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Kaeng Raeng Launches Amazon Ambassador Program

Palo Alto, CA, June 27, 2015 — /EPR HEALTHCARE NEWS/ — Kaeng Raeng, a leading creator of natural dietary supplements and cosmetics, best known for it’s 3-day Detox Cleanse program, has announced the launch of a new Amazon Ambassador program.

Amazon’s community guidelines allow for brands to provide free product or samples of products to individuals in exchange for an expectation of an Amazon review. Kaeng Raeng will accept applicants via their website to sample product offerings in expectation of ambassadors leaving Amazon reviews, which are not required to be positive-just honest.

Those interested in becoming Amazon Ambassadors can apply here:, to become part of this exciting new program.

About Kaeng Raeng
Based in Palo Alto, California, Kaeng Raeng is a leading creator of natural dietary supplements and cosmetics. Founded by certified personal trainer and Stanford alumna Lindsay Reinsmith, Kaeng Raeng is a delicious, convenient, and affordable cleanse program. For more information, visit or join the brand on Facebook at

Kaeng Raeng – Be Healthy. Be Strong.

Contact: Kelly Bronson
Kaeng Raeng Director of Marketing


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Leading UK Breast Enlargement Clinic, Aurora Clinics, Release a YouTube Video to Promote their Unique Three Point Plan

Aurora is a Leading Cosmetic Surgery Clinic with a Number of Clinics Operating Throughout the UK. Specialising in Breast Enlargement Surgery, Aurora has Released their YouTube Video Explaining the Procedure and their Three Point Treatment Plan.

Aurora is harnessing the power of YouTube, now the world’s second biggest search engine, by releasing a new YouTube video that explains their unique three point treatment plan for those thinking about undergoing breast enlargement surgery.

“Our three point plan is designed to help our patients achieve the results they wish for in the safest possible environment.” explains Aurora’s spokesperson. All breast enlargement patients are entitled to unlimited free consultation appointments with the surgeon who will carry out their procedure, making sure that all of the patient’s questions are answered and no doubts about surgery remain in their mind.

The first step on their three point plan is all of Aurora’s patients and potential patients have access to a specialist surgeon in a convenient location for them. From that patient’s first appointment, they will meet the surgeon who will carry out their procedure. “We have developed a network of the best and most experienced breast enlargement surgeons throughout the UK” says their spokesperson. They offer breast enlargement London, breast enlargement Birmingham, as well as a number of other locations within the UK.

Included in the patient’s unlimited free consultation appointments is a sizing appointment. This appointment makes up the second step of the three point plan. In the sizing appointment, patients can bring different items of their clothing so their surgeon can try a variety of different makes, shapes and sizes of breast enlargement implants. Aurora’s spokesperson explains, “This enables the patient to get a really good idea of what their appearance will be post surgery and achieve the result they are looking for.”

Aurora Clinics and their surgeons know how important it is that patients have a realistic expectation of their appearance post surgery, and take into account the patient’s ideal outcome when advising on them on the best treatment to achieve this outcome. “All of the treatment options will be discussed in full at the patients’ consultation appointments. Not only do we offer breast enlargement, but we also carry out other breast surgeries such as breast uplift, inverted nipple correction and breast reduction. For example, often those who have lost a large amount of weight or have breastfed opt for both breast enlargement and a breast uplift to achieve their desired result. Our surgeons are highly skilled in advising patients what the most appropriate treatment is.” their spokesperson explains.

The third and final step of the three point plan is Aurora’s After Care Policy. As part of their after care policy, patients are given access to and are encouraged to use their 24 hour hotline. Patients are also invited to come back to their local clinic for free yearly appointments with their surgeon to check that their breast enlargement procedure remains fine.

Added to this, Aurora Clinics are now offering patients their initial consultation online. “We believe we are the first UK company to do this and it allows anyone thinking about breast enlargement to discuss this online with a specialist breast enlargement surgeon.” says their spokesperson.

In their YouTube video the Surgical Director of Aurora Clinics, Adrian Richards, takes viewers through their three point plan from their Buckinghamshire clinic. “We have a number of videos already on YouTube but with this we wanted to take a different direction and explain to people the full process of a breast enlargement treatment.” he explains. Accompanying this video are a number of other videos that answer some of the most commonly asked questions about breast enlargement surgery and related treatments.

