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Exclusive Interview on Addictiveness During the Coronavirus Pandemic with Dr. Henry Balzani, the “Addictiveness Doctor”

Fort Lee, NJ, USA, 2020-May-15 — /EPR HEALTHCARE NEWS/ — In an exclusive interview with Practicomm, nationally recognized addictiveness expert provides valuable update on controversial addiction issues.

Q1. In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, it appears that people who were not addicts could become addictive just from being quarantined? Do you think that would be a large number of new addicts?

Our “Basic Survival Thinking” is mostly negative and being quarantined produces increased life stresses such as, unemployment, financial loss, fear of death, forced isolation and mental illnesses. During the pandemic, there has been an increase in alcohol consumption (as well as other substances) to blunt the negative thoughts. Also, there was an increase in sugary-high carb “comfort foods” used to stimulate positive feelings through the increased production of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin.

But in fact, almost all the Covid-19 deaths are directly related to our addictiveness to high carb, processed food and the abuse of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, especially high blood sugar, diabetes and high blood pressure, which compromise the immune system. In brief, “Yes”, there will be an increase in addictiveness to try to relieve the pressure and mental stress from this pandemic

Q2. Some people say that smoking is a worse addiction than alcohol and drugs. Is that true? If so, why?

Smoking leads to strong persistent cravings for more nicotine within minutes to hours of the last puff. Vaping allows nicotine to almost always “be in hand’ day and night, inside or out. Addiction to different substances varies with the substance and the individual, and is tempered by availability, legality, cost, social acceptance, the onset of health issues, age of user, and more. Smoking health issues usually develop later in life; products are readily available, and vaping is now cool and socially acceptable. Fortunately, tobacco products are banned in buildings and outside in parks, thus making it harder to use freely.

Q3. It seems that most addiction treatment centers have a high percentage of patients who are “cured” for only a small period of time before going back to the addiction. Is that a correct statement?

The LIFETIME tendency to relapse (recidivism) after treatment is still high. The “Post Treatment Cure” is, for most, a physiologic removal of the substance from the body; and, for a time, a psychologic re-education and respite for the client before entering the real world. The “Roots of Addiction” can start early in life and become deeply and unconsciously embedded over years, and can always be reactivated under stress. To achieve a lifetime cure, addicts must always be actively involved in their recovery, because life just doesn’t get easier. I have seen my clients relapse a number of times before being able to maintain sobriety; and, some who have relapsed after many years of sobriety.

Q4. Can addicts actually change the way they think? How would they do that if they could? Does this vary by the type of addiction?

Adult addicts can change the way they think if they have a strong Desire, Interest and Commitment to recover. But, being pushed into recovery usually doesn’t last long.

They must deal with the root causes of their addiction, as they can be reactivated during times of stress. For any addiction, they must fully commit and actively participate in their process of Detox, Treatment, Counseling, and follow up, remove people places and things, and have (or seek out) a strong support system which can help in stressful situations. The stresses of life will always be there and it’s the psychological aspect of addiction that can be persistent!

For more information on the root causes of addiction, visit  addictivenessdoctor.com and/or go to Dr.Balzani on Facebook.

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Bath Salts Pose Legitimate Danger For Teens, Young Adults

It may be difficult to believe that something with such an innocuous name can be so dangerous, even deadly.

A new designer drug marketed as “bath salts” has nothing to do with a relaxing time bathing. In fact, many are using the product with no thought of relaxing at all.

“Bath salts are being legally sold and are being used by more and more young people to get high,” begins a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center . “They can be found at many convenience stores or smoke shops, and they contain stimulants such as mephedrone and MDPV. Individuals generally snort them to get high, but they can also be smoked or injected. Some states have banned the sale of bath salts and Mountainside is hoping to help push a nationwide ban on the substance. If we don’t address this problem immediately, there will be a whole new drug epidemic plaguing America and, with that, comes tragic deaths.”

Bath salts are among the growing group of the so-called designer drugs that produce a high similar to that of a methamphetamine or cocaine, but with the addition of hallucinogenic side effects. Sold under a variety of different names, the use of bath salts has been linked to suicide, hallucinogenic rages, and even speculation of murder.

If you know or suspect that your teen or young adult is abusing bath salts or any other type of substance, Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center offers professional intervention services to assist you in getting them the help that they need to recover. For the past 13 years, Mountainside has established itself as an innovator within the addiction treatment field, and the treatment modalities Mountainside utilizes are regarded as among the most cutting-edge approaches in helping individuals to get, and to remain, sober.

The compassionate, caring treatment team at Mountainside is comprised of licensed and certified counselors and social workers as well as a Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Nurse, both of whom have specialization and extensive experience in drug addiction and alcohol treatment. For clients who may have psychiatric issues and/or a dual diagnosis, Mountainside provides the services of a Psychiatrist who also has specialization in addictions. As a result of their unique, innovative approaches to addiction treatment over the past 13 years, Mountainside has become the model for the addiction treatment field.

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Death of Newborn Illustrates That Addiction Kills More than Just Addicts, Explains Narconon Director

Little Maggie May never saw her first Thanksgiving or her first Christmas. She died after being added to a washing machine with a load of clothes – by Lindsey Fiddler, her drug-addled mother.

