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Europe Home Diagnostics Market: Growth in Pregnancy and Ovulation Predictor Test Kits Sales Encouraging

DUBLIN 2, Ireland, 18-Oct-2018 — /EPR HEALTHCARE NEWS/ — The European home diagnostics industry is realigning to foster integration with the broader customer-centric healthcare services. Growing consumer preference for home-based diagnostics, combined with innovation in online platforms, is creating sustained opportunities in this dynamic landscape. Riding on the coattails of these factors, the US$ 1.4 billion Europe home diagnostics market is likely to grow at 3.4% CAGR during the period 2018-2026.

Consumer Preference for Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring Devices Still Remains Unmet 

Glucose monitoring kits and devices remain the top-selling product, accounting for over 80% revenue share of the Europe home diagnostics market. The burgeoning demand for home-based glucose monitoring devices and kits can be attributed to growing prevalence of diabetes in Europe, which is increasing across all ages according to the WHO. The Fact.MR study opines that digital devices will remain the preferred choice over cassettes among European consumers.

The broader trends pertaining to non-invasive and painless diagnostics are driving innovation in glucose monitoring device development. According to the Fact.MR study, non-invasive glucose monitoring devices are likely to witness increasing penetration in Europe, albeit at a slow pace. The report also finds that broader innovation in non-invasive devices can drive healthcare consumerism across Europe.

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The Fact.MR study remains optimistic on the future growth in Europe’s home diagnostics market, however, challenges prevail. “Self-testing, especially for people with type 1 diabetes, who require daily or frequent testing, remains a painful and inconvenient process. Over the decades, the innovation in glucose monitoring devices hasn’t really addressed the invasive part of the self-testing”, says Mr. Santosh Kumar, Senior Consultant at Fact.MR. “There is an urgent need for non-invasive glucose monitoring testing,” adds Mr. Kumar.

The Fact.MR study finds that home diagnostics manufacturers are aware of the evolving demand. Investment and research into developing minimally or non-invasive home diagnostics devices is gaining ground. “The realization that digital, and non-invasive devices are the future is dawning upon manufacturers. Market leaders, such as Siemens Healthcare and Abbott Technologies are leveraging wearable technologies and IoT to develop innovative products,” says Mr. Kumar.

Growth in Pregnancy and Ovulation Predictor Test Kits Sales Encouraging 

Although glucose monitoring devices and kits will account for the majority of sales, encouraging trends in other self-test kits continue to complement market growth. Pregnancy test kits and ovulation predictor test kits are likely to witness surging demand, as an increasing consumer base feels confident about self-testing. Gains are also encouraging, albeit miniscule, in other home diagnostics products, such as urinary tract infection kits and male infertility test kits.

UK Maintains its Numero Uno Position, Germany and France Remain Lucrative

The Europe home diagnostics market remains concentrated in the UK, Germany, and France. These three markets collectively account for a market share of nearly 60% revenue share of the Europe home diagnostics market. The Fact.MR study opines that these three markets will witness increasing proliferation of next-gen home diagnostics devices.

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Fact.MR study on the home diagnostics market brings interesting insights to the fore. According to the report, UK remains Europe’s largest market for home diagnostics, with revenues to the tune of US$ 280 million in 2017. The study opines that UK will maintain its numero uno position throughout the course of the forecast period 2017-2026. Germany and France will follow suit, however, sales will grow at a sluggish pace in the former.

The report also finds that home diagnostics devices that use urine and blood for testing will continue to remain pervasive in the Europe home diagnostics market. Samples devices and kits that use semen and breath are expected to witness growth during the course of the forecast period.

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SOURCE: EuropaWire

Majority Of Alcohol Abusers Believe They Don’t Need Treatment

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) recently released a study that shows the majority of alcohol abusers don’t believe that they need treatment.

Data from the 2006-2009 National Surveys on Drug Use and Health show that there are more than 7.4 million American adults, ranging in age between 21 to 64, who have untreated alcohol abuse disorders. Among those, 98.8 percent don’t believe that they need treatment. That leaves just over 500,000 individuals who recognize the seriousness of their disorder.

“One of the first indications of alcohol abuse is denial,” begins a spokesperson for Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center . “Clearly, this data supports that assertion. Alcohol abuse may initially begin as recreational, and then the frequency increases. While the increased use may seem gradual, the effects are profound. The abuse begins affecting personal relationships, their work, and they may begin having trouble with the law as they spiral out of control. For those on the outside, it seems glaringly obvious that there is a problem. For the user, they are just in denial. That’s why it is so important to have family members and friends who are willing to lovingly confront the individual so that the affected individual can receive help.”

Those with alcohol abuse disorders have drinking related behaviors that put them and others in high risk of immediate physical danger as well as long-term danger from the consequences of alcoholism, including death.

If your loved one is in denial about their alcohol use, Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center offers professional intervention services to assist you in getting them the help that they need to recover. For the past 13 years, Mountainside has established itself as an innovator within the addiction treatment field, and the treatment modalities Mountainside utilizes are regarded as among the most cutting-edge approaches in helping individuals to get, and to remain, sober.

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Redoubled Efforts In The Fight Against Alcohol Dependency, Announced By Sunset Malibu

Sunset Malibu, an exclusive treatment center on the California coast, has long been a transformational force in the field of rehabilitation and recovery. Now, Sunset is announcing its redoubled efforts in the fight against alcohol dependency.

Redoubled Efforts In The Fight Against Alcohol Dependency, Announced By Sunset Malibu

Alcoholism is a disease. Like any disease, it can only be eradicated with the help of medical experts. The practical implication, of course, is that those alcohol abuse victims who try to recover outside of private alcohol abuse treatment centers are doomed to fail. In the end, there’s simply no road to wellness that doesn’t run through a professional clinic.

Those considerations, in turn, are at the heart of Sunset Malibu’s treatment philosophy.

With its world-class caregivers and elegant accommodations, Sunset Malibu is an unparalleled recovery destination. The center has always catered to upscale clients from every corner of the globe. Now Sunset is renewing its commitment to its core values, with the goal of delivering life-changing care to individuals who seek it. At Sunset Malibu, the client’s individual needs always come first.

“Alcohol rehab is a fragile process,” said Sunset Malibu Program Director Dr. Georgina Smith. “It can only be successful if it’s managed the right way, with an excruciating attention to detail. From our advanced dual-diagnosis techniques to our personalized therapy programs, everything we do is designed to promote healing on a case-by-case basis.”

But that passion for personalized service, unfortunately, is precisely what sets Sunset apart from its competitors.

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