For more information on Aurora’s three point plan, watch their YouTube video at Alternatively, visit their website

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New National Website Reaches Out To Millions Who Took Defective Acne Treatment Accutane

Since 1982, 5 million Americans and 8 million persons in other countries were prescribed Accutane to fight severe acne. In doing so, they were exposed to a defective drug that’s caused serious intestinal injuries requiring surgery – even colon removal. Now Accutane is off the market in America, and Americans have a fighting chance to recover their medical and other expenses via Accutane lawsuits which already are prevailing in courts.

To launch the process, new legal website is reaching out to Accutane victims needing representation for Accutane lawsuits in all 50 states. Such suits already have made news this year with jury verdicts favoring plaintiffs, including an Alabama man who received over $25 million for his Accutane-caused inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) which led removal of his colon.

Even Hollywood has entered the picture, via a recent Accutane lawsuit launched by actor James Marshall, star of TV’s Twin Peaks and the Oscar-nominated film A Few Good Men. After taking Accutane, Marshall, like many others, suffered an IBD and eventually had to have his colon removed. This severely impacted not only his health, but also his once-promising acting career.

The defective drug’s side effects even were referenced on a recent episode of the hit Fox TV series Glee.

Why has this happened? Indeed, why was it allowed to happen?

“Juries are finding that Swiss-based Roche Pharmaceuticals, creator of Accutane, knew that its product was unsafe but kept selling it anyway,” said a spokesperson for “Roche was making up to $1.2 billion per year in profits from Accutane. For Roche, eventual lawsuits were a trade off, and the human suffering was collateral damage.”

Juries are now holding that Roche did not adequately warn potential Accutane users of the drug’s serious side effects dangers. Thus, jury awards totaling more than $56 million already have been awarded in just a handful of Accutane lawsuits.

The Food and Drug Administration provides proof for such lawsuits. Though the FDA first approved Accutane’s use in 1982, the federal agency now calls Accutane’s active ingredient, Isotretinoin, “a potentially dangerous prescription medicine.” The FDA eventually required special warnings with Accutane.

Also in agreement is a Harvard University researcher who’s called Accutane “one of the most dangerous products on the market today.”

The FDA even has linked Accutane to such harmful side effects as severe depression, suicidal impulses and, for women who took Accutane during pregnancy, birth defects in babies. But for many sufferers, the problems involve an IBD such as Crohn’s Disease or ulcerative colitis. Each is a lifelong, incurable and debilitating digestive disorder – not to mention a costly one in terms of medical bills, lost salary and pain and suffering.

To recover such costs via an individual lawsuit – not a class-action suit — says it can provide victims with an experienced Accutane defective drug lawyer in all 50 states of America. Many such suits may be handled in out-of-court settlements without a jury trial.

The legal website also has produced a special video for persons suffering acne to see. It demonstrates how-to tips on covering up acne with makeup, and advises against treating it with defective drug Accutane. The video can be viewed here:

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Introducing The New ‘Mother To Be’ Range, By Celebrity Colourist Louise Galvin

Fantastic news for all those new mothers or mothers to be: Louise Galvin celebrity colourist has created a complete natural hair care range dedicated to women, pre, during and post pregnancy. This range is said to have “…the most natural and environmentally friendly hair products on the market…” (Plum Sykes, novelist and contributing editor, Vogue Magazine). As well as offsetting any carbon emissions caused via manufacturing by investing in the Carbon Neutral Company, the range is totally natural. Using solely natural or naturally-derived ingredients like essential oils, natural extracts and vegetable-derived moisturising and conditioning ingredients, there isn’t a sign of any harmful sulphates, parabens, silicone, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances and polymers in the new mother to be haircare line.

The new ‘Mother To Be’ range was inspired by Louise Galvin’s own recent pregnancy. While pregnant, Louise found she needed help in retaining her hair’s shine and vitality and assistance in creating volume and root lift. During pregnancy, women can be a lot more sensitive to smells than they usually are, consequently the citrus aromatherapy oils frequently used in Louise Galvin’s other products and ranges can be overpowering in the early days of pregnancy. Louise set about creating a hair care range that was both fragrance-free and extremely enriching, giving pregnant women an extra helping hand. The result is ‘Mother To Be’.