On November 4, 2010, Maggie’s great-aunt noticed that Lindsey passed out on the couch without having the baby anywhere around her. She went looking for the ten-day-old baby. Understandably, the washing machine was not the first place she looked. By the time she located the baby in the washer, the infant was dead. The mother is now in jail, awaiting trial.

According to the great-aunt, Lindsey had been up for days, probably using meth. When police questioned the mother, she said she didn’t know how the baby got into the washer and that she didn’t use meth any more. But a toxicology scan showed that she tested positive for methamphetamine, amphetamine, benzodiazepine and opiates.

Those who don’t abuse drugs and have never been addicted may not be able to grasp how this could happen. Narconon is an international organization dedicated to eliminating addiction through effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation and drug prevention services. But someone who is on four different drugs like these is going to be hugely out of touch with reality. Who knows what her perceptions were like? All we know is that they were terrible enough to result in the death of a beautiful child.

Unfortunately, Maggie’s story is far from the only one of its kind. Hundreds of thousands of children suffer neglect, injury or death at the hands of substance abusing parents. One survey stated that substance abuse was involved in 75 percent of all foster home placements.

The answer is drug rehabilitation that works, that enables a parent to live a drug-free, productive life. Of parents who come to Narconon drug rehab centers around the world to recover from addiction, seven out of ten stay clean and sober after they get home. This means hundreds of children who have the opportunity to live safely in their own homes again.

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The Different Ways Narconon and Other Rehabilitation Centers Save Lives

When people go to a Narconon rehab center or any other rehabilitation center, it usually means they have hit a point in their lives where things can’t get much worse. Unfortunately, there are many who still avoid getting help even when their world has turned upside down. If only they would realize that going to a rehab center can save their lives, in more ways than one.

There were 11,773 drunken driving deaths in 2008. In Canada 33.8% of motor vehicle deaths were associated with alcohol use. All of these could have been prevented if a rehabilitation center would have been utilized. Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of death around the world.

Deaths caused by cirrhosis of the liver and other ailments due to alcoholism increase every year. Pancreatitis is also a contributing factor in many alcohol related deaths. Repression of the respiratory system is a major cause of death for drug addicts, especially those who use drugs such as Oxycontin and Oxycodone. These deaths also can be prevented by seeking help from a rehabilitation center.

In the United States alone, prescription drugs cause most of the more than 26,000 fatal overdoses each year. Add that to the number of illicit drug users overdose statistics and you up to nearly 60,000 a year. Those are 60,000 people that could have lived had they gone to a drug rehabilitation center.

Pregnancies of drug and alcohol users many times end in spontaneous abortions or serious, life threatening illnesses to the fetus or newly born child. Innocent lives have been taken as a result of drugs and alcohol.

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Hollywood Drug Addiction Increases Number of Drug Rehabs

The bright lights and big city of Hollywood attracts young people in throngs with promises of fulfilled dreams and a charmed life. While the draw and the excitement initially seems like everything they could have hoped for, nowadays there’s a darker side—a side that is becoming synonymous with something other than fame.

“Hollywood is a hot bed of drug addiction”, a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center states. “With money and power, comes responsibility—responsibility that many find themselves unable to deal with. When arriving in Hollywood, they just can’t imagine a life other than what they had dreamed—a life of glamour, of fame, of fortune. They don’t realize the pressure that surrounds all of those things. When they finally realize their dreams, that unexpected pressure can cause an implosion and, instead of dealing with it in a healthy, productive way, many choose the easy way out—a way to numb themselves, a way to temporarily escape. And, often times that temporary escape becomes a permanent way of life until either they get into serious legal trouble or until someone who is genuinely concerned intervenes and gives them a wake-up call. They soon discover that their money can buy just about anything—except the one thing that truly eludes them: happiness.”

“California’s drug rehab centers are growing at an unprecedented rate and the catalyst for this growth is unrelenting.” Until there is a fundamental change in the Hollywood | Los Angeles party mentality, the only answer to its ever-increasing problem is effective drug rehab centers.

For nearly two decades, Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center has led the way in offering individualized alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs. Pioneers in affordable drug rehab, Mountainside combines cutting edge therapies with holistic treatment methods including inclusion of traditional 12-step therapies. As Mountainside’s licensed and certified counselors, social workers and treatment team serve, they strive to provide quality, compassionate care to each individual in a tranquil, peaceful environment conducive to optimal recovery.

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Mountainside Announces The Appointment Of A New Clinical Program Director

Mountainside Treatment Center announces the appointment of Wendi Shami MS, LCSW as the company’s Clinical Program Director. With more than 10 years of experience working in the mental health and addiction/alcoholism treatment field, Ms. Shami will be responsible for building and strengthening the therapeutic program, managing the treatment teams and introducing new evidenced based practices and identifying growth opportunities.

Ms. Shami brings extensive knowledge in the addiction treatment and therapeutic field and has an extensive career in the management of teams, cases and knowledge of therapeutic best-practices. She has helped many organizations to develop and execute initiatives including staff development and effective treatment team and efficient therapeutic case oversight.

Originally from Westchester she earned her Masters degree in Clinical Social Work at Columbia University in New York City and completed post graduate training in Family Counseling at the Ackerman Institute in New York City. Her areas of specialization include the treatment of addictions, co-occurring disorders, family therapy and counseling.

