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GenieMD to Feature Award Winning AI-based Telemedicine Platform at HIMSS19

San Francisco, CA, 2019-Jan-24 — /EPR Network/ — GenieMD will be exhibiting at HIMSS19 in Orlando, Florida February 11-15, 2019. The GenieMD team will be showcasing their iVisit Telemedicine platform. GenieMD’s award-winning Telemedicine platform, driven by an AI engine, assists in the patient’s triage allowing for a streamlined consult with their physician through its HIPAA compliant text messaging, video visits and question-based asynchronous visits.

Patients are demanding convenience, expanded access and lower cost of health care. Doctors are overwhelmed with simple cases which take up most of their consult time. Clinics are struggling to manage costs in light of their patients increasingly use of alternative channels to seek treatment. To address these challenges, technology companies are innovating new ways for patients to gain access to providers. Government regulators are responding more favorably to the use of these methods including Telemedicine. Therefore, Telemedicine adoption is growing at a rapid pace.

“At GenieMD, our mission is to help improve the quality of human life by providing solutions that enable people to live healthier and longer.” – Dr. Soheil Saadat, CEO

The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to democratize healthcare globally.

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Innovative Medical Apparel Company Launches Men’s Lab Coats At Medica 2009 Conference

Medelita®, maker of breakthrough medical apparel, today announced the launch of its men’s lab coats, which are on display at Medica 2009, a leading international trade fair for the medical industry held in Dusseldorf, Germany. Medelita inaugurates its men’s collection with three varying lab coat styles, all named after distinguished figures in medicine: The Osler (44 in.), The Laennec (40 in.) and The Fleming (30 in.).

Men's Lab Coats

“Sophisticated, prestigious, innovative — these are words that medical professionals do not typically associate with lab coats,” said Lara Manchik, founder, Medelita.“But with the introduction of Medelita Men’s lab coats, male clinicians can now enjoy the same designer tailoring, high performance fabrics and upgrades that our female customers have raved about in our lab coats. The arrival of our men’s line is a natural evolution and we are thrilled to bring a product to market that’s long overdue.”

All Medelita lab coats are hand sewn in the U.S. using 100 percent pre-shrunk cotton, representing a significant improvement over traditional polyester/cotton blend lab coats with limited breathability. The lab coats feature a modern tailored fit, with finished inside seams and advanced fabric technology for unparalleled soil, stain, fluid and wrinkle resistance. While each style of Medelita Men’s lab coat is designed for a specific use, they are all available in contemporary menswear sizes 36-52.

The 44-inch Osler men’s lab coat is the modern version of the classic, full-length lab coat. Featuring five total pockets, including a concealed pocket for a PDA or Smartphone, the Osler lab coat is named after Sir William Osler, MD, CM, a Canadian physician, pathologist, educator, bibliophile, historian, and author, who is described as the Father of Modern Medicine.

The 40-inch Laennec lab coat is Medelita’s mid-length lab coat featuring abundant upgrades to this versatile physician lab coat. With a tailored, distinguished look and technically innovative features, this new men’s lab coat was named for René-Théophile-Hyacinthe Laennec, a French physician who invented the stethoscope in 1816, while working at the Hôpital Necker and pioneered its use in diagnosing various chest conditions.

The 30-inch Fleming lab coat is a hip-length lab coat, often called a “consultation” or “student” length lab coat. The Fleming is named after Sir Alexander Fleming, a Scottish biologist and pharmacologist who published many articles on bacteriology, immunology and chemotherapy. He is best-known for receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for the discovery of penicillin, which he shared with two colleagues.

About Medelita
Medelita has one purpose: to reinvent the way women and men of all healthcare professions present themselves at work by offering the highest quality, best fitting, and most comfortable medical apparel available, including women’s lab coats, men’s lab coats, embroidered lab coats and medical scrubs. Medelita caters to medical professionals who want their uniforms to embody the poise and confidence already displayed from within. For more information, visit our websites at http://www.medelita.com or http://www.medelita-mens.com, or call 877.987.7979.

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New 28-Inch Student-Length Lab Coat Answers Customer Demand For Shorter Style And Is Available For Pre-Order

Medelita®, maker of breakthrough medical apparel, today introduced the new Elizabeth B. lab coat to its collection of high performance women’s lab coats. Shorter than traditional coats, the Elizabeth B. is 28 inches in length and falls just below the hip on a woman of average height. The new, shorter-length lab coat is available for pre-order and will be available to purchase online November 6, 2009.

“The introduction of the Elizabeth B. lab coat is a significant milestone for us in that it answers countless customer requests, expressing the need for a lab coat with modern styling, sensible performance fabric features and long-lasting durability,” said Lara Manchik, founder, Medelita. “We chose to name the coat in honor of Elizabeth Blackwell, the very first female medical school graduate who paved the way for women in field of medicine. This appellation also honors customers of Medelita who continue to make significant contributions in their respective medical professions.”

At the turn of the 19th century, female doctors did not exist. But Elizabeth Blackwell changed that with her inspiring life’s work. Education played an important role for Blackwell, whose father moved the family from England to the U.S. Motivated by the desire to fill the unmet needs of women who preferred to consult with a female physician, Blackwell eventually sought a formal education during a time when medical schools simply did not allow women. Her application to the Geneva Medical College in New York was inadvertently accepted because students and the administration thought it was a practical joke.

Eventually, Blackwell’s persistence won her respect, admiration and the first U.S. medical degree awarded to a woman in 1849; however, she was barred from practicing in hospitals and set up a practice out of her own home. Among Blackwell’s many achievements was the establishment of women’s medical schools in the U.S. and in England. The educational institutions were the culmination of plans co-developed with Florence Nightengale, whom she met during the Civil War. Well into her later years, Blackwell continued to inspire and encourage women to study medicine. Today, women represent more than half of the students pursuing some form of medical education.

The Medelita Elizabeth B. lab coat is designed for those medical professionals who prefer technical advancements – not only in their clothing but also in their lifestyle. The fluid resistant lab coat is treated with Advanced Dual Action Teflon® fabric protector, which allows the fabric to repel and release stains, including blood, while maintaining a clean and crisp, polished appearance. Tailored for a feminine yet professional shape, the coats are sewn in the U.S. and feature the highest quality workmanship available in a medical uniform. Modern styling includes rounded lapels with complimentary pocket detailing, clean finishing of all seams, and a hidden inside pocket for transporting handheld devices and other useful medical tools.

Also called a consultation lab coat, the 28 inch lab coat is worn by students across numerous medical professions — medical school, dental school, physician assistant school — as well as by those medical professionals who simply prefer a hip length lab coat. Although the length is often a designation of a student, in some settings, the shorter coat is preferred or even required.

