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Physiotherapy Store Offer Live Advice to Patients Online, one of the UK’s largest online suppliers of specialist physiotherapy products, has launched an online, live chat service for its customers.

The live chat service, called ‘Live Support Online’, allows customers to talk to the company’s customer service and sales staff about the products available to buy online. The new facility means that customers can now contact a Physiotherapystore representative by phone, e-mail or Live Chat depending on which method they prefer and be completely confident that they are choosing the best product, before they commit to buying.

Customers can access Live Support Online from the home page, entering their name and question to start the chat. Staff will respond as quickly as possible with detailed yet concise information that will help to direct the customer towards suitable products, such as orthopaedic supports and items from the best-selling Biofreeze and Clinell Products range. already offers interactive services to customers, but wanted to increase the help available, to ensure that common injuries, aches, and pains, are treated with the right products.

“Launching Live Support Online was the next logical step for us – we can now share our product knowledge with customers online, as well as via the telephone”, said Gary Shawcross, Director of

As well as the online chat service, customers can click on different areas of the body, on a picture of the human form, to find information on common injuries and ailments and to be taken to treatments and supports within that category.

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Sophisticated, femininely tailored healthcare lab coats get stain-fighting and wrinkle-resistant features from smart fabric technologies

For the first time ever, healthcare industry lab coats get sophisticated, stain-fighting and wrinkle-resistant properties with the combination of DuPont Dual Action Teflon® fabric protector and HIGH IQ® Easycare fabric finish. Designed especially for a woman’s physique, Medelita’s all-cotton women’s lab coats repel and fight stains, while its machine washable fabric maintains a wrinkle-free, professional finish.

“Female healthcare practitioners have worked hard to get where they are in the medical industry, with women now constituting a majority in certain medical specialties,” says Medelita Founder Lara Manchik. “We believe that they deserve a woman’s lab coat that works just as hard as they do, and are extremely proud to be the first to design a flattering women’s lab coat that is also functional. You can’t see it or feel it, but the technology keeps our coats stain-free and sharp, right out of the dryer.

“In the medical field, image is as important as aptitude.”

As a female emergency room Physician Assistant, Manchik’s own experiences convinced her that the frumpy unisex garb of past failed to convey clinical competence and professionalism. To outfit her female colleagues with attire befitting their tireless efforts, clinician-turned-entrepreneur, Manchik created Medelita as a departure from the boxy doctor’s lab coats – made for the male figure and representative of a time when men dominated all clinical fields of medicine.

The Medelita lab coat is designed to repel fluids, which bead up and can be brushed off when spilled on the fabric, and require fewer cleanings than ordinary lab coats. Thanks to the Advanced Dual Action Teflon® fabric protector, the fabric releases deeper stains during a typical laundering cycle and does not require the expense of commercial cleaning services. Owners of the Medelita lab coat spend less time cleaning, reduce the use of environmental resources, and save money as they are not frequently replacing permanently stained coats.

“Just as athletes wear functional fabrics to enhance their performance during competition, the long days that our clients work are a true test of endurance,” says Manchik. “Moving freely and feeling comfortable all day in a lab coat, while maintaining a fresh, confident appearance, is very important to the conscientious modern female clinician.”

The Medelita lab coat relies on HIGH IQ® Easycare Plus high-tech fabric finish to maintain a clean and professional look, day after day. The high performance, low maintenance fabric emerges from the dryer without wrinkles and resists the destructive effects of cleaning cycles and everyday wear. In addition, the lab coat maintains its original shape, without sacrificing a soft and smooth-to-the-touch finish.

Made from high-denier, 100-percent brushed cotton, Medelita lab coats are designed specifically for women with a focus on fit and function. The tailored lab coat has a feminine shape with a rounded collar, hidden inside pocket, traditional side slits, and French finish inside seams. The fluid-resistant Medelita lab coat is available in sizes 0 to 20, with optional custom embroidery.

