Global Health Progress Amplifies Report Calling for Funding Products to Fight Neglected Tropical Diseases

The third-annual Global Funding of Innovation for Neglected Diseases (G-FINDER) survey was released last week revealing both good and bad news for the funding of neglected diseases in the developing world. In a press release issued by Policy Cures, an independent group providing research and analysis for those involved in the creation of new pharmaceuticals for neglected diseases, the group reveals that while funding for neglected diseases has increased, funding for new products has decreased.

Funders appear to be focusing more of their money toward traditional basic research. This shift has caused a $50 million drop in funding for Product Development Partnerships (PDP), non-profit organizations that partner with external organizations to drive product development for neglected diseases, including neglected tropical diseases.

Report author Dr Mary Moran, Director of Policy Cures warns funders not to “take their eyes off the ball” in the press release, stating that while the increase in funding is encouraging it is important that the funds are spent wisely.

Global Health Progress has worked with partner groups to encourage and sustain funding for the research and development of new products. The innovative research and development (R&D) of new drugs and vaccines is a critical component of improving health care and combating epidemics of neglected tropical diseases in developing countries. There are no vaccines or cures for some widespread and life threatening diseases such as malaria, while existing treatments for diseases such as tuberculosis are becoming less effective due to drug resistance.

Read the full press release from Policy Cures here:,
or read the G-FINDER report on the Policy Cures website:

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Increase In Number Of Teens Acquiring Alcohol At Home

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration recently compiled past and current years data from their annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health and discovered that over 700,000 adolescents, ranging in age from 12 to 14, drank alcohol in the past month. Of the youth who consumed alcohol, 93.4 per cent obtained the alcohol for free and, even more alarming, nearly half obtained their alcohol in an unexpected setting: at home.

“Data such as this is important in winning the war on underage drinking and drug abuse,” begins a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center . “It further emphasizes what we have known all along: drug and alcohol prevention for youth begins in the home. Sometimes, parents are reluctant to have conversations with their children about tough subjects like these. But, opening up the lines of communication between parents and children is paramount in preventing the abuse of alcohol and drugs.”

Experts who have commented on this study have indicated that this data isn’t really new for those within the field, and that the family and home setting is, generally, where youth begin their experimentation with drugs and alcohol. But, by bringing this information to the public, parents are will be made more aware of the dangers of substance abuse within the home.

Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center is highly skilled in assisting families put their lives back together when affected by alcohol or drug use. And, for the past 13 years, Mountainside has established itself as an innovator within the addiction treatment field, and the treatment modalities Mountainside utilizes are regarded as among the most cutting-edge approaches in helping individuals to get and to remain sober.

The compassionate, caring treatment team at Mountainside is comprised of licensed and certified counselors and social workers as well as a Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Nurse, both of whom have specialization and extensive experience in drug addiction and alcohol treatment. For clients who may have psychiatric issues and/or a dual diagnosis, Mountainside provides the services of a Psychiatrist who also has specialization in addictions. As a result of their unique, innovative approaches to addiction treatment over the past 13 years, Mountainside has become the model for the addiction treatment field.

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Big Mountain Pharmacy Launches a New Blog: Blogging the Drugs

One thing that has often been lacking from online Canadian pharmacies is information. Not only about the drugs on sale themselves, but also about illnesses and general news on the medical industry such as regulation and equipment.

That is what triggered Big Mountain Drugs to start their health information blog, which is now fully up and running on their website offering articles packed with information about common illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, erectile dysfunction (impotence) and acne. Not only that, they have also released articles giving useful information to help with particularly common issues. These include helping patients with poor eyesight by giving tips on how to identify medication safely, and giving family and friends of patients’ advice on how to tell the difference between dementia and depression.

Information like this is extremely valuable to patients, as they can learn more about the drugs that they are taking and the conditions that they are taking them for. The knowledge to patients increases safety as they can easily spot the symptoms of complex or potentially dangerous illnesses, and learn how to deal with the issues that come with many conditions. Blogging the Drugs from Big Mountain pharmacy, which can be found on their website, now lists many informative articles to help their customers. All of the information is free, and is written by medical professionals giving accurate and interesting information and facts.

One customer said: “Blogging the Drugs from Big Mountain pharmacy is extremely helpful and I’ve discovered a lot of new things about my illness that I didn’t know before, including information about the drugs that I am taking so that I can keep an eye out for side effects. It makes me feel much safer that I have more knowledge than I did before”.

