Global Health Progress Amplifies New Report that Outlines Barriers in Securing Access to Medicines in Least Developed Countries

“There is a public health crisis in the least developed countries. It is a crisis made by humans and solvable only by humans. There is urgency for governments, businesses, NGOs and academia to collaborate in dealing with this most urgent of problems,” declares Cameron Institute’s new 200-page report, Pharmaceutical Access in Least Developed Countries: on-the-ground barriers and industry successes.

Executive Director D. Wayne Taylor, Ph.D., F.CIM., who prepared the report, cites the recent World Health Organization’s (WHO) Draft Global Plan and Strategy for Action in stressing the importance of pharmaceutical industry partnerships. The report states that the industry must focus its energies on “the growing burden of diseases and conditions that disproportionately affect developing countries, and particularly women and children.”

Global Health Progress actively supports the report’s outlined actions needed to solve this issue, including endorsement of public-private partnerships (PPPs), protecting intellectual property and drug patents as the cornerstones of affordable innovation, improving access to medicines and developing new drugs.

Public-private partnerships are one key way to improve access to medicines in the least developed countries. As the report notes, the research-based pharmaceutical industry, in various public-private partnerships, has been improving access to medicines in the least developed countries of the world since the 1950’s. To date, there have been 150 public-private partnerships whose aim it is to improve access to medicines and currently 90% of PPPs are industry-led.

Additionally, innovation is cited by the report as “the hallmark of the pharmaceutical industry. Without innovation there would be no immunizations,
medicines or biologics to save lives, improve quality of lives, and to save much needed healthcare dollars. A basic right in law is to retain possession of one’s own ideas and discoveries.” The report also notes the importance of protecting this innovation through intellectual property and drug patents, as well as through the infrastructure and legal structures needed for healthy growth.

The report adds that every dollar invested in new medicines relieves the healthcare system of seven dollars of expenditure elsewhere, and that new drugs increase life expectancy and life-time income by about 1.0% per year while also decreasing years of life lost. It also provides a summary of 2010 data regarding contributions provided by research-based pharmaceutical industry to least developed countries:

• USD 8,450,000,000 of product and investment
• 950,000,000 patients treated
• 9,500,000,000 doses/treatments administered
• 350,000 doctors, nurses and other health personnel trained

Despite this progress, actions are still needed to solve the problem without creating additional difficulties. For example, even though existing medicines for HIV/AIDS has reduced mortality rates in developed countries by 70%, adherence and compliance are two major obstacles, amongst many, to the successful deployment of these drugs in developing countries. Additional barriers to access and improved health in least-developed countries include “on the ground” barriers, such as market failure, corruption, non-existent health human resources and infrastructure, and the lack of both local and international political will.

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Narconon Graduate Says, “Art First – Drugs Never”

Advocacy for Art, as a Part of Living Drug-Free, Is Big Part of Drug Prevention Strategy.

“We want to harness the Power of Art to Knock Out Drug Use in our local Community,” says Micahel Ginsburg. The violin virtuoso is a graduate of the Narconon Program at the Arrowhead facility in Oklahoma. He recently concertized and raised funds for a new live theater in nearby Mcalester as part of its “Take Back McAlester” Campaign. Ginsburg is one of the architects of the campaign, and his own enthusiasm for the arts helped get residents excited about it.

From the Mayor to the Chamber of Commerce to local businesses and non-profit associations, Narconon Arrowhead is a major sponsor of the city’s effort to tackle a growing drug problem. “The plan,” says Ginsburg, “Is to replace the destruction of drugs with the creativity of art. The art that is manifesting in the city comes from youngsters and adults and includes all kinds from dance to photography to music, painting, writing, theatre and more. “This really resonates with me,” Ginsburg says.“Once I was hopelessly strung out on drugs, and now I am living a life free of drugs as a result of completing the Narconon Program at Narconon Arrowhead. I certainly feel privileged to give back to the community that we share.”

Ginsburg’s advocacy exemplifies an international mandate given to all Narconon Centers, according to the Executive Director of Narconon International in Los Angeles. “We have Narconon Centers in more than 40 countries, and every one of them is expected to reach out to their community and help curb the negative influence that drugs exert.”

