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The Harley Medical Group Launches Non-Surgical Beauty Bundles To Help Brides Achieve A Picture Perfect Look

For many brides it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the wedding arrangements and leave the all-important beauty treatments to the last minute, when it’s often too late. To help blushing brides-to-be organise a personalised beauty regime ahead of their special day, The Harley Medical Group has launched Wedding Belle Beauty Bundles; bespoke packages tailored to suit every bride’s beauty needs.

Following the recent launch of the Group’s debut skincare range, the Wedding Belle Beauty Bundles combine skincare products with non-surgical treatments, creating exclusive pre-wedding packages designed to achieve lasting, radiant results for brides across the UK.

Lisa Littlehales, Senior Nurse Counsellor at The Harley Medical Group, says: “The uniquely tailored skincare range, of 12 dermatologically tested products, draws upon over 29 years of experience that The Harley Medical Group has in the cosmetic treatment field. The range combines the best key active ingredients sourced from nature and science, including Willow Bark and Daisy Extract. Combined with complementary non-surgical treatments, we’re able to offer brides unrivalled, effective beauty packages.”

Wedding Belle Beauty Bundles:

Wedding Day Refresher is a gentle treatment regime that provides a balanced solution to improve your skin’s complexion. It is the perfect pre-treatment for brides ahead of their big day
+ Consultation with a Specialist Nurse Counsellor
+ 1X Computerised Photo Imaging skin Analysis
+ 3X Medical Microdermabrasion or Agera Peel
+ 1X Gentle Cleanser and the Antioxidant Oil Free Moisturiser (contains Sweet Orange Oil to help relieve stress and tension)

Ideal for brides over 35 who are worried about fine lines and wrinkles, the Facial Rejuvenator package will help to reduce and smooth out lines and achieve a flawless, smooth complexion in time for the big day.
+ 1X Computerised Photo Imaging skin Analysis
+ Consultation with a Specialist Nurse Counsellor
+ 1 X Point of Botox + 1 X Dermal Filler
+ 1X Medical Microdermabrasion or Skin Peel
+ 1X Anti-ageing youth serum (contains Daisy Extract which helps to brighten skin)

The Crystal Clear skin package is the ideal option for those wanting to treat skin that is prone to blemishes. The package helps to improve the skin tone, texture and general condition by removing dead skin cells.
+ Consultation with a Specialist Nurse Counsellor
+ X3 Medical Microdermabrasion
+ X3 Aesthera PPx
+1X Anti-Microbial Cell Renewal Cream (contains Natural Willow Bark plant extract providing an exfoliating activity on the skin)

To ensure that you’re full of confidence on your wedding day and into your honeymoon opt for the Body Beautiful package which will leave you with hair-free, smooth skin and help reduce sweating caused by wedding day nerves.
+ Consultation with a Specialist Nurse Counsellor
+ 1X Computerised Photo Imaging skin Analysis
+ 6X Laser Hair Removal session underarms, bikini, lower legs
+ 1X Aloe Vera Hydration Gel and Self Tanning Lotion (formulated to cool and soothe the skin)

N.B – All treatments should be staggered over a course of time recommended by your clinic.

Lisa Littlehales Top Tips for ultimate bridal beauty preparation:

It’s recommended to drink around two litres of water every day. If you don’t already do this then it’s a great habit to pick up six months before the wedding, in order to encourage clear glowing skin in time for the big day.

Make sure that you are not caught out in the weeks leading up to the wedding and book any treatments you are planning to have at least 6 weeks in advance.

Finding and sticking to a beauty regime that suits you around six months before the wedding, will ensure that you have time to tackle any particular skin issues such as pigmentation. If pigmentation is your problem, try the Anti-Ageing Youth Serum. This contains Daisy extract, a skin lightening agent which is clinically proven to even out pigmentation, and stable Vitamin C – a strong form of the vitamin which promotes the production of collagen and helps to brighten the skin.

If you want a sun kissed glow but don’t want to use tanning beds or splash out on a spray tan, The Harley Medical Group offer a Rejuvenating Self-Tanning Lotion, with a refreshing citrus sent. Make sure you apply two weeks before the wedding, so that you get the coverage you want right, to ensure you have a perfect looking tan on the day.

Everyone’s nightmare is a blemish just before their wedding day – try the Anti-Microbial Cell Renewal Cream which will deal with any difficult blemishes by stimulating blood flow to the area. The cream contains willow bark extract which will cut through the oily skin surface and increase cell turn over to give you healthy clearer looking skin.

You can now follow The Harley Medical Group on YouTube, to see procedure videos and more.

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NHS Criteria Crisis? Will The Change In VAT Finally Move The NHS To Review Their Qualification Of Candidates For Cosmetic Procedures?

There have been several reports in the media in recent months suggesting that the government is to add VAT to cosmetic surgery procedures. If this is true patients will be charged an extra 20% on the procedures that they undergo. However, the picture is even more worrying for the NHS which, under certain circumstances, offers cosmetic surgery for free. If the VAT rumours are true then the NHS will find itself under financial pressure at a time when it can ill afford to be so. In this article we will look in depth at the government proposals on taxing cosmetic procedures and their effect on the NHS. We will then decipher whether the NHS will ultimately be forced to review their qualification for candidates undergoing cosmetic surgery.

