New National Website Reaches Out To Millions Who Took Defective Acne Treatment Accutane

Since 1982, 5 million Americans and 8 million persons in other countries were prescribed Accutane to fight severe acne. In doing so, they were exposed to a defective drug that’s caused serious intestinal injuries requiring surgery – even colon removal. Now Accutane is off the market in America, and Americans have a fighting chance to recover their medical and other expenses via Accutane lawsuits which already are prevailing in courts.

To launch the process, new legal website is reaching out to Accutane victims needing representation for Accutane lawsuits in all 50 states. Such suits already have made news this year with jury verdicts favoring plaintiffs, including an Alabama man who received over $25 million for his Accutane-caused inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) which led removal of his colon.

Even Hollywood has entered the picture, via a recent Accutane lawsuit launched by actor James Marshall, star of TV’s Twin Peaks and the Oscar-nominated film A Few Good Men. After taking Accutane, Marshall, like many others, suffered an IBD and eventually had to have his colon removed. This severely impacted not only his health, but also his once-promising acting career.

The defective drug’s side effects even were referenced on a recent episode of the hit Fox TV series Glee.

Why has this happened? Indeed, why was it allowed to happen?

“Juries are finding that Swiss-based Roche Pharmaceuticals, creator of Accutane, knew that its product was unsafe but kept selling it anyway,” said a spokesperson for “Roche was making up to $1.2 billion per year in profits from Accutane. For Roche, eventual lawsuits were a trade off, and the human suffering was collateral damage.”

Juries are now holding that Roche did not adequately warn potential Accutane users of the drug’s serious side effects dangers. Thus, jury awards totaling more than $56 million already have been awarded in just a handful of Accutane lawsuits.

The Food and Drug Administration provides proof for such lawsuits. Though the FDA first approved Accutane’s use in 1982, the federal agency now calls Accutane’s active ingredient, Isotretinoin, “a potentially dangerous prescription medicine.” The FDA eventually required special warnings with Accutane.

Also in agreement is a Harvard University researcher who’s called Accutane “one of the most dangerous products on the market today.”

The FDA even has linked Accutane to such harmful side effects as severe depression, suicidal impulses and, for women who took Accutane during pregnancy, birth defects in babies. But for many sufferers, the problems involve an IBD such as Crohn’s Disease or ulcerative colitis. Each is a lifelong, incurable and debilitating digestive disorder – not to mention a costly one in terms of medical bills, lost salary and pain and suffering.

To recover such costs via an individual lawsuit – not a class-action suit — says it can provide victims with an experienced Accutane defective drug lawyer in all 50 states of America. Many such suits may be handled in out-of-court settlements without a jury trial.

The legal website also has produced a special video for persons suffering acne to see. It demonstrates how-to tips on covering up acne with makeup, and advises against treating it with defective drug Accutane. The video can be viewed here:

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How to Combine Medicare Part B with Medicare Part D News and Information Center today covered the topic “Not everybody on Medicare has the same coverage”. In fact the goal of the Medicare reforms that have been enacted over the past decade or so have been to give seniors more options. Many believe these changes in the system have tended to over complicate things. On the other hand, the large variety of Medicare plans, and Medicare Supplement plans now available, ensure that seniors are only paying for the coverage they want and need.

Among your options with original Medicare and Medicare Supplement Insurance are Medicare Part B and Medicare Part D. Medicare Part B and D can be combined to give you very comprehensive coverage for medications.

Medicare Part B is your “out patient” medical coverage, in other words, it pays for doctors visits, home healthcare to a degree, durable medical equipment and some forms of medications. Things that are technically medication that could be covered under your Part B benefit include, vaccines, flu shots, allergy injections, Immunosuppressant drugs and some oral cancer treatments. For the most part however, Part B is not designed to pay for regularly taken prescription medication. That is where Part D comes in.

Even if you have one of the lettered Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance plans (with the exception of some of the older plans issued before 2002 which are no longer sold) – you still will require Medicare Part D to receive a prescription drug benefit from Medicare.