He points out it is graduates of the Narconon program who are most behind anti-drug advocacy in the community. “It’s something that happens as a matter of course. Our graduates are on the other side of it now, but they know the horrors that await those who become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Many decide to become powerful advocates for a drug-free community.”

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The Health Benefits Of Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

The health benefits of extra virgin organic coconut oil is a great way to look and feel your very best. It can be used for a variety of things you need in your life. You can get rid of costly products and avoid side effects. The organic nature of it means you won’t have to deal with any ingredients that aren’t good for you either.

Many people with serious skin problems including psoriasis have been able to benefit from coconut oil for skin. The deep layers of skin are reached when you use coconut oil. As a result your skin starts to repair itself from the inside out. The moisture will be retained too so you can say goodbye to dry skin once and for all.

If you want smooth skin you should use coconut oil as it will help to exfoliate the damaged and dead skin cells. What remains is soft and silky with a very pretty tone and color to it. Should you be seeing fine lines and wrinkles on your body the use of coconut oil can help to make them disappear.

We do lots of damage to our hair from the wind, the sun, coloring it, and styling. Coconut oil for hair though leaves it soft and manageable. It can also help to stop the itchiness and dryness of the scalp. That can often be the result of harsh chemicals found in most shampoos. The nutrients in coconut oil will also help your hair to grow faster and to have a lovely shine to it. If anyone in your household gets lice this can also help to kill the eggs and the adults quickly.

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Red Ribbon Week Highlights Importance Of Remaining Drug-Free

This year, the last week of October commemorates more than just Halloween; it draws attention to a more frightening occurrence: the epidemic of drug abuse that is plaguing families of teens across America.

Designated as Red Ribbon Week, October 23- October 31 has been set aside by The National Family Partnership as a time to focus on educating teens and young adults on the dangers of substance abuse and alcoholism.

“While drug abuse prevention is an on-going mission, designating a specific time to such matters can play an important part in helping to decrease the need for drug rehab among teens and young adults,” begins a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center . “When a certain time is set aside for drug abuse prevention through education, more individuals and organizations become involved, increasing the effectiveness of the message. It raises everyone’s awareness so that potential problems can be identified early-on. In addition, for parents who are uneasy approaching the subject, it allows them a comfortable segue into the discussion, thus opening up the lines of communication between them and their children. Once an initial conversation takes place, it makes it easier to broach the subject as time goes on. Studies have shown that regular communication about the dangers of substance abuse and the topics surrounding substance abuse, such as peer pressure, helps teens and young adults become more comfortable in approaching a trusted adult with concerns they may have. Education is really the key to thwarting the epidemic of drug abuse in America .”

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More Healthcare press releases Lists Drug And Alcohol Treatment Options

When seeking drug or alcohol treatment, it’s best to have multiple options, as not every drug and alcohol treatment center is the right fit for the person in need. features more than 11,000 listings for drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers and professionals, plus 24-hour access to a treatment counselor to narrow the many options down to one. The comprehensive and informational website also features confidential, online assessments, plus a robust user community. Access to and its many resources remain free for those seeking a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

October 2010 – Addicts and their loved ones often need help finding the right drug and alcohol treatment center. Internet marketing expert and recovering addict Bernie Grohsman understands this need, which is why he created The online directory of drug and alcohol treatment centers now features more than 11,000 listings and is the most comprehensive website of its kind. Grohsman didn’t stop there, though. In addition to free listings and 24-hour live access to treatment counselors, the website now offers user community tools such as forums, blogs and chat rooms, also at no cost to the addicts.

To begin the search for a drug and alcohol treatment center, the addict or loved one fills out the confidential assessment form at The assessment asks for basic information such as a contact phone number and the best time to call, plus detailed information about the addict’s history of abuse and medical condition. After submitting the assessment, the addict or loved one receives a call from a drug and alcohol treatment counselor. If the alcoholic or loved one wants to speak to a counselor right away about finding a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, he or she can call 1-877-335-4673 seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

For those not yet ready to choose a drug and alcohol treatment center, encourages them to explore the website’s user community. There are multiple forums covering a variety of addictions. There, addicts can read about others’ drug and alcohol treatment experiences, finding inspiration to start down the path to sobriety themselves. They can even ask questions of other addicts live in chat rooms. also regularly updates its community blog, posting drug and alcohol treatment news, plus inspirational quotes.