HM Revenues and Customs
In autumn 2011 HM Revenues and Customs stated that they wanted to clarify the existing legislation on which types of cosmetic surgery attract VAT. They claim that any cosmetic surgery carried out for medical reasons is not taxable. However, surgery simply carried out to improve appearance should be taxed. The department said this had always been the case and new legislation had not actually been introduced. Cosmetic surgeries disagreed arguing that this tax had never been enforced so if it was now suddenly going to be enforced law it was, in effect, a new law. However, the boundaries between cosmetic surgery for medical and aesthetic reasons are not always as easy to define as, say the difference between rhinoplasty surgery to help alleviate problems with breathing and liposuction to tackle a pesky “muffin top”.

A surgeon could argue that a female requesting breast enlargement surgery needs it to combat depression, a medical condition. Breast enlargement would traditionally be seen as an aesthetical procedure but in this instance it may be passed as medical. Indeed, HM Revenues and Customs admit that each case needs to be judged on its individual merits.

So where does this leave the NHS?
Under current guideless the NHS only offers cosmetic surgery when it is deemed medically necessary. Therefore, the new legislation on VAT has no impact on the NHS. The health service will not have to foot additional bills whilst they continue to offer medical cosmetic procedures. It seems the NHS will have no reason to review their qualification of candidates for cosmetic procedures. In fact there are less likely to do so as any review may lead to non-medical procedures being carried out which would result in the service incurring the VAT charge.

There remains much confusion over the proposal of adding VAT to cosmetic procedures. The government themselves claim that some procedures are, and also have been, taxable. They claim they have not changed their policy but are simply clarifying the existing rules. It is clear, however, that the majority of cosmetic surgeries have not been charging their clients VAT for any procedures and the law has not been enforced. The outcry in the cosmetic industry reflects the panic felt by surgeons who worry potential patients may desert the UK for cheaper surgery abroad. The NHS, however, remains unaffected by this change or clarification because all the procedures carried out by the health service are for medical purposes so they will never attract VAT. It remains to be seen whether the government enforces the VAT on some cosmetic procedures but it is clear that the NHS will not be affected and therefore is under no pressure to review its candidates for surgery.

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Recession Frown Lines Drive Injectables Bookings

One of the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery providers has revealed a rise in bookings of injectable treatments, as patients tackle recession frown and worry lines. The Harley Medical Group, with 31 clinics nationwide, has reported a 9% increase in bookings for Botox® and Dermal Fillers amongst the 35+ age group for women, however the gap is lessening between genders, with more males making bookings. The majority of bookings being made are for treatments on the forehead and around the eyes.

Lisa Littlehales, Leading Nurse Counsellor at The Harley Medical Group, says: “Repetitive facial expressions can lead to deep wrinkles and lines developing on the skin, resulting in a ‘permanent’ expression on the face. Constant frowning, creasing of the brow when thinking, and rubbing the forehead all result in lines and wrinkles appearing. Patients often tell us people have commented that they look angry or upset because of their frown and worry lines, and this has inspired them to book in.

“Frown lines appear vertically between the brows, and are usually between 1.5 – 2 inches long. Depending on how deep the line is, we would usually treat this area with two or three injections of Dermal Filler, plumping out the skin giving an overall smoother look. Worry lines appear horizontally across the forehead and often patients can have multiple lines. Botox® and Fillers injected along the length of the lines will help to rejuvenate the skin, and create a more youthful appearance.”

Sally Taber, who manages the Standards and Training principles for TreatmentsYouCanTrust.co.uk, which is the only scheme to register appropriately qualified and regulated providers of cosmetic injectables, also comments on the ‘recession treatment trend’, saying: “We’ve heard from many providers on the register that Dermal Fillers have been very popular this year, with many consumers looking to tackle their worry lines. It still remains of paramount importance that consumers choose a provider wisely – these popular treatments are safe and deliver excellent results if carried out by providers with a clinical background and in a clinical environment.”

Littlehales continues: “It’s not only injectables that patients are turning to, to help achieve a smooth and youthful appearance. Skin peels are very effective treatments in helping to rejuvenate the skin and help reverse the signs of ageing. The Agera Skin Peel and the Obagi Blue Peel both help to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which helps the skin to bounce back into shape and prevents lines and wrinkles from forming.”

Natasha Boast, a patient who has had fillers at The Harley Medical Group, says: “Looking in the mirror and seeing yourself age radically in a year is not good for morale, especially when your work situation is precarious and you are juggling paying family bills.

“I started to look permanently cross as well, as my frown line between my eyes was so strong and my children started asking why Mummy was angry. I decided to have Fillers and am so pleased I did. I feel happier and more positive and don’t feel miserable when I catch myself in the mirror.”

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The Harley Medical Group Reveals The Top Treatments This Season For The Christmas Party Preparation

With summer now over and Christmas fast approaching, The Harley Medical Group, the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery provider, is seeing an increase in women booking treatments in preparation of the festive party season, with a reported 37% year-on-year rise in bookings of Non-Surgical treatments.

Women are booking rejuvenating treatments across the Group’s 31 clinics nationwide to ensure they are looking and feeling their best in time for the Christmas party. To help women target any problem areas and achieve their desired results, The Harley Medical Group have created Christmas Party Packages; combinations of complementary treatments tailored for rejuvenated glowing skin for the party season.