Big Mountain Drugs commented “We wanted to add value to our customers by allowing them to make more informed decisions. Although they cannot buy most of the drugs without a prescription, it still gives them the opportunity to learn about the drugs that they are prescribed by their doctor so that they can speak with their doctor if they have any concerns. It also helps them to learn about their illnesses so that they can be aware of any issues such as symptoms of their conditions”.

One concern however, is that online Canadian pharmacies as of recent times, are no longer allowed to advertise on Google unless it is in their own country, which will mean that many people searching for information on drugs online will not be able to find the blog unless they live in Canada if they use Google to search for it.

You can join the blog on Facebook (bigmountaindrugs) and Twitter (bigmountaindrug), some of the most popular social networking sites so it is always very easy to connect and check out any new information that is issued by Big Mountain Drugs. They also post videos on Youtube and you can subscribe by RSS feed so that you get information in new articles as soon as they are posted online.

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Online voucher codes specialist delivers fitness incentives to Brits with new deals

It is the time of year when people turn their thoughts to getting fit or losing weight in time for a summer holiday, and to help them do so on a budget, has new deals available. The specialist voucher codes site has offers on show to save at LA Fitness and WeightWatchers.

Gym memberships can be an expensive thing, but right now is offering people cheap deals for top UK gym chain LA Fitness. The latest LA Fitness offers available online include a deal for no joining fee, no contract – perfect for encouraging people to get out and use the gym to get fit.

On top of the membership offer, the LA Fitness deals available online also cover trial deals and clothing. site is now home to an offer giving 9 weeks peak membership for just £99 – perfect for trying the gym before signing up as a long-term member. The online deals specialist is also offering money off fitness clothing and kit from leading brands like Adidas, Rohnisch and Shock Absorber.

Losing weight is not the easiest thing in the world for most people, but to encourage them to make a start is offering new WeightWatchers discount codes. The site is right now home to a deal for free membership to help people save themselves the £33.95 membership fee as an incentive.

Simon Terry, spokesperson for, comments, “Getting oneself into shape ahead of a summer holiday to the beach is a common practice, and we can help people save on this habit this year. Money off top brands including LA Fitness and Weightwatchers can be a real bonus to people in helping them make a start on getting into shape.” offers people money saving deals at both major high street brands and specialist retailers, including stores like Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Travelodge, First Choice, and Boden.

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South Beach Diet Adviser Launches Free Diet Website

A new and innovative diet website has been launched at offering free diet advice and weight loss tips for anyone interested in the innovative diet plan. The comprehensive site is a cost free introduction to the popular South Beach Diet and includes extensive information on how the diet works as well as helpful tips, recipes and an interactive forum for dieters.

The editors of South Beach Diet Adviser explain, “We checked out a variety of diet and weight loss plans and were most impressed with the South Beach plan. It’s easy to follow and features a wide variety of foods, so almost anyone can do it. We realized that by establishing a free website, we could help millions of people lose weight and keep it off without having to pay a lot of money. Our research indicated that this plan is ideal for anyone who wants to not only lose weight, but who wants to keep it off.”

Weight Loss Without Extra Costs

The website features a variety of helpful articles, including a detailed shopping guide dieters can use to stock their pantries and refrigerators with foods that are allowed during each of the three phases of the South Beach Diet. Detailed information on the three phases of the diet make it easy to understand how the program works and what kind of results an individual can expect as they lose weight. Meal plans, recipes, and reviews of books about the program make it easy to not only stick to the diet, but choose the right tools for your own weight loss program.

Links to the official South Beach Diet website and other sites offering packaged meal supplements and snacks are also on the new website. These give dieters the option to enroll in paid programs or order prepared convenience foods, although the many free recipes and diet tips at the Adviser are more than enough to keep most dieters on track without spending a dime.

Flexibility and Success for Free

The editors at South Beach Diet Adviser note that the flexibility of the popular diet system is what makes it so successful. There are no calories to count or points to keep track of, making it the ideal diet for today’s busy dieters. Three distinct phases help dieters jump start their weight loss, continue losing pounds at a healthy rate, and maintain their weight through a lifetime of healthy choices. If you’re interested in losing weight and keeping it off for free, no obligation guidance and support is available at

About South Beach Diet Adviser:
The editors at have compiled an extensive library of information on the South Beach Diet plan, including weight loss tips, a grocery guide, and detailed plans for losing weight and keeping it off. They are proud to offer open forums, detailed information on the glycemic index, and helpful tools at no cost to users so that anyone can use the plan successfully.

