Fort Lauderdale Cosmetic Dentists Signs Exclusive Agreement with da Vinci Studios

Smile South Florida’s top cosmetic dentist in the Fort Lauderdale and Miami area, Dr. Charles Nottingham, has maintained a close relationship with the owner of da Vinci Studios, Daniel Materdomini. Dr. Nottingham and Daniel speak regularly about maintaining the best cosmetic dental practices with da Vinci veneers. In fact, the Daniel sent his own mother to Dr. Nottingham for a full cosmetic reconstruction – and were very pleased with the results.

Fort Lauderdale Cosmetic Dentists Signs Exclusive Agreement with da Vinci Studios

In a letter to fort lauderdale dentist Dr. Nottingham, the owner of da Vinci Studios wrote: “… your preparations and impressions exceeded perfection. I had an opportunity to use many dentists in the area…but I chose you because of your experience, knowledge and the dedication you have with your patients. My Mom was thrilled with her new smile…If the ‘Extreme Makeover’ show was filmed in Florida, I am sure you would be the providing dentist.”

Da Vinci Studios offers two lines: the da Vinci line which offers fee-for-service veneers and crowns and the Leonardo line which offers veneers and crowns for PPO insurance patients. Because of the success of the da Vinci line and their faith in its durability, da Vinci studios extended the warranty on new da Vinci veneers so they are guaranteed for life. The Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentists at Smile South Florida offer both lines.

“I have seen Dr. Nottingham transform people’s lives. Dr. Nottingham is giving South Florida something to smile about.” said, Daniel Materdomini.

This opinion is seconded by Craig Galbraith, also from da Vinci studios: “I have never seen a smile gallery as extensive as Smile South Florida’s and where the final result of every case is of such a high standard.”

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Pharmacy College Teacher And Students Write On A Common Blog To Share Quickly Pharmaceutical Industry Technology Developments

Dr.Martin a former teacher in pharmacy college and now a director in a worlds biggest pharmaceutical company, was favorite amongst his students and colleagues for his innovative ideas on research and development teaching subjects on pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

One day he and his students on their last day in the college after completing the examinations in course in pharmacy , decided to stay in touch with each other ,and share technical knowledge regularly with each other , they in this process started writing on a common blog on the subjects on their own profession of pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology

This blog is now updated by then students and now top pharmaceutical industry professionals they never knew that this platform will soon become a favorite world wide amongst worlds pharmaceutical industry and pharmacists.

In pharmaceutical industry technology is moving so fast and to keep one self updated day today is a difficult task unless one join a group of a pharmaceutical association or a forums , where one is required to attend meetings and seminars there & one can discuss the latest happening in pharmaceutical industry.

The students says advantage of writing on this blog is just like attending a seminar on pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry , we write on vivid topics and the technical articles are very informative.There is not a single topic on pharmaceutical technology which is left untouched on this blog , be it biotechnology , microbiology or novel drug delivery system or latest happening in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs and latest news in pharma industry is published regularly.

Dr.Martin the cheap author and editor of the blog said that we started writing on our blog to share our knowledge amongst under graduate and post graduate , and doctoral students and industry professionals , as it is best tool to publish and share the knowledge quickly and easily , in this process so far about 1161 pharmaceutical industry professionals and students and have successfully subscribed to the blog , and this blog is now one of the preferred resource of technical knowledge on all topics in pharmaceutical industry.

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More Healthcare press releases Provides A Simplified Way To Locate Alcohol Treatment Facilities, the largest online directory of drug and alcohol treatment facilities and professionals, is the go to place for anyone seeking information about treatment and rehab options. The free service offered by the site can be the salvation needed during a drug or alcohol crisis situation. This company understands that when the decision is made to seek help from a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center there is only a small window of opportunity that exists. The reality is that if appropriate care cannot be found quickly that window of opportunity may be gone. not only has a complete listing of facilities, it also includes a Help Line, a free assessment, and a smorgasbord of information related to various types of addictions and treatment options. Provides A Simplified Way To Locate Alcohol Treatment Facilities

Finding and selecting a center that provides an alcohol treatment program that is agreeable to the potential client is vital to a successful recovery. Countless studies have shown that the more comfortable a client is with a rehab facility, the treatment program and event the treatment professionals, the more likely he or she is to ‘buy into’ the treatment. Obviously, if a client is not comfortable or does not approve of the alcohol rehabilitation methods or approach used by an alcohol treatment center he or she is less likely to ‘work’ the program. This demonstrates just how important it is that potential clients or those helping them learn all they can before selecting a rehab center.