Lisa Littlehales, Lead Nurse Counsellor at The Harley Medical Group, comments: “Over Christmas many people are busy buying presents, prepping for visitors and socialising so often beauty regimes fall by the wayside. Many patients come to us looking for treatments which provide longer lasting results than products, and also a little help in organising their beauty regime in the run-up to Christmas.

As a result, we have noticed that people are now opting for more intensive and effective non-surgical treatments such as the PPX laser treatment, Skin Peels, Microdermabrasionand Botox and Fillers. Having these treatments during October and November means that treatments like Botox, which take around 5 weeks to settle, will look best in time for the Christmas and New Year season.”


Reverse the Rays
In need of the perfect winter skin renewal? Begin with a VISIA complexion analysis, to identify sun damaged areas which need attention. The Aesthera PPx, a highly effective and intense pulse light treatment which treats skin that has been damaged by exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, dramatically reducing the appearance of brown spots and freckles making the skin look much fresher and younger.

For best results have your treatment one month ahead of your festive event. Treatments prices start from £60 for a single half face treatment.

Package Price: £299 (for a course of five treatments)

Festive Skin Refresh – The Skin Sparkle
End 2011 full of confidence and welcome in the New Year with a fresh, youthful appearance. Botox gives an instant lift by smoothing the skin and dramatically decreasing the ageing effect of fine lines and wrinkles. Combine with Dermal Filler around the naso labial fold (nose to mouth lines) to achieve a flawless, smooth complexion or for an irresistible pout underneath the mistletoe have Filler around the mouth, to create a more pronounced shape. For best results have the treatment 4 weeks ahead of your festive event. Top this off with a Medical Microdermabrasion or a skin peel and add a glow with The Harley Medical Group self-tanning product.

Package Price: £449 (includes 1 x botox, 1 x dermal filler, MMD or Skin Peel and a complementary self-tan product)

Glowing Skin
If you’re after glowing healthy skin, start with a Medical Microdermabrasion which exfoliates the skin, refreshing the top layer improving tone and texture, restoring younger looking skin. Combine this with the Agera Skin Peel which helps get rid of blemishes, uneven pigmentation and sun damage. For best results have the treatment 6 weeks ahead of your festive event.

Package Price: £160 (this includes a complementary Gentle Cleanser worth £26 from the new Harley Medical Group skin care range)

Perfect Hair Free Skin
With all those Christmas parties providing an excuse to wear that little black dress, make sure your legs or underarms are looking their best. Book a Laser IPL treatment which will help to leave your skin feeling smooth and blemish free.

For best results start the course of treatment 6 weeks ahead of your festive event.

Package Price: from £350

For more information on surgical or non-surgical procedures please visit www.harleymedical.co.uk or call: 0800 085 4984

You can now follow The Harley Medical Group on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/theharleymedicalgroup

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Laser Treatment For The Removal Of Scarring, Caused By Tattoo Removal, Proves Almost As Popular As Botox

TA-TA-TATTOO: Laser treatment for the removal of scarring, caused by tattoo removal, proves almost as popular as Botox at the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery provider, The Harley Medical Group.

With a high number of celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Peter Andre, Megan Fox, Kelly Osbourne and Eva Longoria, recently having tattoos removed, bookings for the removal of tattoo scars have risen by 30% at The Harley Medical Group, making the treatment almost as popular at Botox.*

The removal of tattoo scars is treated using the FDA approved laser treatment, exclusive to The Harley Medical Group, which is proven to reduce the appearance of scarring by up to 75%. With such a significant increase in bookings for tattoo scar removal, the treatment has been dubbed the ‘Ta-Ta- Tattoo’ by staff across the Group’s 31 clinics in the UK and Ireland.

Lisa Littlehales, Lead Nurse Counsellor at The Harley Medical Group, says: “The most common reasons for the removal of tattoos, is a new phase in life such as a change in relationship, or a new job, as seen with tattoo removal on celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox and Eva Longoria. The removal process can often result in scarring, leaving the memory of the tattoo visible and so defeating the point of the removal for the patient.
With a recommended course of four, the treatment uses fractional laser technology to break down scar tissue and generate new healthy tissue. The result permanently reduces the appearance of the scar, by producing smoother, more even skin that is lighter in colour.”

*Year-on-year bookings

1. Wrists
2. Back
3. Ankles
4. Feet
5. Arms

Says Jenny Taylor, patient at The Harley Medical Group: “I had a tattoo when I was younger that I loved, but 20 years later it just wasn’t ‘me’ anymore and I was really keen to get it removed. After having the tattoo removed, I was left with a scar which meant that I still had a mark on my body that I didn’t want. After having laser treatment at The Harley Medical Group, I’m really pleased with the results – the scarring has almost completely disappeared and I can now move on with a new phase in my life, without my tattoo, or any memory of it.”

The fractional laser treatment for the removal of scars, is exclusive to The Harley Medical Group and can also be used to remove stretchmarks.

Scar Removal Treatment cost:
The Harley Medical Group recommends a course of four treatments for the best results
+ £250 for one treatment
+ £950 for a recommended course of four

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The Harley Medical Group Reveals The British Profession Most Likely To Have Cosmetic Treatments

British celebrities with various professions, including chef Gordon Ramsay, TV presenter Kay Burley and fashion designer Victoria Beckham, all openly admit to having cosmetic treatments.

