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Psych Your Diet: A Daily Dose – The Handy Advice Manuals For Women To Use Every Day

Introducing a three-volume set of books about how to use psychology for weight-loss success. Together, the three volumes give women the help they need with the whole process of losing weight: how to START, how to STICK TO IT, how to KEEP IT OFF.

Dr. Kenneth Schwarz is a psychologist practicing in Connecticut, where he is on the allied health staff at Sharon Hospital. Julie North Schwarz is a writer in the field of women’s weight issues.

Also by the authors: Breaking Up With Food: Maria’s Last Diet, and Diet Tuffy: The Online System for Diet Mastery. They publish the Daily Blog at MariasLastDiet.com.

Product Details
Titles: Psych Your Diet: A Daily Dose
Volume 1. Psych Yourself to START
Volume 2. Psych Yourself to STICK TO IT
Volume 3. Psych Yourself to KEEP IT OFF
Release date: December 30, 2010
In paperback and multi-format e-book
Publisher: Symmetry Press LLC
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Apple, other online retailers, and at nearby bookstores.

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Dieting Gets a Makeover

It is time to shine a light on what makes the difference for successful dieting. It is not the diet that matters most. What really counts is paying attention to the psychological side of things.

The new look of dieting is painted into a novel of passionate weight loss called Breaking Up With Food: Maria’s Last Diet. The authors, Julie North Schwarz and Kenneth Schwarz PhD are also the creators of the women’s website, MariasLastDiet.com. The website is a wealth of information about the psychological issues that all too often stand in the way of weight loss.

Breaking Up With Food is a self-help book that pulls the reader deep into a psychological milieu. Maria’s weight-loss journey is a story of suspense, mystery, daring, and victory. It begins with an unintended look in the mirror, and ends in triumph when Maria reaches her goal weight at last.

Breaking Up With Food is fiction, but there’s a real story behind it. It’s a story for any woman who has trouble dieting. It’s for those who can’t stay on a diet; it’s for those who stay on but at some point gain it all back. It’s for those who keep trying and failing; it’s for those who keep dreaming about losing weight; it’s for those who have given up the dream and want it back.

Dr. Schwarz, a psychologist and psychoanalyst, puts it this way: “ This book is meant to inspire and encourage every woman who is still struggling with her weight. It is not, by any means, a rigid set of rules. Instead, reading the book is an uplifting experience. It’s like when you pick a flower, you don’t need to stop and think, this is the stamen, these are the petals, this is the reaction with the sun that makes it this color—no. You pick the flower, it’s beautiful, it gets inside of you, it makes a difference in your life. That’s what Maria’s story is like.”

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LighterLife Relaunches Magazine In A New Smaller Handbag Size

LighterLife has relaunched its LighterLife magazine with a new look and improved content to offer readers added inspiration and understanding of just what LighterLife offers. The new feel and design of the magazine has been created with the help of publishing house, Specialist Publications.

The re-launch sees the weight loss magazine take on a new, clean direction. The size of the publication has moved from A4 to a smaller handbag size, making it more user friendly. The magazine also features more LighterLife clients than ever before, whether it’s at the beginning, middle or end of their weight-loss journey. Niki Webb, Specialist CEO said, “The relaunch gave us an opportunity to refresh the magazine from a photographic, design and content perspective. The new magazine is stylish and confident. The team at Specialist are very passionate about the LighterLife brand. The fact that thousands of people have battled obesity and are now managing their weight after following LighterLife is truly inspirational and something worth shouting about.”

The LighterLife magazine is now available exclusively through on-line subscriptions or via LighterLife counsellors and the new format sees the publication become available on a quarterly basis.

The decision to remove the magazine from the news stand provided the opportunity to make the magazine more specific to the LighterLife clients, whilst more care has been taken over the wording and language used, ensuring new clients and other audiences who might read the magazine will not be alienated but engaged in the content, and have an understanding of LighterLife.