Medicare Part D will cover all of the following medications:

* Any approved doctor prescribed medication taken regularly for a chronic condition.
* Any approved doctor prescribed medication for a short-term condition.
* Inhaled nebulizers.
* Vaccines, even those that are not prescribed as a result of injury.
* Hepatitis B vaccines.
* Oral anticancer drugs that may have been prescribed for reasons other then cancer treatment.
* And many more types of medication.

Independent health insurance companies sell Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plans. What drugs they cover and how much they pay for medications does vary depending on the type of Part D plan selected. If you are soon to enroll in Medicare, or are currently enrolled and your prescription drug needs are changing – discuss all of your medications with a Medicare Supplemental Insurance specialist, he or she will help you find the right combination of Medicare and Medicare Supplemental insurance that will work best for you.

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More Healthcare press releases Explains Various Alcohol Treatment Options And More, a public benefit service, offers top notch information regarding alcohol treatment options. When individuals are seeking help for a problem with alcoholism they are usually distraught and feeling quite confused. This compounds the difficulties and uncertainty related to making decisions related to which alcohol rehabilitation center is the best choice. helps to demystify the entire process of determining which treatment facility is best suited given individual circumstances. Those needing help can easily find a center offering a 12 step approach or one that focuses on a holistic model or an alcohol treatment center that uses a combination of both or something entirely different. provides an easy way to determine which alcohol treatment approach or even which alcohol treatment center will be best suited for a particular individual according to specific needs. Most people wait for an exceptionally low point in their life before they opt to seek the help they need for a problem with drinking. At this time they are likely to be experiencing stress and pressure in various areas of their lives. This makes the selection of the ‘right’ alcohol rehabilitation center even more difficult than it would otherwise be.

In order to assist with this dilemma provides extensive resources at its website to explain the various treatment options and how they differ. Just as important are the differences that one will find from one alcohol treatment center to another. This includes such things as the timeframe of the program and the choices and involvement of the clients in developing their treatment plans. Some treatment centers do not have a set timeframe and others have very strict limits. Additionally, some treatment centers offer payment plans or even financing options, and others do not.

When choosing an alcohol treatment facility it is important to carefully weigh all of these options. But unfortunately, many people are under so much pressure when making these decisions they do not know what they need to consider, much less, which areas of concern are most important to them and their particular situation.

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VistaBay’s Drug Rehabilitation Provo-Area Programs Offer Re-Admittance At No Charge

Few facilities offer what VistaBay’s drug rehabilitation Provo-area programs do: re-admittance at no charge. If a graduate of one of VistaBay’s Narconon-based programs sticks to his discharge plan but sill relapses within six months, the facility will re-admit him for up to 30 days for free. VistaBay makes this pledge backed by a 70-percent success rate, compared to the 2-percent success rate touted by most traditional drug rehabilitation facilities. Vista Bay simply offers addicts looking for the best drug rehabs in Utah and its surrounding areas their best chance at long-term sobriety.

August 2010 – When looking at Utah drug rehabs, and rehabs in the surrounding areas, an addict should ask himself: What have I got to lose? Through VistaBay drug rehabilitation Provo-area programs, the addict has plenty to lose, but in a positive way. He can lose his addiction to drugs, and he also can lose any worry he has about spending money on a program that won’t work. VistaBay offers a 70 percent success rate, plus free re-admittance for up to 30 days for any graduate who sticks to his discharge plan but still relapses within six months.

VistaBay achieves such high success rates thanks to its Narconon-based approach, which includes a drug-free physical detoxification, life education courses and the previously mentioned discharge plan.

The drug-free physical detoxification at VistaBay’s drug rehabs in Utah and surrounding areas involves dry sauna sessions and nutritional therapy. These factors rid the addict’s system of drugs and drug residues. Removing all drug residues is an important part of the physical detoxification, as residues can cause physical cravings long after the addict – or student, as he is referred to in the Narconon program – has left treatment and trigger a relapse. The Narconon approach also does not use drugs to ease symptoms of withdrawal symptoms. Thanks to the physical detoxification at VistaBay Utah drug rehabs, the student can graduate from treatment truly drug-free.