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Draw More Clients To Drug Treatments With

In a perfect world, a client would receive drug treatments, and then recommend them to others in need. Word of mouth would fuel admissions for a drug treatment center. In today’s competitive behavioral healthcare landscape, though, depending heavily on client referrals just doesn’t work. An addiction intervention and treatment center must advertise its drug treatments online through websites such as A featured listing in the comprehensive online directory allows a center to reach more than 125,000 unique visitors each month, and the high ranking of the directory itself in search engines improves a center’s own website ranking, simply by online association.

October 2010 – A successful drug treatment center not only offers drug treatments that help clients get clean and regain control of their lives, but it also advertises these drug treatments so that more addicts know about them in the first place. A successful addiction intervention and treatment center also knows that Internet advertising – such as on – offers the most return for its adverting efforts. The comprehensive online directory offers both general and featured listings, making not only a positive impact on the center’s admission rates, but also on the rankings of the center’s website in search engines as each listing contains a link to the website., created by Internet marketing expert and recovering addict himself Bernie Grohsman, offers general listings for more than 11,000 addiction intervention and treatment centers. General listings are free to drug treatment centers, and addicts looking for a drug treatment center can search for free. In addition to the wealth of listings, the directory offers 24-hour live phone assistance, online assessments and a community area where addicts can discuss various drug treatments in forums and chat rooms. The community also posts regularly to a topical and timely blog.

The comprehensive online directory’s featured listings take a drug treatment center’s advertising efforts to the next level. These featured listings run at the top of the center’s state category and in rotation on every page of – that’s more than 11,000 pages. The end result: More than 125,000 monthly unique visitors have access to the center’s listing each month, increasing admissions inquiries for drug treatments, and the presence of a link to the center’s own website on these pages boosts search engine result rankings that website.

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Fact Sheet Reveals Mexico’s Increasing Investment in Biopharmaceutical Sector

A recent Global Health Progress fact sheet highlights how Mexico’s investment in its biopharmaceutical sector has spurred economic growth, fostered global competitiveness, reduced the health and economic burden of disease on local citizens, and improved access to medicines. With the tenth largest economy in the world, Mexico is currently investing more than 1% of its gross domestic product into its biopharmaceutical sector and this percentage is anticipated to increase as the country works to develop tomorrow’s medicines.

Like the U.S. and other big emerging markets, Mexico has recognized the potential of the biopharmaceutical sector to be an important source of economic growth through the creation of high-quality, high-skilled jobs. Currently, Mexico’s biopharmaceutical sector employs nearly 25,000 Mexican nationals at more than 32 biotechnology companies. The number of skilled workers entering the workforce is predicted to increase as more than 750,000 engineering and technology students in Mexico are currently enrolled in local universities. Additionally, collaboration between the public and private sector has resulted in the creation of more than 100 research centers.

Mexico’s emphasis on job creation stimulates the developments of new drugs, which improves access to medicines for its entire citizenry. For example, there are approximately 254 medicines in development or awaiting regulatory review for Mexican patients and Mexico currently ranks 19 out of 25 in terms of active clinical trial sites. The growth in share of global clinical trial sites can bring health benefits to Mexican patients, such as diffusion of medical knowledge, greater patience access to medicines and high quality care and effective medical practice.

Recognizing the potential for economic growth, improving access to medicines and inspiring drug innovation, the Mexican government has sought to implement policies to foster the growth of the sector. The National Council for Science and Technology, the principal government funding agency for scientific research in Mexico, provided approximately US $16 million to fund basic science projects between 2001 and 2004. Mexico also has several bioclusters, made up of biotechnology, biopharmaceutical and related companies, focused on pharmaceutical R&D. In addition, public-private partnerships between the Mexican government, academia and industry are increasing due in part to the government’s continued commitment to science and technology research and education.

Please view full PDF for additional information and list of sources.

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Individualized Drug Rehab Key To Success

Ask anyone in drug rehab what their biggest fear is when they enter back into society and their answer almost always is: fear of relapse.

The cost of drug use is so high, affecting far more than a persons’ finances. Substance abusers know that each time a relapse occurs, they are risking their lives.

