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Pruhealth Becomes Nectar’s Exclusive Healthcare Partner

PruHealth customers can now collect up to 200 Nectar points and 10 Vitality points each week when buying £20 worth of healthy foods* during the weekly shop at Sainsbury’s, under PruHealth’s new and exclusive partnership with Nectar, the largest loyalty programme in the UK.

Enhancing PruHealth’s existing partnership with Sainsbury’s**, the innovative insurer that rewards healthy behaviour has become Nectar’s exclusive healthcare partner within the programme.

Policyholders with Nectar membership can now receive 10 Nectar points per £1 spent in Sainsbury’s on over 1,500 healthy foods***. Customers will also be rewarded 1 Vitality point for every £2 spent on healthy foods, which contributes towards discounts with PruHealth’s reward partners and cashback on the individual’s policy.

Furthermore, Nectar customers wishing to join PruHealth will receive 5,000 Nectar points for taking out a new private medical insurance policy, meaning they could potentially collect up to 15,400 Nectar points in the first year, as well as 520 Vitality points.

Recent findings from PruHealth indicate a third of British adults (33%)**** want to improve their diets and eat more healthily in 2011, and PruHealth and Nectar are committed to helping their members live a healthy lifestyle.

Dr Katie Tryon at PruHealth commented: “We all know what we should be doing to look after ourselves, but we need encouragement to implement these changes into our lifestyle on an ongoing basis. Incentivising healthy behaviour is our core philosophy and we believe our healthy foods initiative can help drive behavioural change amongst our members. We are extremely excited about the possibilities presented by our new partnership with Nectar and our enhanced relationship with Sainsbury’s and look forward to developing further initiatives in the future.”

The innovative insurer hopes the rewards offer an attractive incentive for members to eat healthily, while also providing an attractive proposition for new customers as well. One in ten (12%) British adults said receiving discounts for leading a healthy lifestyle would be an incentive to take out private medical insurance.

Via EPR Network
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