The directory at offers a brief overview of each alcohol rehabilitation center listed. This overview provides enough information for users to determine if further investigation of the facility is warranted. Contact information for each center listed is included. Because the website is not directly affiliated with any drug or Alcohol Treatment center, the information offered about treatment options and the facilities is unbiased.

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More Healthcare press releases Takes The Work Out Of Finding Quality Drug Treatments offers a way to simplify finding ideal alcohol and drug treatments. The fact is that when a person finds himself in need of a quality drug treatment center he is often in distress and the need is urgent. This is actually a critical point because once the decision to seek or accept help has been made; there is only a short period of time in which the window of opportunity remains open. And at such a frenzied time the feelings of stress and desperation are enormous. This situation is even more intense if an addiction intervention has taken place.

Statistics and countless studies have proven that the client’s level of comfort with his or her chosen drug treatment center has a direct bearing on how successful the treatment will be. Clearly, selecting a program that meets with one’s personal needs and preferences is vitally important to his/her recovery. But until recently, unless one was in certain professions, it was almost impossible to learn about the various techniques used in drug treatments. That is, until or unless one had the information forced upon him or her due to a personal need or that of a loved one. provides information related to various alcohol and Drug Treatments and a complete directory of rehab centers. The directory allows viewers to learn the details of each facility, including the type of approach used in treatment options. Armed with this knowledge one can make educated choices when selecting a drug treatment center. is by far the leading online directory of treatment centers and treatment professionals. The directory is as valued by treatment facilities and professionals as it is needed by the public at large. This comprehensive resource helps to end the mysteries that commonly surround alcohol and drug rehabilitation.

In cases where an addiction intervention is required, this website can provide the assistance needed to insure the safety of the addict and peace of mind for family members and loved ones. The information offered at the site is straightforward and unbiased. is not affiliated with any specific treatment center or professional. In fact, inclusion in the directory is free. Being included in the directory at can help to establish a treatment facility’s name recognition as well as offer huge link value. was developed in order to provide a public service. This goal is met by offering accurate information about alcohol and drug treatments as well as informative articles and other resources. The object is to make choosing the right Drug Treatment Center easier. Very often, when a person is in need of alcohol and or drug treatment the situation is critical. A visit to can help to answer questions and alleviate some of the stress related to choosing a drug rehab facility. Individuals can even learn about proper Addiction Intervention procedures. If you or a someone you know is in need of help, call 1-877-335-4673.

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Take the Spring and Summer On With Confidence and a Brand New Look

The Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group wants to ensure all Britons can get the most from the beautiful spring and summer weather with a full line of procedures to create soft, smooth, and healthy looking skin.

Take the Spring and Summer On With Confidence and a Brand New Look

The effects of a harsh winter can be long-lasting, as the cold weather often leaves people with blotchy colour, texture, and dry skin. This leaves people with lower self-image, confidence, and just not as happy with their appearance and the revealing clothing as they should be. But now, Transform can eliminate these side effects and get everyone excited about the summer weather and all the benefits that come with it.

Facial Spring Cleanings

To get ready for warmer weather, facial peels are a great way to get rid of damaged surface layers of the skin so it looks great no matter how much of it you bare. This treatment removes the dead and damaged skin to leave behind nothing but firm, healthy looking skin. It can also help treat acne scars, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Transform also offers this treatment in a number of different formulas to treat skin of all types so that everyone can enjoy fresh, new skin.

Get a Healthy Glow

Both sexes can achieve smooth skin and a healthy glow with microdermabrasion. This technique takes away the surface layers of skin to deeply exfoliate and increase skin cell renewal. It also reduces wrinkles, evens skin texture, and gives skin a healthy colour. With this treatment, skin is gorgeous and ready for great summer outfits in no time.

Hair-Free and Silky Smooth

Show more skin and wear your great summer outfits with a smile when skin is completely free of that pesky hair. Transform’s new Quantum Intense Pulsed Light Laser removes hair on leg, arms, bikini lines and faces permanently and effortlessly.