“Drug rehab facilities are a very safe environment for drug abusers,” begins a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center . “As a matter of fact, it’s the last safe place an individual will encounter after deciding to get clean and substance abusers know this. They

know that when they re-enter society, they are going to be required to make some serious changes within their lives to insure that they stay sober. That’s why it’s so important for those within the addiction treatment field to affect change at the most effective time: and, that is during a person’s stay in drug rehab. The best way to affect this change is to make certain that a treatment plan is created that is unique to each individual and his or her circumstances and which addresses his or her individualized needs. In order to do this, proper evaluation before and during in-patient treatment is crucial. At Mountainside, our intake interview is just the beginning of the process, yet it plays one of the most important roles in recovery. At that intake interview, we are able to assess an individual’s true treatment needs as well as their relapse risk factors and develop a treatment plan that will truly address those needs on a personal level. Our evidence based research has shown us that this individualized approach to treatment is far more successful than the one size fits everyone treatment.”

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Narconon International Salutes Narconon Arrowhead For Outstanding Community Spirit In 2010

Each year as Red Ribbon Week approaches, Narconon International focuses on one outstanding U.S. center’s efforts to power the national campaign that has made drug prevention everyone’s concern. This year, the honors go to Narconon in Oklahoma.

With Red Ribbon Week still weeks away, the urgent need to address a growing drug problem in nearby McAlester prompted Narconon Arrowhead, the international drug rehab network’s premiere drug rehab and training facility, to be a key backer of the Take Back McAlester Campaign.

Culminating in a full day of family activities during the official Red Ribbon Week, Narconon Arrowhead, along with the McAlester Chamber of Commerce, Pride in McAlester and other local volunteer organizations are rallying the entire city to “Take McAlester Back.” The campaign promotes a drug-free lifestyle and brings arts and creativity back to the city.

“This year’s Red Ribbon Week theme, ‘Lock Your Meds,’ and its vital message to keep medications out of the hands of kids focuses on an issue that Narconon International has made a priority in 2010, says Narconon International Drug Education Director Bobby Wiggins. “The proactive steps Narconon Arrowhead is taking to engage an entire city to rally and get this vital message across are truly laudable,” says Wiggins.

National statistics from Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) show that in 2006, 2.1 million teens abused prescription drugs. The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) reports that ½ of all new abusers of prescription drugs are between the ages of 12 & 17. Everyday, 2500 teens begin abusing prescription drugs. Deaths caused by prescription drug overdoses have surpassed those caused by illicit drugs.

The mission of the Red Ribbon Campaign is to present a unified and visible commitment towards the creation of a DRUG-FREE AMERICA. The National Red Ribbon Week, sponsored by the National Family Partnership (NFP), is an ideal way for individuals and communities to unite and take a visible stand against substance abuse. Narconon Drug Rehab centers throughout the United States and the world take pride in successfully helping hundreds of thousands individuals and families overcome drug and alcohol addiction every year through community participation as well as drug prevention efforts and rehabilitation. For additional information about the Narconon Program please visit our video at

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Narconon Supports Medicine Cabinet Campaign

Prescription drug abuse has become an epidemic across the country. This is particularly evident in the recent news articles and with the deaths of many well known celebrities.

According to the Center for Disease Control’s report entitled “Prescription Drug Overdose,” “since 1999, abuse misuse and overdose of prescription drugs have significantly increased.” The study goes on to say that the number of unintentional overdose deaths from 1995 to 2005 doubled due to increasing deaths from prescription drugs rather than illicit drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

Unfortunately the prescription drug problem has gotten out of hand in many places in the country and as a result has destroyed lives all over the world.

Narconon, a long-term drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that has been in operation since 1964 has seen the devastation that prescription drug abuse has caused to both addicts and families. One thing that Narconon has reported that in the recent years is that they have more clients looking for help for prescriptions than ever before.

Narconon has been able to help many addicts through their successful rehabilitation methods; they’re program achieves a more than 70% success rate for permanent sobriety from addiction. Another thing the group is taking part in, are ways to help prevent prescription drug abuse in the first place. Narconon are doing this through a campaign that is being used all over the world to stop prescription addiction.

The program is a new campaign called “Lock Your Medicine Cabinet.” This is a nationwide campaign used by schools, churches, community groups and even drug rehab centers across the nation.

Many Narconon centers actively participate in the “Lock Your Medicine Cabinet” campaign because it helps raise awareness about the prescription drug epidemic and offers a safe and drug free prevention message that can help anyone.

