The Hospital Group Reports A Significant Increase In Ear Reshaping Surgeries

The Hospital Group has reported that they have seen a 21% increase in women having an otoplasty (ear reshaping) procedure over the past 3 years.

Otoplasty, or, ear correction, is a popular procedure amongst both men and women of all ages. Ears that protrude or appear overly large can often cause great emotional distress, which is why ear correction is one of our most common cosmetic procedures.

A spokesperson for The Hospital Group, said: “We have seen an increase in almost all cosmetic surgery procedures in women, and otoplasty is no exception. This procedure that can definitely improve a person’s self confidence.”

Whatever the problem, in the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon, most of these imperfections can be considerably improved. Ear reshaping can therefore, give the patient both a visual and also a psychological improvement

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Via EPR Network
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