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Bupa Health Foundation and Alzheimer’s Australia Announce UK Availability Of Brain Health App

The Bupa Health Foundation and Alzheimer’s Australia have announced the UK launch of a world-first brain health app, the latest digital tool to help in the fight against dementia.

Based on latest research that links brain health and a reduced risk of dementia, to a healthy heart and cardiovascular system, ‘BrainyApp’ is the first dementia risk reduction iPhone app designed to help people monitor and improve their brain-heart health.

The new app, which was designed by Alzheimer’s Australia and Bupa Health Foundation, has already knocked Facebook off the number one spot in the Australia and New Zealand Top Free Apps list and has clocked up more than 130,000 downloads down under.

Now available to people in the UK, ‘BrainyApp’ helps users monitor and improve the physical, mental, dietary and social aspects of their lifestyle.

There are currently 750,000 people living with dementia in the UK and this is predicted to rise to over a million by 2021. Delaying the onset of dementia by just five years would reduce deaths directly attributable to dementia by 30,000 a year.

Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive, Alzheimer’s Society, said: “Most people know how to reduce their risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke but they don’t realise that the same healthy lifestyle choices may also lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s diseaseand other kinds of dementia. The idea is that what is good for the heart is also good for the brain.”

‘BrainyApp’ allows users to take a brain-heart health survey about their diet, exercise patterns and lifestyle. It then provides suggestions and ideas about how to make improvements to each. It also includes all-new brain games, and encourages users to build brain-heart points by staying physically and mentally active, socialising with friends and family, and sharing their progress on Facebook.

One of the brain games – ‘Word Tennis’ – requires players to unscramble anagrams in order to move a paddle and hit a ball back to their opponent.

Director of dementia care for Bupa Care Services, Dr Graham Stokes, said: “There is evidence to show that keeping the mind exercised can stave off the onset of dementia but ‘BrainyApp’ highlights that good physical health also has a part to play. Best of all it’s good fun.”

‘BrainyApp’ is available as a free download for users of iPhone, iPod and iPad devices from the App Store. There are plans to develop an Android version in early 2012.

More information about BrainyApp is available at www.bupa.co.uk/brainy-app.

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Bupa Care Homes Roll Out the Red Carpet for Cannes Film Festival

Bupa care homes residents across the UK rolled out the red carpet as they added a local twist to the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

Altogether over 250 care homes, including dementia care homes, transformed rooms into in-house movie theatres and showed classic films, with staff dressing up as famous film stars, such as Charlie Chaplin, and ushers to bring the festival to life. Care home residents were also served popcorn and ice cream during the film intervals. The homes were also joined by entertainers to serenade the residents with their favourite show tunes.

Each home was provided with a selection of iconic movie star photographs in order to set the scene.

Penny Leng, Bupa Care Homes’ national activities manager, said: “Our residential and care home staff really went the extra mile to recreate the cinema experience so residents had the chance to feel part of the action.

“It was a fantastic way to appreciate the glitz and glamour of the Cannes Film Festival, as well as offering a great opportunity for our residents to reminisce and talk about their favourite legends of the silver screen.

“Many of our residents remember the bygone era of when going to the cinema was a really thrilling experience, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed bringing that sense of excitement to life in our homes.”

This year marked the 64th Cannes Film Festival, which took place from 11-22 May. Known as the world’s oldest and most esteemed showcase for European films, movie stars and producers flock to the festival each year to launch their new films.

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Bupa Awards Free Places in Bupa Junior Great Manchester Run

Bupa awarded ten free places in the Bupa Junior Great Manchester Run to pupils from Moorgate Primary School in Bolton, Lancashire.

Ten pupils from the school, situated in close proximity to Bupa’s Mill View Residential and Nursing Home and Nursing Home were offered the chance to tackle the 2.5km course for free.

Bupa awarded the ten free running places to the school, to encourage the children to exercise, after members of staff from the Bupa residential and nursing home delivered Activ-eat, Bupa’s initiative which teaches children the benefits of healthy eating through fun and memorable activities.

The school gratefully snapped up the free places and all funds raised were donated to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.

This year Bupa also offered free running places to the relatives of all its care home residents. In addition, four staff members from Bupa Care Services took part as runners and one as a volunteer.

Sue Kilby, activity coordinator at Bupa’s Mill View Residential and Nursing Home, said: “We have been delivering Activ-eat to the children from Moorgate Primary School for some time and they are always excited about getting involved and learning more about healthy eating. I am so pleased that the children decided to take part in the Bupa Junior Great Manchester Run, and they all did brilliantly on the day.”

