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The Harley Medical Group skincare wins in IMAGE Beauty Awards 2012

Leading cosmetic surgery group The Harley Medical Group has won at the IMAGE Beauty Awards, which is often cited as Ireland’s most prestigious beauty awards. The group’s performance eye lift was the winning product, being heralded as the ‘best for eye lifting’ in the 2012 awards.

The Harley Medical Group was founded in 1983 and is a leader in the UK world of cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures, offering treatments for both men and women at its many clinics. With so many years of experience under its belt the group is able to provide patients with effective results for a range of cosmetic issues.

Alongside its many treatments available, The Harley Medical Group also has a range of skincare products that patients can use in conjunction with other treatments or as a standalone regime. The now award-winning performance eye lift can come as part of The Harley Medical Group’s Anti-Ageing Package, which includes everything needed to give skin a youthful glow.

The IMAGE Beauty Awards has been running for nine years now and over 500 products in four categories were tested for this year’s awards, meaning The Harley Medical Group’s performance eye lift stood up to some stiff competition. Sixteen independent judges narrowed down the categories to come up with this year’s winning products, and those included on the expert panel included Dr Rosemary Coleman, Nicky Hambleton-Jones from the Channel 4 show ’10 Years Younger’, Laura Bermingham from‘Ireland AM’ and Elaine Butler-Doolin, famous for her appearance on TV3’s ‘Celebrity Salon’.

Lisa Littlehales of The Harley Medical Group said: “We’re so thrilled to have won the IMAGE Beauty Awards for the best eye lifting category. Our performance eye lift is one of our most popular skincare products and it makes us proud to know that it’s been referred to as a ‘Cinderella eye cream’ by the judges on the panel.

“All of our anti-ageing creams and cleansers contain only the best ingredients in order to stimulate collagen growth to give you firmer, younger looking skin without the need for invasive treatments, which is undoubtedly why it won out in the end.”

Every product in the IMAGE Beauty Awards was tested against a number of criteria, such as value for money, performance, packaging, texture, scent and longevity. The full list of award-winners can be seen in the May issue of IMAGE Magazine, while further information about The Harley Medical Group’s excellent cosmetic surgeries and skincare products can be found online at www.harleymedical.co.uk.

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The Harley Medical Group Launches Non-Surgical Beauty Bundles To Help Brides Achieve A Picture Perfect Look

For many brides it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the wedding arrangements and leave the all-important beauty treatments to the last minute, when it’s often too late. To help blushing brides-to-be organise a personalised beauty regime ahead of their special day, The Harley Medical Group has launched Wedding Belle Beauty Bundles; bespoke packages tailored to suit every bride’s beauty needs.

Following the recent launch of the Group’s debut skincare range, the Wedding Belle Beauty Bundles combine skincare products with non-surgical treatments, creating exclusive pre-wedding packages designed to achieve lasting, radiant results for brides across the UK.

Lisa Littlehales, Senior Nurse Counsellor at The Harley Medical Group, says: “The uniquely tailored skincare range, of 12 dermatologically tested products, draws upon over 29 years of experience that The Harley Medical Group has in the cosmetic treatment field. The range combines the best key active ingredients sourced from nature and science, including Willow Bark and Daisy Extract. Combined with complementary non-surgical treatments, we’re able to offer brides unrivalled, effective beauty packages.”

Wedding Belle Beauty Bundles:

Wedding Day Refresher is a gentle treatment regime that provides a balanced solution to improve your skin’s complexion. It is the perfect pre-treatment for brides ahead of their big day
+ Consultation with a Specialist Nurse Counsellor
+ 1X Computerised Photo Imaging skin Analysis
+ 3X Medical Microdermabrasion or Agera Peel
+ 1X Gentle Cleanser and the Antioxidant Oil Free Moisturiser (contains Sweet Orange Oil to help relieve stress and tension)

Ideal for brides over 35 who are worried about fine lines and wrinkles, the Facial Rejuvenator package will help to reduce and smooth out lines and achieve a flawless, smooth complexion in time for the big day.
+ 1X Computerised Photo Imaging skin Analysis
+ Consultation with a Specialist Nurse Counsellor
+ 1 X Point of Botox + 1 X Dermal Filler
+ 1X Medical Microdermabrasion or Skin Peel
+ 1X Anti-ageing youth serum (contains Daisy Extract which helps to brighten skin)

