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Brace Yourself For Royal Heir’s New Secret

Prince William has given away the secret behind his royal smile. The 26-year-old heir to the throne is leading a trend for adults having invisible braces fitted. William gave away his secret as he laughed and joked with children at the headquarters of JCB in Rocester, Staffordshire.

The second in line to the thrown originally underwent treatment costing £3,000 when he was 14 which went unnoticed even by the spying paparazzi.

It was later confirmed that he received further treatment 10 years ago on the advice of an orthodontist. It is believed the prince had the work done privately costing around £2,000.

Clarence House said: “Prince William has used a permanent support for his bottom teeth for 10 years.”

In 2007 a total of 1,164 British adults had braces fitted which was an astonishing 345% increase on the previous year. Three out of four of which were women.

Britons spent £350million on cosmetic dentistry with many parents seeking treatment at the same time as their children. The Hospital Group, one of the UK’s leading cosmetic dentistry providers, perform a wide range of procedures in its specialist clinics located throughout the UK.

In 2008, The Hospital Group saw a 62% increase in the number of NuSmile Clear Braces fitted.

The NuSmile dentistry treatment centres at The Hospital Group perform over 200 procedures a year, including teeth whitening, pain-free veneers that require no drilling of your natural teeth, invisible braces, white fillings and porcelain crowns.

Since The Hospital Group was established in 1992, it has grown from a small pharmaceutical company to one of the UK’s foremost cosmetic surgery providers. The Group is committed to providing the very highest standards and all procedures are performed by an expert medical team in state-of-the-art facilities that are second to none.

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Free Virtual Smile Makeover and Analysis online

A Smile Makeover is a complete transformation of your smile. Dull, discolored teeth can be whitened. Crooked, gapped or overlapping teeth can be corrected by veneers. Missing teeth can be replaced. Chipped teeth can be repaired. Protruding gums can be recontoured. If you have any outdated metal fillings, they can be removed and replaced with natural looking porcelain or composite resin. The results are dramatic and can usually be accomplished in two visits. 

Your smile is an important part of making your best first impression. Missing, crooked, chipped, or stained teeth can distract from an otherwise pleasing look. Besides theirflaws in appearance, missing or chipped teeth can lead to a misaligned bite, problems with speaking or chewing, and jaw joint or TMJ disorders. If you have been looking for a cosmetic dentist who specializes in extreme smile makeovers, look no further. Dr. Nelly Silva believes that improving ones smile leads to a change of overall appearance and self confidence. The difference can be life changing. They take pride in their ability to transform average smiles into dazzling smiles and take a comprehensive approach to smile makeover procedures at Advanced Dentistry of Collegeville , their Collegeville, Trappe, Phoenixville area practice. When making a decision about how to proceed with cosmetic dental treatment, it is important to know not all dental offices are the same. Anyone can claim to be a cosmetic dentist, even a doctor with no training or experience. Dr. Nelly Silva’s professional affiliations include the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American Dental Association, the Academy of General DentistryDOCS (Sedation), American Academy of Dental Sleep MedicineInternational College of Craniomandibular Orthopaedics and membership in the Cosmetic Consortium in Philadelphia. In addition to this Dr. Silva has extensive training from the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, the country’s premier post-graduate training center for Cosmetic and TMJ Dentistry. Schedule a complimentary smile evaluation and see the difference for yourself!

Virtual Smile Makeover Online: 
Potential patients are encouraged to visit us online at www.Cosmetic-Dentist-PA.comto request their virtual smile makeover and analysis kit. After submitting their contact information they will be able to undergo a virtual smile makeover in which they will be instructed on how to submit a photo and request to our system. The potential patient will then receive a custom virtual smile makeover that will include a before and after photo of how they could enhance their smile cosmetically along with some information from Dr. Nelly Silva that will be specific to their needs.

Smile Makeover Treatments and Procedures: 
We use the most advanced cosmetic dental technology and techniques to achieve the finest smile makeover results. We take pride in the countless beautiful smiles we have created through high-quality cosmetic and restorative dental procedures such as Invisalign®, porcelain veneers and crowns, Zoom!® Advanced Power™ teeth whitening, laser gum recontouring, bonding, and more. Our patients have been consistently pleased with the way their smile makeovers have dramatically altered their appearance, boosted their confidence, and changed their lives.

The Smile Makeover Consultation: 
During a smile makeover consultation, Dr. Nelly Silva will assess your teeth to determine which treatment options would best suit your unique dental needs. They will go to great lengths to ensure that you are completely comfortable and satisfied with your smile makeover. The result is an exquisite, natural-looking smile that you can be proud to show off. Get the smile you have always wanted, today.

To book a Smile Makeover Consultation appointment with Dr. Nelly Silva of Advanced Dentistry of Collegeville ( Collegeville , PA ) – Please visit us online at www.cosmetic-dentist-pa.com or call us at (610) 616-5646.

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