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The Harley Medical Group Sees A Boom For Bigger Breasts

According the Harley Medical Group in Dublin, breast augmentation is again the fastest growing sector of cosmetic surgery with a positive increase on last years enquiries of over 37%. The latest data from The Harley Medical Group accounted for 27 of all procedures undertaken by the group in the last 12 months.

A large part of this increase has been attributed to a desire by women who have just given birth to get back into their original shape, or better, as soon as possible after giving birth. Post-baby surgery currently accounts for an estimated 75% of all Breast Uplifts (mastopexy) at the Harley Medical Group and Irish attitudes have changed dramatically as women are now happy to talk about their Surgery and show off their new found confidence.

Breast augmentation is the third most common type of post-natal procedure with mums making up 60% of patients. The shape and position of breasts as well as the overall body figure can change considerably after giving birth and so many mums opt to get breast enlargements to suit their new body shape.

The Harley Medical Clinic has over 27 years experience in cosmetic surgery and prides itself on the beautiful natural results it achieves. The highly qualified surgeons are there before, during and throughout the aftercare following the procedure.

A Breast Augmentation operation is normally performed under a General Anesthetic and takes approximately 1–1.5 hours. The average cost for breast augmentation is €6,610.

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Affordable Alcohol Treatment Provides Optimum Chance For Sobriety

Living a life free of an alcohol addiction shouldn’t be a privilege; it should be a right. And, one drug and alcohol rehab facility in Canaan , Connecticut has been providing quality, affordable drug addiction treatment for over 12 years and has helped more than 5,000 people.

The sole focus at Mountainside is to serve each client to the fullest at the most affordable price with the goal of helping them achieve a lifetime of sobriety. Located on 39 sprawling, yet private, acres in the foothills of the Berkshires, Mountainside offers true, affordable alcohol treatment for those who are plagued with various drug and alcohol addictions.

Affordable Alcohol Treatment Provides Optimum Chance For Sobriety  “We developed a concept from the beginning that simply stated: price should not be a deterrent to becoming sober,” begins a spokesperson for Mountainside. “And, we knew that we weren’t going to sacrifice quality to achieve that goal. We put together a team of top of professionals ranging from certified and licensed counselors and social workers, credentialed therapists and nurses. Psychiatric services are available when needed. The idea of comprehensive care originated with our rehab program as did the affordability factor. We’re very proud of the fact that others in the treatment field have adopted much of our innovative program. However, Mountainside remains one of the very few, truly, comprehensive, affordable drug and alcohol rehab facilities worldwide.”

For more than 12 years, Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center has led the way in offering an individualized alcohol and drug addiction treatment program.

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European Obesity Day 2010 Is Welcomed By Life Insurance Comparison Site

The 2010 European Obesity Day took place on Saturday May 22, and it is hoped that the campaign will raise the profile of the potentially life-threatening condition. As the first awareness day of its kind, life insurance site welcomed the event and is optimistic that it will help in the fight to reduce the problems associated with obesity in Europe.

One of the campaign’s central goals is to help the 50 per cent of Europeans who are overweight to shed 5 to 10 per cent of their body weight and cut obesity rates across 15 countries.

While the term obesity has become a well known one in the UK it is not in such common usage in other European countries, and it is hoped that the new awareness day will help countries increase public knowledge before the problem becomes rife. Among those participating are a high number of Eastern European countries, including Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary and Latvia.

A spokesperson for voiced the company’s support for the campaign, saying that it represents a positive step forward when it comes to spreading the word about obesity and its dangers. They added: “Most people in the UK are aware of the problems that can be caused by obesity, but campaigns like this act as a great way for countries to share knowledge.

“What’s more, it’s important for people not to become complacent about things such as obesity. The fact that the term has become common knowledge in the UK means people could be in danger of accepting it as normal, whereas obesity remains a big threat to health.”

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Utah Drug Rehabilitation Uses Holistic Treatment to Produce Long Term Recovery

Everyday numerous cases of drug addiction in Utah are reported by the police. As a result, Utah drug rehabs work round-the-clock to bestow the best treatment possible for drug addicts. They offer different treatment sessions to choose from in order to meet the needs of each patient. The concern of the rehab centers is not only for the patient but also for his family and the people around him.