The Crystal Clear skin package is the ideal option for those wanting to treat skin that is prone to blemishes. The package helps to improve the skin tone, texture and general condition by removing dead skin cells.
+ Consultation with a Specialist Nurse Counsellor
+ X3 Medical Microdermabrasion
+ X3 Aesthera PPx
+1X Anti-Microbial Cell Renewal Cream (contains Natural Willow Bark plant extract providing an exfoliating activity on the skin)

To ensure that you’re full of confidence on your wedding day and into your honeymoon opt for the Body Beautiful package which will leave you with hair-free, smooth skin and help reduce sweating caused by wedding day nerves.
+ Consultation with a Specialist Nurse Counsellor
+ 1X Computerised Photo Imaging skin Analysis
+ 6X Laser Hair Removal session underarms, bikini, lower legs
+ 1X Aloe Vera Hydration Gel and Self Tanning Lotion (formulated to cool and soothe the skin)

N.B – All treatments should be staggered over a course of time recommended by your clinic.

Lisa Littlehales Top Tips for ultimate bridal beauty preparation:

It’s recommended to drink around two litres of water every day. If you don’t already do this then it’s a great habit to pick up six months before the wedding, in order to encourage clear glowing skin in time for the big day.

Make sure that you are not caught out in the weeks leading up to the wedding and book any treatments you are planning to have at least 6 weeks in advance.

Finding and sticking to a beauty regime that suits you around six months before the wedding, will ensure that you have time to tackle any particular skin issues such as pigmentation. If pigmentation is your problem, try the Anti-Ageing Youth Serum. This contains Daisy extract, a skin lightening agent which is clinically proven to even out pigmentation, and stable Vitamin C – a strong form of the vitamin which promotes the production of collagen and helps to brighten the skin.

If you want a sun kissed glow but don’t want to use tanning beds or splash out on a spray tan, The Harley Medical Group offer a Rejuvenating Self-Tanning Lotion, with a refreshing citrus sent. Make sure you apply two weeks before the wedding, so that you get the coverage you want right, to ensure you have a perfect looking tan on the day.

Everyone’s nightmare is a blemish just before their wedding day – try the Anti-Microbial Cell Renewal Cream which will deal with any difficult blemishes by stimulating blood flow to the area. The cream contains willow bark extract which will cut through the oily skin surface and increase cell turn over to give you healthy clearer looking skin.

You can now follow The Harley Medical Group on YouTube, to see procedure videos and more.

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Get 40% Off Laser Hair Removal!

Leading cosmetic surgery provider The Harley Medical Group is currently running an excellent offer on selected laser hair removal treatments, which can see patients saving up to 40% on a range of packages. However, the offer is only available until midnight on Thursday 5 April 2012, so those interested are advised to book now!

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular non-surgical treatments in the UK and can be carried out on both men and women. It can be performed on many areas of the body and the Harley Medical Group’s offer includes some of its most popular packages.

Eight and four treatment packages for specified body areas have been included in the offer, as well as other multiple treatment packages. For instance, the eight treatment package for laser hair removal for the female chin was £600 and has been reduced to £450 for a limited time only. Similarly, laser hair removal for the full male back is now £1,250, down from £1,590.

In terms of multiple treatment packages, patients can save an astonishing amount – the female full body treatment was £4,225 and is now just £2,770. It includes four full laser hair removal treatments for the arms and legs, along with treatments for the bikini area, navel pubis and underarms.

“Our current offer on laser hair removal will only be available for the next couple of weeks, so those interested should act quickly to make the most of it,” said Lisa Littlehales of the Harley Medical Group.

“Anyone that would like to book a treatment at one of our nationwide clinics can find the current laser hair removal prices on our website, and can book via our online form, specifying which treatment they are interested in.”

To find out more about the treatments available, visit www.harleymedical.co.uk now.

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Over 50 and Fabulous!

At 56 years old Carole Middleton, whose daughter was launched into the media spotlight on 29th April this year, has been quietly making her own mark as an emblem of style, sophistication and beauty for UK women over 50.

Recently pictured arriving at a charity event in London, it was Carole’s legs that were the centre of attention, looking sleek, shapely and picture perfect, Carole Middleton showed women everywhere that over 50 is the new fabulous.