The life education courses that are part of VistaBay drug rehabilitation Provo-area programs also prepare the student for the outside world. Through these courses, the student learns better ways to deal with stress and life’s many challenges. He also confronts past mistakes and begins to heal relationships harmed by his drug addiction. Finally, he will look forward to his future and set positive, achievable goals. Before graduating, the student will take these goals and develop a discharge plan with his counselors meant to prevent relapse.

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Drug Rehab Henderson Location Is Available Through Non-Profit Referral Service

For the past 40 years, substance abuse (especially illegal substances) in America has been a thorn in the side of a great country. Gone are the days when your biggest concern was your child being introduced to marijuana. Today’s kids have a veritable buffet of drugs at their disposal, whether it’s cocaine, heroin, or the increasingly popular crystal meth- well known to counselors at a drug rehab Henderson addicts are often sent to. Not to mention the new breed of ‘club drugs’ like MDMA and GHB. These aren’t just drugs for the street, they’re now a residential drug. Addiction program counselors have their hands full dealing with younger and younger addicts coming through their doors, with a greater number of counselors using online resources like the nonprofit to help direct people to substance addiction facilities.

August 26, 2010 –While still a staggering number, drug fatalities are dwarfed by deaths caused by use (or abuse) of alcohol, emphasizing the need for effective drug rehab. Henderson, NA sees more than it’s fair share of the estimated 80,000 alcohol-related deaths in America every year. Compare that to just under 10,000 drug related fatalities. The question many ask is why so much attention is focused on drug use, when perhaps there may be a greater need for facilities specializing in alcohol rehab. San Jose has implemented a city wide residential drug addiction program, as well as ramped up efforts to offer treatment programs for alcoholics and their families. More urban centers are following their lead, recognizing the fact that the issues surrounding drug and alcohol often go hand in hand. Drugs or alcohol, counselors are there to point addicts and their families in the right direction.

Columbia University reports that 80% of Americans incarcerated are jailed due to crimes involving drugs, whether it’s possession or trafficking. And according to The Economist, the economic cost of America’s drug use is now on the cusp of $100 billion a year. What may be the most frightening statistic is that over 1,000 babies a day born in America are born addicted to crack cocaine, due to their (often teenage) mothers abusing the drug during pregnancy. In addition to this, a further 100,000 babies are in a household where they are exposed to illegal drug use.

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Prescription Drug Abuse Increases By 400%, Need For Drug Rehab Critical

A recently published report showing that the incidence of drug overdose related deaths has increased by 400% has further emphasized the need for more drug abuse prevention education programs.

Long thought to be a problem of young adults, statistics for prescription drug overdoses have shown that the group that has been most affected are those who range in age from 30-50 years old.

Shocked by such findings, drug rehabs nationwide are always seeking ways to increase substance abuse awareness with a key one being the promotion of an annual event, The National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month:

Every year, promotes September as “Recovery Month”. Their site stresses that they don’t limit themselves to drug abuse awareness in September solely, but they set aside September to draw attention to substance abuse as well as to recognize outstanding services provided by those within the addiction treatment field.

“When a group sets aside a specific time to focus on substance abuse and alcoholism prevention, it’s a good thing,” remarks a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center . “We all know that fighting the battle of addiction is an everyday, uphill battle and calling special attention to efforts that are being made within the addiction treatment field at a particular time each year may actually help push that one person over the edge to get the help he/she needs to live a life free of addiction. In addition, it spotlights those who have successfully recovered and shows others that it really can be done! Activities like this help remove the stigma associated with drug rehab and allow people to begin their journey to recovery supported by those around them.” along with alcoholism treatment centers such as Mountainside, aim to educate society on drug and alcohol abuse and call attention to this epidemic as a national health crisis. Additionally, the public is educated on the nature of addiction and is shown that recovery is, indeed, possible.