Regardless of its family-oriented reputation, Utah is no stranger to drug addiction. Every month on average, ten Utah residents lose their lives to illegal drug overdose. This is one of the reasons why Utah drug rehabilitation centers have opened their doors wide to all people suffering from drug addiction. The goal of these centers is to create a drug-free productive life for every patient. The most successful full-service drug rehab in Utah addresses areas of health, nutrition and detoxification. They also offer a drug-free approach, which is proven and very effective at helping a person overcome his addiction once and for all without transferring to “legal” prescription drug addiction.

Treatment is a group effort. It involves participation from caring family members, treatment professionals, and former sufferers of drug addiction. One of the most important things to consider when treating a substance abuser is to know the reason for his addiction. That is the first answer sought out by counselors providing drug rehab in Utah. To have the most effective treatment, drug rehabs assess and determine what process would work best for an individual based on the specific drug and behaviors exhibited in each case. Counseling plays a big role on the entire treatment of a drug addict because the counselor will be able to note the progression of his patient and determine if a certain treatment is working or if it should be changed. Group therapy sessions are as essential as one-on-one counseling, as each patient will be able to learn from the group’s discussion and realize that they are not alone in the journey to a new beginning.

Relief from an addiction might be the best feeling for a former drug addict. He has not only saved his body from the potentially fatal effects of drug abuse, but he has also made the life-changing choice. This is what utah drug rehabs hope to instill in each of the patients. Every time they welcome a new patient, they don’t see “a person to be treated” but instead, they see “a wonderful life taking shape”. The treatments they do are not for self-profit but for the patients to gain strength in facing the new chapter of their lives.

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Sacramento Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab in San Jose Awarded for Recovery Success

People are winning the fight against drug and alcohol dependency through Sacramento drug rehab and alcohol rehab San Jose with their successful recovery programs. Alcoholism and drug dependency are evil twins that continually plague an increasing number of people in Sacramento, San Jose and in many other places. Drug statistics show that approximately 80% of crimes against people and property in the US can be traced to drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Studies also show that alcohol abuse frequently leads to drug addiction, which means that most drug addicts abused alcohol before becoming dependent on drugs.

Dependents need money to support their substance abuse habits. According to findings from San Jose drug rehab, when cravings worsen, each dependent spends as much as $200 per day. When funds run out, dependents do everything to sustain their irrepressible urge to consume illicit substances. Loved ones, parents, and the families of these dependents suffer from the loss of sobriety of those enslaved to the evil twins of drug and alcohol. Harassment, crime and violence happen in the family and in the community. Plus, more crimes are committed when these addicts are high on drugs.

Alcoholism and drug addiction are serious problems. As a result, effective treatment and rehabilitation programs must be aggressively pursued in Sacramento drug rehab and San Jose drug rehab while there is hope. When the addict is sober, the family must find tactful ways and means to convince the addict to get clean by seeking professional help and submit to rehabilitation treatment. They must be willing to give all the needed support necessary to save the addict’s life.

Recovery is possible with the help of sacramento drug rehab centers and alcohol rehab San Jose. Watch out for any sign of alcoholism and drug dependency in your family, and do something before the problem escalates. Seek help from experienced counselors and treatment facilities in Sacramento. Alcohol rehab in San Jose and drug rehab Sacramento have received many awards for their successful recovery programs. Detoxification and rehabilitation have helped many patients get back on the road to full recovery. They have found the will to fight and live life in a new dimension.

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More Healthcare press releases Encourages Heart Attack Survivors To Speak To Doctors About Sex Fears

A recent study has drawn attention to the large number of people who are scared of having sex following a heart attack, prompting to release a statement encouraging those with heart problems to speak to doctors to allay their fears. Encourages Heart Attack Survivors To Speak To Doctors About Sex Fears

A team of US researchers questioned 1,700 heart attack survivors and discovered that around a third reported they were less likely to be having more sex a year on from the date of their attack. Many reported that the fear that sex could kill them was a major factor in deciding to abstain, the researchers told the American Heart Association.