Inspired to reveal the professionals most likely to have treatments, The Harley Medical Group has found that it is actually those in the military who are most likely to have cosmetic treatments.

The Group conducted a survey across its 31 clinics in the UK and Ireland which revealed the military made up over 8% of bookings in the last six months, with patients choosing non-surgical treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers and surgeries such as otoplasty and gynaecomastia.

Top Five Professions Most Likely to Have Cosmetic Surgery
1. Military
2. Teachers
3. Policeman
4. City Workers
5. Hairdressers & Beauticians

Says Lisa Littlehales, Lead Nurse Counsellor at The Harley Medical Group: “Often patients who are in very active professions such as the military, opt for treatments as they feel they begin to look older than they feel, as their faces age more obviously than their bodies. Patients in the military profession also comment that playful banter in the mess encourages them to look into surgical options.

“Active celebrities such as Maria Sharapova, Mike Tindall, Jermain Jenas and Shane Warne, have all had cosmetic treatments. This type of patient is a great candidate for surgery, as they take regular exercise, generally eat healthily, don’t drink to excess or smoke and are in excellent health.”

The Harley Medical Group Patient and Army Corporal Danielle Hagget, 23, comments on her reasons behind having otoplasty: “I always hated my ears but after joining the army I began to notice them more, as I always have to wear my hair up, drawing even more attention to my ears. Being in a male oriented environment, there is often playful banter within my unit, although this is always a bit of fun, it also gave me the push I needed to go ahead with surgery and I decided to take the opportunity to save for my procedure while I was in Afghanistan. My surgery has given me a massive confidence boost, which has really helped my career – it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

For more information on surgical or non-surgical procedures please visit www.harleymedical.co.uk or call: 0800 085 4984

You can now follow The Harley Medical Group on Facebook at:www.facebook.com/theharleymedicalgroup

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Mums Look To Non-Surgical Treatments To Achieve School Gate Confidence

With celebrity school mums like Elle McPherson and Claudia Schiffer providing inspiration from their perfectly groomed school gate snaps, The Harley Medical Group has seen a rise in mums booking in for rejuvenating treatments to achieve that same enviable yummy mummy look, in time for the new school term.

The Group reports a huge 26% rise in the past two months, from female patients booking in for treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers, skin peels and medical microdermabrasions, citing competition at the school gates as their reason.

Says Lisa Littlehales, Specialist Nurse Counsellor at The Harley Medical Group: “Lots of mums come in for non-surgical treatments before their children start school again.

“Most of these women have minimal spare time and don’t have time to put on makeup every day, so non-surgical treatments which are quick and with minimal pain mean that with busy term times, they are a great option. Most last up to a minimum of three months, which means that mums will stay looking great and feeling confident at the school gates all term.”

Jenny Powell, 43, UK television presenter, mother and patient at The Harley Medical Group, comments on her reasons for looking to non-surgical options: “I have a busy lifestyle and often find that the challenges and strain of juggling work and family take its toll on my appearance, as I don’t always have the time to pay too much attention to the way I look.

“Once the school term starts again I feel especially conscious about my appearance in front of the other mums at the school gate – especially as so many celebs in the media are seen looking amazing when they drop off their kids. In order to make sure I look and feel my best before the new term I tend to have a medical microdermabrasion treatment. The treatment always rejuvenates my skin and makes it look amazing even if I don’t have time for my makeup, which is perfect for those very busy days.”

Top five school gate treatments
1. Botox
2. Dermal fillers
3. Skin peels
4. Microdermabrasion
5. Non-surgical facelift

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COSMETIC STAR SIGNS: Are You More Likely To Have Cosmetic Treatments As A Result Of Your Star Sign?

Leading UK Psychic Rosa Derriviere has looked into the reasons behind why some men and women are more open to the idea of cosmetic treatments than others, to see whether star signs play a part. Rosa has been practising for over 20 years and has appeared on SKY TV.

Rosa Derriviere says: “In my view, Librans and Taureans are most likely to have cosmetic treatments, as these signs are ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty. Astrologically, Venus is associated with harmony, beauty and balance, so these signs would have a natural disposition to wanting to look and feel beautiful.

“I have also taken a look into the areas of the body star signs govern, resulting in a focus on that particular body part. For example Cancer governs the breast, so therefore Cancer will be most interested in breast surgery. Similarly, Aries governs the face and nose, so Aries are more likely to be interested in facial treatments.

“I wanted to share my findings with The Harley Medical Group to see if there was correlation between my predictions and patient bookings, as well as celebrity-led cosmetic trends.”

Mr Frati, Surgeon at The Harley Medical Group, comments on Rosa’s predictions: “We’ve had a look at bookings of Surgical and Non Surgical treatments over the last three months at The Harley Medical Group and interestingly have found that 43% were from people born in April, May, September and October – so the months covering Librans and Taureans. The most popular treatments booked over the past three months are Breast Augmentation, Botox and Dermal Fillers, with 18% of Breast Augmentations booked by Cancereans.

There are many celebrity Librans that have had cosmetic treatments, including Simon Cowell, Michael Douglas, Kim Kardashian, Catherine Zeta Jones, Danni Minogue and Sharon Osbourne. There are also Taurean celebrities that have had treatments, including Janet Jackson, Michelle Pfeiffer and Cher.