Heather Butcher, LighterLife PR & Communications Manager commented “The new magazine will include further in-depth articles about our clients really exploring why they put on weight and how they found their individual LighterLife Journey. In the past the magazine concentrated on fantastic weight-loss to enable it to jump off the retailer’s shelves and into shopping baskets.”

The new look issue is on sale from 22nd March and features a wide spectrum of weight-loss stories, tips and advice on dealing with difficult situations that may arise while losing weight, along with information that may be useful to family members who want a better understanding of LighterLife. For potential clients these features and stories are design to prompt and answer any questions people may have before embarking on LighterLife Total or LighterLife Lite.

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LighterLife Magazine Hits The Shelves

LighterLife announces the release of the Winter issue of its LighterLife magazine, packed with inspirational features to help dieters start 2010 with a bang.

Featuring real stories and real clients who have lost weight with LighterLife and no airbrushing in sight, the new issue also features stylish fashion trends, practical advice about how to have fun and learn to say no when socialising, discusses some of the serious reasons behind overeating and also offers some saucy insight into sexual fantasies.

Readers can take inspiration from the LighterLife weight loss success stories featured in this issue, including Julia Smith who now weighs less than she did when she was 11 years old. Julia is literally half the woman she was and since losing weight has had the confidence to strut her stuff on the front cover. Julia had been overweight since her childhood and had been trapped in a cycle of dieting and putting weight back on until she found LighterLife. After losing 12 stone, Julia is living life to the full and learning how to ride a bike for the first time.

Sally Dicken, Fiona Goodman and Karen Khalfallah talk about how serious medical problems encouraged them to tackle their food issues and go on to lose over 12 stone between them. Sally writes about how getting to a healthy weight has been life changing for her, Fiona discusses how she has much more energy and gone on to meet a new partner after losing weight and Karen talks about two very different company medicals just one year apart.

In addition to providing features and inspiring weight-loss stories, LighterLife worked with Nina Grunfield, author of The Big Book of Me and The Life Book to put together a 16-page workbook of life-transforming tests, quizzes, analysis and advice to help LighterLife Magazine readers work out their own personal plans for 2010.

About LighterLife
LighterLife is a industry leader in weight management, with an established, highly successful approach to significant weight loss and lifetime weight management. Since 1996 LighterLife has helped over 150,000 people all over the UK and Ireland lose weight and keep it off.

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LighterLife Clients Lose More Than 80,000 Stone In 2009

LighterLife – industry leader in weight loss and weight management – has revealed it has helped people in the UK and Ireland shed more than 80,000 stone in just one year.

It would have been hard to have made it through 2009 without hearing about the growing obesity crisis in the UK, however, up and down the country, LighterLife clients have lost an amazing 80,669 stone – equivalent to the weight of 51 London buses. From all walks of life, clients who have lost weight have said that LighterLife has changed their lives for the better.

With 2010 just around the corner LighterLife is planning to show even more people how they can lose weight and turn their lives around in the New Year. In just 12 months LighterLife clients have changed their lives beyond recognition and have gone from struggling to walk or run to taking part in cycle rides, running the marathon, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, taking up dance classes, holidaying abroad for the first time, changing careers or simply just playing with their children.

Sara Jamison, CEO LighterLife commented: “We are delighted that this year, like the last 13 years, we have been able to help so many people lose weight, maintain their weight loss and lead healthier and happier lives. Every day we hear about so many inspirational weight loss success stories from clients who have a new lease of life after losing weight with LighterLife. All of our clients have their own unique weight-loss journey whether they have 3 stone or 15 stone to lose. We are looking forward to 2010 and offering even more people who are struggling with their weight a real and lasting solution.”

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LighterLife Launches Listen And Learn Podcast Service

LighterLife, the industry leading weight loss and weight-management company, has released the first of a series of monthly podcasts, designed to help people learn how to live healthier, lighter lives.