In addition to high quality lab coats, Medelita provides a line of performance women’s healthcare apparel, including clinician scrubs and nursing scrubs, which are available for purchase at

About Medelita
Medelita has one purpose: to reinvent the way women of all healthcare professions present themselves at work by offering the highest quality, best fitting, and most comfortable medical apparel available including womans scrubs and womans labcoats. Medelita caters to professional women who want their uniforms to embody the poise and confidence already displayed from within. For more information, visit our website at or call (877) 987-7979.

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Medelita Raises Awareness For The Critical Work Physician Assistants Do

Enter the emergency room of MidMichigan Medical Center in the rural community of Gladwin, and chances are you’ll be treated not by a physician but by Physician Assistant Erin Sherer. From ordering and interpreting x-rays, to stitching up cuts, to writing prescriptions, Erin — like all licensed PAs — is exceptionally well qualified to complete an array of medical procedures traditionally performed by physicians. Rest assured, with Erin on your case, you’re in excellent hands.

Erin Sherer is an exemplary representative of the rapidly expanding number of Physician Assistants working in health care. Today, you’ll find PAs like Erin playing a central role in all areas of medicine — from the patient’s bedside to the operating table to the front of a university classroom. Licensed to practice medicine with physician supervision, PAs perform many of the same duties as their physician counterparts; they conduct physicals, diagnose and treat illnesses, order and decipher tests, counsel patients, write prescriptions, assist in surgery, even teach other aspiring PAs.

Above all, they’re making a tremendous positive impact on the quality of health care and patient outcomes. Just ask the physicians who collaborate with them in the daily delivery of care. Increasingly, doctors have come to rely on their PAs as valued partners. The PA-physician relationship is built on mutual trust and respect. Physicians entrust PAs to expertly assume many of the primary care responsibilities, freeing doctors to focus their energies and time where they’re needed most. PAs, in turn, are rigorously trained to know when to make medical decisions, and when to refer patients to specialized physicians.

This complementary relationship is at the core of the PA education model, which closely mirrors the medical training doctors receive — only in a highly accelerated format. Introduced in the mid 1960s, in response to a shortage of primary care physicians, the earliest PA programs were based on the fast-track training received by World War II doctors. In fact, the first PA students were Navy corpsmen who had received medical training while serving in the Vietnam War.

Today’s PA students — many of them women — may look a lot different than their corpsman predecessors, but they undergo equally rigorous, highly intensive training and preparation. On top of their heavy course load, PA students conduct clinical rotations (much like medical students), and pass a national certification examination — which they are required to retake very six years. PA Erin Sherer vividly recalls the challenge of PA school and preparing for the exam. “There were many things that I simply opted out of, because I had to focus my time and energy toward studying. Like sleep, for example!”

The result of this extreme level of dedication, commitment and sacrifice: Physician Assistants have become instrumental and integral members of their medical teams — valued by physicians and appreciated by patients. Their work is not going unnoticed. Celebrated every year between October 6 ¬– 12, National PA Week honors the vital role PAs play in elevating patient care. Joining in the chorus of praise, is medelita™ — makers of premium lab coats and scrubs professionally tailored for women working in health care. Women like Erin Sherer.

In honor of National PA Week, medelita is pleased to feature PA Erin Sherer on its Women In Healthcare web page. Says medelita founder and fellow PA Lara Manchik,“PAs like Erin exemplify the extraordinary level of professionalism, competence and dedication of women working in health care. We are proud of the contributions PAs have made to patient care. They deserve to feel comfortable and confident as they perform their important work. Our mission is to help them feel great about what they do — and look great while they’re doing it.”

To all PAs — past, present and future — medelita salutes you. You have raised the bar in patient care. We’re pleased to help raise awareness for the critical work you do.

About Medelita
Medelita has one purpose – to reinvent the way women of all healthcare professions present themselves at work by offering the highest quality, best fitting, and most comfortable scrubs and lab coats available. Medelita caters to professional women who want their uniforms to embody the poise and confidence already displayed from within. For more information, visit our website at or call (877) 987-7979.

About National PA Week
National PA Week is celebrated each year October 6-12. The week serves to celebrate the significant impact PAs have made and continue to make in health care, expand awareness of the profession and to salute the outstanding growth of the Physician Assistant profession. For more information, visit

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