About Mountainside Treatment Center
Mountainside drug rehab is a comprehensive and innovative provider of treatment for individuals suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism.

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Sunset Is Announcing Its Redoubled Efforts In The Fight Against The Psychological Underpinnings Of Addiction

Sunset Is Announcing Its Redoubled Efforts In The Fight Against The Psychological Underpinnings Of Addiction

Addiction is never strictly a physical disease. On the contrary, addiction victims are prone to negative patterns of thought and behavior, which can act to entrench and exacerbate their substance dependencies. The practical implication, of course, is that addiction treatment programs must always promote emotional wellness. In the end, there’s simply no other way to guarantee the success of the healing process.

Those considerations, in turn, are at the heart of Sunset Malibu’s holistic treatment philosophy.

With its world-class caregivers and elegant accommodations, Sunset Malibu is an unparalleled recovery destination. The drug and alcohol treatment center has always catered to upscale clients from every corner of the globe. Now Sunset is renewing its commitment to its core values, with the goal of delivering life-changing, comprehensive care to individuals who seek it. At Sunset Malibu, the client’s holistic needs always come first.

“There’s no such thing as partial addiction recovery,” said Sunset Malibu program director Dr. Georgina Smith. “We understand that healing has to occur both in the body and the mind, which is why we use special dual-diagnosis techniques to assess each client’s substance dependency in conjunction with his or her psychiatric wellness. It’s also, we believe, why we’ve been so successful in our treatment efforts.”

Unfortunately, the same praise can’t be given to Sunset’s competitors.

Most treatment centers pay lip service to the importance of holistic recovery. But very few of them put in their own principles into practice. In fact, many of the most high-priced clinics in California pay only nominal attention to the psychological needs of their clients. As should perhaps be obvious, those institutions routinely fail to effect meaningful and lasting recovery.

Dr. Smith, for her part, insists that those shortcomings are unforgivable.

“Addiction ruins lives,” Dr. Smith said. “Addiction treatment can save them, but only if it’s administered exactly the right way. At Sunset Malibu, we understand that our clients trust us to safeguard their future, and we stop at nothing to ensure that we justify their faith.”

Addiction victims know all too well how devastating the disease can be. The good news is that that devastation doesn’t have to be the end of the story. Sunset Malibu’s clinical psychologists and licensed clinical social workers have a long history of helping clients rebuild their lives from the ground-up. For Sunset’s residents and their families, the future really does promise to be brighter than the present.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Strives Hard To Bring Out The Patients From Addiction, Psychological And Societal Problems

A recent survey has got a shocking revelation which states that about 70% of people with drug and alcohol addictions are suffering with dual diagnosis. There cannot be any answer to the question on which problem occurred first, like, is it chicken or the egg? Professional treatment will find a suitable answer to multiple addictions and address them seriously. Usually patients are encountered with 2 different problems and each has to be identified separately. Treatments have to be for both the disorders but not just one. Dual diagnosis treatment at Sunset Malibu delivers what is promised to the patients and has become a beacon of hope for many.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The psychiatric symptoms and the mental health should be monitored well. Withdrawal of the detoxification may even worse the conditions for the patients. They have to be handled with care and the apt treatment methods should be adopted for the welfare of the patients. The staffs at Sunset Malibu understand the requirements of the patients and do the need by performing detailed assessments on all their problems. Dual diagnosis treatment centers employ a correct combination of therapies which will be employed in the treatment methods. The center at Sunset Malibu has a luxurious feel and ensures complete privacy for the patients. It has Spa treatments, Workout Facilities, Ocean Views and much more to pour in the inner joy for them.

A good treatment center will make its patients very comfortable by completely eliminating their stress. This process helps the patients to be an active member during the rehabilitation. Co-operation from the patient’s side is very important. These centers must adopt programs which will assess the clinical and psychological conditions of the patients and support them with the right kind of treatment program. Dual diagnosis treatment center at Sunset Malibu offers individual attention which will give personal satisfaction for the patients which will give them a special boost in the recovery process.

Rehab programs play a vital role for the individual success. A good rehab program may change the life of an addict for ever. It is only through these programs, one can defend himself from drug addiction. It gives much importance on individual counseling with experts. The vast amount of experience could help the counselors in rightly identifying the problems and the solutions. Dual diagnosis rehab at Sunset Malibu is one of the world class programs for any kind of patient. Their beautiful location ensures privacy and freedom for the patients. They can have absolutely no chances for distractions.

Sunset Malibu is a renowned drug rehab center situated on an exquisite land marvel overlooking the Pacific Ocean. They have a team of well qualified and experienced professionals in the field of addiction disorder treatments. Drug addiction is treated at all levels with the primary objective of healing the patient and to make them return to their active life.

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Drug Rehabilitation Video Pays Tribute to Narconon Graduates

The Narconon Trois-Rivieres drug rehab program recently put together a new drug rehab video paying tribute to some Narconon drug rehab graduates, and the Narconon program founder, William Benitez. In this video there is a small clip of the amazing drug education lecture given by Benitez over 40 years ago. He talks about how drugs are the easiest way to hurt a person. He says: “The quickest way to hurt a person, or a nation, or a group, the quickest way to hurt a person’s goals, his aims, his ability, his life, is by introducing that person to narcotics.”