The new lab coat joins the Medelita collection of women’s lab coats, which range from the original, full-length Callia lab coat (38 in.), the Ellody (34 in.), to the Estie (38 in.) and Sophia (34 in.), all of which can be custom embroidered with name, title, and profession as preferred. For more information on the Elizabeth B. lab coat and all Medelita products, please visit www.medelita.com.

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Medelita Celebrates National Nurse Practitioner Week

Medelita®, maker of breakthrough medical apparel, celebrates National Nurse Practitioner Week this November 8 through 14. Nurse practitioners (NPs) are advanced practice nurses who provide high-quality healthcare services similar to those of a doctor. They diagnose and treat a wide range of health problems, and even prescribe medication. This year, nurse practitioners are celebrated for providing “125,000 solutions to the primary care shortage.”

“Nurse practitioners play a critical role in our healthcare system, providing much needed care that encompasses disease diagnosis and treatment, health education and helping patients to make wise choices and to become better advocates of their own health,” said Lara Manchik, PA-C and founder, Medelita. “Medelita is proud to be a partner to NPs, who combine strengths f r o m nursing and medicine to provide a holistic approach to personalized patient care.”

Most nurse practitioners have advanced degrees, such as master’s degrees, and training beyond their registered nurse credentials. Many even have doctorates in their areas of specialty. Since 1965, NPs have been practicing in all types of settings including clinics, hospitals, private physician or nurse practitioner offices, schools, urgent cares, colleges and public health offices, to name a few.

Every day, nurse practitioners are making a difference in the lives of patients and they are advancing the role of women in the healthcare professions. Medelita honors NPs this week and throughout the year, through its “Celebrating Women in Healthcare” campaign showcasing the talents, devotion and accomplishments of women all across the nation, just like Secor. The women selected for “Celebrating Women in Healthcare” each receive a lab coat or scrubs of their choice and are featured on the Medelita web site. Nominations that include photos and detailed descriptions of professional and personal accomplishments can be emailed to celebrating.women@medelita.com.

About Medelita
Medelita has one purpose: to reinvent the way women of all healthcare professions present themselves at work by offering the highest quality, best fitting, and most comfortable medical apparel available, including lab coats, embroidered lab coats and women’s medical scrubs. Medelita caters to professional women who want their uniforms to embody the poise and confidence already displayed f r o m within. For more information, visit our website at http://www.medelita.com or call 877.987.7979.

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Dr. Dominic O’Hooley To Be Featured In Upcoming Television Series

The Dental Clinic director, Dr. Dominic O’Hooley, has been announced as the featured celebrity dentist on the upcoming miniseries, Lorraine Kelly’s Big Slim: The Chawner Challenge.

Airing in January 2010, the new 6-part series follows two-time X Factor reject Emma Chawner and her family as they try to slim down.

Emma Chawner first caught the nation’s attention when she appeared on the X Factor in 2007 in a meringue dress, singing Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On. The 19-year old was rejected for both her look and voice by judge Simon Cowell.

Chawner returned two years later with her sister Samantha, 21, only to be rejected again.

Beyond her multiple appearances on the X Factor, Chawner and her family have also gained publicity for other reasons – weighing in at a combined total of 83 stones, the unemployed family has been claiming £22,500 in benefits, according to The Daily Mail.

The upcoming TV series, filmed over a period of five months, tracks the family as they undergo the ultimate makeover. From a diet and fitness regime, to close work with nutritionists, health and fitness experts, and life coaches, the entire programme is designed to provide the family with the opportunity to really change their lifestyle and outlook.

“We’ve designed a format that allows them to meet some of the best experts in the country to give them an opportunity to really change the way they live and how they feel about themselves, whilst providing some excellent entertainment in the process,” Paul Stead, executive producer for Daisybeck Productions, said, in an interview with Broadcast.

One of these experts appearing in the series is dentist Dr. O’Hooley who treated both Emma and her mother, Audrey, at The Dental Clinic in Leeds.

O’Hooley commented on the significance of dental treatments in such all-encompassing makeovers.

“A great smile can go a long way in providing someone with a real sense of confidence,” O’Hooley said. “It can affect the way that you feel about yourself, as well as the way that others perceive and respond to you.”

Though O’Hooley declined comment as to exactly what treatments Emma and Audrey received, he noted that he was happy to contribute to their makeovers.

“I think both Emma and Audrey are very happy with their new smiles, and I was glad to be able to provide them with something that can really contribute to their transformations,” he said.

About The Dental Clinic:
The Dental Clinic is the largest private provider of dental services in the UK, offering services ranging from general dentistry, to teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry.

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Medelita Joins AAPA in Celebrating National PA Week

Medelita®, makers of innovative high-quality scrub sets and lab coats for women in health care who excel in their profession and take pride in their appearance, joins the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) in celebrating National PA Week, October 6 – 12.

“National PA Week provides us the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of the central role PAs have in shaping the future of health care in this country, and across the world,” says Medelita founder Lara Manchik, who brings a decade of experience as a PA to her breakthrough line of medical apparel. “We’re honored to join AAPA in celebrating National PA Week and the professionals who deserve this recognition. AAPA is doing an outstanding job communicating the role of PAs in transforming health care — not just on the floor and by the patient’s bedside, but in our laws and legislation.”

Manchik points out that PAs have always responded to the changing needs of patient care. Launched in 1967 at Duke University Medical Center, the first PA program was developed to utilize the skills of returning Vietnam medics and fill a need for quality health care when and where it is needed most. Since then, PAs have continued to make cost-effective, quality health care accessible to more people who might otherwise have limited, or no, access.

Today, you’ll find PAs providing not only primary care, but also working with physicians across a spectrum of medical specialties. Says Manchik, ”Patients and physicians alike are recognizing the tremendous value that PAs, with their advanced training and knowledge, bring to patient care. They assume many of the same responsibilities of doctors, keep costs in check, and spend time with patients to completely understand their needs and goals. National PA Week allows us to acknowledge this contribution.”

During this year’s National PA Week, the AAPA is emphasizing the leading advocacy position PAs share in the current health care debate. Through grassroots efforts and awareness-raising campaigns, AAPA and its members are making sure legislators include PAs in the strategy to increase access to quality, affordable health care.

“National PA Week brings much deserved attention to these dedicated, extraordinary professionals,” adds Manchik. “Medelita applauds the AAPA and its members for their tremendous efforts and commitment to reform health care. We’re proud to provide PAs quality lab coats and scrub sets that reflect their exceptional dedication and professionalism.”

About Medelita
Medelita has one purpose: to reinvent the way women of all health care professions present themselves at work by offering the highest quality, best fitting, and most comfortable medical apparel available, including scrubs and women’s lab coats. Medelita caters to professional women who want their uniforms to embody the poise and confidence already displayed from within. For more information, visit www.medelita.comor call (877) 987-7979.