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Global Health Progress Encourages Global Partnerships on Access to Health Care

Starting this month, members of Congress will be looking closely at U.S. spending as they work with the White House to build the 2012 budget. One area that has come under increased scrutiny is U.S. spending on global health programs. Several groups last week announced a petition ( seeking support for global health spending through the United States Global Health Initiative. Many fear that even flat spending in this area could jeopardize important programs in vaccine research and treatment.

News like this highlights the important role that public-private partnerships play in supporting access to global health care. The Global Health Progress initiative seeks to bring research-based biopharmaceutical companies and global health leaders together to improve access to medicine and health care in the developing world. We are committed to being part of the effort to create a sustainable health care system that includes improving access to health care and continuing medical innovation and progress for all people.

Research-based biopharmaceutical companies and their partners around the world are working to implement sustainable solutions and strengthen the health care delivery systems so they can meet tomorrow’s challenges. Millions of people lack access to essential medicines due to factors including incomplete delivery systems, lack of training for health personnel, lack of infrastructure and the cost of treatments. We must address the underlying barriers to health care, such as weak and fragmented health systems, limited health care personnel and inadequate resources for scaling up proven solutions. The innovative research and development (R&D) of new drugs and vaccines is a critical component of improving health care and combating epidemics in developing countries.

Through meaningful public-private partnerships with others in the field, including policymakers in the developed and developing world, multi-lateral institutions, non-governmental organizations, and academia we can help shape sustainable solutions that improve the health of all people.

To stay informed on the latest news about global investment in pharmaceutical R&D and improving access to medicines, sign up to receive special alerts and newsletters. You can also spread the word about the efforts of the Global Health Progress initiative and keep others informed about how we’re affecting change around the world, or share your story about how you or someone you know is working to promote global health.

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White Collar Uniform Introduces our New Women’s Lab Coat Collection

White Collar Uniform®, makers of the all new prestigious women’s lab coats is having their Grand Opening this month at our new exiting website online. White Collar Uniform’s clothing has been described as breakthrough clothing for men and women doctors and physicians in the medical field. White Collar clothing has been described by many medical professionals as being practical and having overwhelming beauty and style.

Our women and men lab coats are very upscale clothing for doctors and we have a very creative designing team working around the clock to make you look good. White Collar has invented the first every lab coat that can interact with the wearer by helping the doctor to hold their tools while in the consultation room and on the floor. This lab coat is spectacular says one doctor who happened to see our lab coats for the first time. We have created the best looking lab coat in the world and nobody can make claims against that!

White Collar Uniform’s top of the line lab coats can be purchased for under $50.00, which is more than a 45% savings from our standard price. White Collar Uniforms is the low price leader and we will not be undersold by anybody looking to take our place. Our top of the line lab coats are loaded with goodies that the doctors are going to really enjoy. Just take a look at our lab coats on any picture and you will see that we are the best looking coats out there – hands down!

Attention: There has been a lot of recent articles talking about lab coats and transmitting bacteria via through lab coats. Most doctors hang on to their lab coats for ages until they finally have to throw it away. We recommend that you change your lab coat every six months. There has been a lot of talk about soil proof coats and treated fabrics, “Don’t be too quick to get on this band-wagon!” Studies have show that these clothing can not be autoclaved so be careful about their labeling in general.

Don’t spend a lot of money on scrubs and lab coats that won’t hold up to the test of time. These so-called treated clothing’s are very expensive and they will probably send you running to the bank for cover. If it doesn’t say white collar, “Then it must be blue!” Save yourself a bundle and shop for White Collar Uniforms when you decide to purchase your next order of lab coats or scrubs online. Also you should watch out for repellant type materials which makes claims that doesn’t make sense most of the time.

White Collar Uniforms was founded several years ago by a well known inventor and medical provider in the medical field. He wanted to design a men’s lab coat for men and women that could let them use their hands more and be more practical at the same time. Since then, he has consulted hundreds and thousands of his constituents and his final works have been published amongst his peers and medical friends. Doctors deserve better and that’s why White Collar Uniforms invented its sporty designer lab coats.