The study was led by Dr Stacy Tessler Lindau, who explained that the chance of suffering subsequent attacks during sex were very small, as long as it is at an appropriate time in the recovery process – an opinion also backed by the British Heart Foundation.

Most patients should be able to resume sexual activity at the same time as they become physically able to partake in moderate exercise, such as climbing a flight of stairs.

The research also found that the patients who were not counselled in sex by their doctors were more likely to avoid it. This news has prompted health insurance comparison site to issue a statement encouraging patients to speak to their doctors about all of their concerns. It said: “While it may be the last thing on the minds’ of patients immediately after a heart attack, it’s natural for questions concerning sex to arise as recovery progresses.

“However, by this point, many people may feel they aren’t able to go back to their doctor, or be too shy to raise the question. It’s very important that people feel confident in seeking information and speaking to medical professionals about sex after serious health scares, and this study highlights the importance of doctors making sure patients are well informed of all of the facts from the outset.”

The study, which examined the sex lives of 1,184 men and 576 women in the year following a heart attack, found that patients who had been given a leaflet about sex when they were discharged from hospital were more likely to resume their sex life.

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Drug Rehab in Washington Offers Effective One of a Kind Treatment

Breaking free from drug addiction and beginning a clean life again is possible with drug rehab in Washington through its effective one of a kind treatment. The road to freedom for drug dependents in Washington begins with the recognition of the drug dependency problem and the willingness to undergo drug rehabilitation treatment. Seek help to get free from drugs, accept help, and seek treatment from drug rehab in Washington. Breaking free is a hard fight and is rarely won without help.

Many drug addicts have tried to get off the hook of drug addiction by their own personal ways, without seeking the help of their families, friends, or rehabilitation centers. They may be closet drug abusers whose addiction is not known to their families and friends. They appear to live clean lives and do not appear to be addicted. Then reality sets in and addiction takes its toll. They secretly try to get off the hook but fail. Individual efforts frequently lead to frustration and harder drug dependency.

Many addicts in the state of Washington finally open the door to a new life by admitting they need help. They find that help by doing a computer search for “Drug rehab WA.”

Drug addiction is a common problem not only in Washington but over the world. According to drug addiction statistics, in the United States alone, more than twenty million Americans over 12 years old use illegal drugs, and drug related deaths amount to as much as 19,000 every year. Many addicts end up in mental hospitals for brain damage from drugs, and a high percentage are imprisoned for committing crimes against person or property.

Drug rehab in Washington is the answer. Hiding in the closet will not help. Society knows the problem exists and people from all walks of life wander into the trap. The problem of drug addiction affects not only millions of minor children but also an increasing number of adults, parents, professionals, persons in authority and even medical practitioners. It is best to seek help while recovery is possible, and while there is hope for a new lease on life. Effective rehabilitation treatment is the key to recovery. The first step can be as simple as a computer search for “drug rehab WA.”

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Drug Rehabs in Utah Commended for the Best Success Rates in Salt Lake City

Drug rehabs in Utah have helped save a number of drug dependents and alcoholics from darkness, and they are condoned for the best success rates in Salt Lake City. Many families are thankful for the remarkable recovery of their patients who are now living sober and happy new lives. Timely intervention through highly applauded drug rehabilitation centers in Utah successfully restored patients’ sobriety by providing clients the optimal tools necessary for their healing and recovery.

Drug addiction and alcoholism are two of the most serious and the most prevalent problem in the US and throughout the world. When it comes to drug rehab Salt Lake City reports that more than 20 million people in the US, 12 years old and older, have used illicit drugs. Drug addiction accounts for more than 19,000 deaths every year. The report is very alarming and despite efforts by the government to curb the problem, drug addiction and alcoholism is beyond control. The problem is getting worse and the number of addicts is increasing on a daily basis. Most of the victims to this debilitating habit are children in their early teens who get into drugs out of curiosity, out of peer pressure, and poor family relations. Some of these children are raised by parents who are drug dependent themselves, and some are influenced by a drug-dependent older sibling.

Medical and psychological studies have identified the debilitating effects of drug and alcohol abuse including the permanent loss of sobriety and health. Many drug or alcohol abusers die of car accidents while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The family and the community suffer from drug related crimes and violence, approximately 80% of crimes in the US are drug or alcohol related.