The compassionate, caring treatment team at Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center is comprised of licensed and certified counselors and social workers as well as an on-staff Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Nurse, both of whom have specializations and extensive experience in drug addiction and alcohol treatment. For clients who may have psychiatric issues and/or a dual diagnosis, Mountainside provides the services of a Psychiatrist who also has specialization in addictions. As a result of their unique, innovative approaches to addiction treatment over the past 12 years, Mountainside has become the model for treatment professionals throughout the United States…

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Finding Options In Drug Treatments Becomes Easy With, a public benefit service that offers information about drug treatments and addictions, has revolutionized the way drug rehab centers are found by potential clients and concerned friends and family members. This website provides a concise and easy to use format which has information organized for users in such a way that even those unfamiliar with the Internet will feel comfortable and at home. The site navigation is simple. Any drug treatment center can be listed in the addiction treatment directory, as this adds to the value of the benefits for all.

August, 2010 – has found a way to take at least some of the burden out of finding suitable drug treatments and the appropriate drug rehab facility for those in need. This is important because people seeking a drug treatment center are doing so at a time when they are stressed and often feeling some sense of loss of control. Making tough decisions at such a time is truly a difficult task, and choosing drug treatment options can be a decision that will have a long term effect on one’s life.

Very often it is the family or loved ones of the drug addicts that are forced to seek out a proper drug treatment center. And although these individuals may be more in control than the addicts, they are experiencing stress related to watching a loved one’s life spiral out of control. In fact, many times the addiction affects the family and friends even more directly, as the addict may abuse or even resort to stealing from loved ones. Oftentimes an addiction intervention must take place in order to get the addict to agree to treatment.

Making the decision to carry out an addiction intervention can be extremely difficult. This process can be a very traumatic experience for all concerned. The family members need to be prepared ahead of time in order that they can present a strong and united front during the addiction intervention. This is vital if the process is to be effective. It is important that each member knows what to expect beforehand. offers information and guidance about the practice.

Most people want a drug treatment center that is not too far from home. However, choosing the location of a center is only the beginning of the decision making process. There are many different approaches to drug treatments, and this can be confusing. Some centers offer a holistic approach, others use the 12 step technique, some are completely drug free and others are not, and others use combinations of these approaches or their own unique method. The ever-growing resource center at is the ideal place to learn about each treatment option, how to conduct an addiction intervention, and even a confidential online assessment plus the huge directory of treatment centers.

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Noted Physician Endorses VistaBay As The Drug Treatment San Diego, San Francisco And Las Vegas Residents Need To Get Clean

Success rates and physician endorsements. These are the two most important factors addicts and their loved ones should consider when choosing a treatment facility. VistaBay – considered by some to be the best alcohol and drug treatment San Diego, San Francisco and Las Vegas residents can undergo – excels in each of these areas. It offers a 70-percent success rate and has endorsements from noted physicians such as Megan Shields, M.D., who highly recommends the Narconon-based approach VistaBay utilizes. Those seeking the most successful drug and alcohol treatment San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and the surrounding areas offer need look no further than VistaBay.

August 2010 – Physician Megan Shields does not give endorsements lightly. A graduate of the Medical College of Virginia and a diplomat of the American Board of Family Practice, she presents often on the subject of substance abuse and detoxification. Her recommendation of VistaBay comes with more than 20 years of experience referring patients to the alcohol and drug treatment facility. She has seen firsthand how VistaBay’s Narconon-based program helps addicts regain their sobriety and maintain it long-term. She points to Narconon’s drug-free, sauna detoxification – used at all VistaBay locations, including the drug and alcohol rehab Las Vegas, San Francisco and San Diego area centers – as a key element of the program’s success.

“Unlike many of my contemporaries, I have never believed in using drugs and medications to solve the problems created by drugs and medication,” says Dr. Shields. “It was evident to me that the long-term physical, mental and emotional consequences of drug use had something to do with the residual effects of the drugs themselves. … It wasn’t until I discovered the sauna detoxification program at VistaBay that I knew we had a dynamic, working solution to a terrible problem.”

At VistaBay, students – as they are called – use a combination of dry sauna sessions and nutritional therapy to rid their bodies of drugs and drug residues. These residues can cause physical cravings long after alcohol or drug use, triggering a relapse. Drugs are never used to ease withdrawal symptoms, thus allowing students to graduate from VistaBay alcohol and drug treatment San Diego, San Francisco and Las Vegas area programs truly substance-free.