This suggests people’s careers might also have an influence on their decision to have treatment. Those who work in the public eye are regularly photographed, so might want to look and feel their best at all times. Celebrities also tend to work quite erratic hours, which can disturb sleeping and eating patterns, and play havoc with your skin. Skin peels, Botox and dermal fillers all help towards rejuvenating the skin and giving it a more youthful appearance.

“Although it’s interesting to look into how people might be pre-disposed to considering cosmetic treatments, it is important to remember that the decision to have surgery is not frivolously made. Most of our patients consider the option for two years before making a decision. There are many factors, such as confidence issues, hereditary elements and injuries that can influence a patient’s decision to have surgery.”

Simon Cowell – Libra – Botox
Michael Douglas – Libra – Face lift, Abdominoplasty, Liposuction
Janet Jackson – Taurus – Rhinoplasty
Catherine Zeta Jones – Libra – Botox
Pamela Anderson – Cancer – Breast Augmentation
Mariah Carey – Aries – Botox
Kim Kardashian – Libra – Botox

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What You Should Know About Botox

Botox is a brand name for a muscle relaxant made from botulism toxin. When it is injected into the skin it can relax the muscles and help get rid of wrinkles and other effects of aging.

When it is administered by a medical professional Botox is safe and effective. It is not a permanent solution but it can temporarily improve your appearance. You will have to come back for future treatments to keep the results.

You must always get botox injections from a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon because it is a powerful medicine. You should have yourself examined by a doctor before gettingbotox in Atlanta because there can be side effects. These can usually avoided by consulting a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon before the procedure.

Contrary to popular belief botox is not a poison but it can be dangerous in the long hands. You should never inject yourself with it, or use any product that claims to contain it. Instead you should seek botox in Atlanta from a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist.

Something else to know is that improperly administered botox injections may not be effective. You could end up submitting yourself to a painful procedure and spend good money and not receive the proper results. Therefore you need to find a board certified cosmetic surgeon to administer the injections.

Make sure the botox is being administered by trained medical professionals who are under the supervision of a board certified cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist. Also make sure that the doctor in charge examines you before you get the injections.

It is also a good idea to ask the physician what alternatives are available. Cosmetic surgery is advancing rapidly and new more effective procedures are being developed all the time. There might be permanent solutions available that you are unaware of.

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Men Seek ‘Boytox’ And Surgery To Save Their Jobs And To Compete In Jobs Market

The Harley Medical Group Ireland has revealed a cosmetic surgery boom amongst FAMs (forty or fifty year old alpha males) reporting year-on-year increases as follows:

+ Boytox up 43%
+ Microdermabrasion 32%
+ Face lifts up 16%
+ Male Breast Reduction 28%
+ Blepharoplasty up 26%
+ Chin lifts up 38%

The recession may have had an unexpected consequence for men, particularly those over 40, according to The Harley Medical Group who are today reporting a more than 300% increase in the past 10 years in the number of men seeking Boytox and other cosmetic surgery procedures at its Dublin clinic. While there was once a stigma attached to men seeking cosmetic improvements in Ireland, that taboo has nearly disappeared, especially among men seeking to save their job or to find a job. The number of men gettingfacelifts rose 16% from 2009 to 2010 while men using Boytox increased by a massive 43% and male liposuction rose 9%, according to new statistics just released by The Harley Medical Group. The reason for the increases appears to be related to a tougher job market, which has hit men disproportionately.

“We have attributed the dramatic rise in cosmetic procedures for men in Ireland to the fact that many men want to stay looking young so that they can compete with their younger counterparts as competition for jobs becomes fiercer during the recession”, says Liz Dale, Director of The Harley Medical Group.

“Many men are conscious that their appearance may be a reason that they received or did not receive a promotion or new job. These men claim that they either want to look younger, healthier, or both, in order to help their confidence and also assist them with their careers. Men in their forties often start with Rejuvenation Packages, a course of Boytox, a dermal filler and laser treatments, and then start looking for a more dramatic surgical solution when they hit their fifties, opting for surgery to remove eye bags and even full facelifts to turn back the clock,” she added.

The figures released today also reveal that 20% of all Botox patients at The Harley Medical Group are now men. According to The Harley Medical Group’s Boytox doctor, Dr Quinn, the average male Boytox patient is aged between 34 and 45 years.

Dr Quinn explains: “Our patients are looking to gain an edge in their looks and take off a few years. Most recently, I am treating patients who have just lost their jobs due to the recession and are seriously concerned about their future job prospects with many having spent several years in the same job. The results from a short treatment of Boytox and possibly dermal fillers can be dramatic and make them look younger while giving them more confidence in the job market. The main areas that men seek treatment for are excessive smile lines (or crow’s feet) and the deep horizontal lines across their forehead associated with ageing. Many of my younger patients opt for ‘Baby Botox’, a lighter variation of the treatment that uses extremely low doses of the toxin, giving a subtle and natural effect.”

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Brits Turn to The Harley Medical Group for Pre-reunion Pampering

The UK’s biggest cosmetic surgery provider reports surge in women booking in for pre-reunion treatments.

The Harley Medical Group has announced a rise in non-surgical bookings for the first four months of the year, ahead of June, the most popular summer month for reunions in the UK*.