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Dental Implant Education by Dr. Todd B. Engel, DDS

An expert diagnostician will advise the very best treatment for a patient’s needs, regardless if the best course of treatment is a service that he or she routinely provides or not. In cases where the best treatment for the circumstances is not a treatment that is routinely performed in the office, then palliative treatment along with a referral to a specialist may be in order. Many more options are now available in the repertoire for restorative dentists placing dental implants. If the final result can be “blueprinted” prior to initiating treatment (and the clinician has the knowledge and ability to produce it), then some of the “afternoon emergency dilemmas” will appear a bit more straightforward, if not quite predictable.

In this author’s opinion, there is no better feeling than consoling a distraught patient in an emergency situation, having the expertise to diagnose the emergency appropriately, and having the knowledge, confidence, and capability to produce a positive result for the patient. This article will attempt to illustrate a simplified method for an immediate implant placement, along with a guided tissue procedure, into a fresh extraction site. All of the standard “pre-procedural” diagnostic measures and conditions—with heavy emphasis on the patient’s health history—need to be considered and deemed acceptable before beginning treatment. These measures and conditions should include (but are not limited to):1

• All pertinent clinical data
• Hard and soft tissue analysis
• Gingival biotype
• Lip lines
• Occlusion
• Radiographic interpretation
• Interarch space
• Keratinized tissue
• Esthetic demands
• Applicable informed consent
• Arch relationship
• Emergence profile
• Clinician confidence to control the case

In the following case report, a “prospective” new patient reported to the Ladera Ranch Implant Institute on a typical hectic afternoon in need of emergency treatment.

Case Report
A 42-year-old man presented with the chief complaint of a “loose filling in his front tooth” along with what he called some recent “tissue irritation” around the maxillary right central incisor.

A complete dental examination was performed, as well as the review of his medica history. The medical history was unremarkable, and his dental condition was excellent with the exception of some localized, minimal tissue recession. The patient mentioned that he smoked more than a pack of tobacco per day, had no allergies, was not taking any prescribed medications, and that he was not under the care of a physician. During the intraoral evaluation (Figure 1 View Figure), the clinical crown was sacrificed after removal of the “loose filling.” Additional root caries was found extending well below bone level. The soft tissue surrounding the tooth was within normal limits. The preliminary x-ray (Figure 2 View Figure) revealed internal resorption, deep root caries, and biological width invasion. The culprit tooth had been previously treated with root canal therapy and a multi-surface composite filling. Aside f r o m the patient’s complaint of the “filling feeling loose,” he had no other clinical symptoms.

Treatment Plan
After an exploratory removal of additional decay, the tooth was deemed not salvageable (Figure 3 View Figure). Once presented with all remaining treatment options based on this scenario, and considering previous time and financial investments already put into this tooth, the patient elected to proceed with the extraction of tooth No. 8 and, should it be a possibility once the site was evaluated and deemed appropriate after the tooth extraction, have an immediate implant placed. At this point, the “blueprint,” along with a time line and financials, were presented to the patient. All treatment plans, informed consents, and financial arrangements were discussed and signed.

Communication is the first step to a successful blueprint. The patient was given the appropriate informed consent which included (but was not limited to) the proximity to the nasal floor and nasopalatine foramen, as well as possible pain, swelling, infection, damage to adjacent teeth, numbness (temporary or permanent), along with possible implant failure of unknown cause. Additionally (and, in the author’s opinion, a must for any implant surgery performed in the esthetic zone), informed consent was rendered for a potential need for a second periodontal surgical procedure, based on healing that may be less than ideal in the esthetic zone. Again, as with all smokers in need of treatment, a heavy emphasis was placed on the need for a healthy blood supply to reach the surgical site, and how the patient’s smoking would be a significant interference with respect to a successful outcome.2

Before beginning such a case, all provisional options and modalities must be considered and available before initiating surgery. This will help greatly in case of a potential shift in treatment plan mid-surgery. This is the stabilizer in most, if not all, successful anterior implant cases.

Treatment Protocol: Materials and Methods
Initially, this surgical approach would be performed by way of a “flapless” technique in an attempt to avoid any unnecessary invasion or trauma to the periodontal architecture and support. Upon successful tooth removal, a further evaluation of the boney walls and socket integrity would be evaluated, thus indicating if a full-thickness flap reflection would be necessary to complete the implant placement or to repair any defects.3

The patient was given a vestibular infiltration with one cartridge of lidocaine with epinephrine 1:50,000, along with supplemental infiltration on the palatal side of tooth No. 8. After complete loss of sensation was achieved, a periotome (Nobel Biocare, Yorba Linda, CA) was used to carefully separate the central incisor and its periodontal ligament (PDL) f r o m the surrounding bony housing. This protocol is extremely important to ensure that the remaining boney housing is not jeopardized and/or fractured during the attempted tooth extraction. In cases such as this, further tooth breakage should be expected if one attempts to manually elevate or remove the remaining sacrificed tooth structure with forceps.4,5

After circumferential PDL detachment was accomplished, the central incisor was then atraumatically removed by simple elevation. This natural intact root would now serve as an ideal indicator of depth, width, and socket morphology, and would also confirm initial pre-surgical radiographic calculations. During further debridement and socket evaluation, a facial defect 3 mm in width and 3 mm in height was detected, necessitating the need for a full-thickness flap. The conservative flap extended both one tooth anteriorly and posteriorly, along with two vertical releasing incisions (Figure 4 View Figure), while keeping the base of the flap (vestibule) wider than the apex. This would maintain a healthy blood supply to the flap, prevent tissue necrosis, and would reduce the possibility of tearing or laceration when repositioning took place.6,7

Based on root morphology and size, a regular platform 4.3-mm X 10-mm NobelReplaceâ„¢ Tapered Groovy implant (Nobel Biocare) was selected to complete the case. The surgical bur was then placed by hand directly into the socket to confirm a snug fit and also to confirm depth. The appropriate 4.3-mm X 10-mm surgical bur was then used to further obliterate the socket, gain apical advancement in virgin bone, and to create fresh bleeding internally.

The implant was then placed into the fresh extraction socket, with emphasis placed on maintaining the desirable restorative angles and correct emergence profile as well as being respectful to all zones of safety (minimum of 2 mm) between the implant and adjacent natural teeth for an adequate and healthy blood supply.8

Based on the constriction toward the apical portion of the socket, a torque of 40 Ncm was achieved when the implant was placed in its final desired position. A cover screw was placed to seal off the opening of the implant in an effort to prevent any grafting debris f r o m entering into the implant site (Figure 5 View Figure, Figure 6 View Figure, Figure 7 View Figure, Figure 8 View Figure).