The result is that less and less people become addicted to prescriptions in the first place. Prescription drug addiction does not have to go unhandled. Contact Narconon today for more information at For more information, please see our video:

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Narconon Vista Bay Contributes To Local Fair

The Narconon drug rehabilitation and education program in Northern California provides free information to children and adults at the Monterey County Fair.

Narconon Vista Bay is not only one of the most successful drug rehabilitation programs in the country, but it is also a dedicated member of the community and offers effective drug prevention activities as well.

Recently staff members from the organization participated in the annual Monterey County Fair from September 1st through the 6th as part of their Recovery Month activities. Each day they helped answer questions about drugs and rehabilitation, offered guidance for people with loved ones who need treatment help, and handed out free drug education booklets to kids.

In the words of one of the Vista Bay staff members who helped out with this community service, “Often people would talk to us about a son in jail or a sister on drugs. Several people in recovery also shared their stories with us. We even had visits from former students who completed the Narconon® program and continue to live drug-free, ethical lives.” He continued to say, “Another great aspect of this for me was the profoundly burning commitment to saving lives and families that I shared with the other staff members here.”

Narconon Vista Bay has three facilities in Northern California, including Watsonville, Placerville and South Lake Tahoe. It is recognized as one of the leading addiction treatment programs in the country.

A recent graduate from the program exclaimed, “After leaving Narconon I have been able to face life and enjoy every minute of it. Since I have a passion for fitness and health I got a job at a gym, where I will become a personal trainer. This will allow me to make enough money to go back to school and work towards a degree in sports medicine. I learned at Narconon that I have confidence in myself and a newfound method of working life in order to be as successful as possible. I have found new sober friends that are good for my recovery, my relationship with my mom is better than ever and I am happier and healthier than I ever have been in my life. I owe it all to the Narconon program.” Please see our video at

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Narconon Programs Helping Traumatized Street Children In Latin America

Narconon drug rehabilitation and life skills programs for street children are being delivered in several states in Mexico, Honduras, and other Latin American countries. Street children are usually understood to mean ‘homeless’ –working and sleeping on the streets, out of touch with family. But it also can mean just poor and working the streets, begging, selling whatever, but still sleeping at home.

“Selling whatever they must is the shame of it,” says Clark Carr, president of Narconon International, who has delivered training workshops to drug rehabilitation and social programs across northern and southern Mexico. “One rehab director told me,” he continues angrily, “that he had refused $5000 U.S. from a drug cartel to‘buy 10 children’ from his center so they could ‘work them on the street.’ You think of poor children selling “chicles” gum. Now you can add selling “information” that they overhear from persons in restaurants or wherever the children beg. Or these children are carrying drugs in their little backpacks.”

Worse, many homeless children have to sell their bodies. It makes us shudder to think what they learn to survive. “I met two charming children,” says Carr, “7 and 9 years old, who had been rescued from sleeping in the sewer…because it was safer than the street, they said. One boy still had marks on his forehead from rat bites.”

UNICEF approximates that more than 40 million children live or work the streets in Latin America, escaping from homes where the parents’ divorce or separate. Not so much poor families as where the parents are addicts or in jail. Or where there is physical abuse.

90% of street children are estimated by UNICEF to be addicted to inhalants, especially aromatic glues, shoe glue, paint thinner, gasoline. This can produce irreversible brain damage unless one knows how to reduce the young body’s toxic burden. Narconon of Georgia trained an orphanage in Honduras in the Narconon sauna detoxification protocol of vitamins, minerals, exercise, and repeated sweating in low-heat, dry saunas to cleanse the body. Those children who chronically had fought or run away to get glue to which they were addicted, reported the orphanage, after the sauna sessions were healthier and happier, more friendly with renewed interest in learning.

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Many Drug Rehab Approaches, Holistic Drug Rehab Still Most Effective

The medical field is an ever-evolving field with new technologies and breakthroughs occurring at a rapid pace. Continual strides are being made within the addiction treatment field and time and again, research shows that holistic drug rehab is the most effective treatment for those suffering from various types of addiction.

One particular addiction treatment program has become the standard for drug rehabs worldwide. Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center began its quest for improved treatment methodologies over a decade ago. Since then, it has transformed the face of addiction treatment.