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Royal Wedding Sparks Boom In Brides-To-Be Booking ‘Ring Bling’ Treatments At The Harley Medical Group

In the wake of ‘that’ picture of Prince William and his bride-to-be showing off her beautiful hand and even more stunning engagement ring, brides are turning their attention to their hands – to make sure their pinkies are perfect for the wedding album. The UK’s largest cosmetic surgery provider, The Harley Medical Group, is reporting a 50% surge in women aged 25-35 coming in for non-surgical treatments on the hands.

Bernadette Harte, Non-Surgical Specialist at The Harley Medical Group, comments: “We have seen a huge increase in recently engaged women coming in to our clinics and having treatments on their hands. Most have said that having seen the picture of Kate Middleton’s stunning hand they want to make sure they have immaculate and youthful hands to show off their ‘ring bling’.”

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments such as Aesthera PPx, which can also be used on the face, neck and chest areas, are increasingly popular for use on hands and arms. Aesthera PPx is a highly effective treatment, which rejuvenates the skin by destroying unwanted red or brown pigment and unsightly veins. The treatment action breaks down melanin within the skin, which the body naturally and safely absorbs, leaving it looking immediately more youthful and healthy.

Jane Usher, aged 29, is a patient at The Harley Medical Group who got engaged during the same month as William and Kate, comments: “When I saw Kate Middleton’s beautifully manicured young looking hand, showing off her engagement ring, I felt very self-conscious. Even though I am the same age as Kate, due to sun damage my hands look older than they should. After having Aesthera PPx at The Harley Medical Group my skin looks much fresher and healthy.”

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Family Support Needed For Drug Rehab Prevention

A recent study shows that children removed from their primary residence due to a volatile home situation, and who are placed with a relative for care, have a greater incidence of substance abuse than those placed in traditional foster care.

While children living with a relative, also called a kinship caregiver, have been shown to have fewer behavioral and social skills challenges than their counterparts living in foster homes, they appear to be twice as likely to be at risk for drug abuse.

“This is a disturbing finding, begins a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehaband Alcohol Treatment Center. “It certainly would seem to be more desirable to place a child with a relative, rather than a complete stranger, for a variety of reasons. But, when doing so, this research shows us that there needs to be proper education and support given to help the caregiver to work with the child for the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse; this support should be in place for not only the initial transition period, but for the future as well. ”

The study also showed that kinship caregivers are about four times less likely to receive parental training, half as likely to receive additional financial support and seven times less likely to have any type of respite care.

Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center is highly skilled in assisting families put their lives back together when affected by alcohol or drug use. And, for the past 12 years, Mountainside has established itself as an innovator within the addiction treatment field, and the treatment modalities Mountainside utilizes are regarded as among the most cutting-edge approaches in helping individuals to get and to remain sober.

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Physiotherapy Store Offer Live Advice to Patients Online, one of the UK’s largest online suppliers of specialist physiotherapy products, has launched an online, live chat service for its customers.

The live chat service, called ‘Live Support Online’, allows customers to talk to the company’s customer service and sales staff about the products available to buy online. The new facility means that customers can now contact a Physiotherapystore representative by phone, e-mail or Live Chat depending on which method they prefer and be completely confident that they are choosing the best product, before they commit to buying.

Customers can access Live Support Online from the home page, entering their name and question to start the chat. Staff will respond as quickly as possible with detailed yet concise information that will help to direct the customer towards suitable products, such as orthopaedic supports and items from the best-selling Biofreeze and Clinell Products range. already offers interactive services to customers, but wanted to increase the help available, to ensure that common injuries, aches, and pains, are treated with the right products.

“Launching Live Support Online was the next logical step for us – we can now share our product knowledge with customers online, as well as via the telephone”, said Gary Shawcross, Director of

As well as the online chat service, customers can click on different areas of the body, on a picture of the human form, to find information on common injuries and ailments and to be taken to treatments and supports within that category.

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Clinical Trial Studies New Treatment For High-Risk Heart Patients

A clinical trial under way at the East Carolina Heart Institute is testing the benefit of a new medical device designed to help high-risk people suffering from leaky heart valves.

Dr. W. Randolph Chitwood Jr., director of the Heart Institute and professor of cardiovascular surgery at the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University, secured the clinical trial for the MitraClip System for the treatment of mitral valve regurgitation (MR). A serious heart condition, MR can lead to arrhythmias and congestive heart failure if left untreated.