Although she is leading the pack, as the poster woman for over 50’s, Carole Middleton is not the only one showing UK women how it’s done, with Carol Vorderman, 50, winning the 2011 rear of the year award and Helen Mirren, 66, crowned body of the year 2011.

Lisa Littlehales, Lead Nurse Counsellor at The Harley Medical Group, says: “Carole Middleton is emerging as an icon for British women of a similar age – she is definitely leading the trend for women over 50 feeling more attractive and confident than ever before.

“Just like Carole Middleton, lots of women over 50 are inspired to get their legs out and show off their confidence, 15% of non-surgical treatments for legs, across the Group’s 31 clinics are booked by over 50’s. These treatments include Thread Vein Removal, Laser Hair Removal and Aesthera PPX- a leading skin rejuvenation treatment which helps get rid of lines and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and sun damage.

“Surgical treatments such as a Facelift, Eye-Bag Removal, Tummy Tucks and Breast Uplifts, are also popular among women over 50, who want to rejuvenate their bodies. Many of these women opt for surgical options to help them look as confident as they feel.”

Top Treatments Among Women Over 50
Non-Surgical Facelift
Thread Vein Removal for the legs
Stretch marks and Scar Removal 
Face lift

Eye Bag Removal

Breast Uplift
Tummy Tuck

For more information on surgical or non-surgical procedures please visit harleymedical.co.uk or call: 0800 085 4984 You can now follow The Harley Medical Group on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/theharleymedicalgroup

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Lasering Off Your Unwanted Hair

Almost all of us have unwanted hair and most of would probably like to get rid of that hair permanently. So it is not surprising that many of us look into laser hair removal in Atlanta.

There are a few things that you should know about laser hair removal before you undergo the process. A little knowledge can often make things easier and more fun. Here is a little of what you should know about laser hair removal:

  • Laser hair removal is very safe, most people will suffer no side effects or harm if the procedure is done by a cosmetic surgeon and they follow their doctors’ instructions.
  • You will have to stay out of the sun for a few days after laser hair removal because your skin will be more sensitive and susceptible to sunburn.
  • Laser hair removal is more effective for people with light skin and dark hair. It may not work as well for blondes and persons with darker skin.
  • Laser hair removal is not permanent the hair will probably grow back but will be lighter in color.
  • The process is an outpatient procedure but it has to be done in a doctor’s office.
  • You will be able to resume your normal routine after the process as long as you cover the areas of skin that were treated.
  • There can be some pain involved because the doctor will be using a laser to burn hair follicles.
  • Board certified cosmetic surgeons can offer a wide variety of procedures for the removal of unwanted hair including laser hair removal.
  • It is best to discuss the procedure with the doctor before undergoing it.
  • Laser hair removal is considered cosmetic surgery so chances are that it will not be covered by your health insurance. This means you will have to pay for the whole procedure yourself.
  • Laser hair removal is very affordable so almost anybody should be able to afford it.

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Men Get Beach Buff For Summer With Cosmetic Treatments At The Harley Medical Group

With images of Simon Cowell’s styled hairy chest appearing on Britain’s Got Talent, The Harley Medical Group have reported that laser hair removal amongst men is as popular as ever, up 35 per cent year-on-year, but with a twist – to shape, rather than shed chest hair.

Following in the footsteps of the bikini line, for which women have coined traditional styles such as the ‘Hollywood’, ‘Brazilian’ and the ‘Playboy’, nurses across the Group’s 31 clinics have noticed that men have likewise developed three distinct styles for their chest hair. Most popular is the ‘Bond’, neatening up the edges of a full chest of hair; followed by the upside down triangle style dubbed the‘Cowell’; and the pecks-only look, named the ‘Superman’.

Says Stuart Hogben, laser hair removal patient at The Harley Medical Group: “I have a full chest of hair which is hard to maintain. I wanted to neaten it up, without getting rid of it all. After seeing pictures of Simon Cowell I decided to book in for laser hair removal at The Harley Medical Group, to achieve a similar look in time for my summer holiday. I’m thrilled with the results, it looks great and I’m looking forward to feeling confident on the beach.”