What’s more, Louise like other women during their pregnancies became extra conscious about safety: skin is our largest organ and anything we put on it (from body wash to shampoo) is absorbed into the bloodstream and can find its way to the growing foetus through the placenta. After pregnancy, these same chemicals are retained within the body, in particular in breast milk. Many popular cosmetics are made with harmful or damaging chemicals, unfortunately these chemicals been linked to birth defects and health problems. Nevertheless, pregnant women or those that are nursing a new born can rest reassured that all ‘Mother to Be’ and Sacred Locks products are free from any harmful or nasty chemicals.

Louise Galvin has pledged to personally help raise vital funds for the charity. So check out her new ‘mother to be’ eco-friendly, Sacred Locks range online visit: and give a little back.

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The World’s First Dry-On-Contact H1N1 Sanitising Spray

A sanitising spray that kills 99.99% of Viruses, Bacteria and Germs is now available for purchase in the UK. The SaniGuard wipes, spray and fogger products were invented by David Morgan, president of DEM Technology in the United States.. After patenting the product he was awarded EPA registration for its use on food contact surfaces in 1996.

The World's First Dry-On-Contact H1N1 Sanitising Spray

One benefit of the spray is that there is no “wet dwell” time, meaning that users don’t need to wipe the product away prior to it being effective. According to US laboratory reports, the product kills 99.99% of germs in 30-45 seconds. It also exceeds the requirements of EN1276 in Europe.

Jim Taylor, formerly president of Smith & Nephew and now CEO of Saniguard International, based in Chorley, Lancashire, said: “SaniGuard contains a unique configuration of quarternary ammonium compounds (QUATS) and other proprietary components, which allow for the elimination of microbes that regular QUATS alone cannot kill.”

The dry-on-contact spray can be used in between regular cleaning on “hot spot” areas such as telephones, computer keyboards, light switches, door knobs and other areas that are frequently used and rarely cleaned. SaniGuard leaves no film or moisture on surfaces.

The spray is effective against Swine Flu, MRSA, HIV-1, herpes, herpes simplex 1 and 2, salmonella typhi, staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus epidermidis and pseudomonas aerginosa and fungi such as trichophyton interdigitolo (Athlete’s foot). also offers the Total Release Fogger in a single-release aerosol, which is claimed to sanitise an entire room with the press of a button within 15-20 minutes. The product is available in small room (155ft²) and large room (625ft²) sizes.

The company says this product is safe for all surfaces and helps to stop the transmission of germs in high traffic areas such as lobbies, waiting rooms, hospital wards, GP surgeries and patient care facilities.

Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Virus Swine Flu prevention products from ‘Mr’ is authorised by SaniGuard International and have launched their new website to service the explosive demand for anti-bacterial, anti-virus products.

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7 Tips of Fighting Eye Wrinkles and Fine Lines Effectively and Some of the Best Eye Creams Do Work

Fine lines reveal the secret of a person’s age. The skin around the eyes is particularly sensitive and fragile. Do not wait until you have fine lines and wrinkles to start using eye creams. It is difficult to eradiate fine lines and wrinkles after their emergence. Taking preventive measures – apply an eye cream that delivers anti-aging and firming functions sooner is the best way to fight eye wrinkles.

Generic and lifestyle aside, half of your success of preventing and reducing fine lines and wrinkles relates on choosing the appropriate anti-aging eye cream, and the rest is how to apply an eye cream correctly.

Protecting the eye skin area by coating it with the appropriate eye care products daily and nightly are the basic steps. When applying an eye cream, do not indiscriminately wiping or spreading it over the eye skin area. It is necessary to use a correct method to help the eye cream to penetrate into the skin effectively.

Tip 1
Understand your skin type and do some research before buying an anti-aging eye cream on whether its ingredients are appropriate to your skin. This helps the skin care ingredients to address the problems of the skin more effectively and the possibilities of irritation and inflammation can be greatly reduced.

Tip 2
Pick an anti-aging eye cream with sufficient amount of active ingredients. The effectiveness of reducing wrinkles and fine lines depends on whether the active ingredients (e.g. high strength ascorbic acid, growth factor, peptide to name a few) work on your skin and penetrate into your skin with sufficient amounts.

