will cater to your every need throughout the entire process.

Bedford Dental Group recently launched a new website,, to compliment their successful dental practice. The site is very informational and covers the many different services offered, such as dental implants, direct composite bonding, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, dental crowns, dental bridges, root canals, porcelain fillings, tooth extractions, grafting, dental cleanings, dental check-ups and TMJ treatment. It also includes a variety of images, including before and after photos of their patients.

Daniel Nayssan, D.D.S. is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), the California Dental Association (CDA) and Los Angeles Dental Society, and is also a member of the Alpha Omega dental fraternity. He has earned an advanced certification for treating patients with the Invisalign system, and continues to practice all forms of general and advanced cosmetic and general dentistry. Dr. Naysan is featured in a video to be found on the home page of the website. The video provides a brief tour of the dental practice, a glimpse into the office ideology, and includes real patient testimonials.

Whether it’s a routine dental exam to check for problems before they grow or receiving a dental implant to replace a lost tooth, Bedford Dental Group’s commitment to combining excellent dental care with indulgent customer service makes your visit one to look forward to! Call (310) 278-0600 or visit to arrange an appointment.

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ePharmaExpo.Com – A Central Source For Business News And Information For Everyone Associated With The Pharmaceutical And Life Sciences Industries

The recently launched website incorporates a virtual trade show, event postings, recruitment database, and forums to give everyone associated with the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries a central source for business news and information.

The launch of, a website encompassing multiple aspects of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, was recently announced. is designed to be a central information resource for businesses, vendors, employees, and job seekers within the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

The main draw of is expected to be the virtual trade show feature. This component of the website allows businesses to showcase their services and products through online booth displays, which take the place of traditional trade show booths. Businesses will have the opportunity to reach an undetermined number of Internet users year round and twenty-four hours a day instead of a limited number of trade show participants for a few days at a conventional industry trade show. Visitors can benefit from viewing products and services from their home or business instead of traveling to pharmaceutical and life sciences trade shows. owners hope to increase the quality of leads generated for the site’s exhibitors by offering a means to connect with interested parties.

Pharmaceutical and life sciences businesses, organizations, and universities from across the nation are able to post upcoming local events on Newsworthy items such as information about industry-related conference and seminars and press releases are accepted. can also be used as a source for businesses searching for qualified job applicants and for those seeking employment in the pharmaceutical and life sciences fields. Businesses can currently take advantage of the website’s introductory offer of free three-month job postings. The owners report that over one hundred positions have been posted since the launch of A resume database allows companies to search for candidates with specific qualifications, decreasing their time and money spent recruiting qualified candidates. Job seekers can post their resumes and search for employment opportunities by state.

A discussion forum allows visitors to communicate anonymously with other visitors and the website exhibitors. Visitors can post comments and questions, exchange information, and seek the advice of other forum users. administrators have future plans for an anonymous messaging system, which will allow visitors to ask questions directly to the site’s exhibitors without revealing their identities. The intention of this feature is to promote a more relaxed atmosphere for visitors that allows for an exchange of information without disclosing personal data.

About is a virtual trade show website for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. The website features exhibitions of products and services, discussion forums, and industry job postings and events. Contact Chi-chau Tse at 619-808-3773 or for more information.

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Overcome Drug Addiction at Sunset Malibu

A drug rehab center is very important. Drug addiction cannot be overcome by the addicted person himself. The drug rehab centers are created by an appropriate drug rehab program. Drug rehabs are imagined to be full of misery, dreary and dank. Good drug rehabilitation is just not simple drug rehab center with a drug treatment process. A drug rehab cannot cure you unless you yourself want to go on that path. A drug rehab center program and drug rehab center should be best and beat the drug addiction.

A right rehab center should be selected as drug addiction is difficult to get rid and a drug rehabilitation process will try even the most unwavering soul. The drug treatment is the one that suits you personal needs and the drug treatment center should be such that it should cater your unique and predictable individuality. A successful Drug Rehab is the one that caters the patient’s interest and is one that evolves constantly. The Drug rehab center at Sunset Malibu offers the appropriate treatment for addiction recovery. To know more log on to

A right rehab can make a lot of difference and without the trained professional provided by the rehab center it is not possible to beat the addiction. Landing in a wrong rehab can lead to a waste of time, money and energy. A drug rehab center helps personal development and individual growth. Addicts need to be thought new ways to relate to them. An efficient drug rehab center program is about empowerment and fixes the damages and replaces the lost.