Titled ‘Inside LighterLife’, this is the place to listen to tips, advice and features on how to lose weight quickly and safely, as well as interviews with health experts, LighterLife Weight-Management Counsellors and real-life people who have struggled with their weight.

Unscripted, conversational and honest – like a morning TV chat show on the run – the first podcast sees host Susan Spence, a multi-skilled presenter who can also be heard on LBC, Radio Five Live and the Steve Allen Show chatting to Dr Hilary Jones about some pressing weight-related medical questions, talking to LighterLife Weight-Management Counsellor Lindsey Thompson-Wright from Loughton, Essex about the stories behind the weight loss of some of her clients and meeting with Rachel Drago, an inspirational client who tells why she believes LighterLife literally saved her life.

Rachel Drago hit the headlines a few months ago after losing five stone with LighterLife and losing 10 inches of fat off her breasts allowed her to discover a lump in her breast that was subsequently diagnosed as breast cancer. Plus listeners will be able to hear how 12 overweight men’s 52 stone weight loss with LighterLife gave them the confidence to strip naked and bare all to raise money for The Prostate Cancer Charity.

Upcoming episodes of the new weight loss podcast, Inside LighterLife, will include further expert advice from Psychotherapist Annie Wilson who will discuss some of the psychological reasons behind overeating, more inspirational weight-loss stories and advice and encouragement for overweight and obese people to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Available to download free from iTunes, podcast directories and the LighterLife website, Inside LighterLife gives clients the opportunity to listen to and identify with the experiences of others on the programme. For many clients it will offer a motivational boost and for others it will provide the support they need when they are having a weak moment.

As well as allowing clients to listen and learn more about LighterLife, Inside LighterLife also offers potential clients an inside look into a programme that has helped 150,000 people lose weight and keep it off.

Sara Jamison, CEO, LighterLife commented: “Inside LighterLife is another fantastic additional service that we are offering to both LighterLife clients and all those people out there who have struggled with their weight or who are losing weight using other methods. Listeners will be able to learn more about LighterLife from the people who have actually lived, breathed and succeeded on it, have their questions answered by the experts and listen to tips and advice that will help them live lighter, happier lives and we can’t wait to hear the feedback.”

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LighterLife Has Produced A Brand New Calendar To Help Raise Money For The Prostate Cancer Charity

LighterLife has produced a brand new calendar to help raise money for the Prostate Cancer Charity. The calendar features 12 men who have lost weight with LighterLife baring all for the cameras.

These brave men, from various walks of life had a variety of personal reasons for losing weight which ranged from being able to keep up their kids and reducing the risk of bad health, through to wanting to apply to become a fireman. What brought these men together was that they all had the same goal; to lose weight with LighterLife. With their lives changed for the better, they stripped down to not only celebrate their amazing weight loss, but to also raise money and awareness for a charity close to their hearts.

Lee, who posed for the month of January, lost six stone and is now running rings around his young football team. Gary, otherwise known as Mr. February, is six stone lighter and no longer lags behind the rest of his walking group. Lee, or Mr. March, has lost the five stone he put on after being diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Mark, who can be seen in the calendar in April, has a new lease on life and can keep up with his kids after losing four stone. Mike, or Mr. May, is no longer clinically obese and since losing just under three stone, is a faster and more confident water polo player. Five stone lighter, Nuno, or Mr. June, now has the confidence and the BMI to apply for his dream job as a fireman.

Former yo-yo dieter Phil, who posed for July, lost three stone which has given him the confidence to do what he loves – DJ’ing. Steven, or Mr. August, can now enjoy a full game of football without feeling tired and Rod, who features in September, is now training for a triathalon to help maintain his five stone weight loss.

LighterLife weight-management Counsellor Gina Lennon, who coordinated the men during the calendar photo shoot, said: “I’m delighted to have been involved in this project. There has been a great deal of interest and this has definitely put the fun back into fundraising. The calendar boys have achieved so much – losing such large amounts of weight, maintaining their weight loss, overcoming fears about their body image and baring all to raise money for a very worthwhile charity.”