Next, before flap closure, the aforementioned facial defect was in need of repair. A pure-phase, beta tri-calcium phosphate, 150-µm to 500-µm particulate material, Cerasorb® (RIEMSER, Raleigh, North Carolina), was mixed with the patient’s own blood and placed directly onto the facial bone defect and exposed implant surface. All attempts were made to re-create the topography of the original bone pattern before any defect had occurred. Additionally, to protect and support the fresh clot and avoid any in-growth of unwanted epithelium into the graft itself, a bio-resorbable membrane, Epi-guide (RIEMSER), a bioresorbable synthetic membrane, was modified and placed directly over the Cerasorb graft material and beneath the tissue periosteum (Figure 9 View Figure and Figure 10 View Figure). The bio-resorbable membrane should remain a minimum of 1 mm away f r o m the adjacent sulcus to prevent transmission of bacteria across the membrane surface f r o m adjacent teeth. Although suitable torque was achieved to immediately load the implant, the author chose to delay loading because of the boney defect.9,10

Finally, and just before flap repositioning, a release of the underlying periosteum was indicated to ensure a relaxed flap closure and to avoid wound opening. The flap was repositioned with two horizontal mattress and four interrupted PTFE sutures (Osteogenics Biomedical Inc, Lubbock, TX) (Figure 11 View Figure).

At this point, the temporization decision is key and quite critical to assist in healthy tissue healing and natural adaptation. A composite Maryland bridge provisional was fabricated chairside to complete this interim phase of treatment, in the effort of training and maintaining healthy, intact papilla by way of an ovate pontic design. Several try-ins were attempted before the final bonding to ensure that no contact was directly on the surgical site, at which time the temporary was adjusted out of occlusion and bonded into place (Figure 12 View Figure)

The patient was prescribed amoxicillin 500 mg four times a day for 1 week, ibuprofen 800 mg three times a day for 4 days, and 0.12 chlorhexidine rinses three times a day for 1 week, and given a 10-day recall appointment. Before dismissal, the use of tobacco products was reviewed once again, and the patient was advised to refrain f r o m smoking during the healing period.

At the 10-day interval, the patient returned for a follow-up postoperative appointment. The bonded provisional restoration was removed for further evaluation of the surgical site and all sutures were removed. Ultimately, the provisional bridge was bonded back into place over the surgical site, and would remain in place throughout the remainder of the healing phase (Figure 13 View Figure). Based on the site evaluation and a short discussion with the patient, the first week proved to be successful. The patient was given a 4-month recall appointment for the restorative phase of treatment.

At 4 months, the patient returned for the second phase, or restorative portion of treatment, which encompassed uncovering the implant fixture. Based on the author’s evaluation of healing after the 4-month period, an interproximal full-thickness flap was opted over a traditional “punch” technique to reveal the implant fixture for the implant-level impression. The rationale for this was to displace some of the healthy keratinized tissue f r o m the palatal side of the implant, toward the facial aspect, as this would provide a more adequate biological seal and a more ideal esthetic result.

This semi-lunar, full-thickness incision was initiated slightly palatal to the center of the ridge, while sparing the papilla interproximally (Figure 14 View Figure and Figure 15 View Figure). At this point, a transmucosal healing abutment was used to support, train, and maintain the repositioned flap for a more ideal result (Figure 16 View Figure). During the temporary phase, a well-designed provisional with ideally positioned proximal contact points is key, and will assist with overall papilla health (Figure 17 View Figure).

Two weeks later, the patient returned for the definitive prosthesis, symptom-free. The all-ceramic NobelProcera™ crown (Nobel Biocare) was placed into position, and an x-ray was taken to confirm fit before cementation (Figure 18 View Figure). The NobelProcera crown was then cemented into place, the occlusal scheme was checked to make certain that the crown was solely in a light centric contact, and all parafunctional contacts were removed. The patient was very happy with his choice of treatment, as well as the final result (Figure 19 View Figure).

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Winners Of The Cosmetic Surgery Competition Reveal Their Experiences With Their Cosmetic Surgery Treatments In Prague

Five UK ladies, winners of the UK Cosmetic Surgery Competition run by http://www.cosmetic-plastic-surgery.info, underwent their chosen surgical treatments in Prague, Czech Republic.

Charlotte, Helen, Kathryn, Vicky and Clare shared a dream: that cosmetic plastic surgery would change their life for the better. Each of them had a different problem, impeding either their private life or their career opportunities.

Helen, 27, from Shelf Halifax said: “For me, the surgery was not necessarily just so that I could look pretty in clothes, but to close a chapter of my life that was very hard to deal with. At 14 years old, I was scouted by a model agency but put on four stone within the next year, so my hopes were dashed. I found being overweight to be very depressing and hard to deal with, and my saggy stomach was a constant reminder of those days. I felt like I was carrying a piece of someone else around with me and found it so frustrating that I couldn’t do anything to get rid of it after I had worked so hard to lose the weight.”

Life changed for Helen and her co-winners during May – June 2009 when they all underwent their chosen cosmetic surgeries. Tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, breast remodelling and breast enlargement were performed by leading Czech plastic surgeons: Tomas Dolezal M.D., Josef Kulhanek M.D., Karel Urban M.D., Roman Kufa M.D. and Libor Kment M.D.

“I really enjoyed the whole experience and I would recommend to anyone who is considering surgery to go for it. It really has changed my mind and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. The staff of the Esthe clinic was really helpful and I felt really looked after. Again „Thank you!“ for this fantastic opportunity and you have truly changed my life forever!” said Charlotte (22), a young mother from London. She had had two children at a very young age, which had completely ruined her breasts. The resultant loss of shape and too much of excess skin destroyed her confidence as a woman. In the end, it ruined her relationship with the father of her children and caused a deep depression and feelings of insecurity in starting a new relationship.

Pavel Hilbert, Chief Executive of http://www.cosmetic-plastic-surgery.info said: “Breast enlargement surgery restored Charlotte‘s self-confidence. She is once again the happy young lady she used to be, enjoying life, her kids and a new relationship.” She is only one of the thousands of satisfied patients who have placed themselves into the skilled hands of Czech plastic surgeons. The Czech Republic, a centre of modern plastic surgery, numbers among countries with a low rate of MRSA infections compared to Great Britain, Ireland, USA or Japan, for example. Czech plastic surgeons are highly educated, trained, skilled and qualified. “We are happy we have helped five ladies achieve their dreams, allowing them to take advantage of the high-quality care and dedicated professional service of Czech plastic surgeons.” adds Hilbert

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Online Sexual Partners Calculator

According to new research released by Lloydspharmacy, the typical British adult has slept indirectly with 2,811,024 people.

The leading community pharmacy chain has developed an online calculator which allows people to work out the number of indirect sexual partners they have had.

The sexual partners calculator has been developed to help people understand the risks of unprotected sex. According to the Health Protection Agency, cases of sexually transmitted infections rose last year by 0.5%, to 399,738 and cases of Chlamydia increased by eight per cent between 2006 and 2008.