The UK’s largest cosmetic surgery group, which treated over 2,000 patients during April, has seen the biggest rise in non-surgical bookings amongst patients aged 25-35 years old. Bookings amongst men and women in this age group, are up 21% compared to the same time last year, with patients looking to refresh their skin and give themselves a “new you” feel.

Says Lisa Littlehales, specialist nurse counsellor at The Harley Medical Group:
“Many men and women are conscious of the effects that ageing has on their face and bodies. From 25 years old onwards we start losing, on average, 1.5% collagen from our skin every year. This is the age that fine lines begin to appear, pores become more visible and skin elasticity begins to decrease. Patients tend to book in for Botox, dermal fillers and other non-surgical treatments, to help prevent the ageing process, rejuvenate their skin and give them a fresher more youthful look.”

Littlehales continues: “We’ve have noticed that more patients are booking treatments in time for big events such as reunions, weddings and landmark birthdays – all events where they are likely to see people they haven’t seen for years. Many patients want to look and feel their best in front of people who may compare them to how they looked years ago.”

Says Matt Bushby, head of Friends Reunited: “June is the most popular time of the summer for reunions, this is the start of the wedding season and with the boom in social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, it is easier for people to find each other and arrange a meeting.”

The most popular reunion treatments at The Harley Medical Group are Botox and dermal fillers which have seen an 11% rise in bookings for the first four months of 2011, followed by skin peels, medical microdermabrasion and laser treatments for stretch marks and hair removal. Adding to this, the non-surgical facelift has seen 30 bookings since its launch in April.

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The Harley Medical Group Sees Increase In Botox Procedures For Men

Over the last week, The Harley Medical Group has seen a 26% increase in bookings from men wanting anti-sweat Botox treatments, dubbed ‘Sweatox’. As the summer months fast approach, amidst reports of record temperatures, increasing numbers of men across the UK are opting for Sweatox.

Used to prevent the embarrassment of slippery handshakes, unsightly underarm sweat patches and office shirts sticking to damp chests Botox injections work by freezing sweat glands, stopping perspiration in the palms of the hands, under arms, chest and soles of the feet. The effects last up to six months, so many men are preparing getting prepared for the rumoured sizzling summer ahead in the UK.

Liz Dale, director of The Harley Medical Group, said: “Nearly 10% of Botox treatments in the last month have been males specifically wanting anti-sweat treatments. Many are thinking ahead to the warmer summer months and want to avoid embarrassing sweat patches as they face rising temperatures on commuter-packed public transport.

“Dubbed Sweatox, this treatment is ideal for both those suffering from the medical condition, hyperhidrosis, as well as those just wanting to combat visible wet patches and clammy palms.”

Botox is currently the second most requested non surgical procedure at The Harley Medical Group.

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Procedures Increase With 40+ Post-Divorce Women

The Harley Medical Group has reported a 9% (year-on-year) rise in women aged 40+ years booking in for anti-aging surgery and non-surgical procedures as an ever-growing number of older women in the public eye get into relationships with men markedly their junior. The group has also noted a spike in the number of divorcees investing in cosmetic procedures to help them find new confidence.

Clinic staff have reported that many female patients aged 40+ are increasingly using divorce settlement money to fund cosmetic procedures. Liz Dale, director at The Harley Medical Group, commented, “We’ve all read about Sharon Stone, Janice Dickinson, and Sam Taylor-Wood embarking on affairs with younger men but it’s not just celebrities who are looking for new relationships in middle-age. Women aged 40-plus are increasingly citing embarking on a new relationship as a reason for undergoing rejuvenation treatments. We estimate that around 30% of our 40+ patients are divorcees.”

Mark Keenan the founder of the online divorce service, Divorce Online, commented: “Women are increasingly factoring in extra money in their divorce settlements for cosmetic treatments. After a stressful, unhappy divorce period many want to overhaul their life and often having a relationship with a younger man helps them feel energised. We are seeing more and more women making the most of the extra money and time they have by, for example, going travelling, buying a car or getting some cosmetic work done – our clients see it as part of the starting-over process.”

Liz Dale concluded, “Women simply want to look as young as they feel – inspired by older style icons like Stephanie Beecham and Susan Sarandon. It’s natural that young men will sit up and take note of these powerful, attractive women who aren’t afraid to get the most out of life.”

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Report Says Man Tuck Surgery On The Rise

The Harley Medical Group has reported that men are increasingly using cosmetic surgery to banish their unsightly belt overhang.

Dubbed by surgeons as the ‘man tuck’, over 55% more men aged 35+ had tummy tucks (abdominoplasties) in the first two months of 2010 compared with the same time last year, with the figures still rising, according to The Harley Medical Group.

‘Man Tuck’ patients have been undergoing the surgery in order to stay looking trim and youthful and to ensure they aren’t overlooked in the competitive work environment. Around 55% of ‘man tuck’ patients at The Harley Medical Group have surgery post-weight loss to remove stubborn fat and excess skin on their stomachs.

Liz Dale, Marketing Director of The Harley Medical Group, said, “Many of the ‘man tuckers’ are businessmen who have been on a health kick but, following weight loss, find themselves with loose overhanging skin on their stomachs. Competition in the workplace sees many men fighting to be fit but losing the weight around the midriff can throw up as many problems as it solves.”

Alan Bradley who had a tummy tuck and male breast reduction at The Harley Medical Group after losing 12 stone, commented, “It was demoralising to have lost so much weight just to be left with huge flaps of skin that made me feel as unattractive as before. The surgery means I’m now more mobile and healthier and it has made it easy for me to keep the weight off.”