Dr. Curtis Anderson, a cardiothoracic surgeon and assistant professor of cardiovascular sciences, and Dr. Ramesh Daggubati, a cardiologist and clinical professor at Brody, collaborated to perform mitral valve repairs on two patients at Pitt County Memorial Hospital without making the traditional incision in the center of the chest to access the heart. Chitwood joined Drs. Rajasekhar Nekkanti and John Cahill, ECU cardiologists, to assist in the procedure.

In each case, the multidisciplinary team of cardiologists and surgeons placed a thin catheter in the patient’s groin vessel, guided a tiny clip through the heart’s septum and placed the clip between the leaflets of the valve to stop the leak.

“With mitral insufficiency, we normally use the heart/lung machine to either repair or replace the valve,” Chitwood said. “This new procedure is catheter-based, and can be used in high-risk patients who wouldn’t do well on the heart/lung machine. These patients have severe symptoms stemming from the leaky valve and can’t be operated on safely any other way.”

Chitwood said this new procedure “gives the East Carolina Heart Institute an entirely new set of tools for mitral valve repairs in high-risk patients. It is the least invasive way that we can fix a valve. Centers selected to perform these procedures have demonstrated expertise in applying new medical technology under FDA (Food and Drug Administration) guidelines.”

With the clip, patients leave the hospital the next day and within two or three days return to normal activities – or, in many cases, better-than-normal activities.

“Most of the patients are very sick,” said Daggubati, a clinical associate professor of cardiovascular sciences. “Medical management is the only option for them because surgeons consider the risk too high and the patients inoperable.”

Anderson said patient selection is the key to a successful outcome.

“I think a lot of patients with heart failure will be attractive candidates for this device,” he said, adding that collaboration among physicians is vital. “We want patients to have the confidence of knowing that cardiologists and cardiac surgeons are working side by side to give them the best possible outcomes.”

The mitral valve is a one-way valve that connects the left atrium to the left ventricle of the heart. With mitral valve regurgitation, the valve does not seal completely, and blood leaks back into the left atrium. This reversed flow can cause heart and lung damage, as well as death. Symptoms may include an audible heart murmur, shortness of breath and heart palpitations.

About the East Carolina Heart Institute
The East Carolina Heart Institute is a unique partnership that includes University Health Systems Pitt County Memorial Hospital and East Carolina University, along with cardiovascular experts in private practice, academic medicine and research. The East Carolina Heart Institute is the first in North Carolina devoted exclusively to education, research, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

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Failure to Investigate Cosmetic Surgeon Can Cost You Your Life

A recent death illustrates the importance of investigating your cosmetic surgeon, says Dr. Mark Scheinberg from the Center for Cosmetic Laser Gynecology. Lidvian Zelaya, 35, underwent a procedure for abdominal liposuction and buttocks injections at the Strax Rejuvenation Clinic in south Florida.

She was rushed to the hospital, but died only a few hours after the start of the procedure. Investigations of public records by ABC News reveal that Dr. Roger L. Gordon, Zelaya’s plastic surgeon at Strax, has had 20 lawsuits filed against him since 2004. He was placed on probation by the Maryland Board of Physicians for undisclosed reasons and he had his staff privileges terminated by the Florida Medical Center. The Sun Sentinal revealed that Gordon was disciplined by the state in connection with two deaths in 2004.

“If you’re choosing a plastic surgeon, you want to do your homework,” says Scheinberg. “You’re entrusting them with your body – and your life. You need a doctor you can have confidence in.”

Scheinberg has been board certified in obstetrics and gynecology since 1981 and has performed over 10,000 surgical procedures. Scheinberg has received 100s of hours of training with Professor Adam Ostrzenski, M.D. Ph.D., a pioneer in safe, effectivevaginal reconstruction and cosmetic vaginal surgery.

Zalaya’s cause of death is under investigation, but she was declared healthy enough for surgery by doctors at the Strax Clinic. “I think it’s an inherent conflict of interest if you are getting screened by the surgeon who wants to do the procedure,” said Spencer Aronfeld, a malpractice attorney retained by Zalaya’s husband, Osvaldo Vargas.

Vargas has been publicizing the case as a way of warning others to investigate their cosmetic surgeons. In particular, he is urging patients to get a second pre-operative examination by an independent doctor. He said that Zelaya chose the Strax Clinic because she got a good deal on the procedure.