“From a purely logical standpoint holistic drug rehab makes the most sense,” begins a spokesperson for Mountainside. “Up until our pioneering research, the alcohol and drug rehab treatment field was utilizing standard addiction treatment modalities. Our hypothesis was pretty simplistic: employ evidence based treatment modalities and provide a variety of different proven modalities to help a person get well. We looked around at different areas in medicine to see the methods that were currently working and then began drawing from those fields to create a program that addresses the complete needs of an individual from the physical issues, to the emotional, social and mental health issues that a person may have. Our success rates have been phenomenal. We have been refining our program to what it is today: our trademarked Integrated Care Model. Although just recently trademarked, our empirical evidence for this treatment model is an evolution of a body of work that spans over a decade. And, we will continually review and further refine our treatment program in the future to insure that we are providing the most optimum addiction treatment options for an individual.”

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The Harley Medical Group Announces Rise In Breast Surgery Procedures In Ireland

The Harley Medical Group, Ireland’s leading cosmetic surgery provider, has revealed breast surgery is top of the ops for the 23rd year running and the fastest growing sector of cosmetic surgery. The Harley Medical Group has seen a positive increase on last year’s enquiries. While breast reductions are becoming more popular with an increasing number of Irish women reducing their breast size in order to achieve a more slender figure, breast augmentation continues to be the most popular procedure performed at THMG’s Dublin clinic.

Pauline Hughes, Dublin Clinic Manager for The Harley Medical Group commented: “There is a noticeable upward trend for post-breast feeding breast augmentation procedures. 31 % of breast implant procedures performed at the THMG clinic over the past 12 months have been for women that come into this bracket. In the previous 12 months, this figure was in the region of 24%.

“The age profile of women presenting for post-breast feeding breast augmentation is late 20s to mid 30s years. This suggests that women are waiting until their final child (typically after 2 or 3 children) before choosing to ‘replace what they once had’, rather than opting for unnatural looking enhancements with larger breast implants.”

Typically, 7 years ago, 46% of Breast Augmentation patients went up three cup sizes whereas over the last 12 months THMG’s most popular size increase was 2 cup sizes. Breast Surgery remains the most popular of all cosmetic surgery procedures, and it accounted for 48% of all procedures undertaken by The Harley Medical Group in the last 12 months. Irish attitudes have changed dramatically from 7 years ago, as women are now happy to show-off their surgery. Over 65% of Breast Augmentation patients are between 25-35 years old with the balance mostly post breast feeding.

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Florida Center for Cosmetic Laser Gynecology Supports Safewalk for Women

Florida cosmetic gynecologist Dr. Mark Scheinberg, a member of the Ultimate Makeovers Team, will participate in the Safewalk Run 5K on October 30th. The 12th annual Safewalk benefits Women in Distress, a non-profit group that provides safe shelter and critical services to families affected by domestic violence.

The event is timed and awards are given to top finishers as well as incentives for top fundraisers. All walkers and runners are asked to raise $200; the walk’s goal is to raise $100,000. The event will be attended by the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders and organizers expect more than 1,200 people to participate.

Dr. Scheinberg is running in the race and he has also helped to sponsor the event. “At the Ultimate Makeover Team we want to use our resources to help less fortunate individuals and the community as a whole,” said Dr. Scheinberg, a Florida cosmetic gynecology provider.”Sponsoring the Safewalk helps to fulfill both goals.”

Dr. Scheinberg is part of the Ultimate Makeover Program, in which Florida’s best doctors and health practitioners go beyond changing people’s looks to transforming their lives. The Ultimate Team will help the less fortunate through community activism and fundraising corporate partnerships as well as through cosmetic procedures.

Each year the Ultimate Makeover Team will perform a makeover for a deserving member or members of the community at no cost to the participant. The makeover may include cosmetic dentistry, plastic surgery, laser eye surgery, and personal training. Makeover recipients will be chosen from local charities and the community. The Ultimate Team also helps through community activism and corporate partnerships to raise money for charity. This year’s charity is Women in Distress.

Learn More
To learn more about the Center for Cosmetic Laser Gynecology and Dr. Mark Scheinberg, visit their Web site at or phone at 888-573-7496.

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South Florida Cosmetic Dentist Notes How Oral Health Affects the Whole Body

People tend to think of beautiful straight teeth as a purely cosmetic concern – a luxury rather than a necessity. However, teeth that are crooked, stained, or have other problems can cause physiological problems in the rest of the body or can be an indicator of other health problems.