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Slimband Offers Toronto Weight Loss Surgery Options To Prolong Life

Achieving a manageable weight is not an easy endeavor for all. However, it is imperative to a happy and healthy life. Slimband, a revolutionary way of achieving this manageable weight, is a new approach to bariatric surgery. This method helps you to not only lose weight, but to keep the weight off. This manageable solution will help anyone who has struggled with long-term weight control in the past.

Losing weight for most people isn’t the problem, but staying motivated to keep it off. A goal weight is met, and the pounds start to pile back on. In fact, various studies have concluded that 95% of people who lose weight put the weight back on in 2-3 years. That number is astonishing but toronto weight loss surgery with the use of Slimband is the answer. For those who have experienced this experience, Slimband can provide an alternative to starting the weight loss journey all over again.

Slimband involves no diets and gives the individual an increased energy level, which helps them to burn calories more readily. From an increased self-confidence to improved physical appearance and a sustainable weight loss method, Slimband has a high success rate for those choosing to embark on bariatric surgery. With an, “Eat what you want” mentality with an internal portion control system, Slimband lowers the risk of weight-related health issues for a patient’s future.

What exactly is Slimband and what would happen if I choose to embark on Toronto weight loss surgery? Slimband is an adjustable and reversible process that includes the attachment of a band to the top of one’s stomach. This forms a small gastric pouch which reduces the food intake abilities a person can hold. A port is placed under the skin and medical staff can adjust the amount of solution that goes into the band to tighten or loosen it depending on the weight loss process and the weight loss goals involved.

Ultimately, the Slimband process includes two steps. First, the surgical implantation of the band and then a 4 year follow up plan that includes nutrition counseling, professional fitness programs and fill adjustments depending on the results and/or needs of the particular bariatric surgery patient.

While weight loss can be a great change for someone’s lifestyle, it also significantly prolongs someone’s life, for the risk of heart disease; type II diabetes and high cholesterol are lowered as excess weight decreases.

For someone interested in Slimband and Toronto Weight Loss Surgery, they should be prepared to ask their potential surgeon several questions before agreeing to Bariatric surgery. Some of these questions include:

# Who in fact will be doing this surgery?
# What are the qualifications they have to do this procedure?
# What is the cost for consultation with this surgeon?
# What is the cost for Slimband / Toronto Weight loss surgery?
# Are there any complications I should be aware of?

After deciding whether Slimband is for you, a consultation will occur with a professional bariatric surgeon who is experienced in Slimband. From there, your options will be provided to you as well as any questions answered that you need before deciding to finalize your plan for Toronto Weight Loss Surgery.

For more information on toronto weight loss surgery or Bariatric Surgery, visit slimband.com or call 416-482-2988 or toll-free 1-800-308-5458. The Slimband method will change your life forever. What are you waiting for? Log on today!

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Expert Reveals Simple Secrets To Lifelong Weight Loss

You can finally lose weight and keep it off forever… just by thinking like a fit person. That’s the promise of a new book, Die Fat or Get Tough: The 101 Differences in Thinking Between Fat People and Fit People by Steve Siebold. It’s a new approach to helping two thirds of Americans who are overweight or obese.

“It’s about learning and using mental toughness to stick to a diet and exercise program,” says Siebold, an internationally recognized mental toughness expert who lives in North Georgia and South Florida. “It’s so simple that anyone can use mental toughness. This will be the last book you’ll ever need to read on weight loss.”

The author was recently a “fat tub of lard with a large pot belly.” The information in the book helped him lose 40 pounds in 12 weeks, and he hasn’t had a problem since.

Here is a question and answer session with Steve Siebold:

What is the book about?

“It’s not about the fact that diets don’t work or getting fat wasn’t your fault. Of course, it was your fault. Someone wasn’t stuffing pizzas and doughnuts down your throat. You did. It’s not all about diet or weight loss or exercise.