There is hope for healing and recovery. Drug rehabs in utah and Saltlake City are committed to help dependents overcome addiction and regain a meaningful life through treatment and rehab programs customized to the specific recovery needs of the patient. Holistic healing, detoxification, and interesting renewal activities in a clean and serene environment have been proven to effectively curb drug or alcohol dependency among patients. Trained professionals, counselors, and behavioral therapists at area drugrehabs resolve not only problem of addiction. They also treat the contributing factors that enable addiction. They are committed to restoring sobriety and to guiding the patient to a clean and productive life.

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Boomers Circumnavigate Lake Superior With BeneVia, Proving Active Lifestyles Enhance Healthy Aging

Baby Boomers Mike Link and Kate Crowley, currently undertaking one of the most demanding adventures ever conceived for people in the Boomer generation, a 1,600-mile circumnavigation of Lake Superior, are supplementing their demanding daily regimen with BeneVia®, a popular fruit-based healthy and therapeutic nutrition beverage especially formulated to meet the energy, nutrition and health needs of Boomers, now entering their 50s and moving into their sixties and seventies.

Boomers Circumnavigate Lake Superior With BeneVia, Proving Active Lifestyles Enhance Healthy Aging

An Inspirational Boomer Challenge

Healthspan Institute and BeneVia were selected as the Official Therapeutic/healthy Nutritional Sponsor for the Full Circle Superior expedition based on the strong clinical evidence these products provide for managing active lifestyles. The circling of Lake Superior on foot will stretch across five months and all states and the Canadian border surrounding this lake, which represents 20% of the Earth’s fresh water source. BeneVia Strength & Energy drink is used daily to provide the nutritional energy, strength and recovery needed for each day of the walk.

Link and Crowley are circumnavigating Lake Superior on foot, hiking as close to the shoreline of the Lake as possible. Along the way, they are recording important data about the ecology of the shoreline, the people and places they encounter, the streams they cross, their nutritional intake, and the adventure of a lifestyle as focused nomads. With other dedicated professionals and organizations, they are speaking and presenting along the way, publishing articles, writings and thoughts on their website,, to share their discoveries, their insights and feelings and dreams. They are also blogging weekly at to share their story.

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The Most Effective Depression Treatments

Sunset Malibu, an elite recovery center specializing in depression treatments on the California coast, has long been a transformational force in the field of depression recovery. Now, Sunset is announcing its redoubled efforts in helping clients regain their dignity on the road to wellness.

Chronic depression is a psychologically crippling disease. By the same token, depression treatments must promote psychological renewal. The most effective depression treatments are invariably ones which will help clients learn to feel good about themselves again. In the end, there’s no other way to ensure the long-term success of the healing process.

Those considerations, in turn, comprise the core of Sunset Malibu’s treatment philosophy.

With its world-class caregivers and elegant accommodations, Sunset Malibu is an unparalleled recovery destination. The center has always catered to upscale clients from every corner of the globe. Now Sunset is renewing its commitment to its core values, with the goal of delivering life-changing care to individuals who seek it. At Sunset Malibu, the client always comes first. .

“Severe depression strips its victims of their self-esteem, and their sense of self-control,” said Sunset Malibu’s Program Director. “It’s our role as a center for depression treatments to help them recover what’s been lost, with everything from professional depression treatments to intensive life-skills training. We believe that our long record of success testifies to the soundness of our strategies.”

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Holistic Drug Rehab Takes On New Face At Connecticut Drug Rehab Facility

For years, one drug rehab facility has consistently been on the cutting edge of drug rehab research, setting the standards for all other drug rehabs to follow.

While it’s no longer a secret that alternative therapies used in conjunction with traditional drug addiction treatment therapies yield a higher success rate, Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center has always combined Mind, Body, Spirit therapies with traditional drug rehab models creating a program that is holistic in nature. But, now Mountainside has taken holistic drug rehab to an entirely new level with its innovative Integrated Care Modelâ„¢, paving the way for an entirely new approach to drug addiction treatment.