“Crooked and crowded teeth are hard to clean properly, potentially leading to tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss,” notes Dr. Charles Nottingham, a Miami dentist and Fort Lauderdale dentist.”A bad bite can also cause abnormal wear of tooth surfaces, poor speech, and excessive stress on the jaw bone and gum tissue.”

Poor bites can also influence chewing and swallowing and food selection – leading to nutritional problems. Pain in the jaw or teeth can lead to pain in the head, neck, shoulders, or elsewhere in the body. Oral pain often leads to diminished activity, lost work days, depression, sleep problems, and missed school for children.

“In addition, problems with your teeth can be an indicator of whole-body health issues,” points out Dr. Nottingham, a South Florida cosmetic dentist.”Scientific research indicates a link between gum disease and many other overall health problems including: high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, premature births and many more.”

Sometimes teeth can reveal a previously unknown health condition. Conditions that can be detected in the mouth include diabetes (causesgum infections), acid reflux (teeth are much more prone to decay), some auto-immune disorders (the soft tissue in the mouth and salivary glands can be affected), liver diseases (the soft tissue in the mouth is jaundiced) and many more.

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Global Health Progress Fact Sheet Projects China Will Become One of World’s Major Biopharmaceutical Players

Data revealed in Global Health Progress’ (GHP) new fact sheet shows that China is projected to become one of the world’s major biopharmaceutical players, along with the U.S., Europe, and Japan, in the next fifteen years. This projection is based on China’s commitment to improving access to healthcare by expanding its biotechnology sector, increasing its exportation of biopharmaceuticals and investing in pharmaceutical research and development (R&D).

China has one of the fastest growing economies in the world with a gross domestic product of more than $8 trillion. Its biotechnology sector has become a bright spot in the Asia Pacific region and the world markets, with an impressive average annual growth rate of 19.4% between 2000 and 2005, and is anticipated to become the world’s third-largest pharmaceutical market in 2011, a major increase over its #8 rank in 2000

Part of China’s successful growth is due to its decision to improve access to healthcare by increasing exports of biopharmaceuticals. For example, in 2006 China exported a total of US $890 million in biopharmaceuticals – a 30.61% increase compared with the previous year. China has also become the largest vaccine manufacturing country in the world, capable of producing 41 vaccines to prevent 26 viral diseases, and has become the third country to succeed in large-scale production of genetically engineered insulin.

Additionally, China’s pharmaceutical R&D expenditures are expected to reach US $10 billion or 2% of global spending by the end of 2010. The country is expected to contribute an additional $40+ billion in annual sales by 2013, comparable to the level of increased sales forecast for the US market in the same period.

China’s investment in the biotechnology sector has translated into improvements regarding access to healthcare and the country’s economic growth through creating high-quality, highly skilled jobs. Currently, there are more than 500 biotechnology companies in China with the biopharmaceutical sector employing approximately 50,000 people. Additionally, pharmaceutical R&D is taking the form of multinational biopharmaceutical companies setting up research facilities in biotechnology parks in China, which can drive highly-skilled, high wage job growth and encourage better access to healthcare.

Please view full PDF for additional information and list of sources.

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New Study Shows Cortisol Level A Possible Contributor To Alcohol Abuse

New discoveries are giving more hope for those battling addiction to alcohol. A recently published study indicates a correlation between alcohol abuse and the hormone cortisone.

A study published in England by the University of Liverpool indicates that alcoholics may have a higher incidence of elevated cortisol levels than levels present in the general population. Cortisol, a hormone released under stress, seems to not only affect alcoholics but has also been shown to be elevated in individuals suffering from any type of substance abuse addiction.

“Studies like this demonstrate that addiction isn’t just a social and emotional disease but a physiological one as well that requires the help of addiction treatment professionals,” begins a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center . “Within the treatment field, it is important to understand the epidemiology of addiction so that all aspects of the addiction are treated. If we focus only on the social and emotional aspects of addiction, the chances for recovery are diminished greatly. That’s why discoveries such as these are significant and are important to consider in the treatment of addiction to ensure long-term sobriety. Furthermore, studies such as this encourage more research in the hope of finding the right treatment modalities that can reverse the physiological aspects of addiction and bring so many more onto the road to recovery.”