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Drug Treatment Santa Cruz Addicts Desperately Need Is Available Through Non-Profit Referral Service

Ever since the term ‘war on drugs’ was first uttered in 1971 by then U.S. president Richard Nixon, battle lines have been drawn on American soil. Santa Cruz is on the outside a picturesque coastal tourist town in California. But scratch beneath the surface and you’ll see a town dependent on its alcohol and drug treatment facilities. Santa Cruz is above the national averages for violent crimes, crimes involving property damage, and theft. Many of those statistics are due to crimes committed under the influence of illegal substances or alcohol. Fortunately, internet sites such as can at least steer people in the right direction to find help through counseling and addiction centers not only in California, but across the entire country.

August 17, 2010 — The war on drugs should also include a provision for alcohol rehab. San Diego and other cities continue to battle DUIs and other alcohol related offenses, while drug treatment Santa Cruz residents desperately need has often remained inaccessible., a non-profit placement agency works with addicts, their families and alcohol and drug treatment facilities to ensure those who need help are directed to the right facility.

Perhaps the most difficult obstacle to overcome in beating an addiction is convincing someone they need alcohol treatment or drug rehab. When such services are in place, the benefits are far reaching. San Francisco has implemented statewide recovery programs that focus on the individual suffering from the addiction as well as their families, since family involvement is often key in alcohol rehab. San Diego has even seen a rise in alcohol and drug treatment centers that offer holistic treatments specifically tailored to an individual’s needs. Many of these programs can be performed on an outpatient basis, although there are a large number of facilities that offer stay over treatments as well. puts people in touch with the programs that could save their lives.

Even with drug and alcohol treatment readily available, the war on drugs will continue to be an ongoing fight. Every month, 12.8 million Americans use an illegal drug of some sort, whether it’s marijuana or cocaine. Considering that in 1979 that number was almost 50 million, it looks like efforts to curb drug use and the resulting addictions may indeed be working. In California, there are positive signs that addiction programs and counseling are on the right track. Since 2006, fatalities involving either drugs or alcohol have decreased yearly. Based on these statistics, the state continues to pump billions of dollars into prevention and Drug Treatment Santa Cruz hopes to take advantage of these dollars and continue to expand the services the city currently offers, as well as give tax incentives to private clinics currently operating there with the hopes of more clinics opening in the future.

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Global Health Progress Stresses Importance of Product Development Partnerships

Helen Coster’s recent commentary in her new Forbes blog Good Work addresses the issue of how product development partnerships (PDPs) can develop and improve treatments for neglected diseases like malaria, leishmaniasis, and Chagas disease.

Coster notes, “These diseases affect the world’s poorest people, and they often get ignored by pharmaceutical companies for a simple economic reason: there is no way that considerable investment in research will be recouped in drug sales.”

Coster’s entry highlights the work of some of the best-known PDPs, such as the Drugs for Neglected Disease Initiative, Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria. Coster also highlighted the significant funding of PDPs by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In closing, Coster invites her readers to discuss the PDP approach to eradicating neglected diseases and what role, if any, the pharmaceutical industry, philanthropists and other global organizations should play in the fight.

Global Health Progress also believes that public-private product development partnerships are invaluable in expanding the capacity of research and development (R&D) on innovative drugs and vaccines for neglected diseases. These partnerships help by harnessing the technical expertise and resources of the private sector with the approach of universities, research institutes and other public organizations.

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Top Government Hospital for Stem Cell Treatments and Research Located in Beijing Launches English Website

The Stem Cell Transplantation Department at the General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces has launched an English version of its website for its ever-growing international patients seeking Stem cell treatments. The new user-friendly site reflects the department’s vision of readily available, authentic, and relevant information and aims to supply its online visitors with up-to-date information on the department’s current stem cell therapies and research programs.

The Stem Cell Transplantation Department Director Dr. Yihua An, PhD, says “Access to relevant, quality information is becoming more important for international patients, their physicians, and families. We have met the ever-increasing need for English language updates on our current research direction and practices and have developed a modern English website especially designed for a Western audience.”