“You don’t want to rush into this kind of decision or select the doctor who offers you the lowest cost,” notes Scheinberg. “You want someone who has a long record of success with the procedure you are getting. Complaints and disciplinary actions against doctors are part of the public record. Patients can and should look this information up.”

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Colleges And Universities: Connect Students With Alcohol Treatment

Finding alcohol treatment for a college student can often involve the staff at a campus health center, especially if the student in need of treatment is attending a school far from home. When this happens, provides the resources health center staff need to quickly connect the student and his family with an alcohol treatment center near the school. The online directory proves comprehensive in all areas of the country, ensuring that all students have access to the help they need to get sober and stay that way.

February 2011 – Created by Internet marketing expert Bernie Gohsman, features more than 11,000 addiction and alcohol rehabilitation center listings, plus a wealth of addiction-related resources. Gohsman launched the directory after his only brother died as the result of a drug and alcohol addiction. The goal of the directory is to help health professionals and families find the resources they need to help an alcoholic and thus avoid experiencing this painful loss.

Health professionals and families begin at the homepage of, where they will find links to state categories. There are even links to international categories, for those helping to find an alcohol treatment center for a student attending school abroad. Those helping the student also can call the directory (877) 335-4673 and speak to a treatment counselor immediately. Counselors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can help narrow the many options down to one. There is no charge to access the directory or to speak with a treatment counselor.

Campus health centers also can use as part of awareness campaigns for alcoholism and alcohol treatment. Health center staff can educate students about the directory and its free resources through pamphlets and e-mail newsletters. This can encourage students in need of an alcohol rehabilitation center, but who might not be ready to take the next step yet, to explore the directory on their own.

On the directory, students will find extensive resources, including online assessments and a robust community area. In the community area, the student can communicate with others who struggle with alcoholism through forums and in chat rooms. also has a frequently updated blog with news and words of wisdom and inspiration relating to alcoholism and alcohol treatment.

In addition to alcohol treatment center listings, the directory includes listings for other types of addiction treatment centers. Health center staff and families can turn to and its counselors for help finding centers and professionals– therapists and addiction-recovery organizations – that provide treatment for alcoholism, eating disorders and sex, Internet and gambling addiction.

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Drug Trafficking Into Arizona Brings Kidnapping And Violence With It

Every time law enforcement gains an advantage over drug cartels bringing their loads over the border into the U.S., the cartels adapt to the pressure and change their tactics. In previous decades, drug cartels used Miami, Tijuana and El Paso as portals for their drug smuggling. The last few years, the Arizona border has been the target of cartels. Wide-open deserts and remote Native American reservations have been some of the primary channels used for the movement of tons of drugs.

But along with the drugs, Arizona and, in particular, Phoenix have inherited other crimes. Some law enforcement bodies report that Phoenix is experiencing an average of one kidnapping a day. In the whole world, only Mexico City has more kidnappings.

The kidnappings relate to drug debts that have not been paid and other drug-smuggling offenses. They also relate to the trafficking of humans that has followed the path of drug smuggling.

The people doing the drug smuggling and the human trafficking have one terrible characteristic in common: they are criminals willing to use any level of violence to achieve their aims.

The volume of drugs and illegal immigrants coming across the border is staggering. Border Patrol agents in Arizona alone arrest an average of 900 illegal immigrants a day. And last year, they seized 1.2 million pounds of marijuana – more than a ton and a half every day.

In Arizona, we have the situation of the drug war in Mexico spilling over into the United States. It is not something we can ignore. Demand reduction through effective rehabilitation and drug education is an essential component to ending this dangerous and violent situation.

This article is brought to you by Narconon International. Narconon is an international organization dedicated to the elimination of drug addiction through the Narconon drug rehab program and drug education.

The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program brings about a lower demand for drugs by enabling its graduates to live a drug-free life after graduation. Further, the Narconon drug education curriculum has been proven to lower drug use statistics among students who attend the classes. For more information, see our video

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Kingdom Day Parade Is Served by Mentors Helping Youth Be Creative and Drug-Free

Ready to get the word out that “Drugs Ruin Creativity,” skateboarders, breakdancers and mentors gather before the Kingdom Day commemorative parade. (far left) Ms. Teddy Chambers, executive director for Narconon Professional Drug Prevention; Curtis O. Porter, Director of the Youth Development Division of the Family and Youth Services Bureau of Health and U.S. and Human Services Department; Dr. Tina Robinson, executive coordinator of the Southern California Foster Care Mentoring Network; (5th from left) Heidi Lemmon, President of the National Skateboard Association; (center) Man One, founder and owner of Crewest Gallery; (far right) Fresh, original member the LA Breakers break dance crew.