Says Lisa Littlehales, specialist nurse counsellor at The Harley Medical Group: “The lead up to summer is a popular time for men to book in for treatments. Like women, they are conscious of wanting to feel confident on the beach and are keen to eliminate any body issues. Laser Hair Removal is especially popular this year and in addition to those men that want to permanently remove all the body hair from their chests and backs, clinics have been surprised about the new requests to style the shape of the chest hair, in a similar way to the different styles of a bikini line.”

Other popular ‘beach buffing’ treatments for men in the build up to summer include: gynecomastia, up 28 per cent in the first five months of the year; liposuction, up 19 per cent; abdominoplasty, up 12 per cent; and laser treatment for stretch marks and scars, which is up 589 per cent year-on-year.

Littlehales continues: “Although stretch marks are often primarily associated with women, just as many men suffer from them. Men commonly get stretch marks on their lower backs, shoulders and arms, all areas that are on display on the beach. The laser is exclusive to The Harley Medical Group and is proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars by up to 75 per cent.”

The scars and stretch mark treatment at The Harley Medical Group is the first FDA approved treatment for scars and stretch marks and is available exclusively at The Harley Medical Group. A single treatment costs £250 and a recommended course of four is priced at £950.

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Brits Are Marking The Anniversary Of Their Boob Jobs With Birthday-Style Celebrations

Busty British women are finding another way to celebrate their body confidence by throwing ‘boobirthdays’ to mark the anniversary of their breast augmentation surgery, in a bid to demonstrate the positive effect it has had on their lives.

With specific blogs and sites dedicated to cosmetic surgery, such as boobjobsupportforum.forumotion.co.uk, being used by bloggers to celebrate boobirthdays, nurses at The Harley Medical Group, the UK’s biggest cosmetic surgery provider, have noticed that women are now taking this growing trend offline. Nurses across the Group’s 31 clinics have reported that women are having boob job birthdays in their homes with family and friends, with the common aim of wanting to share with other women and with each other, how great they feel.

Lisa Littlehales, specialist nurse counsellor at The Harley Medical Group, says: “Lots of our patients keep in touch with the nurses who cared for them during their surgery process and they have noticed a small but significant number of these women comment that they like to mark the date of their breast enlargement each year – with many of our nurses even being invited to the patient’s big day. For many women, this date marks a turning point in their lives from feeling under confident, to loving the skin they are in and they like to celebrate their new lives each year.”

Says Emma Parmenter, 41, who had a breast enlargement at The Harley Medical Group: “I had my breast enlargement when I was 31 as I had very small breasts which greatly affected my confidence. My surgery was the best thing I have ever done, it completely changed my life and my image confidence has been great ever since.”

Emma continues: “I’m 41 now and feel really lucky to still feel as confident about my breasts as I was ten years ago when I first had surgery. I was so close to the nurse who looked after me throughout the experience and during my aftercare, when I decided to throw a party in celebration of my breast augmentation anniversary, she was the first person I invited. I’m still thrilled with the results and more confident than ever – I can’t think of any better reason to celebrate!”

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The Harley Medical Group Reports A New Trend This Spring – Laser Hair Removal On The Feet

The Harley Medical Group, the UK’s leading cosmetic provider, has reported a 23% rise year-on-year in laser hair removal, as well as the normal pre-summer rush for silky smooth legs there has been an interesting new trend – a surge in bookings to ‘de-fuzz’ feet and toes in time for summer.

With an average person shaving 11,540 times in their lifetime, and a typical hair growth cycle of two days, women are turning their backs on their hairy areas, favoured by celebrities like Julia Roberts, and instead preferring the long lasting results of laser hair removal. Although the bikini, legs and underarms continue to be top of the laser list, the feet are becoming a popular area for women to have treated. This is often combined with treatments to the lower legs, and the Group revealed that 350 women booked foot treatments in the last two weeks of April alone.

Chantelle O’Leary, laser hair specialist at The Harley Medical Group, said: “Women are so much more comfortable in discussing their body hair. Five years ago women rarely would approach us for laser hair on more unusual areas, whereas now, females are embracing the options out there for them.”

Laser hair is a clinically proven treatment for the removal of unwanted facial and body hair. The treatment results in 60-95% of targeted hair being permanently eliminated, offering patients a long-lasting and effective method of hair removal. The laser is passed over the skin which is absorbed by the hair pigment, targeting and destroying the follicle, reducing further growth.