The average British man claims to have had nine sexual partners while the average women claims 6.3 partners, giving an overall average of 7.65. However, as the new calculator demonstrates, they are potentially exposed to the sexually transmitted diseases of hundreds of thousands of others.

The calculator, which uses data collected from more than 6,000 UK adults, is called Sex Degrees of Separation, a reference to the famous theory first proposed by Hungarian writer Frigyes Karinthy which states that no one person is more than six steps removed from another.

When people enter the age range of each partner, the calculator raids its database to work out how many previous sexual partners people within that age range have had on average. It then repeats this process for five further ‘generations’ of partner. This is added together to give a Sex Degrees of Separation total.

The launch of the calculator coincides with the introduction of Lloydspharmacy’s Relationship Screen, an online postal service which allows people and their partners to have a Chlamydia test – the most common STI in the UK – Gonorrhoea test and HIV test before committing to full intimacy.

Clare Kerr, head of sexual health at Lloydspharmacy said: “When we sleep with someone, we are, in effect, not only sleeping with them, but also their previous partners and their partners’ previous partners, and so on. It’s important that people understand how exposed they are to STIs and take appropriate precautions including using condoms and getting themselves checked out where appropriate.

“A simple sexual health test will give both partners in a relationship peace of mind. The majority of STIs are easy to rectify, but if left untreated, the long term implications can be very serious.”

The Sex Degrees of Separation calculator, and more information about Lloydpharmacy’s sexual health services, can be found at online.

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Dr. Julia Neuls Receives Prestigious Fellowship From Academy General Dentistry

The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) is pleased to announce that Julia Neuls, of Fort Lauderdale, FL., received the prestigious Fellowship Award during the AGD’s Convocation ceremony, a commencement celebration that recognizes AGD member’s commitment to excellence in dental education. Held at the AGD’s Annual Meeting & Exhibits on July 19 in Orlando, FL., Dr. Neuls accepted this award along with more than 240 other recipients.

The Fellowship Award is presented to dentists looking to provide the highest quality of dental care by remaining current in their profession. In order to receive this award, Dr. Neuls completed 500 hours of continuing dental education, passed a comprehensive written exam and fulfilled three years of continuingmembership with the AGD. As a recipient of this award, Dr. Neuls has joined an elite group of more than 14,000 members of dental community who understand that great smiles and good oral health for their patients are the result of going above and beyond basic requirements. The Fellowship Award symbolizes excellence in the dental profession and a commitment to providing exceptional patient care. Dr. Neuls graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry in 1997 and currently practices dentistry in Fort Lauderdale, FL. In addition to the AGD, Dr. Neuls is a member of the American Dental Association, Florida Dental Association, Broward County Dental Association, Ft. Lauderdale Dental Study Club and the Atlantic Coast Dental Association. Dr. Neuls is married to Kenneth and has two children, Piper and Skyler.

The AGD is a professional association of more than 35,000 dentists dedicated to staying up-to- date in the profession through continuing education. Founded in 1952, the AGD

has grown to become the world’s second largest dental association, which is the only association that exclusively represents the needs and interests of general dentists.

More than 786,000 people are employed directly in the field of dentistry. A general dentist is the primary care provider for patients of all ages and is responsible for the diagnosis, treatment, management and overall coordination of services related to patients oral health needs.

Dr. Julia Neuls is a Fort Lauderdale Cosmetic Dentist offering her patients exciting new options in smile makeover, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, crown & bridge as well as traditional general dentistry services in the Ft. Lauderdale, FL area.

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Co-operative Pharmacy Offers Free Hearing Tests

The Co-Operative Pharmacy has pledged to provide free hearing tests at a number of their branches throughout the UK. The proposal is a part of a new audiology service being trialled in selected branches in the UK as an effort to help those with hearing problems get the treatment they need.

Many UK patients do not notice any deterioration in their hearing and it is hoped that by having these sessions made available that the Co-Operative Pharmacy can help identify who may need a hearing aid.

If after taking part in the free hearing test that the patient is identified as having hearing difficulties then they will then be offered advice on purchasing a hearing aid, either privately or being referred to a GP if they wish to get one via the National Health Service.

For patients opting to purchase privately they will be able to have their hearing aid fitted within 3 weeks and free follow up appointments to make sure everything is fine at their pharmacy.

The Co-Operative aims to have the service in 80 of its branches nationwide with fully qualified audiologists available twice a month for consultations by September 2009.

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Swine Flu Could Trigger Boom In Remote Diagnosis

Lloydspharmacy has revealed a new report that suggests the government’s use of the internet and call centres to deal with the swine flu pandemic could pave the way for a rapid growth in remote diagnosis and prescriptions. This was just one of the conclusions found in the report by the Future Foundation.

Judith Kleine Holthause, the report’s lead author, said:”Despite its clinical shortcomings, the use of the internet and call centres for diagnosing swine flu and distributing medication demonstrates that remote diagnosis can be an efficient way of dealing with certain conditions.”

The Future Foundation forecasts that 37% of people will be using the web for medical information by 2020 (up from 14% in 2009) and that a variety of social and economic factors will lead to a substantial market for online diagnosis and prescriptions in the future.

The report, commissioned by Lloydspharmacy, coincides with the roll-out of ‘virtual GPs’ into 300 of the chain’s pharmacies. Lloydspharmacy has pioneered online diagnosis and prescription.

Now the chain has innovated again by allowing customers to walk into a pharmacy, consult with a doctor from a computer terminal and walk out with their prescriptions a few minutes later.

Andy Murdock, pharmacy relations and governance director of Lloydspharmacy, said: “The face to face consultation will remain at the heart of primary care, but for an increasing array of conditions, remote services provide a viable alternative.

“Right now these include lifestyle conditions such as impotence and hair loss, embarrassing conditions such as STIs, contraception and certain minor ailments such as cystitis. But the list could expand considerably in the future.”

However the report’s authors warn that regulation will be critical if privately run diagnosis and prescription services are to grow. At present only one online doctor service is registered with the Care Quality Commission explicitly to manage patients remotely. That service, Dr Thom, also provides the GP component of the Lloydspharmacy service.

There is no question that consumers are receptive to the concept. Forty eight per cent of respondents to a poll conducted for the Future Foundation said they were interested in online diagnosis and 56% said they were interested in online prescriptions.

Holthaus added: “In certain areas consumers welcome regulation. Concerns about counterfeit medicines, bogus doctors and commercial motivations will inevitably act as a brake on consumer confidence in remote diagnosis services. We believe that more regulation, monitoring and control will be crucial to the further development of this market.

“There are strong arguments for why the NHS might embrace remote diagnosis as a complementary method to ensure sufficient delivery of satisfactory health care in the future. If regulated and monitored appropriately remote diagnoses and prescriptions could benefit the healthcare system in similar ways as remote services have helped the banking system.”

The Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor service is run in conjunction with online health experts Dr Thom, who adhere to the General Medical Council’s guidelines on remote prescribing. Patients log on for an online questionnaire-based consultation with a GP. If clinically appropriate the GP writes a prescription and the treatment is dispensed by post for next day delivery.

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Acurest – The First Non-Invasive, Drug-Free, Predictable Solution For Snoring And Sleep-Related Problems

“Acurestâ„¢ finger wraps provide the first non-invasive, drug-free, predictable solution for snoring and Sleep-Related Problems“, says Dr. Gerald Smith, CEO of the International Center for Nutritional Research and author of several books including Headaches Aren’t Forever and Alternative Treatments For Conquering Chronic Pain.


The inventor of the Acurest™ Anti-Snoring Device is Eula Mae Pollard – a reflex therapist from Mississippi, United State. Ms. Pollard discovered, in April 2006, that continuous massage to the first joints of the thumbs and index fingers could prevent snoring and other sleep related problems.

This discovery came after twenty-four years of study and the utilization of a simple therapy that helped her and others recover from disabling injuries.

In 1980, Eula Mae Pollard suffered a severe whiplash injury which gave rise to a rare arthritis of the spine and fibromyalgia, Told by a rheumatologist that she would have to take medication for the rest of her life, she worried that this would be no cure for the underlying cause of her condition and decided to research alternative options.

One day as she sat crying, her son handed her a book on reflex therapy, that her grandmother had left her. He said “Here, Mother, read this, it will help you”. She had glanced through this book before and thought it sounded to good to be true, but her son’s words, “It will help you”, touched her deeply.

Eula Mae propped the book up on a pillow as she was unable to hold it up, and could only read two or three chapters at a time because her severe pain and stiffness seemed to distort her concentration and her ability to comprehend. As she was reading she decided out of desperation to prove or disprove whether reflex therapy could relieve pain. In one of the chapters she learned how to stop throat pain, and it so happened that one week later she woke up with a severe sore throat.

Eula Mae considered the sore throat a great opportunity to test reflex therapy. She massaged her right hand as directed in the book, and the pain on the right side of her throat disappeared. She repeated the massage on my left hand, and got the same pain relief on the left side of her throat. In five minutes her throat was completely pain-free.

Eula Mae felt as if God had shown her this, and she thanked him for it immediately.

Her throat pain returned in two hours, so she repeated the therapy every two hours that day, and had less pain every time it returned. The next morning she was pain free.

This proof gave her new hope in finding a solution for her overall body pain and stiffness. She continued to study the book, and continued to massage her hands and fingers in a certain way. Her pain and stiffness began to diminish as days went by. She found that she couldn’t miss a once-daily treatment, and soon regained her health in every respect and started to give reflex treatments to family and friends.

This is what eventualluy gave birth to Acurestâ„¢ (Snoring Remedy), a solution to the age-old problem of snoring.

She named the finger wraps Acurest™, because they prevent Snoring and other sleep-related problems. Acurest™ allows one to get accurate rest, when they sleep.

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Customers Give Medelita Lab Coats and Scrubs Rave Reviews

Medelita®, maker of breakthrough medical scrubs and lab coats for female clinicians, was founded on the premise that quality medical apparel should be both beautiful in appearance and high in performance. At a time when unisex medical uniforms dominated the market, a woman’s only choice was to shop on price; today, that paradigm has changed and the value of a garment is defined by a high level of product and customer satisfaction, as reflected in accolades from loyal Medelita customers.

Medelita Lab Coats

“I received my new lab coat today and it is beautiful finally, a lab coat that doesn’t look like I’m wearing a big white bag and feel like sandpaper,” said Mary Beth H., PA-C, of Loma Linda, Calif. “The workmanship is so nice. It looks like it was custom made and fitted for me. The detailing gives it such a clean, superior look. Thank you for making a great product!

Considered to be utilitarian by some, the frumpy, unisex scrubs and lab coats provided by hospitals for female employees fail to deliver the confidence and composure that professional attire should convey. Medelita strives to meet the needs of women in healthcare.

“I saw the write up about your coats in the e-mail from AMWA,” according to Desiree C, physician from Dover, Mass. “I never thought about getting my own coats before (for over 30 years). I’ve always worn the thin, horrible ones the hospital provides. I’m looking forward to receiving yours.”

“I must commend Medelita for its outstanding commitment to serving health professionals, for having beautiful attire is an important component of delivering effective medical care,” said Linda S., a satisfied customer from Westbury, NY. I look forward to ordering more items from the company!”

Many companies touting designer lab coats overlook performance and functionality for the sake of appearance, but Medelita addresses both with high performance fabrics and feminine tailoring.

“I purchased a lab coat from [Medelita] at the CAPA conference this year. Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE IT! I get compliments all the time on how tailored and professional it looks, said Tiffany H., PA-C from Sacramento, Calif. “I’ve gotten blood on it more than once and it beautifully rolls right off. And I love that I can wash it, throw it in the dryer and it comes out looking like the day I bought it, stainless (and no ring around the collar which has been a problem with previous white coats over time), and without wrinkles. Thanks for making such a great product!”

For the first time ever, women in clinical settings are rewarded with fit, functionality and form in a product that is a staple in their wardrobe but that wears like a custom-made outfit.

“You can be assured I will be passing this along to friends, colleagues and family (mom and sis are also doctors!),” said Silddly A. MD from Doral, Fla. “This is exactly what we have all been waiting for! As you said, the lab coat is our ‘suit’, and it should look the best. The feminine but classic look is perfect.”

“I am SO happy with the scrubs. I wore them for the first part of the photo shoot, and I think they looked marvelous,” stated Margaret A., PA-C from Palo Alto, Calif., who won an award in her field. “The material is wonderful, and I never thought scrubs could be so flattering. I love the shape. I am so glad I bought the items. I’d been thinking about it, and then that award was the impetus for a treat. And a treat they are! Thank you so much for your excellent customer service.”

In addition to women working in healthcare, Medelita lab coats are worn and appreciated by those in academia and other laboratory settings, who need a garment that commands respect as effectively as it repels fluids.

“Let me just tell you how pleased I am with the coat. It is even nicer and better than I could have expected. The quality, durability, everything about it down to the embroidery is excellent,” remarked Ashley T., PhD in Toxicology from Raleigh, NC. “Frankly I just cannot put into words my happiness when I see how liquid and other materials that normally soak right through my old lab coats just seem to bounce off of your lab coats, it is so wonderful that I just cannot bring myself to put the old ones back on while my new one is being laundered!”

“I do love my Medelita scrubs,” said Ellen S., MPAS, PA-C from Houston, TX. “A patient spilt his pancake syrup on me the other day and I just went to the sink and it washed right off. It dried just as quick. Awesome!”

Women are seeking out Medelita’s practical and stylish solution to perfunctory unisex medical uniforms and are delighted to receive them as gifts, as described in this customer’s experience purchasing embroidered lab coats.