It also offers the best counselling program that includes both group and individual therapy. The real achievement is one that helps the patients to be in this world without pulling them to the same addiction. The patients of drug rehab are not only abstractions or statistics the people suffer f r o m real pain. The drug treatment helps the patient discover their life. The patients who get an expert detox treatment can withdraw their addiction at the earliest. The doctors and other professional in the specialized drug detox program can help the patients to manage side effects and cure them. Drug addiction is not just physical but also psychological disease. The ultimate success of this addiction treatment is on the effectiveness of the counseling that promotes personal development and emotional healing. 

The substance abuse recovery is equally important. The Drug abuse and use are a serious problem. And the drug addiction problem is also increasing. Substance abuse can ruin one life, family and career. Substance abuse not only affects the addicted individual but also the entire community. A professional substance abuse treatment with utmost care can cure you and help you recover. You have to take the first step to cure yourself with the assistance of Sunset Malibu Rehab Center, to do that log on to

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A Well-Equipped Alcohol Rehabilitation at Sunset Malibu

The Alcohol Rehab Center is fully equipped residential drug treatment and alcohol rehab center. They have a drug rehab center that is specialized in substance abuse treatment, alcohol detox, and treatment of co-occurring disorders such as eating and depression disorders and painkiller addiction treatment. The addiction recovery program with high amenities and comforts help to recover quickly. An Alcohol rehab center is different from the drug rehab. The alcohol addicted patients need to be treated differently from the drug addicted patients. A unique alcohol rehab treatment program needs to be tailored to help regain a sober life. The Alcohol Rehab Center at Sunset Malibu is world class and well organised, to know more log on to

An addiction treatment is essential for addiction recovery. It helps you save your life and more importantly lead a peaceful life. The patients for Addiction treatment come from every walk of life the Alcohol Rehab Centers help identify your problems and treat accordingly. The only way to come out of Addiction is an effective Addiction Treatment. A beautiful overview and four star amenities such as personal trainer in a fully-equipped gyp, luxurious private bedrooms, gourmet chef and a professional caring staff help you lead a life of abstinence. Such an effective treatment is offered at Sunset Malibu, to know more log on to -

Alcoholics cannot get better without the help of alcohol rehabilitation. Alcoholism is a devastating disease that makes the victim loses their hope and dignity. But alcohol rehabilitation can help solve the problem and offer strength to overcome from this disease. There are many alcohol rehab center but the best and the most appropriate needs to be selected to get the best treatment. Alcohol Rehabilitation is a personal process. It should be such that each individual patient is privileged and the treatment facilities offered give a lasting success. The Alcohol Rehabilitation offered at Sunset Malibu is unique for two reasons. Alcohol abuse treatment programs offered here give an advance range of psychological and physiological therapies. They genuinely care for their work. To know more on the Sunset Malibu’s Alcohol Rehabilitation log on to

Detox is an important step in the process of drug rehabilitation. Addiction is a disease wherein the addicts get metabolically dependent on the drugs they abuse and find it impossible to overcome it. Therefore the Detox services help the victim. The drug detox and alcohol detox at Sunset Malibu are essential precursors to alcohol and drug rehabilitation. The successful detox program helps the patient to adopt themselves into the rehab process. The detox services work at their best when it is tailored as per needs of the addicted individuals. The physical and medicinal therapy in the detox center of Sunset Malibu helps towards a significant addiction recovery. To know more on the Detox service and make the best of the services of Sunset Malibu log on to

An effective addiction treatment can change your life. To lead a normal life take utilize the support and services offered at Sunset Malibu.

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Get Rid of Drug Addiction at Cliffside Malibu

Drug addiction affects an individual emotionally and psychologically. You have intense cravings for the drug if addicted and if you stop taking, you may experience unpleasant physical reactions. Seeking drug becomes compulsive in the large part as a consequence of the effects of prolonged used of drug on functioning of the brain and therefore on behaviour. Addiction makes drug a compelling requirement not a casual choice. Drugs addiction causes physical dependence. Breaking drug addiction may be difficult but not impossible. A little support from your family, friends, drug and other drug addicted people as well as outpatient and inpatient drug addiction treatment can help you beat this drug dependence. For this purpose you have Drug Treatment Programs, Drug Treatment Centers, Drug Abuse Treatment Center, Drug Rehabs and Drug Rehab Programs.

Drug Treatment Programs: At Cliffside Malibu they help you understand whether you are addicted to drug and the ways in which you can escape it. Drug treatment programs are essential when you want to desperately recover from this addiction. Cliffside Malibu has recovery facility that is designed as per your needs. There are different drug treatment programs depending on each individual. The Cliffside Malibu staffs create a treatment plan based on the evaluation that will help you recover. Their drug treatment program also include detox, counselling, massage therapist, herbalist and much more. To know more about the Dug treatment programs at Cliffside Malibu visit

Drug Treatment Centers: The drug treatment center at Cliffside Malibu helps you find the right drug treatment that is usually a difficult process. It is different from other drug centers as if offers a comfortable environment with luxury beds, Internet connection, spas and much more. To know more on the Drug Treatment Center visit

Cliffside Malibu drug rehab Center: Drug addiction is a dismal problem; it has wrecked and ruined many lives. Drug abuse prevents the individuals to maintain a steady employment or to fulfil the professional responsibilities. At this point of time the Drug rehab centers form to be an effective means to cure ones addiction. Cliffside Malibu at offers the drug users all kinds of suitable option for the drug rehab. Their staffs are trained to offer treatment for all kinds of drug addiction from methamphetamine and marijuana to heroin and cocaine.