The department is located at the General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Forces in Beijing – a top Level 3A military institution that integrates healthcare services, scientific research, and medical education.

The Stem cell department is active in the field of stem cell treatments and research. The department primary focus is on Stem cell treatment for Spinal Cord Injury and Brain Injury apart from central nervous system -related diseases like Cerebral palsy and Stroke.

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The Harley Medical Group Reports Boom In Pre-Wedding Breast Enlargement

The Harley Medical Group has reported that, with the wedding season at its peak, there has also been a corresponding significant rise in breast augmentation surgery.

Determined to look perfect on their big day, brides are taking the plunge and booking in for a boob job for additional confidence on their big day. As a result, breast enlargement is top of the ops this summer across the Group’s 30 clinics in the UK and Ireland.

Liz Dale, Director, The Harley Medical Group, commented, “The big wedding is certainly in vogue in 2010, so pre-wedding procedures are right back on the agenda, with the lucky couples determined to have a picture perfect record of their special day.

“With the average wedding costing nearly £20,000, patients see cosmetic procedures as a long term investment, with the effects of plastic surgery lasting well beyond the big day itself. The average pre-nup nip budget is around £4,000 and is favoured by those plumping for long engagements – we recommend patients allow a good four to six months recovery time to ensure the best results on their wedding day.”

Lisa Littlehales, Nurse Counsellor and Clinic Manager at The Harley Medical Group commented, “The split of brides to grooms having pre-wedding surgery is around 75% to 25%. For women their figure is definitely the focus – it is all about the dress, after all. The men we see are frequently looking to correct a sporting injury, so things like having rhinoplasty on a broken nose.”

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Data Shows Mid-Age Adults Overdosing At Greater Rates

David Mineta, Deputy Director of Demand Reduction for the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, presented a keynote address in California recently, highlighting the widespread abuse of strong prescription narcotics such as OxyContin.

In the past 4 years, prescription drug deaths have risen by 60 percent and most of those deaths have been related to the abuse of Oxycodone which is viewed by abusers as a synthetic, yet more expensive, form of heroin.

It was previously thought that young people were the ones most affected by such abuse and death; however, statistics show that many more deaths are happening within the 30 to 50 year-old-age range.

“These statistics are revealing,” begins a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center . “In the past, young people have been thought of as the ones we should target to prevent substance abuse. It is encouraging in that it seems that drug prevention programs are working with our youth. Unfortunately, maybe not enough time has been spent on educating adults on the risks of addiction.”

One explanation for this overdose explosion among 30 to 50 year olds could be related to the health problems some begin experiencing at this age. Many of those included within these statistics had diagnoses such as PTSD, chronic pain syndrome, fibromyalgia and various mental disorders, specifically schizophrenia and manic depressive illness.

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Recent African Leaders Malaria Alliance Meeting Highlights Importance of Partnerships to Ensure Continued Progress on Malaria Vaccine

During the recent African Union summit, the African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA) gathered to discuss how to combat the threat of malaria in the continent. Inspired by this meeting, Madiké Seye, Vice-President for Africa – GlaxoSmithKline wrote a guest article on the Independent’s website calling for “new tools, such as a malaria vaccine, which could complement existing interventions.”

Seye wrote, “Vaccines and immunization services have been critical to improving Africa’s health over the last several decades. Anyone whose child has suffered f r o m malaria – and there are only few of us who have not directly been affected by the disease – can imagine what a malaria vaccine would mean.”

F r o m there, Seye highlighted the importance of partnerships between African leaders, policymakers, international groups and the pharmaceutical industry. These collaborations are required in order to move forward with making the dream of a malaria vaccine a reality, whether that’s through improving drug prices or investing in technology to fully develop the vaccine. Seye noted that the vaccine is already in the final phases of development and trial results have consistently shown an “acceptable safety profile.”

Global Health Progress supports the role of these public and private partnerships and the participation of the pharmaceutical industry, particularly when it comes to addressing issues involving drug prices, access to medicines, and the continued efforts to create innovative new drugs and vaccines. GHP believes research and development are especially critical components of improving health care and combating epidemics of neglected tropical diseases, such as malaria, in developing countries.