This statement made by Mr. Benitez is the absolute truth. Everyday, there are more and more people being introduced to narcotics. When this happens, these people start down a path that could potentially take everything. William Benitez was aware of this 40 years ago, when he overcame his own 19 year long addiction to heroin, and other drugs. He started the first Narconon therapy group that saved his life, and the lives of twelve other inmates. This video production gives a glimpse of where some of the graduates of the Narconon drug rehab program were in the midst of their addiction, and then the video shows where these graduate are, after completing a drug rehab program.

The Narconon drug rehab program has produced well over 25,000 graduates worldwide. With a network of 150 centers in over 40 different countries, the Narconon drug rehab programs purpose is to help save as many lives as possible. If you or someone you know is battling a drug or alcohol addiction, call our toll free line at, 1-877-782-7409, or visit, http://narcononrehab.com/

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Getting Over Your Addiction at Sunset Malibu

Have you tried and tried again to get over your addiction alone but have yet to conquer it? Well, I’ll tell you that it’s not easy to deal with it by yourself. Drug addiction, alcoholism, and other addictions are very powerful. Many people have to go through it and deal with the consequences of their actions every day, even celebrities and politicians go through these kinds of ordeals.


It is impossible to get over any form addiction in a short amount of time, despite what you might be lead to think. You need to be dedicated and you need help. Sometimes, friends and family can only help so much with your addiction, and if you cannot find it in yourself defeat the temptation, then there is no way that you can go through self-rehabilitation. Yet, you know that you need to get over this addiction not only for yourself and your health, but for the people that you love and cherish.

So where should you go to help you fight this addiction? It is necessary to go to a drug treatment center for drug rehabilitation. You need a place that will guide you towards the right path and help you get back on your feet. The best place for you to go for your drug rehabilitation is Sunset Malibu.

Sunset Malibu is an exclusive rehab center in all of Malibu in Southern California. It is a small and intimate center that focuses on each individual. Their staff will definitely do their best to get you back to being clean and healthy. They specialize in drug and alcohol rehabilitation as well as eating disorders, but they do not have a fixed program for everyone that comes in. Rather, they cater to your individual needs and all of the different factors that affect your addiction and how they can help you get over your substance abuse. The overall effect is an efficient way to recovery.

The staff there can help you very well, as they have been down that road as well and they have gotten over it. This does not mean that it will be an easy feat to accomplish, though. Getting over your addiction can sometimes take time and lots of effort, and above all a will to get better and dedication towards leading a better life.

While the cost of rehab is not cheap, the center is not after your money, but they are completely dedicated to your well-being and giving you a new life without drugs and without having to depend on them for your happiness. No matter how long it takes, the staff will not give up on you, and you should not give up on yourself. As long as you keep the goal of getting better and seeing the sun rise on a new day without being dependent, then you will definitely get better at Sunset Malibu.

Don’t wait for something bad to happen, instead pick yourself up now and get yourself to Sunset Malibu rehab center, where you will be taken care of.

About the Company: Sunset Malibu drug rehabilitation center is among the leading recovery centers for drug dependents. The company has earned its reputation with the accomplishment of their mission to help drug dependents recover from their current conditions. Every case is dealt with sincerity and commitment. The company can be reached through their website at http://www.drugrehabsunsetmalibu.com or through their toll free number at 1-800-332-9202.

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Drug Treatment Centers Are Supposed to be Haven Not Court

As more and more individuals are getting victimized with the effects of illegal drugs, the need for proper and effective drug treatment centers increased. This can be evidenced by merely looking at few rehabilitation centers in the US run by the government and some private organizations. Patients have increased in numbers despites the efforts of eliminating drugs on the streets.


These alarming cases of drug related concerns are serious epidemics that battered the society for years. Thus there is a need to develop new programs to keep the public aware of the effects of illegal drugs not just to dependents, but to their direct family as well. In unison with these programs, more treatment facilities should be developed and those that are already developed should be fortified.

For families with drug patients, it is strongly recommended that they immediately send their patients to drug abuse treatment centers and apply for immediate medication. But family members must also be aware of how a treatment facility operates in order to ascertain the result of such action.

On the side of drug rehabs centers, few of these institutions have become judgmental on their patients. Some of these institutions are no longer aiming towards helping drug patients recover from their conditions, but are more on operating with basic routines in order to extend the life of the center. In addition, lowly funded private or public rehabilitation centers are only capable of performing drug treatment programs that have become obsolete through the years.

Drug treatment centers should be haven to helpless drug dependents. Immediately families can provide the basic treatment such as compassion and understanding, however, these elements are not enough to treat patients. What they need are the understanding and compassion of treatment facilities to aid them to their recovery.

Cliffside Malibu Rehabilitation center, located in California, is a medical institution like no other. They have various drug treatment programs that have been proven effective through years of practice. Each patient requires a unique set of drug rehab program and should not be joined with other programs. The uniqueness of their drug treatment programs is what separates them from the rest that are merely following standard procedures.

For guaranteed recovery, it is best to send patients to trusted medical institutions equipped with the necessary facilities and staff. Always remember that sending patients to drug treatment centers is the first step to their recovery. So be sure to only send patients to the right center that can provide the care and understanding that they need. No matter what these patients have gone through in the past, they are still humans that need some affection and understanding.