Siobhan Drane, Bupa’s community affairs consultant, commented: “As a healthcare company, Bupa is keen to help tackle the issue of child obesity and promote nutrition and exercise. I am delighted that the children at Moorgate wanted to get involved in the run, and it is a great addition to the lessons learnt on our Activ-eat programme.”

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Bupa Care Homes ‘Grow Their Own’ For Community Initiative

Bupa care homes’ residents have their watering cans at the ready as they prepare to ‘grow their own’ for ‘Community Crops’.

‘Community Crops’ is a Bupa care homes initiative which promotes the health benefits associated with gardening and growing your own fruit and veg.

The project is being supported by young people involved with The Prince’s Trust, who are linking up with Bupa homes, including nursing care homes, across the UK to help sow and grow the crops.

Residents have also been inviting local schools and community groups to lend a hand with planting and start their own vegetable plots.

Caroline Davy, Bupa’s community affairs assistant, said: “This is a great way for our residents to appreciate the fresh air, stay active and get a real sense of achievement by tending to the crops and watching them grow.

“For our residents who were keen gardeners before they joined us, ‘Community Crops’ offers a great opportunity to get back involved, but it also helps minds as well as bodies. Particularly for our residents receiving dementia care, sharing stories about ‘dig for victory’ and the tradition of growing your own are excellent memory triggers to aid connections with the past.”

Helen Thurston, from The Prince’s Trust added: “‘The Community Crops’ campaign is a fantastic project which provides our Prince’s Trust XL club members with the opportunity to get involved with their local community. It enables young people to engage in a positive way with a different generation and learn about the importance of healthy eating.”

Altogether, the Community Crops campaign has taken root in gardens and greenhouses in over 300 care homes across the UK.

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Bupa Care Homes Hold Communi-tea Week Celebrations

Bupa has held Communi-tea Week events in its care homes to help tackle loneliness in older people.

Residents of Bupa care homes throughout the UK have brewed up some community spirit by inviting older people to join them for a friendly cup of tea.

Altogether, over 300 care homes, including residential care and nursing care homes, hosted special afternoon tea parties to mark Communi-tea Week, a nationwide campaign which aimed to use tea-related social activities to help tackle the problems of isolation and loneliness in older people.

Worrying statistics demonstrate the size of the isolation problem in the UK, with over 1 million (11%) of people aged 65 or over saying they are always or often feel lonely. Nearly half of all older people believe that the television is their main form of company and 17% of older people have less than weekly contact with family, friends and neighbours*.

Siobhan Drane, Bupa’s community affairs manager, deemed the week a great success:
“Communi-tea Week is a great way of highlighting the support networks that are available in local communities, as well as raising awareness of the serious issues facing older people today. Everyone put on the kettle and contacted someone they thought may need their spirits lifting – a cup of tea is the perfect way to reach out and make a difference.”

As well as organising tea-related social events, from tea-tasting sessions to tea dances, Bupa care homes urged others to help by inviting older people living on their own to join them for a cuppa, whether it be a neighbour or friend.

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Bupa Announces Results of Customer Satisfaction Survey

Bupa has announced the results of this year’s Bupa Care Services Customer Satisfaction Survey.

74% of Bupa care home residents rate the overall standard of care at their Bupa care homes ‘excellent’ and/or ‘very good’. The results came from the annual independent survey of residents and relatives which has been running for 12 years.

This is the eighth consecutive year the overall customer satisfaction score has risen.

In addition to this 94% of residents rated Bupa’s quality of nursing care and other care as excellent or very good, 91% of residents rated Bupa’s staff as excellent or very good for being treated as individuals and 91% of residents rated Bupa’s staff as understanding the residents needs as excellent or very good.

Oliver Thomas, director of Bupa’s UK Care Homes, said: “Residents and their families are in the best position to judge our care and I am delighted to see such a positive response from them.

“Our overall customer satisfaction score has risen for eight consecutive years since the introduction of our Personal Best development programme, which encourages staff to recognise the individuals we care for and to go that extra mile.

“This is a tribute to all our committed care home staff and the excellent care that they provide. Their efforts are clearly being acknowledged by residents.”

The Bupa Care Services Customer Satisfaction Survey is commissioned annually and carried out independently by Deighton Consultants.

All residents at Bupa care homes are offered the opportunity to fill in a questionnaire each year, which allows them to feedback and comment on their overall care, staff, the buildings and grounds, their room, being treated as an individual, communal rooms, the food and their activities. Relatives of residents with dementia are also offered the opportunity to feedback on these aspects including dementia care.

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