GHP echoes Seye’s call for countries, multilaterals, NGOs, the pharmaceutical industry and scientists to continue to work together to, “make sure Africa is ready for a vaccine. One day there may be the means to save many more lives and change the equation in the fight against malaria for good.”

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More Healthcare press releases Releases Comprehensive Guide, an insurance quote aggregator offering the public the option of comparison shopping in the health insurance field, offers users access to its new guide designed to offer insightful information on health insurance for individuals.

Before you purchase an individual health insurance policy, take a look and their new insurance guide. It could save you time, money, or both.

Dedicated to educating Americans looking for medical coverage, their new individual health insurance guide is full of up-to-date informationregarding today’s coverage, your options, and how the new healthcare bill will impact individuals who don’t get medical insurance from an employer.

It also addresses more traditional concerns, including managing maternity issues, understanding how prices and premiums are decided, and the best means of finding good quality coverage at affordable prices.

No stranger to the ever-changing health insurance industry, offers a variety of consumer resources on a state and federal level, including information for the unemployed, health insurance answers geared towards common but frustrating Medicare questions, and even information designed to explain COBRA and to examine supplemental insurance considerations.

“Health insurance is a hot topic today”, says Grace Della, VP of online marketing, “But with so much conflicting information out there, it’s easy to get overloaded. We like to keep our guides clear and easy to read, so consumers can focus on what’s really important: getting the coverage they need”.

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Recreational Prescription Painkiller Hospital Admissions Highest In Ten Years

A July 2010 study published by the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration has shown an increase in drug abuse admissions of four times the average of the past 10 years at hospitals nationwide, for recreational use of narcotic prescriptions.

The study shows that for those individuals age 12 and older, admissions involving abuse of narcotics rose over 400 percent between 1998 and 2008, across all segments of the population, without regard to gender, level of education, ethnicity or socio-economic status.

“One of the most striking points of this study is that the demographic for these admissions is so widespread,” begins a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center . “Previously, we have seen increases in a specific group, such as adolescents, and it’s a bit disconcerting to see such a significant increase over all groups. Something within society is changing and, most likely, these increases are related to the availability of these narcotics. Many states are recognizing this issue and are working with the medical field on how best to control this problem.”

These studies show that the need for effective drug rehab has never been greater. Statistics show that recreational use of prescription painkillers is the second most prevalent form of illicit drug use and are the sole source of the fastest growing drug problem within the US .

Mountainside’s original, unique approach to drug rehab began 12 years ago. Professionals in the drug treatment fields have recognized the effectiveness of Mountainside’s treatment modalities and how they are giving individuals an optimum chance for sustained recovery.

The compassionate, caring treatment team at Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center is comprised of licensed and certified counselors and social workers as well as an on-staff Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Nurse, both of whom have specializations and extensive experience in drug addiction and alcohol treatment. For clients who may have psychiatric issues and/or a dual diagnosis, Mountainside provides the services of a Psychiatrist who also has specialization in addictions.

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Foreign Pharmacy Intermediary Launches Free Shipping Promotion for International Generics Program (IGP) the premier international pharmacy intermediary launches its free shipping promotion for the International Generics Program (IGP). has been at the forefront of connecting consumers to affordable medications though its unique network of licensed international pharmacies and Canadian pharmacies. The International Generics Program (IGP) is another popular option for cash strapped consumers looking for additional savings. Consumers can now take advantage of free shipping for any IGP orders over $99. lists over 3000 medications including Canadian drugs, generic drugs and specialty cancer drugs.

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Harley Medical Group Reports Laser Hair Removal On The Up This Summer

With the recent bursts of scorching weather, The Harley Medical Group has seen an 23% increase in people grooming themselves ready to hit the beaches at home and abroad this summer.

Laser Hair Removal, is the most popular summer-time non-surgical procedure with men and women across The Harley Medical Group’s 30 UK clinics.

Liz Dale, Director at Harley Medical Group, commented: “People of all ages opt for laser hair removal because it’s such an effective and convenient treatment. It’s particularly popular with women and men in their late twenties through to their forties, as they have more disposable cash to invest in themselves. The most popular areas for the treatment are London, Brighton and Leeds.