Not only is cortisol a stress hormone, but it is also responsible for helping to metabolize food through a series of insulin releases. In addition, cortisol is closely connected to insulin resistance, another suspected factor in the list of physiological aspects of addiction.

Since its inception, Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center has been committed to creating ways that will help individuals get and remain sober.

The compassionate, caring treatment team at Mountainside is comprised of licensed and certified counselors and social workers as well as an on-staff Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Nurse, both of whom have specializations and extensive experience in drug addiction and alcohol treatment. For clients who may have psychiatric issues and/or a dual diagnosis, Mountainside provides the services of a Psychiatrist who also has specialization in addictions. As a result of their unique, innovative approaches to addiction treatment over the past 12 years, Mountainside has become the model for the addiction treatment field.

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Eastern Essentials Herbal Formulas- Premium Pharmaceutical-Grade Chinese Herbal Medicine

California Licensed Acupuncturist and Master Herbalist, Jeremy Speiser, formulated all of our products, based on ancient Chinese herbal formulas, after years of painstaking studying, research and clinical practice. Time-tested ancient formulas were modified slightly by adjusting some of the ingredients and dosages to enhance its safety, focus and effectiveness.

Safety and Quality of Eastern Essentials Herbal Formulas:

All of the herbs we use are not just dried plant parts blended into a powder and then encapsulated or made into tablets like most other herb companies do. Many of the active ingredients will not be absorbed by the body, unless they are extracted first. We use herbs that are extracted using modern high tech equipment to create pharmaceutical grade extracts for maximum potency and absorption.

All of our formulas are:

100% Natural
Manufactured in an FDA inspected facility
Made of 5:1 concentrated herbal extracts that are manufactured under pharmaceutical grade GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines

The raw herbs that make up our concentrated extracts are rigorously and consistently tested for:

Fingerprint of identity and quality with TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography) & HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography)
Macroscopic & Microscopic Analysis
Pesticide Residues
Microbial Levels
Heavy Metals
Foreign Material
Active or marker compounds

It is no wonder we obtain such amazing results!

Herb Formulas for:

Chronic Low Back Pain
Acute Low Back Pain
Upper Back Pain
Chronic Knee Pain
Acute Knee Pain
Shoulder Pain
Nervousness and Anxiety
Menopause Symptoms
PMS Symptoms
Premature Ejaculation
Threatened Miscarriage
Sinusitis and Congestion

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Crohn’s Disease Nutritional Intake Help Found in Vitamin Gum

Crohn’s disease help is not easy to find. That’s why the discovery of vitamingum is a newsworthy event for those afflicted. Because the disease affects the digestive tract, Crohn’s nutrition intake is a major concern. Sufferers often have little or no appetite due such pain, making it difficult for these individuals to intake and digest the vitamins and minerals needed.

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Edward Mugits, owner and developer of VitaBrew Coffee, contends that Vitamin gum is assisting his son with the needed Crohn’s nutrition intake. Mugits’ son has dealt with the disease for 20 years and according to Mugits he has never seen his son intake this level of nutrients and feel the difference he now enjoys. Chewing Vitamin Gum has not caused pain or suffering for Mugits’ son. As founder of VitaBrew Coffee, Mugits has over 1600 hours invested in Naturopathic studies. He is dedicated to research and development of healthy products and is always excited to share anything that will provide Crohn’s disease help.

The vitamin gum is readily available in stores across the nation; GNC, Walgreens, Express Mart, Five Below Stores, Follett Book Stores, Giant Eagle, Sheetz and Wilson Farms. Vitamin gum is available in three flavors: grape pomegranate, raspberry lemonade and peppermint ice. It is sugar free, offers fast absorption through the mucous lining and small intestine and only needs to be chewed for five to ten minutes to ensure release of the nutrients. Benefits include B vitamins, Vitamin D, Calcium and antioxidants.

Edward Mugits, owner and developer of Mugits is also the father of a son afflicted with Crohn’s disease and as such he understands the debilitation this disease can cause. Mugits is devoted to sharing whatever offers Crohn’s disease help. For his son, chewing vitamin gum has not caused any pain or suffering and is improving hit nutritional intake. Vitamin gum can help support the limited Crohn’s nutrition intake by providing antioxidants and vitamins that otherwise would be missed.

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