Made from 100 percent high-denier cotton, the Medelita lab coat is designed specifically for women with a focus on fit and function. The fluid resistant lab coats are treated with Advanced Dual Action Teflon® fabric protector, which allows fabric to repel and release stains. Tailored for a feminine shape, the coats feature traditional side slits, French finish inside seams and hidden inside pockets that are great for carrying handheld devices and mobile phones.

About Medelita
Medelita has one purpose: to reinvent the way women of all healthcare professions present themselves at work by offering the highest quality, best fitting, and most comfortable medical apparel available, including lab coats, women’s lab coats and women’s scrubs.

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Established Ink Stain Remover Is A Must-Have For Clinical Professionals Wearing White Lab Coats

Medelita®, maker of breakthrough medical scrubs and lab coats for female clinicians, today announced the addition of the breakthrough stain remover Amodex® to its extensive line of products. Internationally known as one of the best products available for the removal of ink stains, Amodex can also be used in the removal of food stains, blood, and makeup from clothing, furniture and other household surfaces.

“Worn in hospitals and in clinical setting, white lab coats inherently get dirty and are subject to permanent damage, if stains cannot be removed. Ink stains are a common culprit as pens tend to leak in pockets and the dominant sleeve tends to pick up ink while a clinician writes,” said Lara Manchik, founder, Medelita. “Even with the most advanced fabrics and treatments, ink stains are still a problem. That’s why we are pleased to add Amodex Ink and Stain Remover to our line of products. After much research, we have found that Amodex is the best product to get pesky ink stains out of our lab coats.”

Amodex is an eco-friendly, non-toxic lanolin cream that was specially developed to remove ink stains from fabrics, skin and other surfaces. Amodex is the only liquid cream stain fighting formula that is not a solvent but instead a soap, which is non-corrosive and won’t harm skin or clothing. A versatile product, Amodex not only works wonders on ink, but also effectively removes stains that clinicians may run into on a daily basis such as blood, iodine, coffee, tea, chocolate, lipstick, or just about anything else that would leave a seemingly permanent stain.

Trusted by customers, Amodex is rated number one by a leading consumer magazine. Popular ink makers have lab tested and recommend Amodex for the removal of unwanted marks on fabrics and skin. Medelita has independently tested Amodex and found that it is the best product on the market for removing stains from its high performance lab coats and scrubs.

Made from 100 percent high-denier cotton, the Medelita lab coat is designed specifically for women with a focus on fit and function. The fluid resistant lab coats are treated with Advanced Dual Action Teflon® fabric protector, which allows fabric to repel and release stains. Tailored for a feminine shape, the coats feature traditional side slits, French finish inside seams and hidden inside pockets that are great for carrying handheld devices and mobile phones.

In addition to high quality lab coats, Medelita provides a line of performance women’s healthcare apparel, including clinician scrubs and nursing scrubs, which are available for purchase at www.medelita.com.

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When Depression Treatment Is Administered In The Right Way Healing Becomes Easier

Depression is a jointly physical and psychological disease. Depression recovery, in turn, must entail both physical and psychological healing. As obvious as that sounds, the unfortunate truth is that many of the most high-priced depression treatment facilities in Los Angeles target one dimension of the disease while ignoring the other. In the end, such a strategy is and can only be a recipe for failure.

The good news is that Malibu’s most successful depression treatment center does things differently. The center was founded on the principle that depression recovery must be a holistic process, one that helps clients get better in body as well as in mind. That’s why the center’s exclusive treatment programs are explicitly designed to promote broad-based healing. It’s also why so many of the center’s clients really do get better for good.

Depression is an awful disease. Depression treatment can fix the problem, but only if it’s administered in exactly the right way, by people who know exactly what they’re doing. The clinical experts at Malibu’s best treatment facility will help you rediscover yourself as you used to be, before depression turned you into the person you are today. Under the circumstances, it’s hard to imagine that anyone could ever ask for anything more than that.

Depression treatment must always begin with an evaluation of a patient’s personal needs and case history. That sounds obvious, of course-but the fact is that too many “exclusive” depression treatment facilities administer generic and impersonal treatment programs. In the end, that is and can only be a recipe for failure.

There is no “universal” depression victim. By the same token, there can be no “universal” path to depression recovery. Healing, when it comes, will have to occur on your own terms, in a way that’s meaningful to you and no one else. A treatment program that can’t deliver that to you won’t ever help you get where you need to go.

The good news in all this is that at least one Malibu treatment facility understands the importance of personal attention in the healing process. That’s why the facility is recognized all around the world for its sterling success rate. More importantly, that’s why the facility is the place you’ve been looking for. Successful depression treatment will change your life. Don’t wait any longer to finally find that out for yourself.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Strives Hard To Bring Out The Patients From Addiction, Psychological And Societal Problems

A recent survey has got a shocking revelation which states that about 70% of people with drug and alcohol addictions are suffering with dual diagnosis. There cannot be any answer to the question on which problem occurred first, like, is it chicken or the egg? Professional treatment will find a suitable answer to multiple addictions and address them seriously. Usually patients are encountered with 2 different problems and each has to be identified separately. Treatments have to be for both the disorders but not just one. Dual diagnosis treatment at Sunset Malibu delivers what is promised to the patients and has become a beacon of hope for many.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The psychiatric symptoms and the mental health should be monitored well. Withdrawal of the detoxification may even worse the conditions for the patients. They have to be handled with care and the apt treatment methods should be adopted for the welfare of the patients. The staffs at Sunset Malibu understand the requirements of the patients and do the need by performing detailed assessments on all their problems. Dual diagnosis treatment centers employ a correct combination of therapies which will be employed in the treatment methods. The center at Sunset Malibu has a luxurious feel and ensures complete privacy for the patients. It has Spa treatments, Workout Facilities, Ocean Views and much more to pour in the inner joy for them.

A good treatment center will make its patients very comfortable by completely eliminating their stress. This process helps the patients to be an active member during the rehabilitation. Co-operation from the patient’s side is very important. These centers must adopt programs which will assess the clinical and psychological conditions of the patients and support them with the right kind of treatment program. Dual diagnosis treatment center at Sunset Malibu offers individual attention which will give personal satisfaction for the patients which will give them a special boost in the recovery process.

Rehab programs play a vital role for the individual success. A good rehab program may change the life of an addict for ever. It is only through these programs, one can defend himself from drug addiction. It gives much importance on individual counseling with experts. The vast amount of experience could help the counselors in rightly identifying the problems and the solutions. Dual diagnosis rehab at Sunset Malibu is one of the world class programs for any kind of patient. Their beautiful location ensures privacy and freedom for the patients. They can have absolutely no chances for distractions.