“Strong Support from Narconon Helps Youth Spread the Word that “Drugs Ruin Creativity”

The 25th Anniversary 2011 Kingdom Day Parade in Los Angeles celebrated the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., with an emphasis on service. That service took the form of teens and their mentors getting out the word that Dr. King’s dream needs the creative drug-free energy of youth to be realized.

Narconon Professional Drug Prevention (NPDP) specializing in drug prevention training, Narconon® Western United States, both LA-based organizations of Narconon International, Southern California Foster Care Mentoring Network and the National Alliance of Faith and Justice headquartered in Washington, D.C., sponsored the anti-drug banners in the televised 2-mile parade that commemorates Dr. King’s date of birth.

Accompanying them skateboarders and break dancers entertained the crowd with their skilled moves. They wore original design tee-shirts that declared “Drugs ruin creativity.” The design was created by 23-year-old artist, Jose Quevedo, who took top prize in an anti-drug black Sharpie graffiti art battle sponsored by NPDP at the popular Crewest Gallery in downtown LA. “Drugs ruin creativity,” is the title of an article in the booklet, 10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs, published by Narconon.

Curtis O. Porter, from the Youth Services Bureau of the Department of Health and Human Services announced the shirt will be displayed in his Washington, D.C., office to exemplify positive youth service. As Director of the Youth Development Division of Family and Youth Services, Mr. Porter administers two of the nation’s most important youth mentoring programs. He attended the parade to congratulate the sponsored mentors and meet some of their youth. He encouraged the work the mentors do to help kids stay off drugs, remain in school and strive to make the dream of Dr. King a reality.

Heidi Lemmon is a co-founder of Venice Boarding School, which appeals to students’ love of skate boarding to keep them on an academic path. She is President of the National Skateboard Association. Man One is founder and owner of Crewest Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles. He has trained dozens of young artists to help them seek a career using their talents. Fresh, has built a dance organization called the LA Breakers that has mentoring as a core element to keep kids drug-free and healthy.“It is a real honor to work with people who care enough to give of their time to guide our youth into drug-free productive lives,” said Chambers.

For more information about the Narconon program and rehabilitation call 1 800-775-8750 or visit

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Narconon Spokesperson Warns, “When Mothers Breastfeed, It’s A Critical Time To Get Off Addictive Drugs”

Just because an addicted woman has a baby does not mean her cravings go away. In fact, the stress of trying to care for an infant may cause her to seek the relief that drugs might seem to offer her. But while her body may be able to tolerate the drugs, if she is nursing, she could be causing harm to her newborn and even risking killing him or her.

Most illicit drugs wind up in breast milk in varying quantities. Cocaine in particular presents a risk to infants because it stays in their bodies much longer than it does in the mother’s body. If a mother uses cocaine repetitively, then the baby may die of an overdose as the dosage accumulates in the small body. In a Michigan case, a woman used cocaine two or three times one day and then breastfed her five-month-old baby. The medical examiner said that the baby died of cocaine intoxication.

“It could be said that the time that a woman is pregnant or nursing are the most important times in her life to live a clean and sober lifestyle,” commented Bobby Wiggins, spokesperson for Narconon drug rehab and education. Narconon is an international organization dedicated to the elimination of drug addiction through drug rehabilitation and drug education. “During this time, a woman harms someone other than herself with her drug use: her helpless newborn or the baby growing inside her. Family members around a pregnant or nursing woman who suffers from addiction must pull out all the stops to get her the help she needs to stop using drugs.”

Methamphetamine is another killer drug when administered via breast milk. In the last several years, one mother in Georgia and two mothers in California have been jailed for killing their babies with methamphetamine.

“A mother with a young child, addiction to illicit drugs – this is a dangerous combination,” added Wiggins. “We owe it to our youngest citizens to eliminate addiction by providing effective drug rehabilitation. At Narconon centers around the world, seven out of ten graduates stay sober after they go home, meaning there are more alert, capable mothers returned to their children after they have been to Narconon.”

Visit for more information about the program.

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Substance Abuse Proves To Be A Growing Factor In Women’s Incarceration, Notes Narconon Spokesperson

America’s War on Drugs has resulted in a disproportionately large number of women being incarcerated for drug-related offenses.