About the Company: Cliffside Malibu Rehabilitation facility has been providing drug treatment programs to patients with various types of addictions. The facility is headed by Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Georgina Smith as the Project Director. They can be reached through their dedicated hotline at 1-800-501-1988 or through their website at http://www.cliffsidemalibu.com/. Concerns can be addressed 24/7 and friendly staff are waiting to respond to your inquiries at the soonest possible time.

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Cliffside Malibu Rehabilitation Center Intensifies Alcohol Treatment Program

Alcohol and drug related cases have increased drastically for years that triggered the attention of the public to respond to this concern. Drunk driving has been considered the number one killer in most road accidents not just in the US, but also in other regions of the globe. Few of these accidents have resulted to multiple deaths and damages not just of the driver, but including innocent lives.


To make things worst, TV commercials and movies have intensified their campaign towards the sales of alcoholic products making the battle against alcoholism futile. It is a norm in modern day entertainment that casts of movies and films get drunk that will eventually result to the performance of few unethical behaviors idolized by the public and polluting the minds of immature audiences.

In response to these alarming cases, some private organizations and sectors of the government are pushing their campaign to rehabilitate alcohol and drug dependents by convincing immediate families of dependents to send their patients to alcohol treatment centers for medication. Cliffside Malibu Rehabilitation is extending its hands on this campaign through its continued support for alcohol rehabilitation with its facilities and expert personnel.

Once a person becomes alcoholic, the body then defies any effects of alcohol. Too much alcohol in the body can alter not just a person’s internal function such as metabolism, heart rate and blood flow, but can also adversely affect the brains functions. As more and more alcohol is driven into a person’s body, patients will require more dosage of alcoholic beverages to satisfy their craving for alcohol. Thus this early signs of future complex condition needs immediate alcohol treatment.

Alcohol rehabilitation is a delicate procedure that can renew the life of a dependent. Procedures involved during the treatment are designed to gradually keep patients from alcohol addiction. Detoxification and other crucial medical and psychological therapies are done on patients for their immediate recovery.

Cliffside Malibu Rehabilitation facility located in California is committed to bring back a renewed life to patients willing to undergo addiction recovery procedures. Through their extensive efforts in helping patients recover, the organization has received several recognitions for their excellence. The institution is a high class alcohol treatment center that focuses on patient recovery.

Family members of dependents can rest assured that their patients are taken cared of when inside the perimeters of the facility. With their trained and professional staff, the facility is all geared to perform at its best in helping patience recover. Start helping a dependent today, by sending them to the right treatment facility.

About the Company:

Cliffside Malibu Rehabilitation facility has been providing drug and alcohol treatment programs to patients with various types of addictions. The facility is headed by Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Georgina Smith as the Project Director. They can be reached through their dedicated hotline at 1-800-501-1988 or through their website at http://www.cliffsidemalibu.com/. Concerns can be addressed 24/7 and friendly staff are waiting to respond to your inquiries at the soonest possible time.

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Sunset Malibu Alcohol Rehabilitation Center – Living A Natural Life Again

Alcohol rehabilitation is a journey towards true healing. Generally, alcoholism is a ravaging sickness because it deprives its prey of their pride and their capability of recovering. Hence, alcohol rehabilitation is very necessary for alcohol addicts. Alcohol treatment is not simple; however, provided they have the willingness to fight their obsession within, they will find and live a life free f r o m alcohol usage.


Speaking of alcohol rehabilitation, you should select a popular center known to be well-organized and is very much committed to facilitating individuals conquer their dependence on alcohol. One highly recommended institution that helps patients beat alcohol addiction is Sunset Malibu. Sunset Malibu, being one of the most prestige alcohol rehab centers available in all areas in the west coast, has the best alcohol treatment procedures to fight against the evil of alcoholism.

It has been observed that patients in Sunset Malibu who are in need of alcohol rehab are taken care of individually and not as a group. Once a person realizes that he needs help to fight against the call of alcohol and joins Sunset Malibu, he has taken his first step to a journey of true healing. As a matter of fact, to admit that one is obsessed to alcohol is a very difficult decision to make for most patients.

It is an advantage for patients because there are several experts and professional who will discuss with the patient f r o m the start until a rationalized end of the addiction. We all know that alcohol addiction can not be overcome in just a short limited time and Sunset Malibu is sensitive enough to the extent that the institution considers that fighting against alcoholism has to be a lifetime process. You can visit www.drugrehabsunsetmalibu.com to talk to specialized individuals for alcohol rehab consultation and take a step to a new life free f r o m alcohol.

There is no need for patients to feel anxious since Sunset Malibu employs the perfect individuals and the appropriate environment suited for alcohol rehabilitation. At Sunset Malibu, patients are being walked through the process, step-by-step, f r o m the start of the addiction to the point of beating the obsession of alcohol. The major objective of Sunset Malibu is a long term triumph in winning against alcoholism for all those patients under Sunset Malibu’s rehabilitation center.

Experts and other professionals help in the treatment of patient who experienced alcoholism because they have studied several cases of alcohol addictions. Basically, they have learned what it takes to defeat this kind of addiction through alcohol treatment procedures. We have to remember that an alcohol addict will not be able to totally defeat alcoholism without the help of these specialists.

