Individualized Drug Rehab Key To Success

Ask anyone in drug rehab what their biggest fear is when they enter back into society and their answer almost always is: fear of relapse.

The cost of drug use is so high, affecting far more than a persons’ finances. Substance abusers know that each time a relapse occurs, they are risking their lives.

“Drug rehab facilities are a very safe environment for drug abusers,” begins a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center . “As a matter of fact, it’s the last safe place an individual will encounter after deciding to get clean and substance abusers know this. They

know that when they re-enter society, they are going to be required to make some serious changes within their lives to insure that they stay sober. That’s why it’s so important for those within the addiction treatment field to affect change at the most effective time: and, that is during a person’s stay in drug rehab. The best way to affect this change is to make certain that a treatment plan is created that is unique to each individual and his or her circumstances and which addresses his or her individualized needs. In order to do this, proper evaluation before and during in-patient treatment is crucial. At Mountainside, our intake interview is just the beginning of the process, yet it plays one of the most important roles in recovery. At that intake interview, we are able to assess an individual’s true treatment needs as well as their relapse risk factors and develop a treatment plan that will truly address those needs on a personal level. Our evidence based research has shown us that this individualized approach to treatment is far more successful than the one size fits everyone treatment.”

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