“Our holistic drug rehab program was highly effective in treating various drug and alcohol addictions,” began a spokesperson for Mountainside. “We’ve taken it to a completely new level with our Integrated Care Modelâ„¢. For the first time in the history of drug rehab, we are able to separate the case management from the treatment of an individual. Typically, when an individual enters a drug rehab program, they are prescribed the same treatment plan as the person who entered the day or even hour before them. Normally, everyone is given the same type of therapy, the same inpatient services, the same outpatient services.. Our approach is simplistic in nature: we are treating individuals and, thus, we must have a measure of care that addresses each person as an individual, giving him or her what she needs and omitting the elements that would not provide optimum results in regard to long-term sobriety success. We’ve developed and perfected this model over the past 12 years and we’ve been able to finally put a name on it and brand it as our own. The success of this treatment method is already being felt throughout drug rehabs worldwide, and we know that we’ve elevated the standard of care for all patients.”

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Doctors Recommend the E-bed Memory Foam Mattress

E-bed has been making memory foam mattresses for 45 years, and along the way the company has collected more than a few customer testimonials from medical professionals. Doctors approve of and recommend the CoolTemp visco-elastic memory foam in the E-bed memory foam mattress. Visco-elastic memory foam was developed in the ’60s by NASA to provide orthopedic support to astronauts during take-off and re-entry. E-bed soon developed its CoolTemp visco-elastic memory foam, which cradles the body by becoming softer in areas made warm by the body’s pressure and firmer in cooler areas, where less pressure is being applied. Instead of endorsing a TempurPedic mattress, chiropractor Gordon J. Braun put his stamp of approval on the less-expensive E-bed with this testimonial:

“It is very important to have a good bed that gives you proper support of the spine. The E-bed mattress has the memory foam, which forms to the spine, producing great support and avoiding pressure on the nerves. Many patients ask me which bed to use, and I was never sure of what to recommend. I decided to try the E-bed sleep mattress, and within the first couple of nights I noticed the difference in my body. I had a great night’s sleep and woke up with no stiffness. It is truly a bed that I recommend to all my patients.”

Contributing to the great night’s sleep Braun got was the additional layer of foam beneath the CoolTemp visco-elastic memory foam. It helps provide the lumbar support that keeps the spine in its natural alignment. The E-bed memory foam mattress features high-quality coverings, as well, including 100 percent cotton, silk or cashmere. All coverings are treated to resist bacteria, mold, mildew, dust mites and odor-causing germs. The E-bed also features advanced edge support that extends mattress life and adds 30 percent more sleep surface. It was this feature that sold Dr. Diane Stewart, M.D., on the E-bed over the TempurPedic mattress, no matter how great a TempurPedic mattress discount was offered.

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E-bed Memory Foam Mattress Boasts the Orthopaedic Research Institute Seal of Approval

When researching memory foam mattresses, it helps to have an outside source to turn to for an impartial recommendation. Consumers can do just that thanks to the Orthopaedic Research Institute, and it has given its Seal of Approval to only one memory foam mattress: E-bed. These memory foam mattresses feature the company’s exclusive CoolTemp visco-elastic memory foam and high-quality coverings. For such an excellent product, consumers might expect to pay top dollar. They are pleasantly surprised, in fact, when they discover that E-bed memory foam mattresses costs hundreds of dollars less than other popular memory foam mattresses.

The most important part of a E-bed memory foam mattress is its CoolTemp visco-elastic memory foam. Visco-elastic memory foam was developed in the ’60s by NASA to provide orthopedic support to astronauts during take-off and re-entry. E-bed’s visco-elastic memory foam cradles the body by becoming softer in areas made warm by the body’s pressure and firmer in cooler areas, where less pressure is being applied. CoolTemp also uses an open-cell structure that allows air to circulate within the memory foam mattress.

Underneath the CoolTemp memory foam is additional foam that provides lumbar support by keeping the spine in its natural alignment. Everything rests on a steel box spring instead of the lesser quality, wooden box springs used by other memory foam mattress manufacturers. Coverings for the memory foam mattresses range from 100 percent cotton to silk to cashmere, and they are treated to resist bacteria, mold, mildew, dust mites and odor-causing germs.

The result of these many high-quality materials: a cool, comfortable night’s sleep.