The Sunset Malibu rehabilitation center offers different kinds of activities for a struggling alcoholic to help him relax and get rid of alcohol in his mind. Some activities that are offered are yoga, massage, acupuncture, and constant discussion with his counselor. You will learn more of these activities by visiting the site http://www.drugrehabsunsetmalibu.com/.

The institution is very much dedicated to terminate the horrible experience of alcoholic addiction. It has been documented that all counselors at Sunset Malibu are chosen due to an excellent contribution and character in the success of alcohol treatment procedure. It is an assurance that no patient at Sunset Malibu is going to leave the center without getting rid of any alcoholic feeling within him.

There is no age preference for any one who is much interested to join alcohol rehabilitation in Sunset Malibu. The center offers various treatments for any range of age not just to alcohol but to other drugs too. Absolutely, every individual who enters Sunset Malibu’s doors will be treated with the best treatment ever in terms of alcohol rehabilitation.

Sunset Malibu has the best professionals and specialists that can deal with any kind of addiction, may it be alcohol, drugs, or any pain killers. Let us give way to individuals who wish to live a natural life again free f r o m addiction.

About the Company:

Sunset Malibu drug treatment center is among the leading recovery centers for drug dependents. The company has earned its reputation with the accomplishment of their mission to help drug dependents recover f r o m their current conditions. Every case is dealt with sincerity and commitment. The company can be reached through their website at http://www.drugrehabsunsetmalibu.com or through their toll free number at 1-800-332-9202.

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Mountainside Announces Family Treatment and Education Component

Mountainside Drug Rehab in CT has announced it has expanded its drug addiction treatment offerings to include a family program component. The Mountainside Family Wellness Program will have a focus on understanding the disease of drug and alcohol abuse and how it impacts everyone in a family, constructive problem resolution and continuing care for the whole family.

Participants of the Family Wellness Program at Mountainside will learn about various family dynamics and tools that they can use build healthy family systems with someone in recovery from substance abuse. In addition, specific information regarding the family member that has entered drug and/or alcohol rehab is incorporated to ensure a lasting recovery for the client and healthy family dynamic.

A key component of the course is to help understand what behaviors are helpful, expected and harmful to a substance abuser in recovery.

“Families are the hidden victims of drug addiction, enduring enormous levels of stress and pain. They often suffer sleepless nights, deep anxiety and physical exhaustion brought on by worry and desperation. Many times family members carry the burden of a loved ones drug addiction, and it acts as a weight that prohibits them from living healthy lives.

The Family Wellness Program at Mountainside Drug Rehab is designed to help the family recover from these symptoms and become part of the solution. Having a family member in drug rehab or a treatment center for alcohol addiction can be difficult for all that are involved and can often cloud our ability to make the right decision when it comes to helping that family member in to treatment or even more importantly when they get out of treatment. When education is given, with the proper tools and follow up – successful outcomes are more likely to follow.

The goals of this program are: 

• To educate families about addiction as a disease 
• Encourage participants to examine their roles in the family system 
• To provide strategies for identifying and addressing addictive behavior 
• Understanding the disease of addiction involving drug and alcohol abuse
• Constructive problem resolution
• Continuing care for the whole family


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Drug Rehab And Alcohol Treatment Center Mountainside Has Expanded Its Drug Addiction Treatment Services To Include An Aftercare Coordinator

Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center Mountainside has expanded its drug addiction treatment services to include an Aftercare Coordinator. This addiction professional will collaboratively work with each client and their counselor and construct the most appropriate aftercare plan to ensure a lasting recovery. In addition, the Aftercare Coordinator will work with the national network of aftercare providers that Mountainside Drug Rehab regularly works with, to ensure that each client has a custom tailored aftercare plan in place to achieve a seamless continuum of care.

Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center Mountainside has expanded its drug addiction treatment services to include an Aftercare Coordinator. This addiction professional will collaboratively work with each client and their counselor and construct the most appropriate aftercare plan to ensure a lasting recovery. In addition, the Aftercare Coordinator will work with the national network of aftercare providers that Mountainside Drug Rehab regularly works with, to ensure that each client has a custom tailored aftercare plan in place to achieve a seamless continuum of care.

Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcoholism Treatment Center will be “Staying connected” to all of its discharged clients from the moment that they are discharged forward. As part of its broad and encompassing approach to drug addiction and alcoholism treatment, Mountainside is constantly improving and adding to its list of services in its quest to provide the best treatment for its clients. “This is a great and natural opportunity for us to offer our clients a full continuum of care”’ said Mountainside Drug Rehab’s executive director.

For many years providers of inpatient substance abuse treatment have advocated the benefits of longer lengths of stays for those undergoing treatment, citing that recovery rates are better for those who spend more time in treatment compared to those who stay briefly. Mountainside is hopeful that through its new treatment component it will achieve the effect of longer lengths of stays through succinct aftercare treatment planning and follow up communications. Many times people can benefit from longer treatment, however are not afforded the appropriate time away to receive the necessary treatment – it is the mission of the Aftercare Coordinator to bridge that gap and construct find a solution.