Tip 3
Start with the lowest possible concentration of active ingredient. Before trying the eye cream on the eye skin area, apply it on the neck first. If no irritation occurs in 24 hours, you can apply it to the eye skin area. After 2 weeks, you can consider increasing the strength if needed.

Tip 4
Cleanse the skin before applying any products. Apply the eye cream when the skin is still moist. Using heat of the fingertip to warm the eye cream, and then use the middle finger to gently press the eye cream on the eye skin area.

Tip 5
Spend a few minutes every day for a deep massage over the eye skin area. Not only can it enhance ocular circulation, but also reduce the appearance of dark circle and puffiness.

Tip 6
Apply a non-comedogenic sunscreen on the eye skin area during the day time.

Tip 7
Do not apply acne products on the eye skin area. Also do not apply too many eye care products on the eye skin area at one time.

Best Eye Creams Recommendation? No problem,

1. Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum
Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum contains a concentrated form of amino-peptide complex that hydrates to firm and visibly lift skin around the entire eye area. Skin’s natural glow will be restored and skin is left feeling velvety smooth.

2. Perfective Ceuticals Anti-imperfection Eye Therapy
Perfective Ceuticals Anti-imperfection Eye Therapy Cream (for mature skin) is consisting of unique combination of human growth factors, matrixyl, retinol, and ginseng extract to ensure complete care for the skin surrounding the eye area. An “Eye Lift in a Bottle”, Perfective Ceuticals Anti-imperfection Eye Therapy helps fight fine lines, wrinkles and under eye bags while moisturizing and firming the delicate skin around the eyes.

3. Ultraceuticals Dark Circle Eye Cream
Ultraceuticals Dark Circle Eye Cream (for dark circle) contains pure retinol and vitamin K to significantly reduce the appearance of discolouration under the eyes.

4. Valmont Elixir Des Glaciers Vos Yeux
Valmont Elixir Des Glaciers Vos Yeux (for puffiness) is enriched with decongestive green tea and arnica extracts and draining Red algae and caffeine extracts to: lift the wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, remove dark circles and unsightly puffiness.

Contact Details:

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Six Men’s Health Products Found Ineffective

The growth on the numbers of men’s health products is alarming. Most of these products are advertised to help men in providing solutions to most dysfunctions faced by millions all over the world. However, numerous products do not deliver what they are supposed to as advertised.

The Men’s Choice, the leading provider of independent reviews on men’s health products, conducted another series of reviews on six different products. From the study, products did not receive much favor from users and were proven ineffective in addressing the need of men.

Some of these products contain natural ingredients believed to help men increase their sexual desire and resolve erectile problems. However, despite the formulation, most of these enhancing products fail to resolve men’s sexual problems including erectile and other dysfunctions. Users of these supplements and medications are providing negative feedbacks about the product for failure to provide the needed enhancement.

The following are the reviews provided by the company:

Enzyte – Enzyte contains all-natural ingredients that researches show could help boost sexual desire and solve other dysfunctions on men. Active ingredients include Korean red ginseng root, Ginkgo biloba, pine bark extract, L-arginine, and horny goat weed extract. These ingredients are commonly found in most male enhancing products sold in the market today.

Korean red ginseng roots are known to enhance sexual endurance and stamina. Enzyte does not contain Yohimbe which is present in other enhancing supplements. Yohimbe is a major component in other supplements that helps resolve male impotency.

Extend – Extend is a male supplement advertised to increase the size of the penis and extend sexual life. Distributed under Nice Price USA, Extend is believed to offer the same effect with Magna RX. The distributor has several lines of male enhancing products including gels and pumps.

The product contains Pygeum Africanum and Pumpkinseed, Epimedium and Oat Straw, Oriental Ginseng, and Cayenne. Similar to other products from other manufacturers, Extend is formulated to include ginseng to help extend sexual life and endurance.

Extenze – Extenze if formulated to enhance blood flow to the penis and provide stronger and long lasting erection on men. It contains Yohimbe that is widely used in most enhancing products to cure impotency and erectile dysfunctions. Other ingredients included in the product are Tribulus Terrestris, Oat Straw, L-Arginine, Saw Palmetto, Catuaba, Aphrodisiacs Muira Puama, Maca. All combined to give men a boost in their sexual functions.

