Releases Comprehensive Guide, an insurance quote aggregator offering the public the option of comparison shopping in the health insurance field, offers users access to its new guide designed to offer insightful information on health insurance for individuals.

Before you purchase an individual health insurance policy, take a look and their new insurance guide. It could save you time, money, or both.

Dedicated to educating Americans looking for medical coverage, their new individual health insurance guide is full of up-to-date informationregarding today’s coverage, your options, and how the new healthcare bill will impact individuals who don’t get medical insurance from an employer.

It also addresses more traditional concerns, including managing maternity issues, understanding how prices and premiums are decided, and the best means of finding good quality coverage at affordable prices.

No stranger to the ever-changing health insurance industry, offers a variety of consumer resources on a state and federal level, including information for the unemployed, health insurance answers geared towards common but frustrating Medicare questions, and even information designed to explain COBRA and to examine supplemental insurance considerations.

“Health insurance is a hot topic today”, says Grace Della, VP of online marketing, “But with so much conflicting information out there, it’s easy to get overloaded. We like to keep our guides clear and easy to read, so consumers can focus on what’s really important: getting the coverage they need”.

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