“It’s about learning and using mental toughness to stick to a diet or exercise program. It’s about thinking – consciousness. Mental toughness is about taking mental and emotion control of your life, and it begins with self-discovery. But mental toughness can get you thin and healthy.”

What do you mean by the title, Die Fat or Get Tough?

“Overweight people have only two options in life. Die fat or get tough! Two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, says the federal government, and the number is increasing rapidly. This is a giant health problem.”

So is mental toughness the secret to losing weight?

“Yes. Dieting is not easy, but it is simple. Just pick a world-class diet and exercise program and develop the mental toughness to stick to it. It’s the only effective way to shed unwanted pounds. You can develop mental toughness by understanding the 101 differences in thinking between fat and fit people explained in the book.”

What’s so different about this book?

“There’s a million diet books out there. But this book is a new approach to losing weight and getting fit that is so simple that anyone can use it. And it will be the last book you ever need to read on weight loss. You’ll think about being fat like you never have before. That’s why I believe my book is so unique and effective.

“It’s really hard-hitting. It will eliminate every excuse you’ve ever made for being fat. It will force you to see yourself as others see you. You will learn that getting fat is really your fault – completely your fault. And it will help you emerge victorious over your weight problem. You will begin to believe you can do anything – that you can live a long, healthy life, filled with boundless energy and super self confidence.”

Who is the book written for?

“If you are 10 or more pounds overweight and ready to get fit, this book can be the answer. It’s for anyone who really wants to lose weight, wants to get tough, do it and solve it for once so it never comes back. I’m not talking about some fad diet where you lose some weight and gain it back. I’m talking about wiping out all excuses and solving your weight problem once and for all.

“The people who really work hard at controlling their weight have a mindset – it’s mental toughness. And you can adapt this mindset and understand how fat people think versus how fit people think. If you catch yourself thinking like a fat person, you’ll know how to change it to a fit person’s thinking.

Why did you write this book?

“I wrote it to shock people out of the psychological delusion that keeps them fat, sick, and unhappy…and into reality about what it takes to get fit forever. People are suffering needlessly, getting sick and dying too young because they’re fat. This book has the power to change that, if the reader is tough enough to grow up and accept objective reality.”

How did you gather the information in the book?

“I did five years of research and interviewed hundreds of fat and fit people across the United States and dissected their core beliefs and philosophies around diet and exercise. What I found were fit people have completely different beliefs and philosophies in this area, and these beliefs and philosophies drove their eating and exercise habits. The differences in thinking are so extreme I decided to write a book about it.”

I understand that the book has been called “disturbing.”

“One of my colleagues called my book a disturbing masterpiece. This book will shock you. It will grab you by the throat and not let you go. I’ve had people tell me they get mad at the book, toss it aside for a while and then pick it back up. I’m known for being direct, but this book is borderline offensive. People all over the world say they are shocked with the approach or offended but couldn’t disagree with anything I wrote.”

What is your background?

“I am an internationally recognized expert in mental toughness, and I once was a fat slob! I train sales management teams of Fortune 500 companies, address some 60 live audiences a year and rank among the top 1% of income earners among professional speakers worldwide. I have written two books on mental toughness. The late Bill Gove, the father of public speaking, and I formed the Gove-Siebold Group, based in Boynton Beach, Florida. I co-starred in the movie “Beyond the Secret”, which is to be released June 23, 2009.

“I live in South Florida and in the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area with my wife Dawn, a dog and two sugar gliders.”

How can someone get this book and your other books?

You now can get five chapters of the eBook for free at www.diefatbook.com. The print soft cover edition of Die Fat or Get Tough is scheduled for release in mid-July 2009. You can order copies in advance at www.diefatbook.com, starting about mid-June.

More at http://www.mentaltoughnessblog.com and www.diefatbook.com

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