Chantelle continues: “Treatment takes around 15 minutes on each foot, making it easy for busy career women or mums to fit into their daily routine. We recommend a course of 4-6 treatments, depending on the hair growth, with a rest period of four weeks between each booking. April and May are the ideal times to start a course to ensure smooth skin in time for summer.”

Case study quote: “I was always embarrassed about my feet – I had hair on my toes and tops of my feet. Summer was a nightmare; I was self-conscious in sandals, and avoided having any foot treatment like pedicures because I was worried someone would notice. Laser hair removal has made life so much easier; I feel much more confident in summer shoes, and no longer have to make time for lengthy hair removal processes.”

The Harley Medical Group’s Laser Hair Hotspots
1. Bikini Line
2. Lower Leg
3. Underarm
4. Upper Lip
5. Chin

For further information please visit www.harleymedical.co.uk.

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Summer Sun Sees Demand for Cosmetic Non-surgical Treatments

Top treatments this season include Botox injections, stretch mark removal, laser hair removal, skin peels and microdermabrasion.

With summer fast approaching The Harley Medical Group, the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery provider, has seen an increase in bookings for non-surgical treatments, as many patients get bikini-body ready for the warmer months.

The Harley Medical Group offer a range of non-surgical treatments across their 31 clinics nationwide including stretch marks and scar removal, laser hair removal as well as Botox and skin peels to achieve fresher and more youthful skin.

Comments Lisa Littlehales, Nurse Counsellor at The Harley Medical Group: “As the weather warms up people start to think about their bodies and how they will look and feel come summer time. We offer a number of treatments to help people approach the season full of confidence. April is the perfect time to book a treatment at one of our clinics as it enables you to undertake a course of laser hair removal or stretch mark and scar removal in time for summer.”

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The Harley Medical Group reports boom in post-baby breast surgery

The Harley Medical Group, the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery provider, has reported a rise in mums booking surgical treatments post-pregnancy to help them combat the effects of pregnancy. The most popular treatment amongst new mums is breast augmentation, with bookings up 31% year-on-year.

The Group, which treats thousands of women a year across their 31 clinics, has seen more new mothers turning to surgical options to help regain shape and body confidence following pregnancy. Liposuction is also popular, up 27% year-on-year, and tummy tuck bookings are also up 15% year-on-year.

Comments Lisa Littlehales, specialist nurse counsellor at The Harley Medical Group:
“Many mothers find their breasts change after giving birth – often they notice a decrease in size or difference in shape following pregnancy and breast feeding. This can affect confidence and self-esteem. Lots of women are realising the surgical options available to them – breast augmentation helps mothers regain the shape and fullness of the breast, helping them feel more feminine again.”

Marco Moraci, surgeon at The Harley Medical Group, said: “Breast surgery is the most popular procedure amongst women, particularly new mums. The operation takes around an hour and a half, and patients are required to wear a supportive bra for the three months following. Prior to the surgery, we’ll help the patient choose the right size implant for their shape to ensure they achieve the look they desire.”

The procedure consists of a small incision being made in the crease of the underside of the breast, the armpit or lower edge of the areola. Once the incision is made, a pocket will be created for the implant to lie in. This may be either beneath the muscle or beneath the breast tissue.

Says, Michelle Denney who had a breast augmentation at The Harley Medical Group:
“After my pregnancy it became obvious that my breasts weren’t going to return to the shape and size they were before I fell pregnant. I decided to have surgery at The Harley Medical Group as my breasts were affecting my confidence and I longed to find a shape which worked for my new post-baby body. I am thrilled with the results and I haven’t looked back”.

For further information please visit www.harleymedical.co.uk.

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Royal Wedding Sparks Boom In Brides-To-Be Booking ‘Ring Bling’ Treatments At The Harley Medical Group

In the wake of ‘that’ picture of Prince William and his bride-to-be showing off her beautiful hand and even more stunning engagement ring, brides are turning their attention to their hands – to make sure their pinkies are perfect for the wedding album. The UK’s largest cosmetic surgery provider, The Harley Medical Group, is reporting a 50% surge in women aged 25-35 coming in for non-surgical treatments on the hands.