Founded in 1998, Mountainside Drug Rehab has pioneered many changes in the treatment community as part of its mission to ensure the highest quality and most effective care for its clients. To learn more about the Aftercare component at Mountainside Drug Rehab or the many other services of their Drug Rehab Program, please visit them at www.mountainside.org/drug-rehab

Or Call our admissions professionals with any questions you may have. 800-762-5433

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In Response To The Stressors That The Current Economic Crisis Has Borne On The US, Many People In Early Recovery From Drug Addiction And Alcoholism Have Exhibited A Need For More Therapeutic Support

In response to the stressors that the current economic crisis has borne on the US, many people in early recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism have exhibited a need for more therapeutic support. Mountainside Drug Rehab in Northwest Connecticut has expanded its inpatient drug relapse prevention program to include non-former clients. The scope and mission of this inpatient program adjunct is to prevent drug and alcohol relapse and to implement the missing parts required for a successful recovery from drug abuse and alcoholism.

The economic crisis that started to unwind in 2008 has resulted in many job losses, foreclosures and other financial stressors which have impacted millions of people. One subset of this population is people who are in the process of recovering from substance abusive disorders. In response to the abnormal stress levels and the acute need of varying support services for people in early recovery, Mountainside Drug and Alcohol Rehab in CT has expanded its Drug Relapse Prevention Program to include the large number of people throughout the country in desperate need of support.

The target population that has already filled up this program are people who are in recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism for periods greater than 90 days. Many recovering addicts and alcoholics need an additional layer of support and / or need some professional guidance and counsel to help build the missing pieces of a beginning recovery, and this is where the Drug Relapse Prevention Program is a great fit. Since its launch two weeks ago, there have been program participants with 90 days to more than five years of sobriety.

Founded in 1998, Mountainside Drug Rehab has been finding new and innovative ways to help the people that pass through the facility get and stay clean and sober with better than average results. The following guide is a useful framework for individuals to learn and recognize the dangers and signals of a drug and/or alcohol relapse.

When Do Relapses Occur?

Consider the following information: 

• Approximately 2/3 of all relapses for any addiction (alcohol, drugs, gambling, smoking, diets) occur within the first 90 days. 
• The reasons for relapse are the same whether the addiction is to alcohol, other drugs or gambling. 
• During the first 90 days after withdrawing from alcohol, drugs or gambling people may experience some periods of poor memory or concentration, or they may overreact to stress. This may lead to relapse. 
• The longer a person is abstinent, the better these things will get, but handling stress as it comes up is an important way to prevent relapse. Not coping with stress is a major reason for relapse.

Recognize the Danger Signals
A return to alcohol, drug use or gambling does not just happen. There is a process leading to the return. When you begin to backslide or “slip,” you go through changes that could lead to a possible relapse. Some of the danger signals might be:

• You begin to isolate yourself from others and feel bored and lonely much of the time. 
• You find yourself easily irritated and relationships become strained. 
• You doubt your ability to stay abstinent. 
• You act impulsively under stress, which causes even more stress. 
• You think you will never use alcohol, drugs or gambling again, so you don’t need a recovery program – you don’t attend support groups or counseling, and you reject offers of help. 
• You try to impose abstinence on others. 
• Your eating and sleeping patterns are disturbed and you cannot get things done. 
• You cover up your feelings of unhappiness and helplessness. 
• You frequently feel sorry for yourself. 
• You begin to think that you can handle alcohol, drugs or gambling again and it will help you feel more at ease.

There are also other danger signals. What are yours?

If you feel any of these signals or danger signs Call Mountainside Drug rehab and Alcoholism Treatment Center at 800-762-5433 Or visit its Addiction Treatment Center Website at Drug Rehab Center (www.mountainside.org/drug-rehab)

Intervention and 24 Hour Assistance Available
Contact our Admissions Department at 800-762-5433

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Innovative Drug Rehab Uses Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong And Several Other Therapeutic Disciplines To Combat Drug Addiction And Alcoholism To Build Long Lasting Recoveries

Mountainside Drug Rehab in CT maintains an aggressive approach to innovative and compassionate addiction treatment.

Long time advocate of alternative substance abuse treatment methods, Mountainside Drug Rehab has found that the use of Qigong and Yoga to be highly effective tools at combating addiction and building recoveries. Research studies have shown that extensive drug use clogs the body with toxic debris. TCH, for instance, can lodge in the tissues for years. Qigong’s active stimulation of the lymph system speeds up the detox process, helping to remove impurities from the bloodstream. “Dirty” blood is uncomfortable and often translates into “dirty thinking” which in turn can lead to relapse. Mountainside Treatment Center is always on the cutting edge of treatment methods.

Addiction to drugs diminishes our ability to manage stress and tension. For many months, if not years, after stopping drug use, the internal chemistry remains in turmoil, creating all kinds of dangerous cravings and instabilities. Mountainsides Group-therapeutic activities are invaluable as a partial remedy for these ups and downs. But Mountainsides qigong program can help speed the process of mastering our relaxation response. Qigong’s breathing style, hand movements and postures actively induce a long-lasting relaxation response and a sense of well-being. If you own your own private toolkit for “switching on” feelings of contentment and internal—almost at will—you are less likely to become victimized by your chemical imbalances. From the moment you arrive at Mountainside, you are immersed in a friendly warm environment where you begin to build up your tool kit for staying clean and sober upon leaving.