“While we do see a spike in treatment bookings between February and August, as people get ready for the beach, it’s our most popular non-surgical treatment so we have high demand all year round. This summer’s sunny warm weather has caused this increase in enquiry as more patients are having the opportunity to wear swimwear and skimpy summer clothing.”

The Harley Medical Group uses the Alexandrite (Class 4) laser designed to work on lighter skin, the YAG laser for darker skin and the Isolaz which can be used on all types of skin. All lasers penetrate deep into the dermis and as the heat builds up the hair follicles are disabled in the active growth phase, enabling effective hair removal.

An invisible laser beam zaps the hair follicle by seeking out the dark pigmentation in the hair then directing the laser beam at its root to destroy it. It’s proven to give permanent hair reduction. You’ll need a course of treatments to remove all hair permanently though because the laser can only kill active growing hairs. The actual session will only take around twenty minutes but for permanent hair removal you’ll need to have 6-8 sessions.

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Tighter Narcotic Prescription Regulations Hope To Decrease Need For Drug Rehab

In a move to curtail prescription drug abuse, Washington State is considering legislation that would require physicians to refer chronic narcotic pain medication users to a physician who specializes in pain management.

The need for this legislation stems from the over-prescribing of narcotics and under-monitoring their effectiveness on patients with such ailments as chronic lower back pain or arthritis. Proponents of the legislation have noted that terminally ill or cancer patients would not be affected and physicians would be able to prescribe pain medications as needed for end-of-life comfort measures.

“Prescription drug abuse is growing at an unprecedented rate today,” begins a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center . “Not only is this creating an increased need for effective drug rehab, but it’s creating an epidemic of fatalities from drug overdose. It’s evident that there are some individuals who truly are dependent on narcotic pain medications to function in their daily lives; there are those who oppose legislation controlling the prescribing of pain medications because they fear that those in need would be denied those medications. That should not be the case – in fact, referral to a pain management specialist would actually give chronic pain sufferers a better quality of life as the source of their pain can better be addressed and monitored by a specialist. In addition, it’s highly likely that a more effective, long-term solution will be provided to those individuals.”

It’s estimated that in the past year, narcotic pain killers accounted for 7 percent of the total prescribed drugs, and the number of individuals taking them increased by over a third compared to previous years. Increased use of long-acting opioids such as OxyContin and methadone has contributed greatly to the epidemic of death by prescription overdose, second only to car accidents in nationwide fatalities.

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Doctors Endorse VistaBay’s Drug Rehabilitation Provo-Area Programs

Medical professionals don’t lend their name to just any drug rehabilitation program. They must study the program, follow up with referred patients, and see results before providing any endorsement. When it comes to Utah drug rehabs and those in surrounding areas, doctors often recommend VistaBay and its Narconon approach to drug rehabilitation. Let’s hear from some of the professionals themselves:

Dr. Alfonzo Paredes, M.D. – board certified in psychiatry and neurology and a professor at UCLA School of Medicine – has this to say about the Narconon-based, VistaBay methodology that has helped so many patients at Utah drug rehabs:

“Addicts characteristically subordinate values such as work, family relationships and community responsibilities to the ingestion and unwise use of alcohol and/or drugs. Social neglect and criminal behavior are frequent companions of drug abuse and alcoholism. Efforts to develop a functional normative system, as it is done by Vista Bay, should result in favorable outcomes. Vista Bay has demonstrated that this redefinition of the normative system of addicts is possible to implement with empathy, compassion, and respect for the addict.”

Dr. Megan Shields, M.D. – a diplomat with the American Board of Family Practice who presents often on substance abuse and public health – concurs with her colleague about the Narconon-based, VistaBay program used at Drug Rehabilitation Provo area facilities:

“There is not often good news in our struggle with the consequences of alcohol and other drug abuse in our society. I am happy to say that the Vista Bay program is good news. I encourage you to review it carefully and consider utilizing it. Many years ago I did and I have been able to help save many lives as a result.”

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