Bernadette Harte, Non-Surgical Specialist at The Harley Medical Group, comments: “We have seen a huge increase in recently engaged women coming in to our clinics and having treatments on their hands. Most have said that having seen the picture of Kate Middleton’s stunning hand they want to make sure they have immaculate and youthful hands to show off their ‘ring bling’.”

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments such as Aesthera PPx, which can also be used on the face, neck and chest areas, are increasingly popular for use on hands and arms. Aesthera PPx is a highly effective treatment, which rejuvenates the skin by destroying unwanted red or brown pigment and unsightly veins. The treatment action breaks down melanin within the skin, which the body naturally and safely absorbs, leaving it looking immediately more youthful and healthy.

Jane Usher, aged 29, is a patient at The Harley Medical Group who got engaged during the same month as William and Kate, comments: “When I saw Kate Middleton’s beautifully manicured young looking hand, showing off her engagement ring, I felt very self-conscious. Even though I am the same age as Kate, due to sun damage my hands look older than they should. After having Aesthera PPx at The Harley Medical Group my skin looks much fresher and healthy.”

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The Harley Medical Group Report Surge In Liposuction Procedures

The Harley Medical Group has reported thousands of enquiries for liposuction over the last month as a wave of what is termed ‘beach envy’ – jealousy of other women’s bodies – hit holidaymakers.

The rise has been driven largely by 30-plus women, with clinic staff reporting patient feedback that suggests Victoria Beckham has the most coveted star stomach. Abdominoplasty surgery enquiries are also up 32% over the last two months with some patients even taking their summer holidays as ‘surgery breaks’, using the time off to recover before returning to work rejuvenated.

Liz Dale, Director of The Harley Medical Group said: “You can get liposuction on various areas of the body, not just the stomach area. It can be used to target problem areas such as the hips, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, knees and double chins.

“Many of our patients come back from a holiday with a resolution to make a change to their life. With pictures of celebrities soaking up the sun in bikinis hitting the newspapers every day, British women are being spurred into taking action.”

Liposuction is performed under a general anaesthetic and takes one to two hours. A very small incision is used to insert the cannula to extract the fat and sometimes this is closed with a stitch or dissolvable suture. Following the operation, patients are required to rest for 48 hours and avoid bending and heavy lifting. Patients must wear a support garment until advised otherwise by their consultant.

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The Harley Medical Group Reports In Increase In Bald Patch Treatments

The Harley Medical Group has reported demand from male patients for laser rejuvenation treatments is up +93% over the last quarter, across its 30 clinics.

Laser rejuvenation treatments now account for 11% of all non-surgical treatments carried out during June, July and August at the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery group. More unusual requests received this year are for skin regeneration treatments on receding hairlines, including laser treatment and chemical peels to reduce the appearance of aging sun spots.

Laura Marshall, specialist nurse counsellor at The Harley Medical Group, said: “The skin on the scalp is delicate and when not protected by hair or high factor sun cream is prone to burning which can cause dark patches, spots and wrinkles to form. Coming to terms with a receding hairline has always been a challenge for a man, but to then suffer the effects of sun damage on the balding area adds insult to injury. Rejuvenation treatments can help minimise the visible signs of aging skin.”

Liz Dale, Director, The Harley Medical Group added: “We’re not talking big numbers of bald–patch treatments but the fact we’re getting more enquiries does demonstrate how men are taking non-surgical treatments increasingly seriously as a cosmetic solution. With successful, high profile men, like Simon Cowell, openly talking about their cosmetic regimes it’s a subject that has become more acceptable for men to tackle.”

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The Harley Medical Group Reports Boom In Pre-Wedding Breast Enlargement

The Harley Medical Group has reported that, with the wedding season at its peak, there has also been a corresponding significant rise in breast augmentation surgery.

Determined to look perfect on their big day, brides are taking the plunge and booking in for a boob job for additional confidence on their big day. As a result, breast enlargement is top of the ops this summer across the Group’s 30 clinics in the UK and Ireland.

Liz Dale, Director, The Harley Medical Group, commented, “The big wedding is certainly in vogue in 2010, so pre-wedding procedures are right back on the agenda, with the lucky couples determined to have a picture perfect record of their special day.

“With the average wedding costing nearly £20,000, patients see cosmetic procedures as a long term investment, with the effects of plastic surgery lasting well beyond the big day itself. The average pre-nup nip budget is around £4,000 and is favoured by those plumping for long engagements – we recommend patients allow a good four to six months recovery time to ensure the best results on their wedding day.”

