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New e-Book: How to Avoid 7 Medicare Traps

For those turning 65 the path to Medicare enrollment is filled with bumps and traps that can end up meaning higher health care costs for retirees. iQuote.com’s new booklet: Getting Ready for Medicare: How to Avoid 7 Medicare Traps can help people avoid mistakes and missed deadlines when enrolling for Medicare and selecting a Medicare health plan.

Medicare terms can be confusing. iQuote.com finds people are often confused about how to sign up, when to sign up and then how to compare different Medicare plan choices. The new booklet is designed especially for those who are getting ready to sign up for Medicare or choosing a Medicare health plan. It identifies some of the terms, deadlines and choices that, if missed, can end up increasing the cost of health care coverage in retirement.

Some of the traps include missing Medicare enrollment dates, misunderstanding deadlines, staying on COBRA too long and failing to understand the costs of Medicare and how to compare plans to find the right Medicare plan.

The booklet can be downloaded at www.medicare.iquote.com/medicare-resources-links.aspx.

Via EPR Network
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