Mountainsides spiritually-oriented approaches to drug-addiction emphasize the supreme importance of cultivating the skill of “letting go” in our lives. Qigong, in its more meditative forms, is a superb vehicle for training this skill experientially. Emotionally, qigong encourages us to accept and appreciate every emotion as valid and necessary—even fear and anger. By accepting our emotions more readily, we release from them the more easily (attachment and addiction are very close relatives.) Mountainsides qigong program has been very successful and praised by residents. One resident stated that it was a much better feeling than anything she could have achieved chemically.

Mountainsides practice of yoga and naturopathy helps reduce the incidence of relapse after treatment of drug addiction. In a study conducted by the Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy (CCYRN), the non-meditative approach of yoga and naturopathy in treatment of drug addicts is more effective in detoxification as compared to the allopathic treatment. This is why Mountainside Addiction Treatment Center has incorporated yoga in to its treatment regimen.

Yoga, as well as other alternative therapies, such as meditation are all offered at Mountainside Treatment Center for alcoholism and drug addiction. Yoga has been practiced for the purpose of ending drug abuse with fair results. Many people ask how Yoga helps people quit abusing drugs. The Yogic method for ending substance abuse is very simple. Yoga gives the mind a useful daily purpose, which re-programs the practitioner. And this is why Mountainside has taken on these methods. They simply agree with our healing of the mind, body and spirit.

Drugs fill a void in the mind and body. Even though we disagree with drug abuse, it must be noted that drugs either stimulate or dull the senses. This is one of the main reasons, why someone would try drugs in the first place. Mountainsides group and individual therapies help the individual identify these voids and find other healthy ways to fill them.

Whether it is physical or mental, drug addiction is a result of habit. This habit had to be formed because the addict found the experience pleasurable. Many drug addicts feel they have nothing to live for, and they are not thinking about living for longevity. Mountainside has an educational component like no other in the industry. This innovative treatment program teaches the suffering addict or alcoholic to learn to be “OK” with themselves.

In terms of holistic health, drug addiction is the exact opposite of all forms of Yoga. Along with the other components of Mountainsides treatment modality We offer the substance abusing individual a fair chance at living a clean and sober life.

Yoga is a discipline based upon developing, and maintaining, optimum health. Serious Yoga practitioners tend to eliminate substances, which can be abused, because they do not need them.

Call our admissions professionals at 800-762-5433 or visit our website at – www.mountainside.org/drug-rehab.

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Drug addiction is a sickness that can be carried till death. If not properly cured, life is the payment, not only of the victim, but also of the people around him. Sending a patient to the right Drug Treatment Center can guarantee totally recovery

Drug trafficking is not just a problem in the US, but by every nation. In some areas these activities continue to worsen despite extensive efforts to solve to the problem. Appropriate measures are done by each government to possibly eliminate the root cause of the problem, but still these elements continue to find their ways in running their operations.

Drug addiction has been an epidemic to the society. Yearly, millions are helplessly victimized by senseless drug dealers on their intention of earning in ways not permitted by law even if that could mean wasting and ending someone’s life.

Despite the government’s efforts to stop these activities, still they continue to grow adding more and more drug dependents to their list. Drug Rehabilitation and drug treatment programs are crafted to aid dependents to fully recover from their dependency on drugs.

Drug dependents are not criminals. They are victims of the deadly games of ruthless drug dealers who do not value life. At the Cliffside Malibu Drug Treatment Center, patients are provided with the care and compassion they deserve. Patients are screened to prepare the center with the necessary treatment programs that will be most beneficial for them.

Drug Treatment at Cliffside is different from other centers all over America. The place is equipped with modern facilities to help patients recover from addiction. Staffs are welcome trained and seasoned with their job making it easy for patients to recover. The tranquility of the environment will help patients get closer to the true meaning of life giving no room for hesitation and doubt about things once patients recover from their conditions.

Youths are the most common victims of drug addiction. They form the greater number of people admitted to drug treatment programs. Because of their immaturity they become perfect prey for drug dealers. Drugs do nothing but devastate lives.

Addiction is not all about drugs. Other forms of addiction can include alcoholism that is a serious condition that can entirely ruin a person’s life by nature. To facilitate alcoholic patients, drug rehabilitation centers should be equipped with programs targeting the root cause of the problem which is the dependency of the victim to alcohol.

Cliffside Malibu offer treatment for various forms of addiction. Drug treatment programs include recovery from Cocaine addiction, Heroin addiction, Dual diagnosis, Methamphetamine addiction, Pharmaceuticals addiction, and Opiates detox. Treatment for addictions including Alcohol addiction, Gambling addiction, Eating Disorders, Porn addiction, Interventions, and Depression are also offered by the center.

What patients need is not sympathy. Instead, they need the right place for them to understand and be aware of their situations. Patients admitted to drug rehabilitation centers the soonest time have greater chances of full recovery with few treatment.

About the Company:
Cliffside Malibu Rehabilitation facility has been providing drug treatment programs to patients with various types of addictions. The facility is headed by Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Georgina Smith as the Project Director. They can be reached through their dedicated hotline at 1-800-501-1988 or through their website at cliffsidemalibu.com. Concerns can be addressed 24/7 and friendly staff are waiting to respond to your inquiries at the soonest possible time.

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