The war on drugs looked like good idea at the time but no one foresaw its harsh effects on women in America.

In the early 1980s, laws intended to fight the increase of drug trafficking into the U.S. and the spread of cocaine addiction changed the way drug offenders were sentenced. But one of the unexpected results of this change was that the number of women being incarcerated for drug-related offenses shot up dramatically.

Over a thirteen-year period starting in 1986, the ratio of women serving time for a drug-related offense rose from 1 in 8 women to 1 in 3 women. Nationwide, the total number of women incarcerated for drug offenses increased an incredible 888 percent over this time. At the same time, the number of women incarcerated for other offenses rose only 129 percent.

As women are most often the primary caregivers for the next generation, it becomes particularly important that they find a solution to a substance abuse problem or addiction that could end up sending them to jail or prison. It’s well known that the only outcomes of addiction are sobriety, prison or death. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program offers drug recovery programs to both women and men in more than one hundred locations around the world.

By 2008, about half of women confined in state prisons reported that they had been using alcohol, drugs or both at the time of the crime for which they were arrested. And about half of these women admitted that they were daily users of drugs or alcohol. About a third of these women committed the crime that sent them to prison so they could get money for drugs or alcohol.

When women find their way to one of the Narconon facilities, they find a program that enables them to learn new life skills to replace the ones that addiction may have destroyed. Improved communication skills, a restoration of personal integrity and values, and a retraining in morals feature in this long-term drug treatment program. As a result, women and men alike are able to stay clean and sober in seven out of ten cases, after graduation from the Narconon drug program.

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Deliver More Drug Treatments With Treatment-Centers

The business of providing drug treatments to addicts has never been more competitive. In any given area, addicts and their loved ones have hundreds of options when it comes time to choose a drug treatment center. allows centers to stand out and secure more intakes. Listings in the comprehensive online directory reach more than 125,000 unique visitors – targeted visitors looking specifically for treatment – a month. A listing also improves the search-engine ranking of a center’s own website.

February 2011 – Gone are the days when a solid reputation and steady referrals could supply a drug treatment center with a sufficient number of clients. Now, thanks to a highly competitive marketplace, these centers must also employ Internet marketing to reach and help addicts in need. Online directory makes Internet marketing easy for the centers, with its free informational listings and pay featured listings.

Free listings on reach more than 125,000 unique visitors a month. These visitors are addicts themselves or loved ones looking for addiction intervention and treatment options. Featured listings, available for a monthly fee, run at the top of the category for the state in which the center is located and on every other page – more than 11,000 – of the directory. Both types of listings include a link to the center’s own website, and because of the high search-engine ranking of, this link relationship also serves to raise the center’s website in search engine results.

Signing up for a listing on can be done entirely online. A representative from the drug treatment center must join as a community member, then provide information about the drug treatments it provides and upload a photo. For featured listings, the representative pays the monthly fee of $525 through PayPal. Listings go live within a few hours. Featured listings run on a month-to-month basis, with the ability to cancel at any time. Banner advertising also is available on the directory.

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President Obama Calls For Help In Fight On Drugs

President Obama fielded questions regarding the fight on drugs in a recent town meeting in California.

While the purpose of the meeting had a focus other than the national war on drugs, the tone quickly turned and the focus shifted on how to enable states to be able to provide more addiction treatment services to those in need.

“President Obama highlighted a major problem within the addiction field: lack of adequate space in programs to service clients,” began a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center . “The number of individuals who need drug rehab often times far outweighs the number of clients that one rehab center can service at any given time. Many times, drug addiction treatment programs will have waiting lists for space availability. Can you imagine how discouraging it would be to be an individual who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, decide that today is the day you are ready to change your life and be turned away and told to return at a later date? President Obama has suggested that the allocation of resources be re-examined to see if there are any changes that can be made to insure that each person who wants to go into drug rehab, can.”

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA’s) National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed that there are 23.6 million individuals, aged 12 or older, who needed treatment for drug or alcohol abuse. The survey further shows that only 11% received treatment in a drug addiction treatment facility.

Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center is highly skilled in assisting families put their lives back together when affected by alcohol or drug use. And, for the past 12 years, Mountainside has established itself as an innovator within the addiction treatment field, and the treatment modalities Mountainside utilizes are regarded as among the most cutting-edge approaches in helping individuals to get and to remain sober.

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