Ezerex – Ezerex is an expensive diet supplement formulated to solve pre-ejaculation problems encountered by most men. It contains ingredients that are proven to enhance sexual desire and provide stronger, firmer, and long lasting erection on men. Ingredients added to the product include Ginger Root, Korean Ginseng, Yohimbe, Cordyceps, Bombyx Mori, Horny Goatweed, Schizandra Berry, Vitamin B3, and Rehamannia Root.

Horny Goatweed (Epimedium) is present in most male enhancing products and is believe to help solve impotency and offer increase in sexual desire.

Maxoderm – Maxoderm is unlike other male enhancements taken orally. Maxoderm is a cream solution applied directly to the penis to provide the desired result. It is recommended to be applied by the sex partner while masturbating for a better result. The product contains Methyl Salicylate, L-Argenine, White Nettle Extract, Catauba Extract, Maca Extract, and Peruvian root.

Several users of this product complained issues with regard to itchiness experienced by their partners during intercourse.

Paravol – Maxoderm is a supplement that helps the body’s production of testosterone and seminal fluid thereby increasing sexual drive and stamina. The increase of testosterone level helps prolong sexual life and counters the effects of natural andropausal period on man. It contains ingredients including: Horney Goat Weed, Avena Sativa, Muira Puama Herb, Stinging Nettle, Tribulus Terrestris, Maca, Long Jack, and Sarsaparilla.

Paravol, though formulated with organic substances is still proven to be ineffective for use by most men who have tried the product. Others continue to claim that they do not feel any result after maintaining the enhancement.

About the Company:
The Men’s Choice is a non-profit organization established to provide unbiased reviews and finding on the increasing numbers of men’s sexual health products that are dominating the market. The company has provided numerous reviews about these products including several harmful effects these products can impart on patients. The company is reachable through their website at

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Six Anti-Ageing Products Reviewed

There are hundreds of skin care and anti-ageing products sold in the market. All these products promise one thing, to keep the skin young looking. Through this reviews, the public will be equipped with ideas about these products for them to make a good investment.

Beautiful Review, an online based company dedicated to providing unbiased reviews on leading cosmetics, skin care, and anti-ageing products, announced their findings after concluding their review on six other skin care products. The company has been providing several other reviews in the past.

Products reviewed include companies providing skin care formula and therapy and leading cosmetics available today. The company’s latest findings cover AlphaDerma CE, Derma Wand, Hydroderm, La Mer, Meaningful Beauty, and Natural Advantage.

The rest of the sections are the results of the study:

AlphaDerma CEAlphaderma CE is an expensive skin care formula manufactured by Janson Beckett’s company. The product contains Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) which research shows to help develop alertness and vigilance; in some cases it shows to reflect a positive mood impression. DMAE also helped in extending the lifespan on the subject of the study.

Other ingredients labeled on AlphaDerma CE include Argireline and Vitamin C Ester, Elastin, and Soy. Elastin is a protein found in connective tissues that is proven to help restoring tissues of the body to its original shape.

What the public should be aware:
The product does not contain Hyaluronic Acid which a common ingredient on most skin care formulas. HA is proven to help the skin look younger, smoother, and more radiant.

Derma WandDerma Wand is a hand held device effective for maintaining and developing healthy skin. It works similar to treatment done in spa where parts of the face are massage. The process helps in tightening and lifting the area of concentration making it younger looking when done regularly. It also helps increase the Collagen presence of the body to enhance the skin.

What the public should be aware:
The product has not yet been proven effective and no research is associated with the product. The company is offering free trials of their product for interested individuals.

HydrodermHydroderm, a California based company that manufactures several skin care products including exfoliates, moisturizers, creams, and anti-ageing products. Hydroderm’s Age-Defying Wrinkle Reducer is formulated to deliver a “brighter and smoother” skin.

What the public should be aware:
Hydroderm’s Age-Defying Wrinkle Reducer does not label a complete list of ingredients used including what type of Collagen is used. It is unknown if it contains ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid and Matrixyl 3000 that are commonly found in leading anti-ageing products. In addition, there is still no related research about the product posted on the manufacturer’s website.

La MerLa Mer is a well known maker of luxurious skin care and anti-ageing products. Among their pride is the Crème de la Mer that carriers the company’s success. It is known to be a product of “miracle broth”, a process popularize by former NASA scientist, Dr. Max Huber. The company’s website offers an FAQ page to direct visitors with their basic inquiries.