E-bed is often compared to the popular TempurPedic brand of memory foam mattresses. Both brands are doctor-recommended, but the similarities end there. A E-bed memory foam mattress comes with a lifetime warranty, while TempurPedic only extends its warranty for 20 years. E-bed has been in business for more than 45 years, and TempurPedic has just 14 years of experience behind it. The biggest area in which the two brands of memory foam mattresses differ, though, is price. E-bed memory foam beds cost up to 65 percent less than TempurPedic.

There are three different collections of E-bed memory foam beds from which to choose, plus two additional eco-friendly memory foam mattress collections. Memory foam toppers, pillows and adjustable memory foam beds are also available. Complete product descriptions and pricing are available at

Based in Poughkeepsie, New York, E-bed has been making memory foam mattresses for almost half a century. To schedule an interview with a member of the E-bed team, please call 800-478-9098. To order one of E-bed’s superior memory foam beds, call that same number 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday and Friday, and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday EST.\

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LighterLife Reveals Secret To Taking Years Off Looks And Feeling 20 Something Forever

LighterLife has announced that it holds the secret to taking years off a person’s looks, adding years to their life and how to feel 20 something for the rest of their days, and with the launch of the BMI4Life campaign it plans to let others in on the secret too.

LighterLife Reveals Secret To Taking Years Off Looks And Feeling 20 Something Forever

The secret to not only looking younger and being healthy inside and out, amounts to three simple little words: Body Mass Index (BMI). Obesity reduces life expectancy on average by 11 years and is responsible for 9,000 premature deaths a year*, making reaching and maintaining a healthy BMI the key to living a long, healthy and vibrant life.

Maintaining a healthy BMI means that a 40 year old can look more youthful, feel like they’re in their twenties and have more energy to do all the things they love – whether that’s running around with the kids, spending more quality time with friends or just giving that special someone a little more attention.

75% of people don’t realise what a healthy BMI is and a shocking 1.7million people are unaware that they have an unhealthy and potentially dangerous BMI.

Dr David Haslam, Chairman of The National Obesity Forum commented: “I see it with my overweight patients all the time: reducing BMI to a healthy level can lead to rapid health and social benefits. Even dropping it by one or two points can literally add years to your life and in some circumstances can actually lead to you feeling younger than your age. More importantly though, it takes pressure off your body’s organs and helps the body to function as it should again.”

LighterLife’s BMI4Life campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of reaching and maintaining a healthy BMI between 18.5 and 24.9. The campaign which runs until the 23rd May is supported by The Stroke Association as obesity is a key risk factor in strokes, the second biggest killer in the UK.

As part of the campaign, LighterLife is encouraging people to visit the BMI4Life campaign and post a message of support. For every message posted LighterLife will donate £1 to The Stroke Association.

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Optical Express Now On Twitter

Optical Express has entered the world of social media, with the company recently launching its new Twitter accounts. Designed to better communicate with patients, customers and potential employees about the group’s current happenings and opportunities, four separate accounts have been created, each to fill a unique niche.

Optical Express Now On Twitter

Optical Express Marketing Manager Lindsay Taylor commented on the significance of this move.

“With the amount of people currently using tools like Twitter to communicate with one another, this was something that we couldn’t afford to miss out on,” she said.

According to Taylor, joining Twitter is not so much about being a part of a trend as it is about capitalising on a new communication tool that can benefit Optical Express patients, customers, and staff members.

“There is such a huge amount of information floating around on the internet related to both laser eye surgery and general eye care, and we want to be able provide a quality source of information, through our website, of course, but also through other mediums as well,” she said. “By reaching out, we hope that we can dispel any rumours, and help foster a constructive dialogue.”

The group’s corporate account can be found @OpticalExpress. This is the account that announces news updates, promotions, and competitions as they occur. As opposed to functioning as an extension of an advertisement for the organisation, it provides a stream of other news that may interest followers, including links to new articles uploaded to the “Eye Expert” informational segment of the Optical Express site, and announcements regarding the release of new designer lines of frames, for example.

@JoannaAtOEuk is designed as a point of contact for customer service enquiries, responding to Optical Express-related posts, and answering any questions. This includes everything from providing links to eye clinic locations, to connecting users with the relevant individual in the organisation to answer more clinical questions. Finally, @oeCareersUK announces job openings as they arise, enabling interested individuals to receive instant notifications when positions open up.

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