Additional figures released by The Harley Medical Group show that there has also been an increase of 23% over the year in men of this age group undergoing rejuvenation procedures, with Botox and fillers up 23% and 17% respectively.

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Plastic Surgeons Treating More Patients With Disfigurement Caused by Cheap Online Botox

An alarming number of patients are injecting themselves with Botox injections they buy online to eliminate wrinkles and dark circles. They’re saving money, but many of them are ending up disfigured.

•  Botulinum Toxin-A proteins, a toxic biological weapon better known as Botox, are injected into facial muscles to treat wrinkles and fine lines.

•  Many people purchase this substance over the Internet for a fraction of the price of in-clinic treatments.

•  The inability to identify the substance, its purity, and the dangers of injecting the substance have lead to numerous facial deformities, unintentional paralysis, breathing problems, and even death in addition to other side effects.

Botulinum Toxin-A proteins or Botox are one of the world’s most toxic substances, CosmeticSurgeryGuru can report that even this hasn’t stopped thousands of patients f r o m purchasing it online and injecting it under their skin.

Commonly known as Botox, this substance is considered safe when used by professionals to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. The protein goes directly into the muscle where it causes prolonged paralysis, and therefore, prevents the muscle f r o m contracting and forming the line on the outside of the skin.

CosmeticSurgeryGuru notes that in untrained hands, however, the treatment carries an extremely high risk of incorrect placement combined with an increased risk of disfigurement. In fact, plastic surgeons who have performed these procedures for years won’t inject themselves because of the danger. Currently cosmetic surgeries such as Transform the largest cosmetic surgery group in the UK state that “ Transform’s qualified and highly experienced practitioners will ensure that there are no side effects aside f r o m occasional bruising that may occur” taken f r o m their Botox page Surely the extra money is worth the peace of mind.

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Botox Patients Meet Dysport: Is This New Product Worth the Switch?

The arrival of Dysport on the cosmetic treatment market has excited many Botox users, who underwent an estimated 2.5 million treatments in the US alone. Considered a more affordable alternative, some say it may even be superior to the original.

Botox Patients Meet Dysport: Is This New Product Worth the Switch?

Dysport consists of botilnum toxin Type A proteins that is injected into the muscle just like Botox. This paralyzes the surrounding muscle group and prevents it from forming the wrinkle on the skin. Because it is a weaker version of Botox, it requires three treatments to just one of its twin, but it is believed to have some benefits.

While it requires additional treatments, Dysport may work a full 48 hours sooner, which is ideal for patients with an important event to attend. In fact, some patients have reported the disappearance of their wrinkles in as little as 24hrs.

Some doctors have reported the effects of this new treatment lasts up to a year in some cases, which is far longer than the 3 months associated with Botox. Lastly, it costs approximately 20% less than its predecessor and has found to be effective for patients who have developed immunity to Botox.

“Patients who have undergone both treatments seem to have mixed results. Some prefer the Botox, while others swear by Dysport. Both products have similar risks and benefits, so it really depends on the patient’s physical makeup and the area being treated,” said Dan Brains of CosmeticSurgeryGuru.com.

Dysport does have the same risks as its cosmetic counterpart. Among them are the unintended paralysis of muscles in the surrounding area, swelling, bruising, and a burning sensation at the injection site. The new version has been reported as having an increased spread so it can treat larger areas, but it also carries a greater risk of having it spread too far. Lastly, it has an increased risk of causing antibody formation. In this instance, the body neutralises the toxin with antibodies and prevents it from working.

Originally created to treat neurological disorders, Dysport is quickly gaining ground in the market as a wrinkle treatment and a safe treatment for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). However, patients should consult with their physician about making the switch.

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The Harley Medical Group Spills The Beans On Secret Surgery

The Harley Medical Group, the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery provider, reports that over 85% of cosmetic surgery patients hide their treatment from colleagues, while almost one in five will keep their surgery secret from their family.

A recent, voluntary survey of 1,000 patients (800 female and 200 male patients) revealed that 15% of women keep their surgery a secret from their families, 27% from friends and 78% from their colleagues. 22% of men keep their surgery a secret from their families, 52% from friends and 94% from colleagues.

Liz Dale, Director at The Harley Medical Group, said, “The majority of our patients are honest about their surgery – at least after they’ve had it done. Many patients will keep quiet in the lead up to their surgery and intend to keep it hidden but can’t help revealing their secret when it comes to the unveiling of their new stomach or boobs. However, celebrities are a different matter altogether and if they’ve decided to keep their plastic surgery, botox or other cosmetic treatments under wraps they really keep quiet, or even outright deny it. Many patients at The Harley Medical Group have fed back to say they have a lot more respect for celebrities who are honest about having cosmetic procedures.”

Angela Fry, who had breast augmentation at The Harley Medical Group, said, “After my fourth child my boobs were left shapeless and empty. Before the op I’d decided to only discuss the surgery with my husband and parents but when friends at my gym asked me how I’d regained my figure I felt I needed to share with them. I’m absolutely comfortable with the fact I had to give nature a helping hand.”

However, a male patient commented that while he had received laser hair removal to his back, he hadn’t told his friends or anyone at work. He admitted, “I worry that I’d lose some cred with my male associates if they knew I was having cosmetic treatments.”