What the public should be aware:
Crème de la Mer is an expensive product and introduced at prices close to $110 per ounce. It does not contain Collagen-boosting ingredients as what most anti-ageing products offer.

Meaningful BeautyMeaningful Beauty Facial Masque is a product of Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, a renowned dermatologist based in Paris. The company manufacturers other line up of skin care and anti-ageing products. Meaningful Beauty Facial Masque contains several ingredients including water, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, and Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract.

What the public should be aware:
The product contains basic ingredients found on most anti-ageing products, but does not contain Hyaluronic Acid and Argireline®. Most products sold in the market contain Hyaluronic Acid as a major component in their formulation.

Natural AdvantageNatural Advantage is an anti-aging system designed to help develop and restore youthful glow of the skin. The starter kit is composed of three individual products to kept a fresh feeling, protect against sun’s harmful effects, and help prevent wrinkles. This includes Natural Advantage® Daily Cleansing Gel (2 oz.), Natural Advantage® All Day Moisture with SPF 15, and Natural Advantage® Nighttime Renewal Complex.

What the public should be aware:
From the findings, the products presented may not contain any presence of Matrixyl 3000® as compared to other known products sold in the market.

About the Company:
Beautiful Review is an independent company committed to providing the public with unbiased reviews about general cosmetics widely sold in the market today and their manufacturers. Reviews are written by hand and products are tested and examined by human editors. The company can be reached through their website at


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The numbers of men’s sexual health products available in the market today have reached an alarming stage and many of these products are ineffective for use to most men

The increasing demand for men’s sexual health products encouraged a growing numbers of companies to invest millions of dollars in research, development, and manufacturing of these products.

Men’s products may contain substances and ingredients that are not applicable and healthy for use to every man. Other ingredients may cause side effects that could lead to severe health problems. Through the company’s initiative, the public is provided with necessary information about these products usage and effect.

Here are the latest reviews conducted on products marketed for developing men’s sex organ:

Super LQ: Super LQ is effective for increasing the size of men’s sexual organ. It is said to enlarge the penis size up to three (3) to four (4) inches. The product contains Saw Palmetto known to enhance men’s sexual drive and good for prostate health. Super LQ also contains Tribulus for enhancing testosterone and Yohimbe that increases blood circulation to the penis.

Side Effects: With Saw Palmetto as a major ingredient in Super LQ, a patient may experience one or more of these side effects including nausea, cramping, diarrhea and headaches.

Consumer Comments: Several patients who have tried Super LQ claimed the ineffectiveness of the product to enhance men’s sex organ. Only few patients were given the results marketed by its manufacturer.

T Boost™: T Boost is a formula developed to assist men in maintaining and enhancing their testosterone level as they grow older. It is said that men’s testosterone level decreases an average of 1% per year.

Packing and Label: Packed products do not contain any information regarding the formula used.

Consumer Comments: Many of T Boostâ„¢ users were not totally conceived with the effectiveness of the product.

Vicerex: Vicerex is a men’s formula known for its long lasting and fast effects. The medication is said to contain known formulas found in many men’s sexual health products. Among these ingredients are Eurycoma Longifolia, effective for enhancing the testosterone, and Horny Goat Weed effective for provoking men’s sexual desires. Other ingredients include Tribulus Terrestris, Maca, and Ginkgo Biloba.

Packing and Label: Packed products do not include complete formula list to aid users when conducting self initiated research on ingredients composing the product.

Consumer Comments: Huge criticisms were received from several discontented consumers who claimed that the product was not able to provide the enhancing it advertised. The medication is a temporary solution for enhancing the penis since its effect will only last for three (3) days.

VPXL: Though marketed to help enlarge men’s sex organ, the products is said to be ineffective for use by many of its former users. VPXL is advertised through spam emails and are most likely disregarded by men in need of supplements.

Disadvantages: The shipped products do not disclosed any ingredients or formula used. The manufacturer is said to have changed the name of the product several times either to conceal it or to introduce the same product using other brand names. No website is available for the product and the manufacturer is hard to reach. In addition, the product received several negative feedbacks from most of its former users.