Lisa Littlehales, Nurse Counsellor and Clinic Manager at The Harley Medical Group commented, “The split of brides to grooms having pre-wedding surgery is around 75% to 25%. For women their figure is definitely the focus – it is all about the dress, after all. The men we see are frequently looking to correct a sporting injury, so things like having rhinoplasty on a broken nose.”

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Harley Medical Group Reports Laser Hair Removal On The Up This Summer

With the recent bursts of scorching weather, The Harley Medical Group has seen an 23% increase in people grooming themselves ready to hit the beaches at home and abroad this summer.

Laser Hair Removal, is the most popular summer-time non-surgical procedure with men and women across The Harley Medical Group’s 30 UK clinics.

Liz Dale, Director at Harley Medical Group, commented: “People of all ages opt for laser hair removal because it’s such an effective and convenient treatment. It’s particularly popular with women and men in their late twenties through to their forties, as they have more disposable cash to invest in themselves. The most popular areas for the treatment are London, Brighton and Leeds.

“While we do see a spike in treatment bookings between February and August, as people get ready for the beach, it’s our most popular non-surgical treatment so we have high demand all year round. This summer’s sunny warm weather has caused this increase in enquiry as more patients are having the opportunity to wear swimwear and skimpy summer clothing.”

The Harley Medical Group uses the Alexandrite (Class 4) laser designed to work on lighter skin, the YAG laser for darker skin and the Isolaz which can be used on all types of skin. All lasers penetrate deep into the dermis and as the heat builds up the hair follicles are disabled in the active growth phase, enabling effective hair removal.

An invisible laser beam zaps the hair follicle by seeking out the dark pigmentation in the hair then directing the laser beam at its root to destroy it. It’s proven to give permanent hair reduction. You’ll need a course of treatments to remove all hair permanently though because the laser can only kill active growing hairs. The actual session will only take around twenty minutes but for permanent hair removal you’ll need to have 6-8 sessions.

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The Harley Medical Group Sees Speedo Sag Explosion

The Harley Medical Group, the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery group, has reported that with the male physique under the spotlight more than ever, it is seeing increasing numbers of men looking to go under the scalpel to banish the ‘Speedo sag’. With celebrities such as David Beckham, Hugh Jackman and Justin Timberlake championing the less-is-more beach look, men across the country are likewise taking pride in their physique.

As a result, The Harley Medical Group has seen 24% more men bookings for abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) operations to get rid of their ‘Speedo sag’ over the last month compared to the same period last year.

Liz Dale, Director at The Harley Medical Group, commented, “The more traditional, baggy board shorts hid a multitude of sins. We’ve heard from our nurses anecdotally that one of the principle drivers for male tummy tuck ops in the lead up to the summer season is the impending beach reveal.

“Many of the men that come to us for ‘Speedo sag’ surgery have lost weight or been on a fitness drive and are looking for surgery to remove stubborn pockets of fat or unsightly, loose flaps of skin on their paunch. It’s the final step in their journey to achieving a body they actually want to show off – in Speedos or otherwise.”

Mr Frati, consultant cosmetic surgeon at The Harley Medical Group commented, “An abdominoplasty to remove ‘Speedo sag’ involves an incision just above the pubic area. This surgery removes excess skin and fat and tightens the muscular and fascia parts of the stomach, leaving it flatter and more taute. As well as seeing more men having this surgical procedure, liposuction to the upper thigh area, or the flanks, is increasingly popular.”

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Summer Holiday Pampering At Transform’s Leeds Clinic

On Tuesday 22 June, Transform Cosmetic Surgery in Moortown will be open to the public for a very special night of luxury to celebrate the start of the summer holiday season.

Summer Holiday Pampering At Transform's Leeds Clinic

All attendees will be entered into a prize draw to win £300 worth of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, just in time for some pre-holiday pampering. Other discounts, special offers and prizes available exclusively on the night will include a £70 voucher for laser hair removal and vouchers for 15% off the cost of non-surgical treatments.

In addition to these exclusive one-time-only offers, the Leeds clinic will also be hosting demonstrations of the latest, most effective techniques to refresh, plump and improve the skin. Practitioners from the clinic will demonstrate several skin treatments, including dermal fillers and popular anti-ageing injections. Other newly launched treatments include Laser Hair Removal and Dermaroller, designed to fade stretch marks and give you the confidence to hit the beach in style.

