Connecting Drug Treatments With People That Need Them

The wealthy and socially prominent are not the only ones that have a need for drug treatments. The reality is that drug addictions affect people across all walks of life. They don’t discriminate. Fortunately, it is possible to find a top quality drug treatment center that offers excellent drug rehabilitation help that is not dependent upon sources of income or whether or not the individual in need has insurance. This is thanks to a public benefit service called The service works as a connecting line between addiction treatment centers and the people that need them.

December, 2010 – provides a progressive approach to ensuring that addicts get the drug treatments they need. This public benefit service works to connect quality drug treatment centers with the people that need them. The idea behind this approach is to take the guess work out of finding a drug treatment center that does not focus on how the individual in need will pay for the services.

The website at offers a place for drug treatment centers to be listed in an online directory. This makes it easy for addicts to find just the right facility when they choose to seek help. Besides the directory the site also provides resources and other useful information.

By the time an addict has reached the decision to seek help he or she is likely to be in distress. Many times the addict’s life is virtually falling apart around him. As the addiction worsens the person is likely to have more difficulties in his life. There may be relationship problems, financial issues or even legal concerns.

In many cases it is the family that seeks out the help needed. It’s been said that addictions are family affairs. This is because an addiction has an impact on friends and family members. It’s difficult to watch helplessly as a loved one’s life spirals out of control. And at times an addiction intervention is required in order to get the individual secured in a suitable drug treatment facility.

With such turmoil and stress going on the addict and family need to have easy access to information about drug treatments and other options. Once they make some choices about what treatment programs are right for them they will need to find a drug treatment center in the right location that offers that type of program. Family members may also want to learn about what is involved in an addiction intervention prior to moving forward.

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