Liz Dale concluded, “It’s not uncommon for people to keep it a secret before and during recovery then to spectacularly unveil their new look at a ‘reveal party’. Non-surgical treatments are much easier to keep a secret because they don’t leave such an obvious mark; however some patients do manage to keep their surgery hidden, from colleagues at least, explaining their absence from work on holidays or house renovations.”

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Harley Medical Group Reports Big Enquiry Increase In The City

The Harley Medical Group’s City clinic, in the heart of the Square Mile, has historically been one of the 26 clinic strong Group’s leading UK clinics but has seen static figures over the last six months. However, September figures for the Group’s City Clinic, released today, show a 24% month on month enquiry increase, which could result in optimism amongst City workers.

Male patients are driving the September growth at The Harley Medical Group’s City Clinic, which is based at Great Street Thomas Apostle, two minutes walking distance from Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan. Abdominoplasties - tummy tucks – amongst male patients are up 68% year-on-year and male breast reduction – reduction of Moobs, or man boobs – is up 14% year on year for the month of September.

Female execs are opting for Non Surgical Treatments with September bookings up 27% month on month in The Harley Medical Group’s City Clinic.

Both male and female patients opted for Botox last month, which was up 18% last month, year-on-year, as City workers look to stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly competitive climate.

Liz Dale, Director of The Harley Medical Group, said: “There certainly seems to be a renewed sense of optimism amongst City workers, with surgical bookings for the next quarter up by over 20% on last year for our City Clinic.”

The Harley Medical Group, which has 26 UK clinics, last reported a big hike in bookings for its City Clinic three years ago, with the Winter 2005 City Surgery boom then attributed to the City bonus season.

A Harley Medical Group patient who works as a sales analyst at one of the UK’s top five investment banks, said: “Although my job makes it hard to stay trim I made a lifestyle decision to lose weight earlier this year, which left me with a flap of loose skin on my stomach and stubborn fat on my chest. I felt terribly self-conscious and uncomfortable in the gym, which was my main motivation for surgery. I’ve booked in for a tummy tuck and male breast reduction in November. With the total surgery bill coming to around £10,000, I’ll be using my bonus money to fund the surgery.”

Another patient who works for a City insurance firm, said: “I have had botox for five years, usually three times a year. I haven’t had the treatment for over a year as I was really tightening my purse strings, but I feel more confident that my job is safe and so I booked in for botox last week. It was long overdue, I look and feel great.”

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Report Warns Against Botox Binges

The Harley Medical Group has revealed that recent reports from the States suggest women are binging on Botox to the point where their faces look frozen. Suffering from so-called ‘Wrinklerexia’, some Botox-devotees become so obsessed with their crease-free image they begin to see lines where there are none and binge on Botox to get a freeze-frame face.

Doctors at The Harley Medical Group – the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery provider – strongly recommend that patients opt for smaller doses of Botox and are turning patients away who demand treatment they don’t need.

Liz Dale, Director of The Harley Medical Group said: “Used properly, Botox is a fantastic treatment giving smoother, tighter and more youthful looking skin. But like with any procedure, it’s highly inadvisable to have more done than is necessary. At The Harley Medical Group all Botox treatments are administered by specially trained doctors who will look out for signs of a Botox ‘habit’ and will advise patients according to their individual needs.”

The Harley Medical Group works tirelessly to maintain the highest standards in the industry for the benefits all cosmetic surgery and non surgical patients. The group is at the forefront of the campaign to ensure that the Government continues to regulate the use of certain laser types used in cosmetic surgery and non surgical treatments so that patients are protected from rogue practitioners.

Dr Nick Milojevic, Botox Doctor at The Harley Medical Group said: “When used correctly, it’s extremely difficult to see if someone has had a Botox treatment. Botox has a fantastic preventative benefit, helping to prevent more wrinkles from forming whilst stopping lines and creases already present from deepening. ‘Baby Botox’, a lighter variation of the treatment, only uses extremely low doses of the toxin to give a very subtle and natural effect.”

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Gordon Ramsay Is Famous For A Number Of Reasons; His Cooking, Short Temper, Foul Mouth And, Notably, His Furrowed Brow And Chin

But not for much longer. Ramsay has admitted to having BOTOX® injections only a month after telling Australian TV presenter, Tracy Grimshaw, that she needed the treatment herself.

Gordon Ramsay

The controversial chef and host of “The F word” had his haggard chin smoothed after close friend, Simon Cowell, teased him about his looks.

When comparing pictures it is clear that his furrowed brow and lines on his chin looks far less pronounced.

There is also speculation that Ramsay may have had a number of facial fillers and a slight face lift under local aesthetic.

The chef is just one of many Brits who have decided to undergo non-surgical procedures to lift their spirits during the credit crunch.

The Hospital Group, one of the country’s largest provider of both surgical and non-surgical treatments reported a 226 per cent increase in the number of non-surgical procedures performed in 2008. A total of 5,200 treatments were carried out across the group last year with treatments such as BOTOX®, hyperhidrosis and face peels rising in popularity.

Since The Hospital Group was established in 1992, it has grown from a small pharmaceutical company to one of the UK’s foremost cosmetic surgery providers. The Group is committed to providing the very highest standards and all procedures are performed by an expert medical team in state-of-the-art facilities that are second to none.

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