Vytalin™: Vytalin™ is effective for increasing men’s sexual desire and resolve erectile problems. The manufacturer of the product claims that the product is a natural herbal supplement and offers two bottles of it as free trials. The manufacturer also sited on their website that two tablets of Vytalin™ a day can bring good results.

Packing and Label: Similar to other men’s sexual health medications, Vytalin™ is packed and shipped without corresponding label of ingredients and formulation listed.

Consumer Comments: Former users have several negative comments about the product and suggested for its discontinued usage.

Zenerx: Like most men’s enhancing products available in the market, Zenerx offers the same solution and is advertised as a natural herbal supplement. It helps increase the testosterone level of men and enhances the use of nitric oxide for larger and firmer erection.

Disadvantages: Zenerx does not contain any signs of Yohimbe and Damiana, ingredients that are commonly found on most men’s enhancing products.

Consumer Comments: Like the other products mentioned above, Zenerx received severe criticisms from former users who were not able to receive the advantages that the product advertised.

About the Company:
The Mens Choice is a non-profit organization established to provide unbiased reviews and finding on the increasing numbers of men’s sexual health products that are dominating the market. The company has provided numerous reviews about these products including several harmful effects these products can impart on patients. The company is reachable through their website at


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It is necessary for the public to be replete with information about the dominating cosmetics, anti ageing, and facial beauty products sold in the market today

The numbers of beauty products sold in the market have mushroomed and will continue to grow in unison with the latest discoveries of ingredients and ways of reverting the skin’s ageing.

“These products are created to be beneficial for us, but if not properly chosen and used, these can cause detrimental effects on a person’s physical appearance, emotional responses, and social interaction.”

Since was established, it has provided product reviews including companiesmarketing beauty products, beauty services, and top selling cosmetic and anti ageing items sold to the public either online or through local stores.

The following are latest reviews conducted by the company:

Restylane: Restylane is labeled to contain hyaluronic acid, a component normally found in many tissues such as the skin and cartillage. It is recommended to prevent and cure severe skin damages and could be administered to the patient through injection therapy. A doctor’s prescription is needed before anyone will be allowed to purchase Restylane.

Precaution Against Imitation: Packing of the finished product does not contain any complete ingredients label as a precautionary measure to prevent any prospective consumer from procuring these ingredients individually, thereby assuring that no unauthorized production or imitation is undertaken by anybody or any entity.

Indication: Side effects of Restylane may include red or swollen skin that normally last up to seven (7) days.

StriVectin-SD: Strivectin-SD, manufactured by Klein-Becker, prevents skin wrinkles and lessens stretch marks caused by pregnancy. Klein-Becker strongly recommends a patch test before applying the product for regular use. Among the products manufactured by Klein-Becker are StriVectin Eye Cream and other age-defying medications for both men and women.

Packing and Label: StriVectin-SD products are packed and shipped without any label and complete list of ingredients to prevent any imitation or unauthorized production. On the manufacturer’s website, the product is said to have passed clinical tests, however no actual test results are presented on the website.

Thermage: Thermage is a reputable company marketing skin-care techniques for women. The procedure is said to trigger “heat” to the Collagen Strands causing it to tighten. A skin treatment session can last from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on the area of concentration.

Indications: The company strongly recommends the procedure to be done only on women aging 35 to 60 years old. It is known to be costly and the company does not offer a money back guarantee.

Youthful Essence: Youthful Essence is a home microdermabrasion system marketed by Guthy-Renker. The package contains a Vitamin-Enriched Resurfacing Cream, two sponge applicators, and a watertight resurfacing tool. It is advertised to be applicable for you for facial and body treatments.

Side Effects: The company does not provide free trial products to interested individuals. In addition, the abrasive crystals produced after the application may irritate sensitive skins.

Youthology: Youthology is a product brand used in various skin care and anti-ageing products. Among the company’s products are the Nighttime Nourisher and Daytime Nourisher effective to moisturize skin and prevent it from ageing.

Disadvantage: Most of the company’s products do not contain Matrixyl 3000®, a combination of Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide – 7, as compared to other skin care products.

About the Company:
Beautiful Review is an independent company committed to providing the public with unbiased reviews about general cosmetics widely sold in the market today and their manufacturers. Reviews are written by hand and products are tested and examined by human editors. The company can be reached through their website at

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