Former patients and the clinic’s expert practitioners, will be happy to answer questions in one-to-one chats and consultations, as well as sharing their personal opinions about whichever treatments are of interest.

Cheryl Flaherty, non-surgical patient co-ordinator at the clinic, summed up her feelings on the event: “We’re really looking forward to the open evening and are especially excited about the two new treatments our clinic will be offering. The summer season quite often means baring more flesh than usual, but not everyone feels comfortable and confident doing so. Our open event is a great opportunity for local ladies and gents to get professional tips and advice in a relaxed environment.”

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The Harley Medical Group Reports World Cup Widows Plump For Jabs

The Harley Medical Group is reporting that as the 2010 World Cup kicks off, many of its 29 UK clinics will be at ‘full capacity’ with non-surgical treatment bookings up 25% on the England match dates.

While many male footie fanatics have scheduled time off work to watch the first round of games in June, women across the country are making the most of the free time and booking rejuvenating peels and wrinkle relaxing injectables.

Keen to not to have any distractions this summer men are openly encouraging girlfriends and wives to spend more ‘me’ time, with pampering sessions and girls-only days out.

Liz Dale, Director, The Harley Medical Group, commented, “During the World Cup four years ago, we noticed a peak in female dominated treatments. This year the trend continues with enquiries for June up 48% compared to this time in 2006, which reflects the cumulative growth we’ve seen in non-surgical treatments overall. Women know they won’t be getting much attention from their husband or boyfriend while the football is on so this is the perfect feel-good factor treat.”

“Unsurprisingly we’re also expecting cosmetic surgery bookings for men to be down slightly – around 10% – in June for the first time in 20 months.”

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The Harley Medical Group Sees A Boom For Bigger Breasts

According the Harley Medical Group in Dublin, breast augmentation is again the fastest growing sector of cosmetic surgery with a positive increase on last years enquiries of over 37%. The latest data from The Harley Medical Group accounted for 27 of all procedures undertaken by the group in the last 12 months.

A large part of this increase has been attributed to a desire by women who have just given birth to get back into their original shape, or better, as soon as possible after giving birth. Post-baby surgery currently accounts for an estimated 75% of all Breast Uplifts (mastopexy) at the Harley Medical Group and Irish attitudes have changed dramatically as women are now happy to talk about their Surgery and show off their new found confidence.

Breast augmentation is the third most common type of post-natal procedure with mums making up 60% of patients. The shape and position of breasts as well as the overall body figure can change considerably after giving birth and so many mums opt to get breast enlargements to suit their new body shape.

The Harley Medical Clinic has over 27 years experience in cosmetic surgery and prides itself on the beautiful natural results it achieves. The highly qualified surgeons are there before, during and throughout the aftercare following the procedure.

A Breast Augmentation operation is normally performed under a General Anesthetic and takes approximately 1–1.5 hours. The average cost for breast augmentation is €6,610.

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The Harley Medical Group Sees Increase In Botox Procedures For Men

Over the last week, The Harley Medical Group has seen a 26% increase in bookings from men wanting anti-sweat Botox treatments, dubbed ‘Sweatox’. As the summer months fast approach, amidst reports of record temperatures, increasing numbers of men across the UK are opting for Sweatox.

Used to prevent the embarrassment of slippery handshakes, unsightly underarm sweat patches and office shirts sticking to damp chests Botox injections work by freezing sweat glands, stopping perspiration in the palms of the hands, under arms, chest and soles of the feet. The effects last up to six months, so many men are preparing getting prepared for the rumoured sizzling summer ahead in the UK.

Liz Dale, director of The Harley Medical Group, said: “Nearly 10% of Botox treatments in the last month have been males specifically wanting anti-sweat treatments. Many are thinking ahead to the warmer summer months and want to avoid embarrassing sweat patches as they face rising temperatures on commuter-packed public transport.

“Dubbed Sweatox, this treatment is ideal for both those suffering from the medical condition, hyperhidrosis, as well as those just wanting to combat visible wet patches and clammy palms.”

Botox is currently the second most requested non surgical procedure at The Harley Medical Group.

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