Drug abuse is wherein a person overuses alcohol, prescribed medicine or illegal drugs. The drug abuse center at Cliffside Malibu offers a unique treatment, they will give you mental and medical screening to find out the appropriate recovery plan for you. They also offer alternative medicine to help you recover such as acupuncture, massage therapy, nutritionist and much more. The drug rehab program aim to assist their patients to recover with vigour, dignity and regain the sense of self agency that will help them to be sober in the long run. The Cliffside Malibu’s drug treatment programs and center will help you make your tomorrow once again.

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For Better Addiction Treatment Log On To Cliffside Malibu

Alcoholism is a circumstance wherein an individual is addicted to alcoholic drinks. It can be stated as a disease that is either inherited or developed from psychological, genetic or social factors. People, addicted to alcoholism, suffer from severe physical or mental issues. An uncontrolled consumption of alcohol can lead to dependence or withdrawal tendencies often damaging or inescapable. Alcoholism treatment is a tough treatment as the addicted person has to be bought back to a sane and normal state of mind. Alcohol treatment programs are an effective way to break the cycle of the alcohol dependence.

Alcohol Rehab centres help you come out of this deadly addiction as it is said that Alcoholism is not just a disease but it kills. A person addicted to alcoholism cannot be alone held responsible for the havoc created in their own lives and lives of the people related to them. The only way to cure this is through understanding, knowledge and alcohol treatment. You can reach out at Cliffside Malibu a right place to come at the times of such distress. It offers you the best treatment all around, their treatment involves family, group and individualised emotional/psychological therapy and various alternative treatment methods such as Chinese medicine, yoga, equine therapy and acupuncture. For a better treatment at Alcohol Rehab Centre of Cliffside Malibu log on at

Check out the sites compiled by Cliffside Malibu for their specialized Alcohol treatment program at Cliffside Malibu’s Alcohol treatment centre treats their patients with love and

Alcohol Treatment Centre: The Alcohol Treatment Centre at Cliffside Malibu the patients are given individual attention. Their unique requirements are taken into account. A good Alcohol treatment centre can help you get rid of this addiction effectively and give back you your normal life such as at Cliffside Malibu. To know more about the Centre, you will have to check out their website at

Addiction Recovery: Addiction Recovery helps you save your life. This recovery is an initiative to be taken by the patient as it works only if they have the will to cooperate and support. Addiction recovery is a holistic treatment wherein the patients have to educate themselves on the benefits of the treatment in order to recover. An efficient Addiction Recovery program can be viewed on the link by Cliffside Malibu at

Alcohol Rehabilitation: Alcohol Rehabilitation offer Alcohol Rehab Programs that help the alcohol addicted patients with their unique techniques and methods. The exclusive alcohol rehab program at Sunset Malibu offers all the needed support to cure a patient in a good environment. At Cliffside Malibu they have advanced psychological and physiological therapies.

Cliffside Malibu is always here to help you lead a better life. You need to take the initiative and they will offer their best support and services. Log on to the website to experience an addiction free living for the betterment of yourself as well as your family.

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Allalternativemedicine.Com – One Of The Popular On-Line Stores For Natural Herbal Remedy

Alternative Medicine. Natural Remedies is online about a year. Since then the website becomes more and more popular. Natural herbal remedies are gaining more popularity in the United States today. More then 80 million of Americans acknowledge alternative medicine remedies for a variety health conditions versus traditional medicine.

All products presented on the website are made in precise therapeutic dosage from natural herbal ingredients. Comprehensive information on diagnosis, symptoms, and natural remedies are also presented on the website.

The natural herbal remedies for diabetes, insomnia, body cleansing and detoxification, weight loss, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, natural body and hair products, pain relief, immune system strengthening, cold/flu, and many others can be purchased on All products are made in Israel and kosher, carefully picked and based on positive impact and customers reviews.

The number of visitors in has been growing steadily since its start in 2008. uses effective, convenient and simple way to present useful information and products to visitors.

Visitors can easily find the products or the information they are looking for. It is just one click away form the main page. Visitors can feel confident using the All Alternative Medicine products and natural remedies.

You can visit the shopping site at the following web address:

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