Sunset Malibu is a renowned drug rehab center situated on an exquisite land marvel overlooking the Pacific Ocean. They have a team of well qualified and experienced professionals in the field of addiction disorder treatments. Drug addiction is treated at all levels with the primary objective of healing the patient and to make them return to their active life.

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An Eating Disorder Is An Erratic And Negative Change In The Eating Behavior

It involves both the cases of excessive eating and reduction in the quantity of eating. Several cases lead to obesity or becoming thinner. This kind of disorder usually starts at the adolescent age or in early adulthood. This can be definitely termed as a disease as it brings some psychiatric problems for the individual. An eating disorder program might take care of both eating disorders and as well as depression problems. Both are inter-connected and have to be treated effectively. A good program must evaluate the patient’s mental health and depression separately.

Eating Disorder

Expert’s help are much needed to be successful in the treatment programs. The trained professionals offer better programs without complicating the health as well as physical problems. These treatments involve strong medication which may have some side effects. They need to be take care by the doctors. Researchers even believe that both disorders are the different manifestations of the same disease. Eating disorder programs at Cliffside Malibu are carefully designed to meet the utmost needs of the patients. They are based on the serotonin-centric medical therapies, which is aimed to restore balance in patient’s neural metabolism.

Eating disorders are mainly accompanied by mental depression. Treatment programs have to concentrate on curing both the diseases. Patients need better rehab programs and there are centers which offer residential eating disorder program. A serene atmosphere would definitely bring some change for people with depression. Experts at Cliffside Malibu give preference for a speedy recovery. A perfect combination of scientific in-house treatment and care which is shown by the staff will heal any kind of depressions and problems. The end results are focused for the patients to stay healthy and thus leading a happier life.

Eating disorder is a serious concern which demands immediate attention. Treatments are the best option to get cured. It will not go away simply and requires greater attention from the patient’s side. They may give out explicit physical reactions which are evitable and private eating disorder treatment is the best option to explore for a better cure. They offer kinds of hope for a real and active recovery from the disorders. Cliffside Malibu has a chilled climate which will give a pleasant feeling for the patients and make them believe as if they are at their home. The true intention of a residential treatment program is to make the patients feel very much comfortable with the treatment programs and thus they can have the best co-operation by offering it.

Cliffside Malibu has got the dedicated team of well trained professionals who have got vast experience in this field and the best thing is they know how to treat their patients. With the world class facilities offered, patients are sure to bounce back from all their depressions and problems. There can be no more turn backs in their life for the patients and the world belongs to them yet again.

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Clinical Depression Can Cause Serious Effects Which Need To Be Cured Immediately

Most people are not even aware of being affected by such a disorder and they claim to be perfect. It is really a pathetic condition and should be overcome by effective treatment methods. Steps taken to come out of such depression at the earlier stages can give concrete results. Proven depression programs must assist the treatment methods for better results. Manic depression treatment needs knowledgeable staff who can boast of their success rates. The treatment programs are thoroughly based upon the individual needs and are targeted upon the underlying causes of depression.

Patients must be encouraged to play an active role in the recovery process. Sufferers and their family members should have the hope for a complete and ever lasting recovery. Anxiety disorders can cause serious concerns and the treatment programs must include both physical and psychological cure. Treatment for depression and anxiety has to be unique. The level of anxiety disorder will vary from every individual. Centers offer counseling programs and after-cure programs for all their patients. An alumni meeting is conducted at Sunset Malibu every week so that the existing patients can really come to know about the successful tips on how to recover soon.

A good treatment center will assign a primary therapist who can work with the patients round the clock in the initial stages. A good company is very much essential to solve all these problems and if that company can be an expert in this field, rip-roaring success can be obtained for the treatment. Severe depression treatment will be decided by the medical professional and adjust the approaches accordingly. People cannot come out of this severe problem all alone. The first step is to enroll them in a good rehab program. One must convince himself to join such a program. The landing place of the patients must be a place where professionals dwell and work round the clock for the benefit of the patients. Sunset Malibu is one place where patients can be safe and secured.

Treatment for severe depression is heavily dependent upon the surrounding and the atmosphere. A good treatment center like the one at Sunset Malibu should offer features like

* Private beach access, Lush gardens, Spa treatments
* Gym, fitness center and personal trainer
* Recreational and relaxation activities including yoga, swimming and hiking
* Dining room featuring ocean views and healthy, gourmet meals

Sunset Malibu offers world class service to its patient with the state of art facilities. The luxurious bedrooms with the panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean brings them cheer and happiness in their life. The lost confidence is greatly revived with the help of trained professionals. The persons who suffer with depression can surely walk in their campus to go back with all their happiness back in life. It has become their habit to deliver their promise and to make their customers happy.

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People Are Reluctant To Undergo Medical Treatment In Case Of Mental Illness

The power of mind is really incredible. It often needs some rest. A fast paced life will often lead to depression and if it is not treated on time, situation can be made worse. Treatments for depression should address all the symptoms which include suicidal tendencies, drop in self confidence, dull presence and often a sad display of face. The patient must co-operate in his best ways to overcome this problem. The center must have the state of art facilities to treat the patients. Cliffside Malibu is one of the best centers for such kinds of treatments and offers care, affection and love to the patients.

Medical Treatment In Case Of Mental Illness

The treatment programs must scrutinize the cause of depression to the maximum extent which holds the key in reviving the patients out of this pathetic condition. It happens mainly due to the chemical imbalance in the brain. Depression treatments are often hectic and may cause mild side effects. Happiness found inside the home is the best treatment, which any patient could get. Family members should show utmost love for their beloved ones and similar kind of care has to be shown by outsiders also. The trained professionals at Cliffside Malibu shows greater care on par with the patient’s family members and will create a world of difference and happiness to them. The officials give individual care and best treatment programs to gain back the happiest moments of their life.

Patients who suffer with depression have got all the rights to bring back the moments of joy and they cannot be denied their rights. Those suffering with dual diagnosis problem will face the pain of chemical dependency and also addiction. It is very disheartening to see the loved ones affected with depression, Bipolar Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and much more. Dual diagnosis treatment should be intelligent enough to identify the reasons for both illness and ensures that the causes are not masked making the treatment very difficult. Cliffside Malibu has an exceptional team of doctors who are capable of addressing any serious concerns and strive hard to cure the patient.

The first step in curing is to get admitted in Cliffside Malibu’s center. Good dual diagnosis treatment center identifies the symptoms and engages the patients in various process of different diagnosis. An effective treatment will take some time as the patient has to undergo the Detox successfully. Experts at Cliffside Malibu has a clinical team involving themselves in an intensive assessment process which will help the patients to be relieved from any external stress.

Cliffside Malibu offers wide range of recovery process and enables them to fight against the odds. The center has got a rip-roaring success in treating the patients and has got high success rate. Every patient is treated equally and all are welcomed back by the alumni association to share the success story. The assurance of a depression free life is guaranteed by the center.

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